Volume 8 No. 3

A Speak Truth-to-Power Editorial

March, 2011

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Que Pasa? What’s Happening?

Save Your Girlfriend
Does your girlfriend know this? Are Booker T. Washington Students Being tricked by their “friend.”

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A World Conference was held in Europe (9/23/27) to start the elimination of melinated people of African descent. In 1932, a Sarah’s Res. Living, Margaret Sanger called upon the U.S. to set aside places for the 1571 E. 53rd St. N. Prizes, & jobless, the poor, and “feeble-minded.” She had worked with $50 door prize, 1-4 pm, Snacks. Nazi doctors to promote their idea of genocide for non-Albion Elaine McDondle, proprietor. people, like Nazis had planned for the Jews and melinated people. This included castrating young melinated boys. Some meliGo-Kaly’s NuB-Why Business? nated girls as young as 10 years old have been sterilized. As Why Now? many as 150,000 low income women of color were threatened Agora Coffee House, that if they did not acquiesce to sterilization, they would lose 7917 E. 50th St., 4:30 their welfare. (Ask your grandmother if she knew of anyone who experienced this.) Sterilization laws 7:30 pm, $20; or $10 if began to be passed in most states, including Oklahoma. In fact, a planned parenthood clinic was set up accompanied by a teen, right in North Tulsa on 36th Street, as they were in most cities heavily populated with people of color. who gets in free, but only. Keeping the population down by abortion and sterilization is still being pracwith you. Call 734-0899. ticed. Today, a Booker T. Washington student is rumored to be recruiting young people to attend special sessions at Rudissil Library for “Planned ParSpring Break Day Camp, Salvation enthood.” Of course, once the organizers realized that the truth is being exArmy Mabee Center on Cincinnati, posed, they are now trying to operate undercover. Indoor/Outdoor Fun, bring lunch, Call 425-7584. Mothers: Do you know what your daughters are doing when they are not with you? Do you know they can take dangerous birth control or have an abortion without Pamela Smith Rape Foundation welyour ever knowing it? It’s a law now that covers most of the country. comes potential mentors for women in Do they know they may be sterilized for life? Or damaged in some other way? Corrections @ Wanda J’s Restaurant. For those who do not believe this, and for all who are concerned about the future of the human race, plan to attend a special viewing of “Black Genocide”, Drumfest Planning for June 11. Join us next month. Also, check out recent news about planned parenthood, genocide. at Rudissil Library (a study room), Call ________________________________________________________________________________ 951-5757. Celebration of Seniors, @ After School Care, math tutor, piano, ballet, photography, drum, homework, 3:30-5:30 pm, Salvation Army Mabee Center, 3001 N. Cincinnati, 425-7534. Vote for the Ban: Texting while driving is on the way to being banned In Oklahoma by the House. 1-800-522-8502 Tulsa Race Relations & History Survey, Pick up/fill out your concerns for the John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Project at Rudissil Library soon.


Schools are Closing Prisons are Rising
Schools are failing because monies are being diverted from education into building and privatizing prisons. Two concentration camps are being built in Colorado and Utah. Are you planning on going into the army instead, like forefathers did because they could not find a job (a trick)? The army does not use anybody who has been drugged, even with Ritalin. Armed Forces also will not take stupid acting people and uneducated people because, too often, they make stupid, life threatening and costly mistakes, and, they are hard to train. So which way have you been dumbed down to go?


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Your Questions? Our Comments.
What happened to the American State Bank? Did you ask the former manager why he left this bank?. The new manager who came in made sweeping changes, not good for Tulsa North. Was he a “plant”? State American State Bank was not Black owned. It just had Negroes sitting on its Board including ( I heard) the owner of the Glass House. ) During the bank’s troubles a couple of years ago, most small banks survived because they were not big investors. Somebody, please tell us why the American State Bank failed, because they certainly were not loaning any money in Tulsa North? Folks lost money. Glass House Liquors probably jumped ship just in time, if they had anything in there, which I doubt. I also heard that the same week that the bank closed last month, a Hispanic church bought the building. I heard the sleeping giant Africa is waking up? What is going on there? Schools to educate are expanding, election choices have improved; HIV/AIDs infections have decreased. Women are running for high offices and winning; people from different religions ignore people who try to divide them; youth have open access to cell phones and the internet adds fuel to the fire of youth who want a future in their country. As a result of all this, businesses and whole countries are beating a path to the doors of African countries, including Caucasian-Americans from this country. When are you going to visit there? There are women there who can just look at you and tell what tribe you came from. Exciting!

smoke stacks that were so thick you could see it with the naked eye. Now you can enjoy the sun through a bright, blue sky-- at least for a few days. But the devil is busy and will start again, so you had better get busy and start saving some money by planting some fruits and veggies for your family. Then get some tarp to cover them.

Ask The Hakim
Hakim is an Arabic term usually used in reference to a Wholistic healer who has knowledge of Herbs or alternative medicine. It also translates “as wise counselor.”

It takes two… For the fathers that may want to reconnect with their children, remember to really know yourself you must connect with your lineage. If its been a long time it may take as long to get the relationship back but the energy we put in the world would benefit from our constant nurturing. A quick call to share news and information with your family about your day goes a long way even if you have to leave messages. Study yourself. Finding new and interesting information about your history could be the bridging that your relationship needs. Explore hobbies that you and your children or grand children can work on together for example, teach them how to play chess or how to spot indigenous herbs in your area. Its never too late to face life challenges. You take one step and the creator takes more towards you. Refrain from the gifts your time and attention is the most valuable gift you can give. Why not start… today? ##

I have not spoken to my father in really long time. Conclusion from page 1… I feel like my children deserve to have their grand- Schools are Closing father in their lives. I really do not know how to initiate a dialog with him. How do I reconnect with a man I really don’t know?

The best part is that you want to. Part of healing is knowing that forgiveness is more for you than the other person. This is connected to the foods we are drawn to. Salty foods dissipate anger, sweet foods replace love, bready foods soothe dissatisfaction, creamy foods help satisfy a need to be nurtured, chewy foods help relieve tension and stress while crunchy foods release anxiety pressure. Pain that we tuck away and fight to ignore has to be dealt with and your body does so by placing the emotions within our bodies. In females, it is mainly the uterus and in males, it’s most often the prostate. These hidden emotions are then sealed with calcification and, or tissues until they can even look like small people complete with bone. Your body is working to protect you but the issues need to addressed. Try starting out with how you are feeling, emotions you may be holding onto, thoughts you may I heard that WS II editors can find some good in have wanted to say. Get it out. Get the answers to everything. How about in the worst snow storm in questions that bounced around your mind. Then Tulsa history? listen and respond to the answers. Even if you Chem Trails! have to make up the answers for yourself. Certain Look it up on the divisive measures have been placed in communities on purpose to keep families from becoming internet. The snow viable cohesive units. Perhaps using a support storm cleared the group (husband or relatives) can help bridge the air of pollution gaps or convey feeling known through their condropped from air tact with you. planes and factory

Prisons are Rising
As you know, prisons are built by the number of boys in the 3rd grade who cannot read (another trick). You also know that people are being graduated from school who cannot read and from college who cannot find a job. President Obama had committed himself to make our students competition for China and the UK. The legislative-powersthat-be are doing the exact opposite. So, what are you going to do?, The best careers you can probably have today are in agriculture and science, even though both are interrelated. Of course, being self employed is always a money maker, but Americans have discovered that money making is not the greatest need nowadays.


Somebody SaidMade in Asia? Beware! Basaa fish, a Vietnam type catfish raised in the Nekal Rhine, is intended to eliminate 5-6 billion people. Exploding (Pyrex) glass bake ware is coming out of China. Now China is mass producing a rice made of plastic, also intended to eliminate a couple billion of us. Pottery & dishes that are laced with lead and other dangerous substances also come from Mexico as well as Asia. Wigs and other hair products have lead, asphalt, petroleum and other chemicals that are detrimental to the body, especially the brain. [Alzheimers +] Asian nail shops with acetone & other harmful chemicals circulate in the air. Some Asians wear masks, but never offer you one, or bear the expense to filter the air. Have beautiful nails: take Vitamin E capsules (sold in the Dollar stores, too.) & rub some on your nails daily, use rubber gloves when washing dishes, tooth brush clean your nails, clip, trim, and file yourself. Or, you and a friend can do each other’s. Save. There are reportedly 700 churches in North Tulsa, but it is still considered to be the worst part of town. You cannot tell a lie, unless you know the truth. Courage is not the roar you make when you go into battle, but the courage it takes to get up the next morning and try again. The same drugs that are given to hard core addicts are the same drugs given to children new form. Many returning soldiers with mental issues are being hired for prison work because they are so dangerous- even to their families. (next column ==>)

For years, men in prison have been used to test new drugs. Drugs disconnect you from G*D, becoming your G*D. Monies are taken from schools and given to industrial prison complexes. More investigative work needs to be done on Tulsa’s Out of Compliance with Federal standards for schools. Efforts are underway to discredit Tulsa School Board President Lana TurnerAddison & Principal Lynette Dixon (Hawthorne Elementary) . Support them.. The North American Union has been secretly formed to include US, Canada and Mexico, making a borderless union as they have in Europe and plan to have an Asian Union and an African Union. The goal is for a One World Order, so that everyone and everything can be controlled by a few. (Read: Big Brother is Watching; or look up on internet New World Order.) Soon, the U.S. dollar as you know it, will be worthless & the North American Union will have its own currency. In California a Discovery Bay District Board voted to not accept cash to pay government bills/utilities. Again, coming your way? California is the testing ground for how the rest of the country will react. *G*D’S Universe is man’s mammary gland. There is a moratorium on vaccinations within the Nation of Islam. If you can tell a tree by the fruit it bears, you should be able to tell a school system by what it produces.—Min. L. Farrakhan What you see afar is coming to our doorstep. -Hon. Elijah Muhammad

$ Dollar Decision $

Charity is Good Business Sense
*provides publicity *networking *boosts morale *tax breaks *makes your money halal *triggers trickle down effect

Police Update
While Muslims put on an event to fundraise for a women’s & children’s shelter, hate groups formed to protest in Orange County, N.C, & Yoruba Lunda, Calif. When a protester ran in South Tulsa’s Masjid As-Salam, Tulsa police immediately responded to cart the protestor away. Being Caucasian, he has been treated with respect and is now back in Tulsa and on his medication. Last Friday, that masjid staged a Police Day of Appreciation, expecting about 20 officers. Nearly 200 showed up during the course of the day in support of freedom of religion, (we assume). They were offered a nice brunch, given a tour of the facility, invited to Jumuaah Prayer and given literature, including excerpts from the Qur’an called Discover Qur’an. About 60% of the Muslims in this masjid are American citizens, many of them being Caucasian women. Muslims from Tulsa North, (at least four from different Muslim communities, including the Nation of Islam) were there to witness very friendly officers & community supporters at this successful event. To foster better relations, maybe Tulsa North needs to promote a similar activity? Any ideas? # #


Who Said That?
Did they teach you this in school?

8 Unsafe Foods that Farmers & Researchers will not Eat
-from the Internet

Of the Day!

“ We do not want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population,” writes Sanger, “[A]nd the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious member.” -Margaret Sanger, giving a speech to the KKK. She also wrote: While the colored Negro has respect for white doctors they can get closer to their own members and more or less lay their cards on the table which means their ignorance, superstitions and doubts. The ministers’ [sic] work is also important and he should also be trained perhaps by the Federation as to our ideals and the goal that we hope to reach. p.43.

1. Canned tomatoes have pba content that breaks down, causing breast, prostate & colon Slave: cancers. "person who is the property of another," from O.Fr. esclave 2. Microwaved popcorn bags are cancerous. (13c.), from M.L. Sclavus "slave" (cf. It. schiavo, Fr. esclave, Sp. esclavo), originally "Slav" (see Slav), because of the 3. Farm raised salmon & tilapia fish affect many Slavs (people of eastern European descent )sold into health & fertility unless organic. (Eat wild slavery by conquering peoples. Alaska salmon or organically grown tilapia.) A better word for what happened to the peoples of the Americas would be prisoners of war. Nobles can never be 4. Potatoes are covered with pesticides. slaves. 5. Apples are loaded with pesticides. 6. Beef fed w/ genetically modified corn Can You (or someone (cows should eat grass, the most nutritious.) you know) help me? 7. Soy milk & anything containing soy. I Need a Kidney ! 8. Most milk is processed w/hormones, causing you to become a “gender bender.” Mrs. Florence Breckenridge has (It is also suspect to causing different cancers served the Tulsa community for 5 from the “pus” in the milk.(Buy raw or organic.) years as a Tulsa Public Schools ________________________________________ cafeteria worker. She has been around. Before then, she was executive housekeeper at the HampIt’s all the SAME: ton INN (Sand Springs). But, she needs a kidney soon. The Tulsa native’s mother died from kidney failure. But, she is learning how to take better care of her kidneys. Mrs. Breckenridge says, “I just want to stay around to raise my two little granddaughters whose mother is now deceased.” You may call Wall Street II Tulsa North or call her at 918-232-4499, but, only if you think you may have a connection to her “O” blood type. Thanks.

He’s Back Special Prayers ForMr. Robert Littlejohn Tulsa North’s griot is recover- Dr. Barnum, DMD has returned to the Crestview ing from a stroke at St. John’s Hospital. He is a vocif- Dental Clinic on 36th & Cincinnati. Call: erous member of the North Tulsa Historical Society 428– 2424 to make an appointment, Insurance is with many of his works at the Rudissil Library.. # # accepted, including Sooner Care– Medicaid.