Voki is a fun, free animated avatar application that’s easy to use in the classroom.

It makes it easy for educators to incorporate technology into lesson plans and assignments. Voki is a unique tool to engage your students in creative expressions. Username/Email: Password:

Voki is perfect if you are a 21st century, technologyforward creative educator who introduces new and fun applications to your classroom. Voki enables teachers and students to express themselves on the Web by creating a talking character using their own voice, an uploaded file or by typing in a message (text-to-speech). You can customize your Voki to resemble yourself or to look like many other types of characters, such as people, animals, historical figures, and more. Your Vokis can be posted on your class blog, website, wiki or anywhere online. It can also be shared as a link or accessed through your classroom Voki account. You can use Voki
for any subject and any grade. There are endless ways of using Voki in your classroom!

Access Voki for education at: http://www.voki.com/Voki_for_education.php Create an account by clicking on register at the top of the webpage.

A pop up box will appear. After filling out the information you will receive an email- click on the link in the email to activate your account.

Currently children under 13 are not allowed to create their own account. Voki is in the process of trying to make it possible for educators to create school/classroom accounts to accommodate children under the age of 13. For now, it is suggested that teachers create a classroom account with their own school email address and share their password with their students or type in the password for the students if they don’t wish to share it. All saved Voki creations will then be housed in your account under “My Vokis”.

Once you have an account – Log in:

FYI - The SitePal lady in the advertisement on the right will speak when accessing the site – this feature is for business websites only – you can click on the middle box to mute the advertisement.

Once signed in – click

begin to design your character.

A random character will be displayed – click customize your character and a pop-up box will appear.

By clicking on the arrows on the side, you will have many categories to choose from. You can also narrow your choice by selecting Male/Female or all. Click . Your character will then be displayed in the player. You will notice that the character’s eyes follow your cursor!

Depending on the character you have selected, you may have the option of changing hair style/color, lips, clothing and bling. After creating the look you wish click .

You may change colors of the mouth, eyes, skin and hair. You can also “tweak” the size of your character’s mouth, nose, body, height and width by sliding the corresponding bar to the left or right.

You change the background by clicking the background button. A new box will open. Click on the arrows above the background choices to select the category of background you want. After making your choice, click You may use a picture file for your background by clicking the file icon. Click . Locate your graphic file and then click . Lastly, click when background appears in the player.

Changing the player/frame

To change the player/frame around your character, click on . After choosing the color, click .
FYI- The dice in the corner of the player is to assist in allowing the website to pick a random character for you.

Giving your character a voice There are several ways to give your character a voice. To begin click on the icon that represents your choice.

Record you voice over the phone. You will be given the phone number and passcode to enter.

Record with microphone, Record your own voice – Maximum recording time is 60 seconds.

Text to speech. Type your message and choose from different voices and accents to speak for you. 600 maximum typed characters.

Upload an Audio File. (or use a previously recorded voki audio message) – maximum length of audio file is 60 secornds/1 minute.

Recording your voice over the phone
After clicking the phone icon a phone number and 8 digit passcode will appear. Call the phone number and you will be prompted to key in your 8 digit passcode.

Once you enter your code you will be prompted to speak and your screen will show “recording” - Press the # key when finished. You then have the option to: Press 1 – to hear your message Press 2 – to save your message Press 3 – to delete and re-record your message

Once you have saved over the phone your screen will show your message is “processing” – Then you will see that the call was completed “successfully” YOU MUST CLICK SAVE ON THE SCREEN TO SAVE THE VOICE MESSAGE TO VOKI.

After clicking A “Name Your Audio” box will appear – After naming your audio file (20 characters max.) click

Your recorded message has been saved in your file and can be accessed by clicking the icon.

Text to Speech

Click on the Text to Speech Icon Located in the “give it a voice” toolbar.

A blue box will appear for you to type your message. – Maximum is 600 typed characters.

After finishing your message you can click the down arrows and chose:

A voice and accent from the list of voices provided. Click the play button to listen to your message.

Record with microphone
Click on the Record with Microphone Icon located in the “give it a voice” toolbar. To begin recording click on the Button. Once you have completed your recording – press STOP.

If you are satisfied with your recording, click . You will be prompted to name your audio file – after naming the file click

Once your audio has been saved – it will appear in the audio folder.

You can also add FX sound effects by clicking on the FX button. After typing or adding your recorded message, go into the FX effects and your voice will take on that effect. When you are finished click

Upload or Use a Previously Saved Audio File

Once in this option you can browse for an audio file on your computer – (example: an audacity created file). Once locating the file click upload. Once file is uploaded it will appear in your list of files. This is also where you find your previously created or uploaded audio files. You can listen to the file by clicking on the play button – or delete the file by clicking on the X button.

Positioning Character in the Player
You can adjust how your Voki appears in the player by clicking on the magnify glass. A slider bar will appear: before after

You can zoom in or out ,move left or right or up and down. (You can also move it within the player by holding down the left click of your mouse.)

Publishing/Saving Your Voki

To save/publish your Voki – Click on the button. A box will appear for you to Name Your Scene. After naming your scene click – SAVE.

You will receive a message that your scene has been saved. Once you have saved your “scene” – Your Voki will appear in the MY VOKI section – located at the top of the webpage. There is currently no limited to the number of Vokis that you can save.

Click on My Voki and your saved avatars will appear. You can view or share your avatar from here. Choose which avatar you want by clicking on: Then click play on the player. To share, click the Publish your Voki button. A box will appear with several choices. If you are embedding you avatar – choose the size and copy the embed code to add as a gadget on your blog/wiki/webpage.

You can also share your Voki as a link. Copy and paste the provided link into an email - You also have the option of saving your link as a Symbaloo link.