Déroulement du procès: Anglais.

Idée: donner des autocollants avec le terme "Jury" imprimé dessus aux jurés avant de commencer le procès. 1) On commence avec l'introduction du journaliste, Arnaud, déguisé. La vidéo se déroule un jour avant le procès. Le journaliste explique l'affaire avec l'histoire de l'accusée Margaret Douglas, les protagonistes au procès. L'intervention d'Arnaud/Journaliste dure 4 minutes. 2)Après la vidéo, tout le monde rentre dans la salle. Le public et les jurés sont levés. Les témoins en premier, ensuite le procureur, l'avocat de la défense avec l'accusée et à la fin. La forme du tribunal est en U. Le procureur et l'accusé avec son avocat son face à face. Le juge au milieu. Les témoins se placent à l'écart. 3)Le juge déclare la séance ouverte. Il fait assoir tout le monde. Déclare que le procès se déroulera sous le regard de Dieu et "underoath". Le juge décrit ensuite les protagonistes et annonce la charge qui pése contre l'accusée. Il se tourne ensuite vers le jury et leur dit que c'est a eux de décider du sort de Margaret Douglas. Puis donne la parole au procureur. 4)Le procureur prend la parole, fait intervenir les témoins par odre et fait sa plaidoirie: il va interroger les témoins à charge ainsi que l'accusée. Il va aussi faire passer les preuves et un document à la partie adverse. Chefs d'accusation: -Vol avec violence: Miss Erwing. -5 meurtres avec prémédiation. -Tentative de meurtre. -Violences aggravées. 5)Avocat de la défense prend ensuite la parole après chaque témoins, fait un contre interrogatoire. Elle raconte la vie de Margaret Douglas ainsi que ses arguments. Elle invoque les circonstance atténuantes et pourquoi pas la folie. 6)L'odre d'apparition des témoins est la suivante: -The nurse: Jenny Bradford. -Mrs Ewing. -Matthew Wayne. -Margaret Douglas. 7)Le procès se termine avec une briève conclusion des plaidoiries du procureur et de l'avocat de la défense. Le juge donne le choix aux jurés, et laisse le jury déliberer. Tout le monde sort de la salle. Le jury délibère. On rentre, on écoute leur décision. Le juge tranche, la déclare coupable. Le journaliste intervient et fait son flash de fin.


La vidéo se déroule un jour avant le procès. she rans away and lived in the street with other homeless people. She then took the victim's body at the back of the vehicule and she drove into the desert and burned all the evidence. She committed a few burglaries and was caught by the police after breaking in a house. This is the final settlement for the famous texan serial killer known as "the highway killer". she was named that way by one of the local newspaper. This nickname given by the media is referring to Margaret Douglas killing method. 2/10 . She was raped in this center by a new tutor when she was fifteen. She used to pretend she was a hitchhiker and get into men's trucks. She was thirteen when she was placed in the "second chance" special youth center for abandoned minor in texas. she had a little brother named Ricky. We all know what happened after: she started her serial killer career. Margaret was starting a new life as a waitress at a roadside snack house. saying she had to take a pee. To some extent prison saved her. but she choose only male victims. we are now live from Dallas's court where everybody is impatient to hear the verdict of one of the most frightning serial killer in Texas history. She is also accused of assault against Matthew Wayne. She had no car so she used to walk next to the Highway 34 after she finished her service at the snack house where she was serving as a waitress. her last victim who survived Margaret Douglas failed homicide and helped the police to arrest the serial killer. L'intervention d'Arnaud/Journaliste dure 4 minutes. After prison. Le journaliste explique l'affaire avec l'histoire de l'accusée Margaret Douglas. les protagonistes au procès. Hello I'm Harry Nilson for CNN television. Why was she known as the "highway killer"? It's very simple. Arnaud. A tragic accident took the life of her brother while he was playing on an frozen lake near chicago during winter 1991. she is also suspected of the death of two more men but the bodies have not been found yet. She had the same method when she was planning to kill someone. She was under going a rehabilitation program and stopped taking drugs. She will be a witness in this case. The social services took her from her parents. After this.1) On commence avec l'introduction du journaliste. She always picked random people in their cars. After spending some time with the driver. the Douglas family fell appart. Lets remember the highlithing points of Margaret Douglas's life: Margaret Douglas was born in Chicago and raised there by her parents. By the age of seventeen Margaret might have taken drugs. These raped where confirmed by the nurse employed by the center at this time. We all know what is this trial is A lot of witness are going to appear in court today to help understanding Margaret Douglas' life and actions. She did her four years sentence in prison. But the police finally stopped her when she try to kill her last victim: Matthew Wayne. she stopped the car. déguisé. Then she came back into the vehicule and stabbed his occupant to death. The twenty eight years old female Margaret Douglas is accused of the murder of five men in Dallas region. Her mother commited suicide and her father started drinking and was beating her. Today is the opening of Margaret Douglas trial.

Puis donne la parole au procureur. We are today considering the Margaret Douglas case. She used to be the nurse at the "Second Chance Youth Center". but he was my superior. her brother's death. Le juge décrit ensuite les protagonistes et annonce la charge qui pése contre l'accusée. This trial is under God's eye. he just had been nominated to take the head of the center. Les témoins en premier.. Judge: Mrs Bradford. the whole truth. Il fait assoir tout le monde. Jenny Bradford: Yes. Prosecutor: What was your relations with Mike Donato? Can you explain his impact in Margaret Douglas life. Prosecutor: How old was she when she came to the center? Jenny Bradford: She was fourteen I guess. her parents divorce. La forme du tribunal est en U. This present court with the jury in front of you will decide what sanctions you are going to face at the end of this trial. I use to be a nurse a the "Second Chance Youth Center" in Austin. Le public et les jurés sont levés. He liked very young women. we never had any kind of problems with her. Le juge au milieu. Accused stand up please (Marie se lève). Le procureur et l'accusé avec son avocat son face à face. I couldn't do anything without asking him.. You are accused of the murder of five men and assault on Mr Matthey Wayne here present. Il se tourne ensuite vers le jury et leur dit que c'est a eux de décider du sort de Margaret Douglas. I swear! Prosecutor: Who are you? Jenny Bradford: My name is Jenny Bradford. Arnaud: I declare this trial opened. tout le monde rentre dans la salle. He was the director at this time. 3)Le juge déclare la séance ouverte. Les témoins se placent à l'écart. Texas. Texas. All the witness who are going to testify under oath. she was very joyful. 3/10 . and everybody was scared of him. Arnaud change de rôle et devient le juge. the foster house in Austin. Déclare que le procès se déroulera sous le regard de Dieu et "underoath". that's why he was interrested in Margaret Douglas. Prosecutor: I am done with this witness. and nothing but the truth? So help you God. l'avocat de la défense avec l'accusée et à la fin. Prosecutor: We are beginning this trial with the interview of Jenny Bradford. We became friends. so I was under his order. she was telling me everything wrong in her life. Thank you your honor.2)Après la vidéo. Jenny Bradford: Mike Donato arrived in 1997 in the center. do you solemnly swear to tell the truth. Prosecutor: What kind of teenager was she? Was she violent at the time? Some kind of lunatic? Jenny Bradford: Not at all. He was violent. ensuite le procureur. I was there when arrived Margaret Douglas in 1996. I never liked him.

I live in Dallas. do you solemnly swear to tell the truth. Ewing. Texas. Counsel for the defence: What kind of behaviour did Margaret Douglas have after the rape? Jenny Bradford: She started to take drugs. I'm 76 and I am an American citizen. I blame Mike Donato! Counsel for the defence: I am also done with this witness. I tried to convince the police he was a threat for the children but nobody listen to me. I was robbed by this woman! Prosecutor: Can you describe what happened during this night? Ellie Ewing: About 8 o'clock I went to bed. Counsel for the defence: Do you think that this rape was a lie? Jenny Bradford: No. Prosecutor: I am now calling Mrs Ewing. I just had a tough day. when troubles began to reach out the surface. Go-on. I swear! Prosecutor: Mrs Ellie Ewing can you tell the jury who you are? Ellie Ewing: My name is Ellie Ewing. Judge: Next witness please. This is all Mike Donato's fault! Counsel for the defence: Has Mike Donato been punished for this? Jenny Bradford:No.Judge: It is time for the Counsel for the defence to question the witness. you can go now. then she had to cope with her mother's suicide and her father was beating her! I'm deeply sorry but I tried to help her but I couln't. the whole truth. Prosecutor: Can you explain the circumstances of your meeting with Miss Douglas? Ellie Ewing: It was eleven years ago. and I couldn't do anything. he was transfered. she finally ran away. Did you know that Margaret Douglas says she has been raped by Mike Donato? Jenny Bradford: Yes. First she had to face her brother's tragic incident. She was in a deep depression. But after the rapes she wasn't the same person anymore. I'm so sorry about this. Ellie Ewing: Yes. it was no lie. 4/10 . I was helping some people at a charity yard-sell. some other young girls have been raped in the "second chance" youth center. Margaret Douglas. Mrs Bradford. the autorities did not want any scandal. Counsel for the defence: Do you think these rapes could have change Mr Margaret Douglas into some kind of serial killer? Jenny Bradford: Yes. and nothing but the truth? So help you God. Judge: Mrs. she came to talk me about it. It's a shame! He should be sent in jail. Counsel for the defence: Thank you your honor. I was the only hope for this little girl. she was the victim of a physical assault in her own house in 2000 this assault is related to the accused. thank you Mrs Bradford. Mike Donato is the true responsible for what happened next! I was very close to Margaret. she was a very nice girl when I met her. a night.

Counsel for the defence: Thank you your honor. and we can see with Mrs Ewing that she’s very violent and extremely determined. I had no glasses on my nose during the attack. you said you followed her downstairs. can you describe your thief who attacked you physically? Ellie Ewing: It was very dark. I have a question: what kind of person without reason attacked an elderly and helpless person? Counsel for the defence: Objection your honor! You have no right to claim this about my client. Prosecutor: What did she do next? Ellie Ewing: At first I didn’t knew it was a female thief. it was very dark and I couldn't see anything. it was quite true. Mrs the counsel for the defence it's now your turn to question the witness. she had a knife in her hand. Why my mattress you might say? Because of this old cliché saying that old people are hiding some cash under their mattresses. And I'm old you know. I'm maybe a senior. what did you do? Ellie Ewing: She approached to my bed in complete silence. sleeping deeply. As I just said I was in my bed. So when she tried to grab my mattress I started to scream! I called the police and I said I was armed and ready to fight back! Prosecutor: What happened next in your bedroom? Ellie Ewing: I think this wasn't supposed to be a part of her plan. we are agree to say that Miss Douglas is really a dangerous person.What I know is that a hooded figure broke into my house by a window. Mrs Ewing. hum. and entirely dressed in black. Prosecutor: Thank you Mrs Ewing. so I made a pray. I fell to the ground and she ran away. Now I think. so I didn't hear anything. As I said it before. After this. she climbed the stairs and went to the first room upstairs: to my bedroom and she opened the door. I think it was around midnight. Judge: Sustained. Ellie Ewing: When she realised she was followed. She tried to grab my mattress. But at this moment I was completely awake. I had my entire husband's money from his pension. Counsel for the defence: Can you swear this was Margaret Douglas? Ellie Ewing: I'm not quite sure. She was as scared as me I guess. I don't think she knew I was in there. I had no idea what to do. She was sneaking like a filthy animal for sure! Prosecutor: And you. I guess I had to call 911 but I grabbed the first thing I had and I followed her with a candlestick in my hand. What did she do? I can't tell you precisely but I think she started looking everything interesting to rob downstairs. I was very angry. she was too strong. she jumped on me and started hitting me with her hands. But she woke me up. taller than me. But in my case. and I could not see very well! But I remember turning the light and I saw my thief was actually a girl. a teenager! She was quite tall. he had no trust in banks you know. I knocked her with my candlestick but it wasn't a fair fight. 5/10 . but I still can defend myself you know! Prosecutor: What happened then. Then she left the room in hurry and the rushed down the stairs.

I think she had some crazy eyes. and nothing but the truth? So help you God. 6/10 . I stupidly closed my eyes. Margaret Douglas had nothing to do with this case. Prosecutor: Calm down please. I’m 42 year old. They were nobody around. Counsel for the defence: As a conclusion. She said to me she was going home to Dallas after her working day. I am an American citizen and lived in Dallas.. we talked quite a while. do you solennly swear to tell the truth. she was smiling like a kid when she jumped in the car. her parents died or something like that. This is not the proof that she was as violent as the she was described by the media. I remember thinking she was kinda hot and I maybe got lucky on this one. so I stopped next to her. Prosecutor: Mr Wayne can you come right here please. Can you tell us what happened during the ride? Matthew Wayne: I remember she was very chatty.. she said she was from Chicago. she tried to kill me. Matthew Wayne: I swear! Prosecutor: Matthew Wayne. I've got a surprise for you". Prosecutor: What happened on the 29th of July 2010? Matthew Wayne: I was on my way to Dallas when I saw this girl on the side of the road. Lets go-on with a key witness. so I stopped the car. can you state your identity and the reasons why you are here? Matthew Wayne: I’m Matthew Wayne. I stayed in my car and I started to smoke. Matthew Wayne: She said she had to pee. She came out into the desert and started to look for a quiet place. And that's the moment she stabbed me in the arm. I'm not one hundred percent my thief is in this room today. I usually pick up some hitchhikers when I can help them. Prosecutor:Formal protest! Judge: Denied. I thought I was just dead. The 29th July 2010 assaulted me. again in the arm. she was staring at me all the time while I was driving. Prosecutor: When did she become violent? Please describe everything in detail. and we cannot take this as a stepping stone for a legal accusation. I punched her in the face. Margaret Douglas last victim. And I did what she said. She stabbed me twice. She came back like 5 minutes later. Right there she said to me: "Close your eyes. This man is alive and ready to testify. The pain made me realise I was attacked by her so I started to defend myself. she said she was sent to a special minor center when she was 13.Counsel for the defence: Can you testify at one hundred percent that your thief is present today in this room? Ellie Ewing: I'm sorry but I can't testify this. she didn't like it. I saw her calmly coming out of the car and walking towards me. Wayne.. Then I went out of the car. She looked nice so I took her with me. Texas. we cannot be sure that Margaret Douglas was this thief. I had no idea she was such a monster. I am now calling Matthew Wayne.. the whole truth. Judge: Mr.

is it true? Matthew Wayne: Yes. I've paid my debt. I guess! Without this car. According to your criminal record. I'm no sex offender! I'm going to kill you if you do this! Judge: Silence or I'm calling the security! Let's move on with the last witness please. we can say that this car saved your life?! Matthew Wayne: Yes. Prosecutor: Margaret Douglas. I'm not a criminal she is! I'm not going to let you make me some kind of monster like she is! Counsel of defence: I'm done with this witness. Counsel of defence: So? Matthew Wayne: Yes I have a criminal record. She freaked out and went back into the car. Do you have a criminal record? Matthew Wayne: (No answer) Counsel of defence: Mr Wayne. Are you the author of this fact? 7/10 . she shook my head and told me I was going to die. I was defending my life. I am now calling the accused. I was in a self defence position! Counsel of defence: Can we imagine the hypothesis of you attacking her.. And at that moment. and I have no doubt about her guilt! Counsel of defence: Objection! Judge: Sustained. and nothing but the truth? So help you God. Counsel of defence: Thank you your honor. Prosecutor: So. go-on miss. Mr Wayne I have a really important question here. I think you can call the security to help him found his way out. a car came out of nowhere. the accused might be in a position of self defense because you may have attacked her! Matthew Wayne: That is not the truth! I protest. But all this belongs to the past now. can you answer the question please? Matthew Wayne: Yes.She came back. I a am a honest citizen. Wayne drew up a true portrait of Miss Douglas. Ellie Ewing: Nope sir. I let the next part of this interview to the counsel of defence. I think Mr.. I'm clear now. She attacked me! This women is totally crazy! Come on. Margaret Douglas. I wouldn’t be here today. She had my keys and she was gone with my Cadillac. For sexual harassment against female colleges in 2001 and 2003. I swear to god. you are facing 5 accusations of murder and you are accused to have tried to kill a sixth. you are a sexual offender and in the Margaret Douglas case. Judge: Mrs Douglas do you solemnly swear to tell the truth. I swear she attacked me with a knife. Matthew Wayne: I dare you to call me a monster. the whole truth. you said you were in a self defence position. thank god. Prosecutor: Thank you Mr. Wayne. you have to believe me! Counsel of defence: When you were back in your vehicle. My past criminal charges have nothing to do with this case.

she committed a burglary too. or else (otherwise?) I’m sure they’ll kill or attack/rape themselves a young girl / a teenager. I had to kill these men. you just destroyed four families. Prosecutor: Three of your four victims were good fathers of family. a killer profile. I was raped and I want to take my revenge of this man. I guess… Prosecutor: And that’s all? Counsel of defence: Objection your honour! Judge: Admissible! Prosecutor: How did you kill your victims? Did you always use the same way to kill them? Margaret Douglas: I suppose I killed them each time by the same way. do you know. I had to kill these men. I request the death penalty! 8/10 . Is the rape truly verified or is this just a hoax to touch the jury and soften her sentence? Why did you never say it to someone else in the special youth center? Counsel of defence: Objection! Judge: Rejected Margaret Douglas: It's because I was too scared! My story is true. but something like a mission or an obligation. That’s why after all I know. Are you aware of what you did? You didn’t take a revenge of this man. but I’m not sure. Prosecutor: Nobody can check these events and you might had a willing sex story with your tutor. and maybe you acted under the influence of drugs. I think that she’s violent for a long time. Prosecutor: How did you choose your victims? Did you know them before? Margaret Douglas: When I saw men who looked like my attacker in the foster home. there is not only that. Did I really kill them before burning the cars? I’m not sure anymore … I don’t remember what happened. These men were dangerous to the society! You should even thank me for doing that! Prosecutor: I think your not mad Margaret. and maybe more… Margaret Douglas: I think it was necessary to do that. because I’ve read that you had a very troubled childhood… the death of your brother is really suspicious: The police file says she was playing with her brother when he suddenly felt in an ice hole… Counsel of defence: Objection! Judge: Rejected Prosecutor: The inquiry noticed that she had no bad feelings about her brother's death… Margaret Douglas: I’m innocent! Prosecutor: Any more. “He” forced me to do that … Prosecutor: Who is “he”? You hear voices in your head? Margaret Douglas: There are not voices. but someone said me that I had to kill them. but it’s not a pretext! And when you talk about your “attacker” I’m puzzled. I feel suddenly like killing. One of the psychological of the inquiry had determined that you were capable of manipulation. it’s just a mask. They all had the same profile.Margaret Douglas: That’s why I’m here. and they all had family who love them. and the fourth had a girlfriend. I didn’t want that.

In this case this man could be accused of corruption of a minor. -She is extremely violent and had no regret or hard feelings. Le juge donne le choix aux jurés. Le juge tranche. more are on the way to be discovered. Proof that Margaret Douglas is a serial killer. but an estimation puts to six victims in this case. At this point she says she was rapped multiple time by her tutor. but a supposition can The inquiry noticed that she had no bad feelings about her brother's death. Since then. -There is a reasonable way to think she killed her brother to get her parents more attention. 9/10 . Arguments in favor of Margaret Douglas's defense . on écoute leur décision. -She carried out the same method in each homicide. Ellie Ewing. These bulgaries were to finance her drug habit. but many interrogations still remains and we cannot eliminate the track of cold blooded homicide against her brother. Margaret Douglas is accused of the murder of four male drivers. Is this truly verified or is this just a hoax to touch the jury and soften her sentence? Nobody can check these events and she might had a willing sex story with her tutor. The official number of victims is still unknown. The police file says she was playing with her brother when he suddently felt in an ice hole. witness in the case. a victim survived and is today the key witness to all these homicides. nobody knows if it was only an accident. She will also face drug-dealing and drug-taking accusations. and that she will kill again. She is very instable. When she was placed in a special youth center after her parent's divorce. We can notify that she had a very troubled childhood. this is caused by her drug addiction to cocaïne and heroïne. But she was loved by her parents Jim and Arlene Douglas and had no reason to behave violent after her parents divorce. et laisse le jury déliberer. Matthew Wayne. He's deposition is a stepping stone for the accusations against Margaret Douglas.7)Le procès se termine avec une briève conclusion des plaidoiries du procureur et de l'avocat de la défense. -She killed them cold blooded and with composure. Le journaliste intervient et fait son flash de fin. The police also had established that she was reponsible for a lot of other bulgaries. -She planned all the murders. Tout le monde sort de la salle. We must underline the important fact that her brother died in mysterious circumstances. Le jury délibère. -She killed officially four people. One of the psychological of the inquiry had determined that Margaret Douglas had always been violent and always used it to satisfy her pulsions. Margaret Douglas is accused of multiplied voluntary homicides and homicide with premeditation She will also face accusations of robbery and violence against a senior. la déclare coupable. On rentre. Récapitulatif des idées pour les conclusions des plaidoiries: Arguments against Margaret Douglas.

. These events created a trauma that explains her fear You can easily understand that those events can create a trauma which can last long time after her childhood. she wanted to start a new life. but this is a result of her miserable childhood. She's going to carry her brother's death all her life. Then he's going to say he was only hoping this. It would be wrong to believe that nothing can improve her. You can see that the first punitive measure had consequences on her : At the end. 10/10 . she was sent in a special youth center for orphans and abandoned children.Miss Douglas is not a bad person. her father became started drinking and her mother committed suicide. and she had the feeling that everybody abandoned her. The rapes could have crated in her mind a kind of paranoïa against men. who was supposed to help her and care about her rapped her This young girl was raped as the age of 15. -Maybe Margaret was really in self defense position: there are lots of men in Texas who are able to try something against female hitchhikers. Yes. he admitted in his police interview that he wanted to have sexual relations with Margaret Douglas. she couldn't event helped him. Then take a look at this man.. She had no family. -Then she was the witness of fights between her parents. . This ruined her life Then Margaret Douglas's tutor.After her parent's divorce. but she no longer take it and she has been clean since she came out of prison. the found a job. kill. The defense is asking for a prison penalty. she was often hit and hurt by her father and her parents always blamed her she was the only responsible to her brother's death. She could have thought that they wanted to rape. This kind of trauma has changed her whole view on men. She said her parents didn't loved her anymore and she went through a deep depression time. She had a good feeling with her colleagues and everybody liked her. not more. Her violent behavior is a direct consequence of these rapes. -After her parents divorce. waitress in a snack house.Margaret Douglas lost her brother when she was nine in a tragic accident. Matthew Wayne. Yes she is a criminal. She was discribed like a sane and delicate caring people. Her attitude towards men can almost be considered as self defense. After a quick inquiry he was found guilty of sexual harassment in 2001 and 2003 on his female colleagues. and then she must become death penalty. or hurt her. but who can say he wasn't at first the attacker. she was sent in jail after she was caught dealing drugs and using it.