Determining Equipment Needs
Type of Operation Menu Beverage Service Style of Service Existing Equipment Number of Guests Market Forces, i.e. regional differences, seasonal patterns, trends

Facility Requirements, Kitchen Design and Layout
Can be a portable facility, an existing structure or a new facility External Requirements ² laws, permits and restrictions Key Areas
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Receiving and Loading Storage ² dry and refrigerated Production Area ² hot & cold, preparation and assembly, includes conditions of access, lighting, ventilation and screens, etc. Assembly ² counting, packing, loading and unloading Warewashing ² delivery and return of soiled ware Waste Disposal Area

Catering Equipment Front-of-the-House Equipment is generally classified as service-related † often designed to be highly portable for ease of transport and storage † Back-of-the-House Equipment consists of core food-production equipment that generally requires a permanent food production facility † portable and movable equipment fulfill off-site catering needs † .

and Modular Table Sections Linen † † † † Buffet Servery † † † † Tablecloths Nappery Skirting Chair Covers . Chairs.Front-of-the-House Equipment Tableware † † † † Table Lighting † † † † † China Glassware Stemware Flatware Silverware Glassware Other Holloware Chafing Dishes Steam Pans Soup Kettles Carving Table Serving Pieces † † † Candelabras Glass Globes Candlesticks Votive-candle Holders Oil Lamps Tables.

Front-of-the-House Equipment ‡ Specialty Items † Chocolate † BBQ fountain † Ice grill † Coffeemaker † Table stands † Banquet trays † Carving boards † Coat racks buckets † Champagne buckets † Ashtrays † Centerpieces .

mandolines. and Rotisseries Slicers Braising Pans and Tilt Kettles Refrigerators and Freezers Dishwashers Knives  Bowls  Chopping Boards  Hand-held equipment i. mixers.Back-of-the-House Equipment Major Equipment † Ranges and Ovens Small Equipment † Food Processing Combi Ovens  Deck Ovens  Rotating Ovens  Conveyor Ovens  Roll-in Ovens  † † † † † Grills. Smokers.e. blenders. torches  Scales  † Cookware Pots and Pans  Spoon and Ladles  † Bain Marie .

Griddles. Boiling Pans.... Source: http://www. Refrigeration Fridges & Freezers. Holding Hot Cupboards. Sinks..asp Samples follow« .pkl... Water Heaters.. Mixers... Warewashing Dishwashers. Preparation Slicer. Peelers. Bratt Pans.Back-of-the-House Equipment Production

250lt Boiling Pan For large quantity liquid heating & boiling 250lt capacity gives 1100 x 8 fl oz soup portions simultaneously Ideal for institutional and major event catering requirements .

.Potato Peeler 13kg Peels 13kgs/28lbs of potatoes in 3 to 4 minutes. Ideal for larger catering establishments.

whisk and dough hook. doughs and mashed potatoes. .35 kW Two way programme timer and servo assisted variable speed.Large Mixer 60lt 60 litre bowl for large volume mixing requirements such as pastries. Comes with stainless steel bowl (built in bowl guard) and three attachments: beater. Gross 415kg Electric: 4.

Gastronorms Alternative to pots and pans. Ideal when catering for large numbers. Can be used in many items of catering equipment from production to refrigeration and serving. .

Cooks from 250 to 2500 meals using gastronorm containers. bake or blanch. ‡ Ensures safe and easy removal of pan racks from oven. braise. poach. reheat. roast. ‡ Stacks pre-plated servings for regeneration. . Regenerates food safely and in bulk.24 Rack Combi Oven w/ Rack Trolley Combi Oven with dry heat and steam combination can steam. preserve.

24 Plate Rack 24 Plate Rack Stand .

Roll-in Blast Chiller 90kg 90kg from +70°C to +3°C in 90 minutes Effective operation in up to 43°C ambient. . Hygienic stainless steel finish inside and out.

institutional and major event catering .Double Roll-in Fridge Capacity: 2 gastronorm trolleys Ideal for industrial.

‡ Can be used for ambient or refrigerated storage. ‡ Folds away for easy storage. ‡ Use for all cold served dishes and desserts.Jack Stack 72 Plate ‡ Space saving racking for busy banqueting kitchens. ‡ Holds up to 72 plates. .

keeps food at 82°C.Upright Mobile Hot Cupboard 16 Shelf Easily transports and stores large quantities of hot food in first class condition. . Space saving hot storage. Fast warm up with superb heat retention. Ideal for small and large events to extend hot food offering.

Makes cleaning of pots and pans less time consuming.Pot Boy Wall mounted heavy duty motorised pot and pan scrubbing unit. Equipped with powered nylon brush to remove stubborn residue. Ideal for busy commercial kitchens. .

90(d) x 2. Enables crockery. Ideal for high volume institutional and banqueting needs.Flight Dishwasher 6200 Plates Capacity: Three speeds with 3900 to 6200 plates per hour throughput. . Main wash and fresh water final rinse functions. cutlery and cooking utensils in a variety of sizes to be washed.1mm x 0. Overall length of machine: 7.05(h) mm Three phase and neutral 125 amps. via commando plug Features an integral conveyor system for direct loading of ware. High throughput in the minimum amount of time. 30 kW.

Soup Kettle Improve the look and point of sale of the servery. Stainless steel lid ensures heat saving with minimal evaporation. . Heats up quickly and efficiently.

means the degree of browning. Variable conveyor speed. toasting and heating can be precisely controlled.Turbo Conveyor Toaster Capacity of 700 slices per hour Continuous conveyor toasting. .

. However.Catering Equipment Suppliers There are suppliers that carry a full-line of catering equipment. some suppliers have been very successful in specializing in one or two items.

EZ-WAY Smoker/Roaster by Big John Grills Natural convection circulates heat. 9-12 hours † 200 lb. 7-9 hours $4. reducing roasting time and eliminating the need to turn the meat.00 . Pig. Cooking Chart Duration † 300 lb.bigjohngrills. Pig.

Load capacity of 75 lbs.´Fill ¶n Chillµ Party Table by Chillin· . of ice Collapsible and stackable http://www. Inc.

Sabert products can be . which is 'Sort Class 6'.Platters by Sabert Corp. To re-use. both of which are recyclable.sabert. Other product lines of are dishwasher safe. the same material plastic soda bottles are manufactured from or PS (polystyrene plastic). Sabert products are manufactured from PET. http://www. simply hand wash in warm water. and are labeled accordingly.


While the diner is the guest.MANAGED SERVICES Generally understood to consist of high-volume foodservice operations catering to a captive dining community. Contracted services are most often. medium to longterm. easier to forecast. the client is the institution or the host organization. . Volume of business is fairly consistent.

MANAGED SERVICES Airlines Military Elementary and Secondary Schools Colleges and Universities Health Care Facilities Business and Industry Leisure and Recreation Conference Centers Airports Travel Plazas .

Need not be comprehensive. Should invite the viewer to independently investigate further DUE: Dec. 9 .Assignment Prepare a 10-12 minute presentation on each of the ff: † Group 1: Aramark and LSG Sky Chefs Emphasis on scale of operation. best practices. innovations and careers.