All inquiries about this seminar series to 2010 Unit Coordinator: Dr Angelo Andrea Di Castro andrea.dicastro@arts.monash.edu.au Room H5.92, 5th floor, Building H - Caulfield Campus and to Dr Sevn Schottman Sven.Schottmann@monash.edu Room H5.91, 5th floor, Building H - Caulfield Campus Classes will be held on Thursdays afternoon from 5 to 8 pm Room H2.37 (5-6 pm – Lecture) and H2.38 (6-8pm – Seminar), Building H Caulfield Campus

Program outline

Aline Scott-Maxwell Introduction to Library research resources Bea Trefalt Investigating memory and history in modern Japan David Chandler Terror and History in Pol Pot’s Cambodia Paul Mc Shane Sustainability and water management James Gomez New Media and Human Rights Tikky Wattanapenpaiboon The burden of disease Bruce Jacobs China as seen from Taiwan Andrea Di Castro Heritage and urban development Sven Schottman Malaysian democratic process Irfan Ahmad Indian secularism David Templeman The Tibetan Question in the 20th century and now

Lectures and Seminars Schedule Week Dates Thur 3 Thur 10 March March Lecturers Dr Aline Scott-Maxwell Research methods and library resources Seminars Introduction 1 2 Dr Beatrice Trefalt Investigating memory and history in modern Japan Orientalism and Asian Values 3 Thur 17 March Prof. Bruce Jacobs 7 8 Thur 14 Thur 21 China as seen from Taiwan Dr Andrea Di Castro Asian cities: heritage and sustainability Friday 22 April 9 10 11 12 Thur 5 Thur 12 Thur 19 Thur 26 Thur 2 Thur 9 May May May May June June – Friday 29 April NON TEACHING Dr Sven Schottmann EASTER BREAK Essay writing week Mahathir and Islam Hadhari Ashis Nandi and Indian Secularism Interpreting Tibet’s History Democracy and Islam in South-East Asia Long essay due Dr Irfan Ahmad Indian Secularism Dr David Templeman The Tibetan Question in current times SWOT VAC venue TBA Revision Exam 2 . David Chandler Terror and History in Pol Pot’s Cambodia In the Shadow of Genocide 4 Thur 24 March Dr Paul McShane Sustainability and water management The Ganges and water wars Short essay due 5 6 Thur 31 Thur 7 March April April April Dr James Gomez New Media and Human Rights New Media and Democracy The origin of germ diseases Soft Authoritarianism and Human Rights Cultural heritage and postmodernism Dr Tikky Wattanapenpaiboon The burden of disease Prof.

Teachers. Lanham. ed. and Litvak. Sharpe.1 March 3 Introduction to the course.Sabella. Singapore: 47-59 Week 2.. Routledge Curzon. London.E. and Edward Said: Taking Stock of Orientalism. Routledge.). Institute of Southeast Asian Studies. Penguin Books (Rev. edited by Sandra Wilson.html Mahbubani. N. Beatrice „War. M. Kishore 2004 Can Asians Think?.Liu. Sharpe. in Nation and nationalism in Japan. 2002: 115-126 Gibney.2 March 3 Dr Aline Scott-Maxwell Research methods and library resources Caulfield Library Week 1 No Prescribed Readings Week 2.Reading list Week 1. New York Maria Rosa Henson1999 Comfort Woman: a Filipina’s story of prostitution and Slavery under the Japanese Military.E. expectations and allocation of topics Dr Angelo Andrea Di Castro & Dr Sven Schottman Week 1..1 March 10 Dr Beatrice Trefalt Investigating memory and history in modern Japan Prescribed Readings: Treafalt. Middle East Review of International Affairs 10 (1) (March) http://meria. edited by David Koh Wee Hock. Fei Fei . Robert . 2006 Students. M.Y. Frank Senso . in Can Asians Think? Understanding the Divide between East and West. 2007 The „Black-Out‟ Syndrome and the Ghosts of World War II: the War as a „Divisive Issue‟ in Malaysia. Armonk.Y. David Nanking 1937: memory and healing. Armonk.The Japanese remember the Pacific War: letters to the editor of Asahi Shinbun.ac. 2002 Madoka Futamura 2008 War crimes tribunals and transitional justice: The Tokyo Trial and the Nuremberg Legacy. 1995: 290-313 Week 2 Lecture Additional readings: Li. New Delhi: 19-43 3 .idc. M. N. Clayton Cheah Boon Kheng. Rowman and Littlefield Publishers. MD Anton. Lucas ed 1986 Local opposition and underground resistance to the Japanese in Java 1942-1945. New York.il/journal/2006/issue1/jv10no1a2. 1868-1975‟. J. commemoration and national identity in modern Japan.2 March 10 SEMINAR Orientalism and Asian Values Prescribed Reading: Teitelbaum. in Legacies of World War II in South and East Asia. Monash university: Centre of Southeast Asian Studies.

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Westview Press. New Haven Picq. New York Ponchaud. Princeton University Press. 2007 Failed Mechanism. University of California Press.1 March 24 Dr Paul McShane Sustainability and water management Prescribed Readings: Haya. London: 143-155 Chandler. Yale University Southeast Asia Studies. Yale Center for International and Area Studies. London Week 4. http://www. Alexander L. Hinton’s ‘In the Shadow of Genocide’ Prescribed Reading: Hinton. 2005 Why did they kill? Cambodia in the shadow of genocide. Berkeley.2 March 17 SEMINAR Alexander L. Berkeley: 1-35 Ponchaud. David P. Francois 1989 „Social Change in the Vortex of Revolution‟. New Haven Chandler.1 March 17 Prof David Chandler Terror and History in Pol Pot’s Cambodia Prescribed Reading: Chandler. edited by Karl D. My Son.org/files/Failed_Mechanism_3. B. David 2000 Revolution in Cambodia. Kiernan.internationalrivers. Boulder Chandler. Public Affairs. Free Press. New York. Chandler David 1999 Brother Number One: a political biography of Pol Pot. St. 1976-1977. David P. New York Pin Yathay (with John Man) 1987 Stay Alive. Westview Press. Boulder: 209-225 Week 3. Kiernan. Jackson. Allen Lane. Martin‟s Press. David 2000 Explaining S-21. University of California Press. International Rivers. How CDM is subsidizing hydro developers and harming the Kyoto Protocol.Week 3.pdf 5 . Ben (eds) 1983 Revolution and Its Aftermath in Kampuchea. Ben (eds) 1988 Pol Pot Plans the Future: Confidential Leadership Documents from Democratic Kampuchea. in A History of Cambodia. Cambodia.. Francois 1978 Cambodia Year Zero. Princeton: 151-177 Week 3 Additional readings: Becker Elizabeth 1998 When the War Was Over. 19751978: rendezvous with death. in Voices from S-21: terror and history in Pol Pot’s secret prison.. Laurence 1989 Beyond the Horizon: five years with the Khmer Rouge.

Pluto Press. P. Braadbaart.B. Zhao 2000 Shrinking Farmland in the Pearl River Delta Region. and S. K. Picador. Polity. S. Asian Journal of Political Science 17 (1): 89-118 Swain.B.http://www. Nguyen. African and Asian Studies 7: 191-215 Week 4. V. Lisa 2009 Forest plantations.2 March 24 SEMINAR Different perceptions: Alexander Stille’s Ganges.X. 2009 Edgy Amity along the Mekong: Thai-Lao Relations in a Transforming Regional Equilibrium.R. Journal of Southeast Asian Studies 39 (3): 392-353 Lebel. 1997 Policing the Urban Pumping Race: Industrial groundwater overexploitation in Indonesia.internationalrivers.. Louis et al. Haripriya Kull. Alexander 2002 Gange‟s Next Life.T. 2003 Environmental planning and management of the peri-urban interface: perspectives on an emerging field. and Alexander. & Economy: A study of spatial transformation in the Post-Reform Era. Chambers. and regional climate change: controversies surrounding Acacia mearnsii plantations in the upper Palnis Hills. 2008 Contextualising Fisheries Policy in the Lower Mekong Basin. and Braadbaart. International Rivers. edited by Si-Ming Li and Wing-shing Tang. John 2009 Himalayas hydroelectric dam project stopped after scientist on hunger strike against the project almost dies. (eds) 2007 Democratizing water governance in the Mekong. International Rivers. R. London: 107-117 Stille. London: 96122 Week 4 Additional readings: Wong. Political Geography 18: 209–232 Bush.S. in The Future of the Past. O. 2008 Microfinance and Poverty Reduction in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. Regional Environmental Change 6 . Vandana 2002 Water Wars. 2008 Indians Protest to Stop Dams on Mother Ganga..K.org/en/climate-change/carbon-trading-cdm/failedmechanism-how-cdm-subsidizing-hydro-developers-and-harming-0. Hong Kong: 351-368 Rangan . S.org/en/node/2617 Vidal. V.org/en/node/4266 Bakker Karen 1999 The politics of hydropower: developing the Mekong. 15: 135-148. in China’s Regions. F. Chiang Mai (Chapters 1 and 2: 1-35) Allen. southern India.internationalrivers. The Chinese University Press. Environment and Urbanization. http://www. http://www. Christian A. World Development 25 (2): 199-210 Wong. Vo.internationalrivers. Vandana Shiva water wars Prescribed Readings: Shiva. Mekong Press. A. water availability.

18 (4).com/content/p534k62xl4v72473/ Revi. Week 5 Additional readings: Reder. Lucas.academia. 2008 Climate change risk: an adaptation and mitigation agenda for Indian cities. James New Media and Electoral Democracy Online Opposition in Malaysia and Singapore http://monash. S.Wednesday. Journal of Public Relations. A.1007/s10113-009-0098-4.. June.J..academia. R. A. June.H. J. September 16. 10. 2009.. Gomez. Public Relations Review. 35 (2). & Kim.. pp102-106. J. Kim.Y.edu/JamesGomez/Papers/350751/New_Media_and_Electoral_De mocracy_Online_Opposition_in_Malaysia_and_Singapore Gomez.. 35 (2). James 2008 Online Opposition in Singapore: Communications Outreach Without Electoral Gain. pp313-333.springerlink. Waters. James Social Media and Opposition Parties Networking for Singapore‟s General Elections http://monash. http://www.D. pp123-126. Environment and Urbanization 20: 207-229 Week 5. K.2 March 31 SEMINAR New Media and Democracy Prescribed Reading: Seo. James Dumbing down democracy trends in internet regulation surveillance and control in Asia http://monash.. 2009 Global Activism and New Media: A study of Transnational NGOs‟ Online Public Relations.. H. Journal of Contemporary Asia. Burnett. Yang.edu/JamesGomez/Papers/382122/Social_Media_and_Opposition _Parties_Networking_for_Singapores_General_Elections Week 5.38 (4):59-612 7 .edu/JamesGomez/Papers/116683/Dumbing_down_democracy_tr ends_in_internet_regulation_surveillance_and_control_in_Asia Gomez. Oct.1 March 31 Dr James Gomez New Media and Human Rights Prescribed Reading: Gomez. 2009 Engaging stakeholders through social networking: How nonprofit organizations are using Facebook. E. B.. Public Relations Review.academia. © Springer-Verlag 2009. Lamm. 2006 How Activist Groups Use Websites in Media Relations: Evaluating Online Press Rooms.

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P. Pimlico. Kishore disagrees with Samuel Huntington about the latter‟s argument on „The Clash of Civilizations‟? At least 1/3 of your essay should explain which author you agree with and why. Foreign Affairs. Kishore Mahbubani 1993 “The dangers of decadence: what the rest can teach the West” (Responses to S. Sept-Oct. Huntington's “The Clash of Civilizations?”). London REMINDER OF DUE DATES FOR ASSESSED WORK AND EXAM 24 March 2010: SHORT ESSAY DUE OF 1500 words Write a short essay explaining why Mahbubani.Shakya. „The Clash of Civilizations‟. T. 1999 The Dragon in the Land of Snows. Samuel Huntington 1993. Summer. 12 May 2010: long essay due of about 4000 words Students will devise their own topics upon consultation with staff involved in the unit 9 June 2010 5pm to 7pm: exam 14 . Foreign Affairs.