• The rain had stopped. The flood water began to subside.

• Azreen went home and prepared dinner for his father. Much to her surprise, they ate in comfortable silence. There was calmness between them now. Asraf must be out • At midnight, Siti came and of his mind ! knocked frantically on the door. Please Kak, you She told Azreen that Nek had must do passed away an hour ago and something. You’re the only one who Asraf and a few men were on their could help. way to the Old Lady’s house. • The villagers had convinced Asraf that the Old Lady had poisoned Nek. • They were so angry and they would do anything for revenge.
Page 196 - 197

• Azreen ran through the jungle to the Old Lady’s house. • There were several men standing there holding torches and shouting terrible words at the Old Lady. • Asraf was near the Old Lady’s house and he looked very angry. He had a torch in one hand and a hoe in the other. • Azreen pleaded him not to hurt the Old Lady but Asraf ignored her and pushed her away. She fell on a pile of gardening tools.
• She found a spade and she quickly

grabbed it and stabbed at his foot. • He fell down and the torch rolled towards the wall of the house. The fire caught at the wooden wall and spread fast. • Asraf was shocked. Azreen pushed him away and crashed into the house. • The fire grew fast and furious.
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• Inside the burning house, Azreen looked all around for the Old Lady. • Then she saw the Old lady was lying beside her stove. She quickly rushed to her. • The Old Lady died in the fire. Before she died, the Old Lady reminded her to learn to forgive others.

Listen. When I’m gone, promise me that you’ll remember all I’ve taught you. You must learn to forgive before it’s too late.

Please don’t say that. Please don’t ….

Page 200 - 201

• Azreen went to Asraf’s house to confront him. She kicked and beat him in anger. • Asraf said he did not mean to burn the Old Lady’s house. • In grief, Asraf told her that he did not understand why his grandmother and Madhuri had to be taken away from him. • When Azreen looked shocked, he told her that he and Madhuri had been in love and had been planning to run away. • They met at the rubber estate on the day Madhuri died. That was the last time Asraf saw her. • In disbelief, Azreen ran away from him. • She ran and ran without knowing where to go. Finally, she stopped at a cliff and slept off on a rock. • Next morning when she woke up, she remembered that the Old Lady told her to learn to forgive.

Page 203 - 204

• She left the place and headed for the rubber estate. She needed to find some answers. • Suddenly, she saw Awang was coming towards her. He told the truth about Madhuri. • He told her that Madhuri was Azreen’s adopted sister and Madhuri’s real mother was still alive and was angry over the death of her daughter. She was out to seek revenge. • Azreen was really I’ m sorry about shocked when Awang what happened to thanked her for your mother. It helping him when was my fault, you she had taken the know. I don’t blame for leaving the know why did you farm gate open. take the blame. It • He also told her was a very brave and selfless act. that it was he who took Madhuri’s letter when Azreen threw it You mean, it wasn’t …? I did it all for … away. Page 208

• He also said he saw Asraf and Madhuri were in the rubber estate several times and he knew something was going on between them. • He said Haji Ghani must have found out about the relationship between Asraf and Madhuri. That might be a reason why he had kept Madhuri’s murder a secret.

Page 209

At Haji Ghani’s house… • Haji Ghani was in his favourite room, holding his keris. • He remembered sheathing the dagger within his clothing before making his way to the rubber estate that fateful day. He was informed that Madhuri was dead. • He knew Madhuri had been with Asraf – her lover. He knew that he would have stabbed the man with his dagger if he had caught him there. But all he found was her dead body. • His men covered the whole thing up. They made the villagers believed that it was an accident. • He did not want the investigation into the murder would shame Madhuri’s memory and stain her innocence. He also would be laughed at for not being able to keep his young bride happy.

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