• It had been raining for four days. Drains and rivers were almost overflowing.

• Azreen’s mother passed away peacefully. Azreen and her father hardly cried because they knew she had gone to a better place. • That night, Azreen entered Madhuri’s room. She remembered when she damaged her mother’s favourite basket by carrying too many durians. She and Madhuri had to stay up late to weave a new basket. Their mother knew the truth and laughed with them. • She cried as she mourned the lost of her mother and sister.

• As she was about to leave, she saw a face at the window. She quickly went to the backyard to look round but saw no one.

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• When she went back into the house, she smelt smoke and saw a fire in Madhuri’s room. The kerosene lamp had fallen and the wall was on fire. • Azreen’s father came in and pushed her out of the house. • He scratched the wet soil as much as he could with a broken pot and threw it over the fire until it went out. • As she stepped back into the house, she closed the door behind her and shivered. • Who was it that she had seen outside the window? There was something familiar about the face… she was too tired to think.
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• The next day, Pn. Fatihah sneaked out quietly into the jungle. She wanted to go to Awang’s house. • She had been there years ago. She went to see the bomoh for a charm to win back her husband’s affections. She also wondered whether it was against the Islamic teachings to twist her husband’s mind with a little spell. Later she had thrown the charm into the river.

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• In the end, her husband married a younger woman. • She could bear him no child, and had no power to keep him all to herself. She could see crow’s feet on her face and her sagging skin. How could a man stay in love with this face? • As Pn Fatihah walked on, she heard a sound behind her. A woman with long hair and pale face, who looked very much like Madhuri, was coming towards her. Her head started spinning and she fainted.

• Salleh had found a yellow cord near the rubble earlier. He was sure he had seen it on the bomoh’s wrist and he was so sure that the bomoh had a hand in it. He was in rage and quickly headed to the bomoh’s shack. • Salleh banged loudly on the door. When Awang came out, Salleh grabbed him by his throat and asked him to explain his action. He pushed the bomoh into the house and slammed the door behind them.

• The Old Lady saw everything that happened between Salleh and Awang. • As she turned to leave, she found Pn. Fatihah lying on the ground nearby. • The Old Lady wanted to help Pn Fatihah but she hurried away in fear. • The Old Lady was annoyed at Pn Fatihah’s reaction and could not understand why she had been lying on the ground the whole night.

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• When the Old Lady reached home, she saw Azreen was waiting for her in the rain. Azreen told her that she wanted to spend her night at the house because there were too many memories at her own house which made her uncomfortable. • Meanwhile, Asraf was worried. His grandmother’s condition was getting worse. He loved his grandmother very much. • He went to the market in the rain to find a cure for her.
• Pak Huzaimi, the vegetable seller, told him that all his medicinal plants had been ruined in the rain. • He suggested Asraf to get the medicinal plants at the Old Lady’s house. • Asraf went to the Old Lady’s house. Realising it was Asraf who was standing at the gate, Azreen dragged him into the house.
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• Asraf explained his grandmother’s condition to the Old Lady and asked her for some herbs. • Azreen asked the Old Lady to go back to the village and see Asraf’s grandmother herself. That way, the Old Lady could prepare the proper medicine for her. • The Old Lady did not want to go at first because she was still angry at the way villagers had treated her.
• Asraf begged her and said that he did not care about what the villagers would do and he would take care of the villagers. • Finally, the Old Lady agreed to go to help Asraf’s grandmother.

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