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Stealth and Deception in Government

Humboldt Republican Women Welcome Orlean K oehle

Orlean Koehle, guest speaker at our March meeting, will be addressing the topic, Stealth and Deception in Government. Her organizational affiliations include serving as State President of the Eagle Forum of California since 2002, President of Concerned Citizens of Sonoma County, Parents Involved in Education, and Vice President of Santa Rosa Republican Women Federated. In 2006 she started an organization, the "Sonoma County Land Rights Coalition", and served as its president. She received Pacific Justice Institute's "California State 2006 Faith and Community Award" for her many years of voluntary service. Orlean has authored several published books. They include: The Golden Rule School, Character in Education; A Closer Look at the Real ID Act of 2005; and her most recent: By Stealth and Deception, USA Transformation and it Parallel to the European Union. Another recent publication is a booklet entitled: Just Say No to Big Brother's Smart Meters. On a personal note, Orlean and husband Kurt Koehle, have five sons, one daughter and five grandchildren. She grew up on a farm in Idaho, attended Idaho Falls High School and was selected to serve as Miss Idaho Falls. She graduated from Brigham Young University and later taught speech, drama and journalism at a junior high school in Idaho Falls. She has been substitute teaching in Sonoma County for 16 years.

General Meeting: St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th
11:30 AM Lunch 12:00 - 1:00 PM
445 Herrick, Eureka

y, Thursda 011 ,2 March 17

Lunch & Speaker ~ $14.50 Beverage & Speaker ~ $4.00 Payable to Elks Lodge This month only - Please RSVP to Linda Arata phone 839-5054 or email jaratal @ by Monday February 14th Early lunch reservations appreciated and to be honored

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President’s Message
he month of March brings us ever closer to the annual Spring Membership Tea. On April 14th we will enjoy gathering from 12-2 pm in Trinidad at Esther Smith Holmes lovely setting. For rides, please contact any board member. Are you able to help at the event? Please leave your name with Jerrie Bartley ~ 443-7940, Barbara Hecathorn ~ 442-7124, or Terry Roberts ~ 599-3255. The Board members host this event for you each year with delectable goodies. Please invite your guests as possible new members to an enjoyable spring day in relaxing Trinidad! Ways and Means for our club is very important and our monthly source of revenue for our club. We would like to share an idea with you. Each of us is a loyal patron of businesses here in our area that we want to succeed. Consider asking them for a donation for our club that would give them much publicity and glean new customers! It is a win-win offer! We thank you and your generous guests for your outstanding donations and ticket purchases!! Our participation has been wonderful regarding calls, letters, faxes and emails to office holders locally, in our state and to Washington when we are “hot under the collar” at their latest blatant attempt on the item of the hour! Let us be reminded too, victories are to be given a big pat on the back or a compliment for standing up for “we the people”! For so many it is a lonely battle~ we can place another coat of armor on that individual by our encouragement! Need contact information for local officials? Phone numbers, addresses and email addresses are on our website on our GET INVOLVED! page.

Chaplain’s Report
When we read the papers and hear so much disturbing news, don’t you sometimes feel the world is falling apart? Even so, we do not need to tremble. As believers, our feet are on an unshakable, solid Rock that cannot be moved. Even if the way becomes slippery, we can rest knowing that the grip of the Creator of the universe is far greater than ours. When problems threaten our feeling of stability and safety, we can face our insecurities from a position of faith. In Psalms, chapter 46, we read: He isn’t a distant God far away, He is a loving Father who longs to linger near us and have us lean on Him in our time of need. As Republican women who devote our time and e ort to see our nation remain a nation under God, let us gain that calm assurance and abide in His faithful promises.

2011 Calendar
Mar. 17 ■ General Meeting with Orlean Koehle April 14 ■ Spring Membership Tea March 18-20 ■ California Republican Party Convention (CRP)... Sacramento April 18-19 ■ Advocacy - Hyatt Sacramento April 24 ■ Easter Sunday April 30 - May 1 ■ North Division Spring Conference
18th season presents internationally acclaimed artists: DAEDALUS QUARTET ~ Friday, March 18, 2011 ~ 7:30 pm ARIANNA STRING QUARTET ~ Friday, April 1, 2011 ~ 7:30 pm Tickets are available at the door, or call 445-9650 and regular price for attending is $30 or students $5. By special invitation to HRWF members we may attend for $5 or bring goodies for the “Artists Reception” after each performance! A fantastic event – thanks ECMS! Calvary Lutheran Church is located at 716 South Ave, Eureka – 3 blocks south of Staples. Check out the website -

Marleen Miller
January 26, 2011


Eureka Chamber Music Series

Jennifer Shoffner
February 26, 2011

W ays & Means
Our February Opportunity Drawing itmes were donated by: Debbie Walker, Kay Parris and Linda Arata. The winners of the February Opportunity Drawing were Dave Settle, Rebecca Crosby and Bill Cook. Instead of accepting a prize Bill Cook donated his monetary contribution to Socks for Soldiers. Ticket sales for the hand-crocheted shawl will continue until the drawing at the Spring Tea on April 14th. If you would like to donate a prize for future drawings, please telephone Linda Arata at 839-5054.

Commentary: On the Meaning of “Zakat”
he United States is a country made up of many nationalities tied together by a common bond of our Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of The United States of America including The Bill of Rights and all Amendments written since 1791. As immigrants of various cultures have sought citizenship in our nation it has sometimes been difficult for the first generation to assimilate. It wasn't easy for my own grandparents to come to this country, learn a new language, earn a living with new jobs in a new country. But they did it and they did it without expecting the government to subsidize their existence. With each generation it often becomes easier once the English language is learned. Think about it. How can we be a "united" country if we cannot communicate with one another and how can we communicate if we speak different languages? It was a different language term that has been leading me on a continuous journey of research and discovery these past couple of years. President Obama was speaking to Muslims in Cairo, Egypt and said that he would work with American Muslims to insure that they fulfil "zakat" (pronounced "sauka"). I was curious to know exactly what was meant by that statement and it took me sometime before I finally uncovered the mystery of this term but I must say it has been an interesting trip of discovery. Zakat, I learned, is one of Islam's five pillars. It's been termed "mischief cloaked in piety" (McCarthy) for it is "charitable giving" but NOT charity as we know it for none can be given to nonMuslims. It is also given in some countries as financial support for terrorists. (See The Grand Jihad by Andrew C. McCarthy for a great deal more information on this topic). As my journey continued, the topic of Islam became ever more dominate and I realized how uninformed I have been about plans being made by some to change the world as we've known it. It is my belief that part of that condition is the result of one of the eight forms of Jihad (meaning Holy War) being waged today. It is the Jihad of Deception. Followers of Islam, (a religion, I am told, that is to be exalted above ALL other religions and against Christians and Jews), are to have two they present to the western world and another to the rest where they dominate. The Jihad of Deception, it is said, is the way to reach nonmuslims and its 'right to lie' is done in the name of Allah, therein the individual's justification for lying. The executive director of the American Society for Muslim Advancement, Daisy Khan, and her husband, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf proposed building a mosque in downtown Manhatten just two blocks from the devastating scene of the attack on 9/11. She admits a crisis erupted with this plan but noted it has brought "faith communities" (?) together. She said that "religious freedom is the most essential foundational value of America" and it must be preserved." (Reader's Digest Feb. 2011). I totally agree but am wondering why Islam is now included in some textbooks and taught in some public schools (and in classes at some public libraries) but God is banned from textbooks. In the past teachers could sing and talk about God in their classrooms but not today. Is this religious freedom? (Let's remember that morality is basedon the foundation of religion.) Khan believes this situation "is a moment right for CHANGE." As you know from my previous column, this is not my favorite word and I now beg the question once again: Change FROM what TO what? Let's not drive God out of our society. Remember WE ARE "ONE NATION UNDER GOD.", research, listen, and respond. Be a patriot! "Responda" here, signing off until next time.

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"If it does not please you to serve the Lord, decide today whom you will serve..." (Joshua 24:15)

HRWF donates books to local schools

Fortuna Elementary: Jeff Northern, Principal, Mary Dishmon, librarian. The students are Claudia Velasco and Zahid Olea.

Ferndale High: Pictured from left to right are Kassidy Allardice, Stephanie Lentz, Librarian Leanne McCullough and Mary Scott.

As seen in The Humboldt Beacon: For the past three years, our chapter of Republican Women has been very generous to local schools. The first year, we were able to donate books to Lafayette and Alice Birney Elementary Schools, both classrooms and libraries, and to Zane Middle School. Last year, our books went to Fortuna Middle School and Pacific Union Elementary School. This year, I delivered books to Fortuna Elementary and Ferndale High School. In this time of great budget constraints for our schools, this is a most worthwhile project. The teachers and librarians are so very grateful for our support. They always want me to pass on their appreciation to you. Education co-chair

and Conference is followed by Advocacy Day at our State Capitol. Several hundred women from CFRW throughout the State of California converge on the state Capitol in Sacramento to lobby legislators (Republican and Economists A. Biggs, K. Hasset and M. Jackson Democrat alike) to sponsor, support or defeat bills which of the American Enterprises Institute recently are important to the issues they follow. analyzed over 37 years of the history of de cit reduction plans of 21 countries. In the 1990's a new facet was added to Advocacy Day and On average, countries following a 50/50 plan to cut we invited High School students to participate in legislataxes and increase taxes, failed completely to close tive action and awareness in our State Capitol. This has become a traditional part of our event and an exciting their deficits. Why is this study important for Californians today? opportunity for students to see and hear how our State government works. We are over one-half trillion dollars in debt and this CFRW welcomes your active participation in the most very plan that has failed so miserably is what Moonbeam Brown is attempting to put into place. exciting, progressive and effective movement of any woman's political organization! Go figure !!! Note: Debbie and Gwen are working on contacting kids from 8th grade to 20 years old to attend ADVOCACY in Sacramento.

California Legislative Report

CFRW: The CFRW Spring Board of Director's Meeting

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As Wisconsin Goes So Does The Nation




s I have watched the happenings in Wisconsin, many things come to mind. You have teachers who have lied to their employers. Doctors who took an oath to be ethical have dishonored the medical profession. Teachers speaking on television stating that bring their students to the capital is teaching democracy. The out-of-control individuals that have taken over the capital building and disrupting their state government are being called heroes. Finally, 14 Democratic Senators in Wisconsin leave their state so they don’t have to vote. Actually, they are all being hailed as heroes by the media and others. I remember when the great San Francisco Representative called the people of the United States, “Astroturf” when they came out in droves to protest the government’s over reaching into their lives. She is presently cheering this group and is telling reporters, “I stand in solidarity with Wisconsin workers fighting for their rights.” President Obama is even weighing in on this calling Governor Walker’s reasonable proposals an “assault.” I understand that the teachers, who called in sick and then showed up to the rally to protest, could be fired. To remedy the possible firings enter four doctors. They set up tables standing ready with clipboards to write excuses for these lying individuals. Apparently, three of these doctors are on the University of Wisconsin Medical Hospital’s staff -- one being the head of the department of medical ethics and another being a senior resident. Hummmmm does that make you wonder about how ethical the ethics are that are being taught? A doctor’s sick note is a very serious document. This note is the final proof of an employee’s illness. The doctor is the medically qualified third party and this group of doctors has denigrated one of the well-recognized rights and privileges of their profession. These rallies or protests (I’m not even sure what to call them) are popping up all over the land. In Sacramento, one union person was cited for assault and some reports say a Tea Party person was injured. I could only find one account of the injury but several news outlets did verify the assault citation. I know if the Tea Party had taken over the state capitol in Wisconsin as the Students for Democracy (SDS) did, we would have heard a different story coming from the media. As we wait to see the outcome in Wisconsin. I do believe we will see many more governors taking the same or similar actions as Governor Walker. However, I don’t think the public employees need to worry in California -- given the one party system we have adopted and the desire of the voting public to raise taxes on the so called wealthy. Just who are the wealthy and what is the public’s definition of wealthy? Well, my fellow Californians, get braced for a very bumpy road ahead.

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