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• Azreen was sitting in a park reading a letter that she had just received from Asraf. • In the letter, he told Azreen that he had left Langkawi and had taken up the teaching course in Kuala Lumpur. • In her heart, Azreen wished him best of luck. She was not angry with him anymore and had learnt to forgive, just as what the Old Lady had advised her to do before she died. • She knew the Old Lady would have been proud of her.
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• She had always loved sitting in the park with the whole vista of lumbering trees and flowering garden surrounding her. It felt like home. • Her friend, Julian Ng came and sat down beside her. •When Azreen asked him why he had not returned to Malaysia after his examination, he answered that he wanted to stay and give her some support. • Azreen smiled. There was something different about him that she had never noticed before. She knew this was the new beginning in her new life.

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