Accounting General Questions

1. What is the Cash FLow and Examples 2. Our company given party to employees. this expenditure which account head booked ? please tell me 3. Difference between Reserve capital and capital reserve Capital-IQ 1 100 4. what means by goodwill? 5. what is form H 6. What is fitting and fixtures? 7. WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY SERVICE TAX. 8. What is the entry to be made when any service tax is paid for any vehicle hired or any service used when tax is included in that bill 9. what is the entry to be made for vat when any purchase is made in that bill vat amount is included ? 10. What Is Bank Reconciliation ? 11. Hi, we are not a VAT register and raised not VAT bill to company for signage material. they are deducting WCT @4%, can anybody help me why they are deducting WCT while i am not a VAT register vendor, as i do not cross threshold limit. 12. how we will make the invoice agt the material sold to other party with the VAT adjustment. Also please pass the journal entry of all process. 13. difference between Reserve capital and capital reserve 14. what is accrual basis of accounting?explain in detail? what is receipt and payment ? we purchase one material from one party & sale it to other party but the product got problem so 1 st party give us a credit note now the question is how i pass jv in my co. account Hi Everyone, We purchased the Goods from other state, and I am liable for Entry Tax, my entry Tax is deposited in bank before 15th of every month. Now my questtion is : I purchase the Packing Items from other state but I return the same to suplier should it require entry tax deposit or not for this items. please explain what is depriciation?explain all methods of depriciation?and give more dwtais about depriciation? HOW WE TREAT WITH LAST YEAR PROVISION LIKE PROVISION FOR BED DEBTS AND DISCOUNT ON DEBTORS PLEASE MAKE A PROPER ENTRY. HOW WE MAKE A RESERVE AND AFTER ITS USE HOW WE NIL IT PLEASE MAKE A PROPER ENTRY. Give 15 examples for real and nominal accounts What will be the journal entry in the case of Debit Memo and Credit Memo? What will be JV of if gets discount received from my vendors and as well as I allowed discount to my customer? What will be the journal entry in these both cases. Pls. give the answer, it's urgent. I took printer from stock, previously I purchased this printer for £60 plus Vat. What entries do I need to put through the books?

plz send me the answer of this question in my emailid-prabhatsingh873@gmail. please what I do explain.& Deducted Rs.against EPF of ram. 2 0 0 151 35 39 0 19 . How many ledger should create under which & what will be the entry ? what is the accounting treatment in tally of free goods received with goods purchased. BUT NOT 2010-2011 CST IS 2%. THEN I HAVE TO ASK THAT HOW TO MAKE CREDIT NOTE NOW I.(send Urgently) IF SALES BILL PREPARED BY CHARGING CST 4 WHEN THERE IS CST 4 TO BE CHARGED. few in Europe and few in USA. then as per statutory compliance Is there Tds deduction to be made????? This is a new company & Cst Purchase occured.100/.m. my question is should i have only 2 COA as per the standard like US GAAP and IFRS or should i have COA based on country location. In which categoury bank account comes? personal or real what is difference between job costing and process costing? what is cost unit n what is cost sheet? how to prepare brs statement for company in tally i got a case study in which theie is a chemical company group which has 12 companies in all. 2.12000/. If Ram Received Cash Rs. 200/.p.What are the features of financial accounting? what is mean by contra entry what is the role mis how intangible assets are entered in B/ EPF. 900/. Cheque diposited into bank Rs.E 2010-2011 BY CHARGING 4% OR 2% ? what is net worth ? what are the processes of account reconcillation what is account reconcillation share premium debt equity ratio ADR DEFINE accounting concepts bills of exchange private placement if i get salary of Rs. If salary paid per month Rs 40000/ I will deduct TDS from his salary.If I send C Form to Sundry Creditors Then What is the Procedure to collect C Form from sales tax department. NOW WE HAVE TO PREPARED CREDIT NOTE AGAINST THAT BILLS WHICH CHARGED CST4 AT THAT TIME.

Which Challan this tax deposited ? In Sale Tax Return which column is shown this tax WAT ARE ACCOUNTING PRINCIPLES what is the journal entry for bank reconciliation. if not then how can i a sock transfer. but now govt decide this tax will be deposited with Sale Carlton Tax return. please send the return format my mail ID is happynlg@gmail. I purchased the Packing Box from other state.& input vat received rs. there we pay entry tax for purchase other state. close the entry tax on barrier.2000/.com 0 1 3 0 2 1 38 85 253 48 314 193 0 36 0 2 2 0 20 282 315 0 2 Jaguar 0 1 2 117 228 38 78 92 HP 0 24 . zerobase budgeting Capital-IQ Hi.100/. I want to know about Entry Tax. How many types of accounts may be in a company. Explain about the accounting software "SAP" and discuss its advantanges. how to calculate PF how to calculate esi HOW TO PASS ADVANCE ENTRY IN TALLY. now my question is that where column i show this tax or which challn i deposit this tax Entry Tax is Central Income or State Income. I am working at Himachal Pradesh. what is defference between direct and indirect ezpences A company purchase goods Rs. plz tell me how much take input claim in this case.? a sales & 1000/. sir we want to know can i deposit this entry taxon on CST challan or not.but at the time he sold goods 1000/. AND HOW IT SHOULD ADJUST AGANIST FUTURE INVOICE.invoice yet not received. the tax will be deposited with return.what is difference between capital reserve n reserve capital? Accounting and Accountancy What is NEFT? and its Limit(if any) Accounting Questions hi What is entry when goods/material reced on 31st March but.but now sale tax deptt.the entry tax on the packing items is 5 %. or which cloumn in return shown this amount.

and salary preparation 1 257 0 40 2 1 1 0 1 0 312 68 153 85 283 72 .callculation. for Salary A\c .pf.How to calculate sundry creditors in Tally ERP Please help me with the accounts head for the below ledgers for e. Salary A/c Dr.Indirect Expenses is the account head in tally.g. xxx To Cash / Bank A/c xxx What is the journal entry for good loss by fire? claim receive from insurance company? after claim received the loss occoured entry? we had company we provide work others they deducted tds how to pass entries in my company please tell me Is purchase itself a direct expense? NAL what is difference cash flow and fund flow with Maersk example WHAT IS SAP???? how can i settle the party ac with cr & dr tds.esi. what is the account head for below ledgers. xxx To EPF Payable (employees' contribution only) xx To ESI Payable (employees' contribution only) xx To PT Payable (deducted from employees only) xx To TDS Payable (if deducted from employees' only) xx To Salary Payable (net amount only) xxx Salary Payable A/c Dr. xxx To EPF Payable (employees' contribution only) xx To ESI Payable (employees' contribution only) xx To PT Payable (deducted from employees only) xx To TDS Payable (if deducted from employees' only) xx To Salary Payable (net amount only) xxx Salary A/c Dr.edcation.