Impra Aqua Wood Finish

IMPRA AQUA WOOD FINISH Propan Environmentally Friendly Waterbased System

IMPRA AQUA WOOD FINISH is a range of waterbased products and is formulated without heavy metal content such as lead, mercury and without other substances that can be detrimental to health. Many researches show that heavy metals and other poisonous chemicals may cause cancer, respiratory problems, hormonal imbalance and other diseases. IMPRA AQUA WOOD FINISH products contain very low volatile organic compound (VOC) since it is water based. Besides detrimental to health, the VOC that is emitted by solventbased paints may damage the environment and detrimental to the health. The organic emission from IMPRA AQUA WOOD FINISH is far below the limit that is set by International standards. IMPRA AQUA WOOD FINISH is also odorless and contains no formaldehyde (pungent odor and irritating to mucous membranes). Therefore, it is safe to apply by anyone including you, workers or handicraftsmen. This product also does not produce poisonous waste that can contaminate water and environment. By using IMPRA AQUA WOOD FINISH products with water as diluents, risk or fire hazard around the workshop is minimized too. RANGE OF PRODUCT 1. IMPRA AQUA WOOD FILLER (AWF-911) The waterbased wood filler with excellent pore-filling ability, sanding ability, and fast dry. Available colors: sungkai, kamper and teak. 2. IMPRA AQUA WOOD STAIN (AWS-921) The transparent waterbased wood stain with bright colors and outstanding life fastness that will enhance the beauty of natural wood. IMPRA AQUA WOOD STAIN is also fast drying and easy to apply by brushing, wiping or spraying. Available in attractive colors (please refer to color card) and can be mixed one to another to get customized color as you desire. 3. .IMPRA AQUA SANDING SEALER (ASS-941)


add 20% volume of clean water and use paint brush. Otherwise. and smooth surface with excellent cracking and chipping resistance. Sand with sandpaper no. Clear Dof and Semi Gloss.Impra Aqua Wood Finish The base coat that can be thinned with water and is drying fast. Wood preparation: sand along the wood grain with sandpaper no. then sand lightly with sandpaper no. 3. ASS-941 can be applied by brushing or spraying. Allow 60 minutes to dry. APPLICATION PROCEDURE 1. Apply IMPRA AQUA WOOD FILLER AWF-911 using spatula evenly on the wood surface. Available in Clear Gloss. Allow 120 minutes to dry. 400 and apply another coat of AL-961. 400. For a better finish (smoother surface). Add 10% (max) volume of clean water into IMPRA AQUA LACQUER AL-961 Clear Gloss / Clear Doff / Semi Gloss and use spray gun to apply the mixture on the wood surface. Notes: For an optimum result. back to top 2/2 . add 20% volume of clean water and use paint brush. Otherwise. Otherwise. 4. wait for 2-3 minutes and wipe it using clean and soft clothes. 240 to remove exessive wood filler. Add 10% (max) volume of clean water into IMPRA AQUA SANDING SEALER ASS-941 and use spray gun to apply the mixture on the wood surface. AL-961 can be brushed or sprayed. the relative humidity of the application room must not exceed 60%. 4. has excellent porefilling ability and forms an even surface. use spray gun to apply the wood stain evenly and allow 60 minutes to dry. 5. 180 and clean the wood surface from dirt. wait for 120 minutes then sand the wood surface lightly with sandpaper no. easy to sand. Apply IMPRA AQUA WOOD STAIN AWS-921 using paint brush. 2. 6. IMPRA AQUA LACQUER (AL-961) The fast drying water based top coat that forms a flexible.