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This report would not have been successfully possible without the active support of our Director, Prof S Chinnam Reddy, Prof. R.K. Prusty, other faculty members. We also thank the store owners who supported us for data collection. We are gratefully thankful to our faculty guide Prof. Devang Patel who helped us whenever we needed. We also express thanks to all those who have directly or indirectly contributed to the project.


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Executive Summary
This report present a study on ready made branded retail showrooms for Ahmedabad A primary survey the 50 respondents is also done. An attempt is also compare the various stores on preset parameters. The project will be useful for a marketer planning to enter kalol markets for sale of ready made branded retail brands. The project took approximately three months to complete the data collection was based on primary survey web sites and personal visits to the retail store the project is approximately 160 pages. Data analysis and the presentation is in the form of graphs. Majority of the customers surveyed are found to be satisfied with the retail showrooms in Ahmedabad. Non co operation of the store owners and convenience sampling were the major limitations.


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Chapter – 1 Introduction to retail        The major types of retail ready made garments Co operate chains Voluntary chains Retail co or potation Consumer co operatives Franchise organization Merchandising conglomerate TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 4 of 166 .

times are changing. Consumer today can purchase the cloths from verity of retile organization. · 25 of the top 50 Fortune 500 companies are in retail. forming 27% of the total population · A high spending community below 45 years comprises 81 percent of the population · A young population with 54% population below 25 years TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 5 of 166 . There are store retailers.Retailing includes all the activities involved in selling of goods or services to final consumer for personal. meters with fragmented keerana stores being the predominant players. Sample these facts: · Retail is currently the biggest industry in the world with · · sales of $7. World over. India has approx 12 million retail stores. or from house of the consumer. It does not matter how the goods or service are sold by person whether it is sold though mailing. wholesaler or retailer is doing retailing. With the GDP at an all time high and income levels shooting through the roof.2 sq. Credit cards are flashed with disdain and shopping baskets are getting bigger all the time. the average Indian consumer has never had it so good. Retailing in India has remained in the unorganized sector and largely untouched by corporate. THE REMARKBLE WORLD OF RETAIL The very face of the Indian retailing industry. more credit and better trained employees. the retail segment has performed exceptionally since its inception in the 20th century. wider brands. However. vending machine or internet or whether they are sold in a store. non store retailers. Here are some factors that indicate the potential of retail in India: · At 271 million. Corporate retail organization achieves economies of scale. on the street.2 trillion · Every 10th billionaire in the world is a retailer. non – business use. more than rest of the world put together. Although many retail stores are independently owned. and retail organization. The Indian retail story couldn't have been more different. an increasing numbers are part of some form of corporate retailing. telephone. greater purchasing power. one of the largest consuming base in the · world. The propensity to consume has reached peaks that had never been scaled before. Special weekend discounts and offices. Any organization selling to final consumer where it is a manufacture. But the per capita square feet area under retail is just 2 sq.ft or 0. A retailer or retail store is any business enterprise whose sales volumes come preliminary from retailing.

40% in Thailand. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 6 of 166 .8 million in 1998 ··Increase in media penetration to 38-million cable household and 80-million TV household in 2001 Inspire of all the above factors organized retail stands at 2 per cent in India compared to 85% in USA.· Increased literacy from 44% in 1965 to 70% in 2003 · Increase in workingwomen from 1.3 million in 1961 to 4. 55% in Malaysia and 20% in China. the retail business would have absorbed 5 lakh employees directly. No wonder that consultants have estimated that by 2005. Consultants have predicted that retail in India is in a take off stage and expect the share of organized retail to jump from the current 2 per cent to 10 per cent by 2010.

elect a group to manage it and receive paragon dividend. and they can afford to hire corporate specialist to deal with pricing. inventory control and sales forecasting. Their size allows them to buy in large quantities at lower price. which has. merchandising. There are different department for men. People now need not have to go to different places or shop’s or stores for their different requirement or need and why should they go when they have the facility of retail organization. • merchandising conglomerate A free from of corporation that combines several diversified retailing lines and forms under central ownership along with some integration of distribution and management. As we know that retail organization carries wide varieties of product lines. Consumer co operative means a retail organization owned by their customers. now there is no need to compromise. woman and kids so a whole family can purchase at one place only. • voluntary chains A wholesale sponsored group of independent retailers charged in bilk buying and common merchandising. promotion. • retail corporation Independent retailers who set up a central buying organization and conduct joint promotion. clothing and apparel. • franchise organization Contractual accusation between a franchiser and franchisees. Here in this repent we are considering a retail organization with ready made garment and day by day it is increasing likes anything it cries a wide variety of product ranging from clothing. vote on their polices. employing control buying and merchandising and selling similar lines of merchandise. Franchising has been prominent in dozen of product and service areas. People get more and more brand choice. • Consumer co operatives.The major types of retail ready made garments are follows: • corporate chains A corporate chain means two or more outlets commonly owned and controlled. home furnishings goods etc. product choice etc. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 7 of 166 . In consumer co operative residents contribute money to open their own store. It can be also considered as a family shop. if you do not like anything you have other choice at a time. it facilitates the shopping of normal consumer.

Chapter – 2 Retail ready made garment Showrooms in Ahmedabad TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 8 of 166 .

The Gujarati people are said to be entrepreneur, the land of Gujarati is said to be land of entrepreneur. There are plenty of entrepreneur of Gujarat who have become legend today. The retail ready made branded show rooms in Gujarat is increasing rapidly, from to fore years though Gujarat was suffering from earthquake, drought, riots etc. We have chosen Ahmedabad city for research from many cities of Gujarat that is Surat, Baroda, Rajkot, etc. though Ahmedabad has faced problem like earthquake, riots etc. than also it is towards growth. Our chief minister Narendra Modi is trying very hard to pull the investments from foreign and other states of India. He is trying to make Ahmedabad metro city that is 5th metro city of India. As we know that Gujarat is a land for entrepreneur, cities in Gujarat that is Ahmedabad, Surat, Baroda etc. are at developing stage. Therefore it would be the right time to invest money in any of the city of Gujarat. Thus many big family stores and multiplexes have started in last 2 to 3 years. The standard of living is improving day by day in Ahmedabad. As we know before 4 to 5 years we could see very few teenagers in western outlets, especially girls. As we also know number of Gujarati families stay in foreign countries. We know it is very expressive to spend on garments in foreign country compare to India, so many families specially occasion. Usually they use to go to Mumbai for purchasing, but as the international flights started arriving to Ahmedabad the market of Ahmedabad started growing therefore it is a great opportunity for retail ready made garment show rooms of Gujarat especially of Ahmedabad. Here in our report. We have considered a store a retail ready made garment. Which carries a wide verities of product llano ranging from clothe to household goods. Here we have assumed the retail organization, which have broadly 4 to 5 sections in their store for men, woman, kids and other accessories. In short complete life style family show rooms which complete the circle of one family. Here in Ahmedabad although many stores are independently owned but the growth of chain stores are more. As we know the major type of retail organization are chains, retail co operatives, franchise organization and merchandising conglomerates. Here in our report we have found consumer satisfaction and trends of retail organization In Headband. The first one is Pantaloons. It is situated near mithakhali 6; road Navrangpura Ahmedabad. It is chain store type of ratio organization. Pantaloons ranks


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amongst the top five retailers in India. It is a store of Pantaloons retail India limited. The second one is Westside. It is also a chain store type of retail organization and situated near mix road, Navrangpura Ahmedabad. It is a unit of Trent ltd. Basicall7y, a tata enterprise. Westside is arguably the fastest growing retail chain in India. The third one is Allen solly. It is also chain stores type of retail organization. It is situated at C.G road, opp, Peter England show room, Ahmedabad, with its association over 100 vendors across 130 Indians and international brands; Allen solly is truly poised to import foreign clothing to Indian retailing in a distinct manner. The fourth one is Jade Blue. It is independently owned retail organization. It is situated at C.G road parishima complex, near shreeje art Ahmedabad. It is owned by Patel family. It is a popular store in Ahmedabad city. The fifth one is Peter England. It is situated at C.G road, opp, Allen solly show room, Ahmedabad. It is not an independent retail organization. It’s importing foreign clothing for Indian retailing in distinct manner. The sixth one is Circle P. it is situated near law garden of C.G road, opp, kenzer showroom. It is an independent showroom. The seventh is is situated at Income tax of Ashram road. It is owned by Arvind mill’s a company it self only. It is independent show room. There are more numbers of chains store is Ahmedabad, chain stores means outlets that are owned and controlled in common hand have central buying and merchandising and sell similar line of merchandise. They have many advantages over independent store. Their size allows them to buy in large authority at lower prices. They can offer to hire corporate level specialists to deal with Ares such as pricing promotions merchandising inventory control and sales forecasting. Where as independent stores. The story is different and simple. They have small quantity at a higher rate: they can not hire only corporate level specialist.


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Chapter – 3 Pantaloons

           

Profile Vision Mission History Board of directors Management team Location Business & industries Group company Rewrite retail rules Green card Entertainment


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TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 12 of 166 . 1987 as Manz Wear Private Limited under the stewardship of Mr. 1992 the name was changed to Pantaloon Fashions (India) Limited and the same time it went public and today it has approximately 14. It later changed its name to Pantaloon Retail (India) Limited on 7th July 1999. 1991 and on September 25. From a humble beginning in 1987. Pantaloons ranks amongst the top five retailers in India…. It has been a remarkable journey for PRIL as it’s evolved from a manufacturing to a completely integrated player controlling the entire value chain.000 shareholders. Pantaloon Retail (India) Limited (PRIL) was incorporated on October 12. 13 Food Bazaars and 1 central operational across the country. Pantaloon as today evolved as a leading manufacturer-retailer in the country with 13 Pantaloon stores and 9 hypermarkets.Profile Incorporated in October 1987. Kishore Biyani. The Company was converted into a public limited company on September 20.

Pantaloons also retails household items. blazers and suits.Products that offer real value for money Through its chain of Pantaloon stores... home furnishings. we are migrating to a new privilege card.Vision Pantaloon has been a pioneer in introducing the concept of mega retail stores in India called 'Pantaloons' for the entire family...  . In an extremely price-sensitive market like India.. tailoring for trousers...Providing service of customized suits within 48 hours One of the services being tested presently by Pantaloons is unique customized... which allows customers to exchange products within 30 days of buying them. As Pantaloons moves into the era of Multi-brand and Multi-product retailing... despite the stores being self-service stores.  . it is time for its privilege program to mature... and offers customer tremendous convenience to shop..Caters to the entire household To complete the idea of a family store. besides garments. the Company has brought to the Indian masses an ambiance conductive for shopping. In our constant effort to offer our customers the best service.. without giving any reason...  . the Pantaloons chain of stores has been successful in maintaining the equilibrium between quality and price... delivered to the customer within 48 hours.. toys.... The company aims to deliver value to the customers through various unique avenues... etc.the GREEN CARD TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 13 of 166 .. In addition.  .. music..  .No question asked exchange policy Another highlight of the Pantaloons service is "No question asked" exchange policy... fashion accessories...Building long term relationships To further enhance and build long-term-relationships with its customers.  . the company believes in providing assistance par excellence to its customers. the superstores also offer a varied range of brands which encompass every aspect of modern dressing in India. Pantaloons offers membership of the "Privilege Club" to its select customers. books. infant necessities.....Customer assistance par excellence With Pantaloons.

Whereas serving the customers satisfactorily is the core focus.” PRIL believes that unconventional and innovative thinking will be the key ingredients to attain leadership in the emerging retail sector where the rules of the game are still evolving. This strategy can be best described in the following words TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 14 of 166 . To implement the corporate mission. we shall serve our customers and stakeholders satisfactorily. PRIL has penned a well thought of corporate strategy and policy which will ensure rapid growth in the coming years. the company also believes in adequately rewarding its shareholders though concerted efforts on reducing cost and improving profitability.Mission "They share the vision and belief that by improving our performance through innovative spirit and dedication.

1991 and on September 25.000 shareholders and a market capitalization of over Rs. 1987 as Manz Wear Private Limited under the stewardship of Mr. the company became known in its current avatar. Today. On 7th July 1999. Pantaloon is the fastest growing retail chain in India. the company has approximately 13. Pantaloon has evolved into a leading retailer in the country with 13 Pantaloon stores and 9 Big Bazaar discount hypermarkets and 13 Food Bazaars operational across the country.History Incorporated in October 1987. 550 cores From its humble beginnings in 1987. The Company became a public limited company on September 20. Pantaloon Retail (India) Limited (PRIL) was incorporated on October 12. 1992 the name was changed to Pantaloon Fashions (India) Limited. Pantaloon Retail (India) Limited. It was in 1992 that the company was listed on the bourses for the first time. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 15 of 166 . Kishore Biyani.

. Koshy Independent Director of NID.. IDBI Capital Market Service Ltd. Essar Shipping Ltd. Kirlosker Electric Co.. Vice Chairman-Indian Merchant Chamber Director GIC AMC Ltd. Dr. Anil Harish Bala Deshpande (36) Director Nominee Whole Time director Director CICI Junction Payments Ltd Venture Bill TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 16 of 166 . Jindal Viyajnagar Ltd and Ceat Ltd. Darlie O.Board of directors A professional and broad based board is managing the company that has experience in the relevant fields of business making it a unique balance of experience and knowledge Name (Age) Kishore Biyani (41) Rakesh Biyani (30) Gopikishan Biyani (57) S.Central Bank of India. Ltd. Zenith Computers Ltd. NIFT Hyderabad (52) Director Chapter Mr.. (45) Director Anju Poddar Independent Director. Hindustan Motors Ltd. Doreswamy (65) Capacity Managing Director Executive Director Executive Director Independent Director Other engagements/ Directorships Other Directorships Ex-CMD. Ved Prakash Arya Director– Operations & Chief Operating Officer Shailesh Haribhakti Independent Deputy Managing Partner (45) Director Haribhakti & Co. Mr.

PFH MBA . Dodsal Corp Pvt Ltd.Tech(Mech. ESSECARYA (35 yrs) Chief Operating Ltd. H & R Johnson (I) Ltd. Inox Lesiure Limited President-Food DAMODAR MALL PGDM. BINA Head. H & R Johnson. Bihar Finance Alloys & Steels Ltd. Indian Designs. Universal Cans & Management & RATHI (43 yrs) Bcom .A.B. Macneil & Mayor Ltd. KEC International Ltd.Eco (13 yrs) (Malaysia). Washington Berjaya Group of SHISHIR BAIJAL Advisory State University.Food -N.Bond University Welcomgroup.Raj. MALHOTRA & Restaurant Leela Mgnt Training (39 yrs) Business Kempeinski IHA(Paris) (16 yrs) -Mum. MIRCHANDANI Category Inst. Head.. Mumbai) 22 yrs Global Clothing (51 yrs) Management Pvt Ltd.ICSI. ACS .B. The Trident -Jaipur. The Management (IHMCN).ICAI. (42 yrs) (18 yrs) Division.Risk KRISHAN KANT ACA . University . DirectorAsianet Satellite M. Delhi Hotels Company Ltd. Investment Australia. VED PRAKASH Operations & Communications Ahmedabad).Pantaloon MMS(Jamnalal Bajaj Weekender.Delhi.Hotel Inter-continental Dip in Hotel NARENDRA M President.Management team Previous assignments CEO-Globus. (20 yrs) Containers.) Business Hindustan Lever. (Rajan Raheja Group) ITC JMD .(IIM. Name (Age) Designation Qualification & Yrs of Experience TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 17 of 166 . Welcomgroup Chola Sheraton -Madras. BE 11 yrs Officer Investment Ltd. Hathway France...

Tech . RPG Retail SANJAY KABRA Head. Dr. United Credit Knowledge ICWAI.Furniture MMS . MAHESH J Head . Add BE (Production) .IIM (Ahbad).IT (12 yrs) (37 yrs) (North Zone) (India) Ltd.ICAI. DHL SANJAY JOG (45 Head ..Text.New (38 yrs) Store Venture (Projects) Trent Ltd (Westside). Morarjee Mills Ltd. Damro Exports. Kothary & Co.Sc. VIP SHAH (36 yrs) of Mgmt.Cal. Bcom 12 yrs E-city (46 yrs) Division Entertainment (I) PVt Ltd.Institute of Grindlays. PhD Grasim MITTAL Manufacturing Industries. Bharti Research Telecom. Polyset Plastics Ltd.VJTI Pens.Human Management Worldwide yrs) Resources Development & Express. (P) Head ACA . Mumbai Industries. CWA PRASHANT Ltd. Wipro. Nilkamal Plastics Ltd. MAYUR HeadCoca Cola India. Blow Plast Mr. Excel Glasses Ltd. Littlewoods. RAKESH HeadB. Trisys Comm. Bcom .K. Asian Paints. Mafatlal. Aaren advertising Pvt B. HeadSADASHIV PGDBM.KUSH MEDHORA Head. Rare Enterprises. (ECEL). Lovelock &Lewis. ANZ . TOSHNIWAL Operations Asian Paints B.C.SP Jain Institute Ergonomics.COM. PGDM . PWC Crompton Greaves. (West Zone) Taj Group. (15 yrs) TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 18 of 166 . B.Property CA. BE (Elec) 11 Hindustan Lever Operations NAYAK (34 yrs) yrs Ltd. ITC Agrotech. (13 DESAI (33 yrs) Securities Office yrs) Ltd.

Hindustan Lever.Sydenham Corporation.. Tractel Group Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. Tech. CS 14 yrs Donear PRAKASH Planning Synthetics Ltd. BE Hindustan Levers DESHPANDE (36 Information 14 yrs Ltd. Godrej Soaps. Hakoba Group. Welspun India Mr. CHINAR ChiefMBA & MS (USA).. William M yrs) Officer Mercer.B. VINAY UPTA Furnishing (42) Stores Mr.IIT..B. M VISHNU PRASAD (43 yrs) HeadOperations M.A. Modi Revlon.Ltd. Bhu Wipro MMS ..Corporate CA . . Lucknow 16 yrs Balsara Home Products. VINOD BAJAJ Head . Voltas Limited. Dodsal.. Nanz Supermarket.A.B. Dubai. 18 yrs Arvind Mills Ltd. USA TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 19 of 166 .Food (54 yrs) Bazaar Head . Benaras IGA Supermarket.Marketing M. Shopper UTTAMRAO Development yrs Stop.Home MR. FCB ULKA (33 yrs) (Big Bazaar) CHANDRA Chief.. International Franchise LLC.New ANAND JADHAV Business M. (South) Chief . Al Futtaim Trading.Sc Saga (32) yrs Department Store.A. IIM. Lucknow 11 Globus. Procter & Gamble. TOSHNIWAL Orient Vegetexpo (38 yrs) Ltd. IIM.. College of Management Shoppers Stop. B. SANJEEV AGRAWAL (38 yrs) Head. Control Print India Ltd. B. B Tech (M) .

Shoppers Retailing Stop. DCM Inox.Design Hyderabad 9 yrs yrs) Apparels Niryat Sam Chief. Fashion Design (NIFT) THINGBAIJAM (34 Chief . Rathi R & S Chief. M/s (Apparels) Raymonds CA.Gokaldas Images. Pragati Holdings Ltd.B.Reliance Web stores. Bennett. UAE.A. world wide India Lifestyle Inst.Supply RAJESH BIRLA Services P Ltd. 19 yrs Global Group. SHIRAJ DEJ Chief.. CS 23 yrs Lornamead (48 yrs) Finance & Cosmetics P Ltd. Coleman & co. KRISHNA Weekender. CS (11 yrs) (33 YRS) Bhagat Impex P Management Ltd. BBC Business M. KEC International Ltd. CWA. Chain CA.Big RAJAN Apparel.COM.New JAYDEEP Indya.Big B. Little (42 yrs) General Woods Merchandise International. Mumbai) 3 yrs (36 yrs) limited. Ltd.. Globus Stores P Ltd. Pearl Chief. Company Adam Comsof Secretary Ltd (ACL). (Jamnalal Bajaj SHETTY J.. M/s Bazaar Category MALHOTRA M. Bombay Footwear P Ltd TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 20 of 166 .A 13 yrs Design Management (35 yrs) Connection. .B. Chief . Masira Intl Com Ltd. SMZS Chem. HANS UDESHI Bazaar BLR Knits.

Location  PANTALOONS AHMEDABAD Location Address Pin Code S Contact TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 21 of 166 . : 380 003 : (079) 26425221/ 26470048 / 8010048 : (079) 6425225 : ahmedabad. : Pantaloons-Ahmedabad Abhijit III. Netaji : Mehul Vaghela Fax No Email id Contact Store Opening : 24. May 2000 Date Retail Space : 27. Near Law Garden. Ahmedabad.

With 13 stores across the country and an ever-increasing stable of private brands. Located in the heart of the city. the first of its kind in India.Retail format of pantaloons • Pantaloon: Fashion by Pantaloon Pantaloon is the company's departmental store and part of life style retail format. pulses. Range and Price associated with large format stores and also the comfort to See. A leading foreign broking house compared the rush at Big Bazaar to that of a local suburban train. With unbeatable prices and vast variety (there are 42 varieties of rice on sale). The high quality of service. From the basic to the extravagant. Close to two lakh products are available under one roof at prices lower by 2 to 60 per cent over the corresponding market prices. jams. The company has recently launched an aggressive private label programmer with its own brands of tea. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 22 of 166 . In fact. good ambience. Scottsvile. toys. from ATM’s to restaurants……………. John Miller. Touch and Feel the products. PRIL took its very initial steps in the retail journey by setting up the first Pantaloon store in Kolkata in 1997. Eat. Food Bazaar has proved to be a hit with customers all over the country. lifestyle accessories and more. Annabelle are some of the successful brands created by the company. spices. • Central Mall . implicit guarantees and continuous discount programmers have helped in changing the face of the Indian retailing industry. Ajile. sports. Price and the wide array of products are the USP’s in Big Bazaar. Pantaloon in the coming years is poised to become a leading fashion trendsetter. ketchups etc. books. A striking characteristic of Pantaloon has been the strength of its private label programmed. music. In a short time Pantaloon has been able to carve a special place for it self in the hearts and minds of the asp rational Indian customers. from apparel to white goods. And many more all under one roof! Central will provide customers the opportunity of choosing from amongst the best brands in apparel. Central are five floors of customer fantasy. • Big Bazaar: Is se sasta aur acha kahin nahin Big bazaar is the company’s foray into the world of hypermarket discount stores. from home furnishings to groceries. Celebrate.Shop. The company has depth of offering for both men and women at affordable prices. salt. • Food Bazaar – Wholesale prices Food Bazaar’s core concept is to create a blend of a typical Indian Bazaar and International supermarket atmosphere with the objective of giving the customer all the advantages of Quality. Lombard.

geographies and product groups. abilities and commitment. PRIL expects to double the existing retail space and the number of stores by June 2006. eating and chilling out. The flagship of the Pantaloon Knowledge Group. the objective of the company is to be the preferred retailer across income segments. lifestyle and value. This course will provide dynamic young people the opportunity to work with India’s premier retail organization.5 million square feet. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 23 of 166 . youth and home. Tired of shopping? Restaurants and food courts are just a floor away. we are totally committed to our employees. Central in a nutshell is a one-stop destination for shopping. In the coming years. PRIL straddles four different retail categories comprising of Pantaloons (high fashion departmental store). We select them for their talent. We invite you to explore opportunities with Pantaloon and assure you a most challenging and rewarding career. The company currently has a turnover in excess of Rs. men. the company has over 50 stores across the country occupying more than 1. and then provide them with opportunities to unleash their potential. At Pantaloon. Central aims to provide customers with an array of options never seen before. Big Bazaar (discount hypermarket). Looking for an evening out? A pub and a nightclub await you. Food Bazaar (food & grocery store) & Central (seamless mall). 650 cores and is on a fast track growth plan. A spread over two retail format. Need a manicure. With more established retail categories than any other existing player in the domestic market. in a management role. please step into the beauty parlor. PRIL is the fastest growing retail chain in India. The company is committed to increasing the consumption of value add products in an enjoyable environment at the best possible prices.With more than 300 brands and floors dedicated for women.

A leading foreign broking house compared the rush at Big Bazaar to that of a local suburban big bazaar is the company’s foray into the world of hypermarket discount stores. Ajile. In a short time Pantaloon has been able to carve a special place for it self in the hearts and minds of the asp rational Indian customers. Annabelle. In fact. The high quality of service. Close to two lakh products are available under one roof at prices lower by 2 to 60 per cent over the corresponding market prices. The high quality of service. Lombard. Scottsvile.Business & industries • Pantaloon: Fashion by Pantaloon Pantaloon is the company's departmental store and part of life style retail format. • Food Bazaar – Wholesale prices Food Bazaar’s core concept is to create a blend of a typical Indian Bazaar and International supermarket atmosphere with the objective of giving the customer all the advantages of Quality. Pantaloon . the first of its kind in the coming years is poised to become a leading fashion trendsetter. Range and Price associated with large format TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 24 of 166 . The high quality of service. the first of its kind in India. The company has depth of offering for both men and women at affordable prices. A leading foreign broking house compared the rush at Big Bazaar to that of a local suburban train. the first of its kind in India. Price and the wide array of products are the USP’s in Big Bazaar. Rig & Bare are some of the successful brands created by the company. A leading foreign broking house compared the rush at Big Bazaar to that of a local suburban big bazaar is the company’s foray into the world of hypermarket discount stores. Close to two lakh products are available under one roof at prices lower by 2 to 60 per cent over the corresponding market prices. implicit guarantees and continuous discount programmers have helped in changing the face of the Indian retailing industry. John Miller. Price and the wide array of products are the USP’s in Big Bazaar. good ambience. implicit guarantees and continuous discount programmers have helped in changing the face of the Indian retailing industry. Price and the wide array of products are the USP’s in Big Bazaar. With 12 stores across the country and an ever-increasing stable of private brands. good ambience. good ambience. PRIL took its very initial steps in the retail journey by setting up the first Pantaloon store in Kolkata in 1997. • Big Bazaar: Is se sasta aur acha kahin nahin Big bazaar is the company’s foray into the world of hypermarket discount stores. implicit guarantees and continuous discount programmers have helped in changing the face of the Indian retailing industry. A striking characteristic of Pantaloon has been the strength of its private label programmer. Close to two lakh products are available under one roof at prices lower by 2 to 60 per cent over the corresponding market prices.

ketchups etc. With unbeatable prices and vast variety. Food Bazaar has proved to be a hit with customers all over the country. with the third mall opening very soon. Central in a nutshell is a one-stop destination for shopping. Located in the heart of a city. Central represents the company’s foray into seamless malls formats. from ATM’s to restaurants. music. salt. With more than 300 brands and floors dedicated for women. from home furnishings to groceries. Central is a customer’s fantasy. sports. from apparel to white goods. one each located in Bangalore and Hyderabad. toys. • Welcome to Central. eating and chilling out . men. spices. youth and home. lifestyle accessories and more. pulses. Touch and Feel the products. jams. books. Central aims to provide customers with an array of options never seen before. a world of pure indulgence. The company has recently launched an aggressive private label programmer with its own brands of tea. From the basic to the extravagant.At present there are 2 Central’s. from beauty parlors to pubs and many more all under one roof! Central will provide customers the opportunity of choosing from amongst the best brands in apparel.stores and also the comfort to See. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 25 of 166 .

TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 26 of 166 . PFHEL forayed into film production. contest etc.Group Companies • Pantaloons Industries Limited (PIL) The company manufactures and markets blended yarn fabrics for suiting and trousers under the brand name "Pantaloons Expression". this media entertainment outfit of the group was into Advertising. visual merchandising. • Pantaloon Retail Technologies Limited (PRTL) Operating out of its 3000 square feet development centre near SEEPZ in Mumbai. The Company is working towards developing state-of-the-art retail solution products and leverages its position in the industry. In 1999. The company supplies fabrics to Pantaloon Retail and other ready-made garment manufacturers and assists in creating and producing innovative blends and designs. 1999 to provide Retail Application Software to the Retailing Industry. Event management. 2003. Product packaging. • PFH Entertainment Limited Incorporated in 1996. marketing and Promotional needs of the group companies and also offered a comprehensive range of services like sports marketing and management. After 'Na Tum Jaano Na Hum' it also released "Chura Liya Hai Tumne" on March 21. marking the first successful corporate and bollywood tie up. PRTL was set up in November.

it ensures repeat purchases. Moreover. This strategy of the company is reflected in all its communications and product offerings.Rewrite retail rules • Seamlessly integrate businesses By seamlessly integrating business and disintermediation PRIL has a competitive advantage over other retailers in the company. which helps it to deliver value tothe customer.departmental stores and hypermarkets – PRIL has effectively blended the multiple strategies and thereby has been successful in addressing a high Share of the customer’s basket. • Paradigm shift in ‘rapid roll-out’ TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 27 of 166 . Managing the value chain from retailing to manufacturing of apparels. Increase in this share has been primarily on Account of entering new product categories. contain costs and reduce time-to-market Significantly. With Indian audience having social ethics and culture deeply rooted in them addressing the family pulls more customers into the store. • Substantial Value Addition • Blending Strategies To targeting higher share in customer shopping basket the Company has adopted blending strategies. By capturing the value added at each level that company has also been able to capture maximum value for its shareholders. By entering into multiple formats . • ‘Family focuses rather than ‘individual focuses PRIL strategy is to target family as its customer rather than individual.

PRIL’s ability to evolve from smaller format into large format retail stores is well proven. The company is developing Indian model of retailing being India is unique country and the Indian customers have unique culture and value systems that’s why company’s is targeting family as customer rather then Individual.The company has aggressive grow plan to achieve scale of economy and take leadership position in this evolving industry. it want to retain its values. • Indian-ness The core value of company is INDIAN-NESS. With aggressive growth plans the company has identify many locations across the company to roll out stores in the future. The companies are on the path of continuous learning and implement learning’s. The company believes in the following value and these will be the foundation on which any strategy of growth opportunities will be capitalized. PRIL has never sacrificed on its core values. combination of own category and shop-in-shop category to offer to customer and having mix of big retailer partnering with small time shop keeper. • Dedication The company is dedicated to customer satisfaction that why it has no question asked exchange policy. offers products of Indian taste. It believes in retain its core values while redefining the business rules. • Retain Values Will the company has ambitious growth plan. markets and products.00 Lac in FY0102 to more than 1 million square feet over the next 3 years to emerge as a ‘Godzilla’ of the Indian retail industry. follows inverse pyramid structure of organization where Board of Directors is at bottom and customer service executive is on the top. We believe in ourselves. The company has taken initiatives and taken leadership position in retailing by launching multiple formats of retailing and targeting all segments of society. The Company has moved over times from apparel manufacturing to distribution to franchisee retailing to departmental format retailing to hypermarket format of retailing. offering product which customer need or demand. • Leadership The company wants to be leader and not a follower. Though unconventional in redefining the ways of doing business. • Self Development The company is on the continuous process of self-development by sincere and hard work towards understanding customers. The company plans to increase the retail space under control from 2. • Respect TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 28 of 166 .

You will find some of the most prestigious global and national brands in men’s wear.. an internationally proven retail format. from home furnishings to groceries. home segment.NON STOP CONVENIENCE The Mall design does away with in-between walls and offers a seamless shopping experience. Pantaloons Knowledge Group currently has more than a million square feet space in operation. music. men. Tired of shopping? Restaurants and food courts are just a floor away. The introspection has helped the company to move over times. And many more all under one roof! Central will provide customers the opportunity of choosing from amongst the best brands in apparel. 660 cores. lifestyle accessories and more. Located in the heart of the city. The company is a living organization and always looks to itself first then others. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 29 of 166 .The Family Store.The company has respect for every individual whomsoever it may be that’s why even employees been considered as internal customer. Big Bazaar .The Discount Hypermarket & Food Bazaar – Food & Grocery Super Market. books. Looking for an evening out? A pub and a nightclub await you. With more than 300 brands and floors dedicated for women. Suppliers/Vendors are being treated as partners in progress and company believes in relationships to delivery value to customers rather business transactions/deals. please step into the beauty par lour.. Central in a nutshell is a one-stop destination for shopping. The company has passed through the strategic points of inflection in the short life spun so far and came out well at all the times. The company is in an expansion mode and expects to reach 3 million square feet of space by the end of 2005. NON STOP SHOPPING. youth and home. • Introspection Introspection is the key corporate value. eating and chilling out. The annual turnover as at 30/06/04 stood at Rs. Central aims to provide customers with an array of options never seen before. accessories etc rubbing shoulders with each other. • INDIA’S FIRST SEAMLESS MALL CHAIN Central is an initiative of the Pantaloons Knowledge Group.. from smaller format to big & multiple formats of retailing to target all sections of society.. kids wear. Central are five floors of customer fantasy. from ATM’s to restaurants……………. toys. women’s wear. sports..!! • Welcome to a world of pure indulgence. Pantaloon Retail (India) Limited is the largest retailer in India today operating multiple? Formats like Pantaloons . Need a manicure. from apparel to white goods. Welcome to Central. From the basic to the extravagant..

Green card. Warm regards Kishore Biyani Managing director. knowledge house.a brief by the MD Kishore Biyani Dear green card holder. shyam nagar.25 Yes Yes TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 30 of 166 . Customer’s green card is their passport to a whole new world of exclusive benefits and privileges. 50 No Yes Three star 1 point for Rs. The privileges you get on your green card depend on the number of green points you earn. jogeshwari (east). from the day of upgrade/renewal to three star statuses. marketing dept. If customer have any queries or suggestions. Mumbai – 400060 ot email us at greenservice@pantaloon. pantaloon retail (India) Ltd. off jogeshwari – vikhroli link Go ahead… discover the joys of a unique new experience called green card shopping.  The privileges you get to enjoy at each level Privileges Green points Green bonus Exclusive green One star 1 point for Rs.  Three star 400 or more additional green points in a year entitle you to three star statuses with enhanced privileges. Customer green card is their family’s calling card to special and exclusive service at any of our pantaloons stores spread across the country. 50 you spend at any pantaloons store. please get in touch with their nearest green service desk or write to green card team. This guide explains in detail everything customer needs to know about their pantaloons green card.  How the green card works? For every Rs.  One stat Enjoy one star privilege while you notch unto 399 green points in a year.  Five star You reach the haloed five star statuses when you notch 800 or more additional green points. It gives me great pleasure to welcome and usher customer into the pantaloons green card family fold. you get one green point. 40 Yes Yes Five star 1 point for rs.

A service fee of Rs. customers upgrade their green card status in no time. Three star green card holders receive an additional 25% as bonus green points (i. Green points can be redeemed for green vouchers of the same value. customer will need to produce your green card every time customers make a purchase at pantaloons. 100 will be charged for each ad on card.  Green offers & promotions TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 31 of 166 .  Green hours These are special hours exclusively reserved for customer for promotions and festive shopping.  Green channel Our special billing counter is open only to three star and five star green card holders. Apply for an add on card today. 25 will earn 1 green point).40 will earn 1 green pot) and five star green card holders receive an additional 100% as bonus green points (i. To earn green points. Green points collected by their family will get credited to their account.e. 100 per card 3 add on cards free Yes Yes Yes Up to 90 days Yes Yes Yes Free  More about the green card more value for customer  Green points Customer can earn green points for all the shopping at pantaloons. Unto 3 add on cards can be issued.card shopping day Add on card for family members Green promotions Green offers Green drop Green exchanges Green service desk Green news Green channel Additional ad on cards (max 3 cards) 1 add on card free Yes Yes No Unto 60 days Yes Yes No Rs. 100 per card 2 add on cards free Yes Yes Yes Unto 90 days Yes Yes Yes Rs.  Green add on cards Customer green card benefits can now be shared with members of their family.e. Green hours also entitle customer to fabulous offers at select pantaloons stores from time to time. Now you no longer need to wait in a queue to pay your bill. Together. Rs. rs.

Add on card members can also redeem points. If they find any discrepancy in their green statement. Just ask for the green drop service and purchases will be home delivered to customer. Only the primary card members can redeem green points. Thus.  Green vouchers Green vouchers can be exchanged for select merchandise at any pantaloons store.  Renewal. Green statement All green card members can check their balance points online at www. if during the year they have collected 200 or more TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 32 of 166 . contact the green service desk. a green statement will be mailed to customer every 6 For three and five star members. 100 green points can be redeemed for green vouchers worth Rs. contact the green service desk at select pantaloon and stores.  Green exchange Relax! Now customer can exchange their products within 60 days of purchase (90 days for three star and five star green card holders).pantaloons. information and services. One star card will automatically be renewed at the end of 1 year. A new green card will be sent to them within 2 weeks.  Green drop Their busy schedule may not permit customer to collect their alterations or purchases. Customer will not earn green points for purchases made by green vouchers. If the primary member has signed the redemption request form. Just present their green card and claim the special offers and promotions. A minimum of 50 green points must be redeemed.These will be offered to customer on a regular basis.  Green service desk For all their queries. offers open to all customers will be spiced up further for green card holders. The green statement will include all their green transactions chain.  Redemption of green points Once their have collected a minimum of 100 green points.   Upgrade to three star or five star level Their green card status will be automatically upgraded to the new level once they have collected the required green points. Of green card Their green card is valid for a period of 1 year. Green vouchers may not be used in conjunction with any other offer. 100. they can redeem these points for equal value of green vouchers. Or mail the statement corrections request form with their original transactions receipts. Further redemption is possible in multiples of 10 points. At times.

if they are points are between 100 – 199 they will have to visit the store green service desk within three months of expiry date.  Taking care of your green card Their green card has a magnetic strip on the back.200. Please keep the green card away from strong magnetic fields. exposure to these may damage it. the green card will be renewed with three star privileges. and get 50 points deducted to renew membership. necessitating replacement. If the green points number less than 1. Replacement fees of Rs. A replacement card will be couriered to them on filling up a lost/ damaged card replacement application form.  Lost / damaged card If they have lost / damage their card please approach the green service desk. Similarly five star green cards will be renewed with five star privileges if they have collected points. 100 will be charged TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 33 of 166 . Else. One star card with less than 100 points will not get renewed. This contains vital information about them and their green card account. water and fire.200 or more additional points in a year. Three star green card will be renewed with three star privileges if they have collected 400 or more additional points in one year.

an open – air party terrace. From our Royalty Card to exclusive offers and special events to in-store restaurants where we will serve you tasty dishes.the customer. a fine dining restaurant. Some of the major milestone achieved by the company in its life span of 14 years is enumerated below: Pantaloon: Evolution Curve Pantaloon: Evolution Curve TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 34 of 166 . Facilities include a Banquet hall. which gives you the opportunity to make an occasion special in every way. celebrate your anniversary like you never have. Celebration Celebration is a full gift services. an open theatre for performing artists and a gallery for art and handicraft Services A pantaloon thinks the most important thing about Central is you . keeping this in mind. Everything has been tailored made. During its evolution the company achieved various milestone and demonstrated innovativeness and leadership by pioneering concepts that has now become industry standards. Make Valentine’s Day memorable for some one special.Entertainment Entertainment is an integral part of life and at central we have gone the extra mile to provide just that. give your child a birthday he can remember.

Chapter – 4 Westside  About Westside  Store location  Collection TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 35 of 166 .

artefacts. and value for money pricing that’s what you get at Trent. the rang at Westside caters a wide age group and takes into the account the diff3ering tastes and requirements. Westside is already a part of the city’s landscape in Mumbai. There is also a wonderful gift section with the trendiest of collection. The rang is extensive starting from colourful towels and bathroom sets to bed linen and crockery down to brick a bract for the household. It is shopping experience redefined. Unlike a lot of stores. women and children to well coordinated table lines. international shopping experience. western formals and very classy ethic wear a look unique of Westside. Hyderabad. Pune and Chennai. kid swear. Each of wayside’s departments offers a complete range. Westside is arguably the fastest growing retail chain in India. Woman’s wear. Westside is one of a kind with its own brand of merchandise. perfumes and other accessories. The household section is open of the most contemporary around every item here is exclusive and unique. home accessories and furnishings. Every time you visit you are likely to find something different. household accessories. The merchandise is well co ordinate and a customer can mix and matches and put in together their way. café west by taj and ever helpful personnel and you have the ultimate in retail ambience. So the TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 36 of 166 .About Westside High quality latest in style products. In a crowded market. In menswear the range extends from formal to casual to sporty also there is wide price range starting from value and extending into premium. Starting with one store at Bangalore in April ’98. For women there are western casual. scarves and other accessories. The store has a great range of handbags. sprawling space. The Westside stores are open on 365 days. cosmetics. a lovely coffee shop. In western wear again the range has great depth spanning from basic lines to very trendy casual wear. Ass to it the plush interiors. Everything you find at Westside is exclusively designed for Westside. Most of the stores offer exclusive parking. lingerie. So shopping becomes that much more convenient. jewellery. Kids also have huge range to select from catering to a wide age band starting from infants to early teens the garments sport a look that is hip trendy and very international. prime locations. Ltd’ Westside stores. The range is changed frequently (there are new introductions every week). Boasting of a variety of designs and styles. which is both trendy and individualistic. The rang does not end with clothes but extends right into accessories. The merchandise at the Westside store are an exciting mix with a range extending from stylized clothes and accessories for men. Westside store have the following departments menswear.

Oshiwara.380006 Tel: 079-5561 0190 / 92 Email: westside12@trent-tata. Store location  Westside . Andheri (w). Ellis bridge. you know where to head! Westside the affordable fashion store has the latest designs and styles for men.Mumbai .com  Westside .next time you want to feel really good about shopping striking that frin balance between style and  Westside . Raheja Classic Complex. Andheri Link Rd.400058 TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 37 of 166 . Vadodara . Mumbai . Email: westside20@trent-tata.Vadodara Monalisa Centrum off Race Course Road.Ahmedabad Abhijeet-V. Opp.390 007 Tel: 0265-5523101-02. Next to INOX Multiplex. Near Law Garden. Mayor's Bungalow.Andheri Super Mall. Ahmedabad . women and children. Mithakhali.

Mulund (West). 148.Army & Navy Army and Navy Bldg.Mumbai .com  Westside . Kala Ghoda.2384 1729 / 30 E mail . TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 38 of 166 . Mumbai-400001 Tel: 022-5636 0500 Email: westside11@trent-tata. Mumbai-400080 Tel: 022-5555 4281/82 Email: westside15@trent-tata.Mumbai .westside4@trent-tata.B. Mahatma Gandhi Rd. Mumbai . Ground  Westside . N S Patkar Marg.Mulund R-Mall.Tel: 022-55021345 Email:  Westside .400007 Tel: 022 .Hughes Road 39.S Marg.Mumbai .

Commercial Street.  Westside . Bangalore .560001 Tel: 080 .Bangalore . Indore. (Opp.Indore 17.56670121 / 0122 E mail .westside17@trent-tata.452003 Tel: 0731-2432206 E mail .Koramangla The Forum. Westside .com TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 39 of 166 . Police Station).Commercial Street 77.westside16@trent-tata.Bangalore .25550861 E mail . Race Course Rd.560029 Tel: 080 . 21 Hosur Road.westside1@trent-tata.  Westside .

2849 0573 E mail .com  Westside .westside3@trent-tata.110008 Tel: 011 . New Delhi .com  Westside .25729760/1 E mail .Chennai G-50.110024 TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 40 of 166 . Phase II.5664123-31 E mail . New Delhi . Karol Bagh. Magrath Road. 15.Karol Bagh 15 A.Bangalore Garuda Mall. Karnataka Police Hockey Ground. Chennai . 34/35. Bangalore.560025 Tel: 080 .westside19@trent-tata.Delhi .New Delhi . 769 Anna Salai.  Westside . Feroze Gandhi Marg.westside6@trent-tata. Spencer Plaza.600002 Tel: 044 . Westside .Lajpat Nagar A-15.T. Lajpat Nagar III. Alankar Cinema Building. Opp.S. Ajmal Khan Road.

5566 6000 E mail .251 7761 Email: westside14@trent-tata. Fateh Maidan Road. L-1.500001 Tel: 040 . Muncipal  Westside . Hyderabad .com  Westside . 5-8-62.P. .201301 Tel: 0120 .westside8@trent-tata. U.Noida Centrestage Mall. Sector 18. Noida.Tel: 011 .Hyderabad Khan Latif Khan Estate.westside2@trent-tata.2983 2158/ 59/ 60 E mail .com TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 41 of 166 .

colors. 399 a piece. Ready to take risks. cuts and styles. Arrow is ready for the new age male. Men's socks cost Rs. 39 a pair. Ready to expedient with fabrics.  FORMAL WEAR  TIES  Arrow Extremely experimental.Collection • MENS WEAR Men's PC formal shirts for Rs. 115.  Zodiac Ties in fashionable textures and designs on definitive colors. Well turned out by design and not by chance. Men's jeans are available for Rs. A pack of 3 briefs costs Rs. 249 and a pack of 3 Polo Shirts costs only Rs. Men's cotton rich polos are available for as little as Rs.  Austin Reed Superb British style for the discerning corporate you. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 42 of 166 . 499. Augmenting your drive and ambition with sartorial brilliance and premium taste. For the business wardrobe that exudes power in a contemporary style. 599.

fit styling. the weaves of fabrics and above all the selection of styles go to make that look special and appropriate for every occasion. seemingly invincible corporate star . trims. Premium suits from the first choice in corporate clothing. International in fabric quality. washes and packaging.  SHIRTS  The Manhattan Collection from Stop Get inspired by a line of finely crafted shirts with crisp cuts on diagonal bias. The choice of colures.This season capture the essence of relaxed comfort clothing through variegated stripes. in textured fabrics that assure both comfort & convenience. Crocus green. monochrome checks. In fabrics like polywool. In a variety of weaves. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 43 of 166 .getting clothes cut immaculately from the finest quality fabrics. rayon blend and viscose blend.  Raymond The starting point to looking good . polymeric. SUIT  Van Heusen For the fiercely ambitious. Butter yellow and Burnt orange  Indian Terrain Classics for the sartorial needs of the upwardly mobile.. constructions and designs. Get ready for mood clothing for the neo-age. counts.. polyblends.  Givo The true Italian fit to a perfectly crafted suit.the Van Heusen man.  Retro Lounge Retro Lounge is a blend of golden nostalgic moments with the new age culture of lounge. cords & dobbins.  Arrow Stori has introduced trousers and shirts in colours like Cool blue.

through individuality. The Cult is here to stay.  CASUAL WEAR TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 44 of 166 ..  Wills Premium formal wear featuring the most luxurious fabrics crafted to perfection with the most contemporary styling. In wider. Colored in a wide range from khaki. Join the urban tribe. cleaner. TROUSERS  Allen Solly Crafted from pure style. beige and grey to shades of blue. So go ahead. Featuring edgy styles in tempting colours of the dark .  Wills Casual line of relaxed apparel that's the face of contemporary fashion. heady wines and ecstatic purples. This season Life reflects on integral aspects of one's existence. Identity & attitude.sinful blacks.  Wills The Catalyst collection premieres this season. set the night ablaze the Catalyst. relaxed cottons and cotton blends.  Life A heavy dose of vintage glory & grunge styling with a dash of distressed look thrown in.

The Cult is here to stay. Identity & attitude..  JEANS WEAR & COTTON TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 45 of 166 . evening and weekend wear.  Vettorio Fratini A premium line for that touch of class to business wear. Join the urban tribe.  Life Life a heavy dose of vintage glory & grunge styling with a dash of distressed look thrown in. In wrinkle-free cotton and polyester blends. This season Life reflects on integral aspects of one's existence.through individuality.  Life For the young and forward thinking.. TROUSERS  Pepe Casuals for the urban and funky. Who wants to make a statement in a clear and distinctive style?  Wills Casual line of relaxed apparel that's the face of contemporary fashion.

fashionable. myself . Adorned in cottons. Rohit Bal and Ashish Soni. Uncompromising on quality. me..I. The designer wear is available at an affordable price starting from Rs. organza and handlooms. 1200 onwards for Menswear.. Fashionable. polycot. From the world's leading sports TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 46 of 166 . the weaves of fabrics and above all the selection of styles go to make that look special and appropriate for every occasion. Durable. The choice of colours.  Buzz Designer Gallery that houses Prêt lines from Raghuvendra Rathore. good quality denims at very affordable prices.  Raymond The starting point to looking good .  Kashish Quintessentially Indian.  Adidas A wide range of quality winter wears. style and design. silks. epitomizing individuality. and lightweight. Buzz is present in Shoppers' Stop Malad.  WINTER WEAR  JACKET  Allen-solly Jackets with the distinctive Allen Solly personality  Octave Great line of jackets that balance comfort and great looks.getting clothes cut immaculately from the finest quality fabrics. crepes.

Initially only menswear (The fits have been test marketed and the feedback has been extremely positive). shorts 899 .Jackets Fits (Jeans): Comfort.Keeping this in mind. Boot cut.. is the perfect Indian answer to the international concept of commercial clothing with style. Straight. the latest Inde Pret collection designed by Raghavendra Rathore.Shirts.  FUTURE LAUNCHES  JEANS WEAR I. jackets.DESIGNERS  By Raghavendra Rathore The Brand-"Inde Pret" from the makers of the world’s largest shirt!! Fashion is a statement of our life-style encompassing all age groups and segments of the society .  By Ashish & Smita Soni Ashish & Smita Soni's line of white cotton shirts with discreet detailing and black trousers with basic touches will see a main easily through busy 9 . myself. Low rise Boot cut . me.Bottoms 599 to 699 ..epitomizing individuality roducts: Denim bottom wear. shorts and tees Price Points: 799 to 999 .5 day  By Rohit Bal Rohit BAL’s offerings are shirts in bright checks for those hot summer days as well as some subdued evening wear. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 47 of 166 . shirts.

The new state-of-the-arts laser treatment gives the jeans a more finished quality while maintaining its rugged and worn-out look. Short denim kurtas for women have stylized floral embroidery and range between Rs 599 to Rs 699. NEW LAUNCH  Killer look Killer. the premium fashion men’s wear brand has unleashed Revealing Low Jeans for men. Special all white shirts are also available. • WOMEN’S WEAR TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 48 of 166 . Killer’s entry into his category is timed to address the suave and fashionable cool male of today Killer has raised the bar this summer collection. Internationally styled. the collection is set to attract the elusive attention today trendy youth by being bold and audacious. the Classic straight fir and the Ultra Lows. Alsoailable are white tops and Blouses in crisp linen capris and trousers for men. The collection comes in two fits. Denim shirts and Kurtas are priced between Rs 649 and Rs 849. Something that is sure to make the collection and authoritative fashion statement this summer  Numero Uno Numero Uno has a range of slim fitted shirts with diagonal vertical and horizontal stripes with seersucker and crinkle effect that range between Rs 599 and Rs 899.

 Stop Cool cottons for that lovely casual feel. style and design. silks and crepes.  TOPS  Eliza Donate in Eliza Donate in gives power dressing a whole new dimension. Uncompromising in quality. Embroidered by hand or machine. Great value-for-money.Get some funky women's wear at amazing prices. 99 (Pack of 3) and Rs. 149 (Pack of 5). In extra luxurious fabrics that keep you cool and spirited. Crafted to create your distinct statement. natural fibres and minimal work.  Kashish Quintessentially Indian. 399. Technique in prints and sequins. You can even buy panties for Rs. In gorgeous georgettes. Pure cottons. SRC jeans available at Rs.  FORMAL WEAR  COTTON  W Unique and gorgeous clothes from W. So get down to business with our immaculate shirts. Capturing the essence of India. 199 WW Cap Sleeve tees cost Rs. 199 each. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 49 of 166 . SRC Chest print tees are for Rs.  Haute Curry Haute Couture for your Soul Curry. For you to lounge around or sashay in the coziest of comforts. Freshness is the inspiration for the collection.

Now you don't need a reason. fine linens. lightweights twills and tweeds.  Life This Season. soft silks. or just simply hang loose. stroll off. In extra luxurious fabrics that keep you cool and spirited.  BOTTOM WEAR  Eliza Donate in Eliza Donate in gives power dressing a whole new dimension. Do you?  Wills TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 50 of 166 . Cotton.  Stop Cool cottons and casuals that are great value-for-money. take Life as It Comes! Party. For you to lounge around in. We've got the story for you to go out & have a blast. lightweights twills and tweeds.  Allen Solly Distinctive.  Wills Formal wear for work and leisure. So get down to business with our immaculate shirts. trousers and skirts. soft silks. Cotton.trousers and skirts. In fabrics that impart a soft feel to go with your feeling of ‘comfort ability’ in control. In a range of sizes and styles that go well with your look. music & with a lot of passion. fine linens. Freshness is the inspiration for the collection.  Vibe Unique and gorgeous clothes. roomy and a trifle demanding.

sizes. Who wants to make a statement in a clear and distinctive style?  Tangle Cotton casuals in a range of great styles and comfort fits. In a range of sizes and styles that go well with your look. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 51 of 166 .  Reebok Casual wear in a variety of sizes and fits. the fit. colors.SHIRTS  Pepe Casuals for the urban and funky. From a global sports icon.  CASUAL WEAR  T . In various cool colors.  Lee Lee believes that every woman should wear clothing that looks good.Formal wear for work and leisure. and of course.  Life For the young and forward thinking. And fits evens better! Presenting Lee in the widest range of styles.

 KURTI  Embroidered Kurti with Stole MRP: Rs.  Lee Lee believes that every woman should wear clothing that looks good.  Expozay Casual wear for work and leisure. colors. Kurti MRP: Rs.999 Color: Black Sizes: XS/S/M/L/XL Stores: All  TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 52 of 166 . In a range of sizes and styles that accentuate your natural feel and look. sizes.1995 Color: Lime Green Sizes: XS/S/M/L/XL Stores: Available in select stores only. Tanta 100% cotton T-shirts that capture the spirit and flavor of India. In extra luxurious fabrics that keep you cool and spirited. And fits evens better! Presenting Lee in the widest range of styles. • S/L Kurti MRP: Rs. and use ecofriendly dyes.1995 Color: Beige Sizes: XS/S/M/L/XL Stores: Available in select stores only. and of course.  Vibe Unique and gorgeous clothes. the it.

Includes slim fit. Comfortable.1595 Color: Black Sizes: XS/S/M/L/XL Stores: All •  JEANS WEAR  Pepe Jeans for the urban and funky.  Wrangler Western original jeans from Wrangler. Fashionable.• Kurti MRP: Rs.  Stop Cool cottons for that lovely casual feel.  Haute Curry TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 53 of 166 . and classic fit and bare backs.1995 Color: Pink Sizes: XS/S/M/L/XL Stores: All Kurti MRP: Rs. Great value-for-money. low rise.  Levis Premium denim wears from the original jeans maker. Fitted to wear your attitude and style. For you to lounge around or sashay in the coziest of comforts.

pendants and rings crafted from 18K white gold and genuine solitaire diamond. Hyderabad. 299. and cost Rs. 149 for seniors (7 to 14 years). NOX. Kids' crew neck tees for juniors (2 to 6 years) are available for as little as Rs. Embroidered by hand or machine. silks and crepes. Rocky S. The designer wear is available at an affordable price starting from Rs. Crafted to create your distinct statement.Haute Couture for your Soul Curry. In gorgeous georgettes. Island Kiss is a fruity.  Buzz Designer Gallery that houses Prêt lines from Priyadarshini Rao. • Kids wear their denim indigo jeans for young kids in the age group of (2 to 6 years) juniors are available for a special price of Rs.  Cardoon Make his darkest fantasy come alive. Technique in prints and sequins. exotic and floral fantasy…warm and fragrant and shimmering with luxury.  Feature brands  Escudo Escudo. inspired by the roman goddess of night.Buzz is present in Shoppers' Stop Malad. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 54 of 166 . for juniors 2 to 6 years. a limited edition fashion fragrance with unlimited sensuality for women. The NOX collection is available at Bangalore. Sensual and exciting to wear. 745 onwards for Womenswear. 129. 99 and those for seniors (7 to 14 years) are available for Rs. can be bought for Rs. New Delhi and Pune. 129. 299 and for those young kids in the age group of (7 to 14 years) seniors are also available for Rs. the leading French fashion and accessories brand introduced Escudo Island Kiss. The polo pique tees. Gurgaon. Mumbai. Breathtaking to behold. Chennai. is a collection of ear tops. Anshu Arora Sen. Ravi Bajaj. Shantanu & Nikhil and Suneet Varma.

Chapter – 5 Allen Solly      About Allen Solly Location Product line The business brands News and style TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 55 of 166 .both juniors and seniors at Rs. 29. 29.Customers can also buy briefs and panties for the kids . Socks for kids are available for Rs.

product design. cultural values. retailing. promotion. and is intended to be used as a basis for class discussion. It is not intended to illustrate either effective or ineffective handling of a management situation. Nor is it a primary information source. dressing styles.About Allen Solly The case examines the changing dynamics of the women’s wear market in India during the 1990s and early-2000s. India. This case study was compiled from published sources. marketing research. Changes in India’s cultural values and social system. Changing dynamics. Madura Garment. The case discusses the strategies adopted by the company in terms of marketing research. and the impact of these changes on the dressing styles of Indian women are explored in detail. The case also provides information about other players in the women’s Western wear market in India and takes a look at the market’s future prospects. product design. Indian women. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 56 of 166 . readymade women. Madura Garment’s decision to enter the readymade women’s Western wear segment is examined in detail in light of the above changes. women. future prospects. 1990. social system. wear market. 2000. Case Code MKTG042 Case Length 10 Pages Period 2002 Organization Madura Garments Pub Date 2002 Teaching Note Not Available Countries India Industry Readymade Garments Issues Understand the reasons for the increased activity in the branded women’s Western wear market in India in the early 21st century. retailing and promotion. Western wear.

2 Brigade Road TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 57 of 166 . At C. SOUTH Allen Solly Studio 41.Location Allen Solly Opp. Ahmedabad. road. Commercial Street Bangalore 560 001 Phone : 5582886 Allen Solly Studio Ace Agencies No.G. Peterengland.

Bangalore 560 001 Phone : 5580059 Allen Solly Studio Arafa Complex 6/1168.G. cCherooty Road Calicut 673 032 Phone : 0495-368311 Mobile No: 98460-8 Allen Solly Studio Shop Nos.22 & 23. Basement Kasi Arcade 116. Sri Thyagaraja Road T. Monteith Road Egmore Chennai 600 004 Phone : 044-8553730 Allen Solly Studio R.S.Road Ernakulam Cochin 682 035 Phone : 0484-368172 Allen Solly Studio B24 & B25 Esplanade Canal Road.Clothing 17 Khader Nawaz Khan Road Nungambakkam Chennai 600 006 Phone : 044-82703-8264112-8236677 Fax : 044-8264228 Allen Solly Studio 40/7032. M. Convent Junction Cochin 682 035 Phone : 0484-392333 Mobile : 984705744 Res : 532022/53203 TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 58 of 166 .Nagar Chennai 600 017 Phone : 044-822611 Fax : 044-8240244 Allen Solly Studio Shop Nos.2 & 3 Alsa Mall.

Allen Solly Studio Manian Corner 382/B.Road R.S.Devraj Urs Road Mysore 570 001 Phone : 0821-423054 TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 59 of 166 . Dr. D. Somajiguda Hyderabad 500 482 Phone : 040-227359 Phone cum Fax:040-3395132 Allen Solly Studio 5-9-241 Abid Road Hyderabad 500 001 Phone : 040-240490-240493-235067 Fax : 040-240489 Allen Solly Studio 95 Park Lane Secunderabad 500 003 Phone : 040-7813135 Allen Solly Studio Yenapoya Chambers Balmatta Main Road Balmatta Mangalore 575 002 Tel/Fax : 0824-218-440949-218588 Allen Solly Studio 133/1.Puram Coimbatore 641 002 Phone : 0422-473725-390296-432926 Shop : 393317 Allen Solly Studio 6-3-85/7c.B.

modular interiors. its the brand that provides a well dressed way out. England. this International brand is today the symbol of a genre that has rescued business dressing from a dip in corporate starch. For the soul that questions corporate formality. Through association with Friday Dressing in India.. Ltd. laptop computers and the cellphone. SHIRT TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 60 of 166 .Product line It's the best thing that's happened to elegant dressing in the Indian workplace. The Allen Solly brand has been in existence since 1744 and is currently a trademark of William Hollins & Co.

Allen Solly Shirts - Extra Fabric, Roomier, A Trifle Demanding Lift your right hand away from the mouse for an instant. Now try touching your left shoulder blade with it. Can you? Or does your shirt hold you back? Can you feel the tightness...the pressure...? If this is a familiar feeling, try imagining how long you've lived with this problem. As long as worn formal shirts, perhaps? Loosely speaking there's a lot more in an Allen Solly shirt that adds to your comfort.
• • • •

Like a wider shoulder seam and armhole. Box pleat for fullness. A longer back to secure your shirt and confidence in style. Plus a horizontal last buttonhole for ease of wear. The distinctive burgundy buttonhole on cuff and pocket identify the Allen Solly wearer. Choice of 4 collars - button down, regular, cutaway and Mandarin. Not forgetting contrast neckbands.

And not the least... a variety of finishes, washes and fabric that imparts a soft feel to go with your general feeling of 'comfortably in control.' FEARTHER FINISH SHIRTS

The latest from Allen Solly. Pure, rich cotton puffed up into a light fluffy fabric. The process begins with weaving the fabric from super soft 2 ply yarn with a twill weave. Then further softening it using a very, very special process, viz. Putting it into special washing machines along with cellulose-based enzymes and softeners which permeate deep into the garment. The result - a range of light as feathers twill shirts, with a relaxed look that exudes something much beyond


Page 61 of 166

comfort. Created in a dozen colours like burgundy, lime green, aquamarine blue and orange. Just what you need to make light of the pressures at the workplace. TROUSERS

Allen Solly Trousers - Crafted from pure style A distinctive cut that is quite in keeping with the business meet and at the late evening dinner. The wider, cleaner, relaxed-fit cut is accentuated with double pleats. The colour palete centers around khaki, beige, grey, tan and shades of blue. While fabrics hinge on cotton and cotton blends. Chinos These comfortable and extremely light trousers put you totally at ease. Woven from rich cotton yarn, this exotic fabric owes its origin to China - which explains the name 'Chinos'. While Chinos are a favorite the world over, what makes Allen Solly chinos special is the unique micro-sand finish. A process that raises the surface fibres of the fabric, making it wonderfully soft and supple. There are even 12 trend-setting colours to choose from. Khakis The Allen Solly cut with a straighter fit, no pleats and a narrower thigh, give it a jeans-like fit. Available in fabrics like cotton and blends and in all the characteristic. As colours, they are washed to finishes like feather or peach. T- SHIRT


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The Allen Solly T-shirt is made from cotton fabrics in a variety of summer colours. Piques, Roundnecks, Interlocked, contrast, collars and a range styling features make the Allen Solly T-shirt a study in "comfortable style". Available in M, L, XL and XXL sizes. BERMUDAS

Crafted from fine cotton blend fabrics, the Allen Solly bermuda has most of the regular trouser features like the coin-pocket and cross pocket.The turned up hem lends a formal touch. Socks Choose from the Melange or the Agyle collection. The socks have a Lycra grip that won't step the blood flowing through your legs. Its comfortable without being constincting. Comfort is reinforced by the larger heel and toe area adding to ease of wear. FRIDAY DRESSING

Friday Dressing is a style of relaxed workday dressing, initially allowed only on Fridays. High productivity rates on Fridays, proved that people worked better TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 63 of 166

with earth toned Naturals. inspired of course by the Scottish Highlands. Knitted and Woolen Ties. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 64 of 166 . or the robot-like assembly line uniformity. 1994 The Allen Solly spectrum gets enhanced with trousers and T-shirts. Travelling closely behind were Sepia. Cappuccino and Cocktail. Aqua.. simply by clicking on the Allen solly garment of your choice HERITAGE 1993 The year formal office uniforms were thrown into the dustbin of history by the Allen Solly range of casually elegant basic shirts and ties. MIX’N MATCH mall freaks can check out colour combination at the mall. From an initial offering of Hand-painted ties.. the Allen Solly Wildlife Tie Festival took flight. Allen Solly moved on to Mandarin collared linen shirts.when comfortable. The Friday Dressing ethos helps free grown men from their pinstripes. Beginning. It was then extended to the rest of the week. and more recently to the Tartan Checks Collection.

1997 Just a few steps behind is Khakis. inky. Galleries and Destinations in India ADVENTURE SPORT  Extra clothing TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 65 of 166 . through the Walt Disney Tie Festival. wild. A brand new trouser line. shady. Today an outstanding collection of Allen Solly shirts. Also making a splash were a palete of colours in sunny bright yellows to beiges and of course. whites. ties and matching accessories can be picked up from over 90 Allen Solly Studios. trousers. The range gets more adventurous. Friday Dressing gets even more unconventional with the Spring/Summer Seersucker collection in crunchy cool lettuce. animated and colourful. green. Mickey and gang stare back at you from shirtfronts. carrot and tomato colours. Followed by other accessories like bermudas and jackets. lime.1995 Friday Dressing gets firmly secured in the corporate psyche with belts. with a brand new fit.

299 Black printed shirt rs. pearl buttons.599 tee with speed demon badges rs.999 Stitch line shirt rs. 699 Cargo trousers rs.  Pantaloons No.3 The business brands  The shirt inspired by America A forerunner in the branded shirts market. executive and cotton TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 66 of 166 .999 pigment padded serapping jeans rs. plackets. 1099 Satin check full sleeve shirt rs.599 long kurta with phulkari placket rs.799 overyed jeans rs. Full sleeve chain stitch print tee rs. today this product is a well recognized name in men's wear.599 flat front corduroy trouser rs.11999 cross hatch linen jeans rs.999 cut and sewn polo neck t-shirt rs.1099 Yarn dyed pique t-shirt rs. Regular comfort fit jeans rs.799 autostriper with twill collar rs.699 drawstring pants rs. 599 flat front trouser with cargo pocket rs.899 cross hatch tinted jeans rs.899.1199.899 Blasted distress wash jeans rs. this range of classical quality shirts are designed with international styling and incorporate features like double stitching. button down and Seville collars. 799 flat front corduroy trouser rs.799 cargo trousers rs.699 pleated trouser rs. 599 short sleeve layersd tee rs.499 bizylizy churidar rs.499 regular comfort fit jeans rs. The formal. 1 trousers Launched in 1987.           Pleated dobby shirt rs.499 Kantha work kurti rs.799 welf cord trousers rs.

polo shirts.2000 Enjoy the pleasures of t-2000 troMade of superfine cotton. track suits.collection is characterized by perfect fits. jogging pants. It was originally launched as a jeans brand in 1991.made trouser for the contemporary Indian male looking for style. quality and affordability. jackets and other accessories. inspired by American street fashion . delightful accessories. knit wear. flawless falls. Pantaloon is synonymous with the ready. washed for that smart casual appearance.  Ajile – more than sportswear The Ajile street gear is a range of products including knitted T-shirts. special processes done on the garment provide effortless care.This brand also confirms to the Pantaloons marketing philosophy-'Bringing the common man what only the rich can afford'. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 67 of 166 . women as well as children. Get into the best trouser of the country  Bare kids Bare Kids caters to children from age group of 3-14 age groups.  Annabelle – western wear for the contemporary modern woman The amazing silhouettes in the "office wear" complement the working women with sensuous lingerie. gabardines. but was later extended to include shirts. knife-edge creases and classic cuts. cosmetics and exotic fragrance completing her wardrobe at Pantaloons.  Honey  T .  Bare Bare is the casual range by Pantaloon for men. shorts and accessories.

Priced very reasonably starting with RS 175/. Stories known As STRs which are theme specific. Stories for Summer 2003 are [Winnie The POOH] Wild Woods: A Khaki wears range for Boys with wild animal and reptile prints. Pool House: A casual wear range with the cool aqua look for Girls.  Popeye The Popeye & friends range of Kids clothing brought exclusively in India by Pantaloon Retail (India ) Ltd. Introducing a Basics collection available in brightest colors and the contemporary styles.The Brand has Sportswear. The knits range consists of basic T-shirt’s. The clothing range launched initially is for age groups 3-12 both boy's and girl's (with Popeye & Olive Oyl labels respectively ). Mickey and friends Basic Range which covers the basic casual wear covering knits to woven to denims. Street wear.  Disney The Disney brand covers Characters Mickey and Friends Winnie The Pooh.for some extra detailed tees. tops and bottoms with variety of Classic Popeye prints.for shorts goes up to RS 295/. Stories for Summer 2003 Marathon Mouse: sports wear Basics for boys with marathon prints. Casual Wear. Jeans Wear and Khaki Wear. Floral Medley: A floral Girls range with all over prints and floral chest prints. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 68 of 166 .

When it comes to clothes. Irrevrential. Different. Every day is Friday. But doing it better. Doing regular things the irregular way. The Allen Solly shirt • • • • • Wider shoulder seam Wider armhold Box pleat for fullness Horizontal last button hole Longer back to avoid twisting of garment while seated The Allen Solly trouser • • • • • • 2 pleats Coin pocket Hip pocket with flap 8 belt loops Open length  STYLE TRAND Move beyond the shallow Explore the elegance of deep colours. we also believe it's all in the details. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 69 of 166 . Because every day is a challenge. Add to the languid grace of this combination with blue and yellow painted silk tie. The blue Solids tie completes the relaxed formal look. Ink blue trousers balanced with dark green and white striped shirt. Tan without the sun Blend a textured light blue shirt with tan relaxed fit trousers.News and style What makes Friday Dressing. Friday Dressing? Allen Solly belives it's an expression of what you are.

Chapter – 6 Peter England      Introduction Location map Peter England shirts Size chart Delivery TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 70 of 166 .

In fact they were the one who started the trend locally. It was later taken over by Coates Viyella Branded Menswear PLC and subsequently closed in 1996. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 71 of 166 . It is currently occupied by C V Home Furnishings who produce bed linen.Introduction This building once housed the Peter England shirt factory. Like so many others. they relocated in the 1970's to newer more modern premises on the outskirts of the city. Previously this company was known as Hogg & Mitchell which were located at Great James Street.

Location map TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 72 of 166 .

95 SIZE þÿ þÿ þÿ 40" 42" LAVENDER 44" Price:$ 21.95 SIZE þÿ BUTTER MILK Price:$ 16. For a look that says you'll always remain unruffled Please find below swatches of all the wonderful colours available in a styled shirt Price:$ 21. The classic Peter England Shirt. that has stood the test of time since 1888.95 SIZE þÿ þÿ þÿ 40" 42" 44" ORANGE 44" Price:$ 21. Undoubtedly a manifestation of the impeccable reputation.95 SIZE þÿ YELLOW Price:$ 21. A name that's now synonymous with quality as well as elegance.95 SIZE þÿ 39" 39" TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 73 of 166 .95 SIZE þÿ þÿ þÿ 40" 42" 44" Price: $ 16. It is therefore with considerable pride that we reaffirm our commitment to quality and look forward to earning your complete satisfaction.Peter England shirts Presenting a splendid creation woven in the glorious traditions of European shirtmaking. Classical Shirts Presenting a range of shirts. the world over.95 SIZE þÿ þÿ þÿ FAWN 40" 42" DARK GREEN Price:$ 21.95 SIZE þÿ þÿ 40" 42" 44" MAROON APRICOT 39 40 42 44 " þÿ " þÿ þÿ " þÿ " BLACK Price:$ 16.

95 SIZE CREAM þÿ þÿ þÿ þÿ 39" 40" 42" 39" 40" 42" 44" Price:$ 16.95 SIZE SEA GREEN þÿ þÿ þÿ 39" 40" 42" 39" 40" 42" 44" Price:$ 16.95 SIZE ICE BLUE þÿ þÿ þÿ þÿ 44" Price:$ 16.95 SIZE WHITE þÿ þÿ þÿ þÿ þÿ 39" 40" 42" 39" 40" 42" YELLOW 44" Price:$ 16.95 SIZE NAVY þÿ þÿ þÿ þÿ 39" 40" 42" 39" 40" 42" 44" Price:$ 16.95 SIZE þÿ þÿ 39" 40" 39" 40" Page 74 of 166 TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA .þÿ þÿ þÿ 40" 42" 44" þÿ þÿ þÿ 40" 42" 44" Price:$ 16.95 SIZE SAGE þÿ þÿ þÿ 44" Price:$ 16.95 SIZE CORN FLOWER BLUE þÿ þÿ þÿ þÿ Price:$ 16.95 SIZE TEAL þÿ þÿ þÿ þÿ þÿ 44" Price:$ 16.95 SIZE þÿ þÿ COFFEE BROWN 44" Price:$ 16.

þÿ þÿ 42" þÿ þÿ 42" 44" Price:$ 16.95 SIZE PINK þÿ þÿ þÿ þÿ 44" Price:$ 16.95 SIZE MEDIUM COFFEE þÿ þÿ þÿ þÿ 44" Price:$ 16.Full Sleeve SIZE þÿ 40" 42" 44" þÿ þÿ þÿ Extra Large Price:$ 21.95 SIZE LIGHT BLUE þÿ þÿ þÿ þÿ 39" 40" 42" 39" 40" 42" 44" Price:$ 16.95 White Shirt .95 SIZE LIGHT ORANGE þÿ þÿ þÿ þÿ 39" 40" 42" 44" Ramraj Classical Shirts Price:$ 21.Half Sleeve 40" 42" 44" Extra Large þÿ þÿ þÿ TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 75 of 166 .95 SIZE GREY þÿ þÿ þÿ þÿ 39" 40" 42" 39" 40" 42" 44" 44" Price:$ 16.95 SIZE þÿ White Shirt .

7 mts Delivery : All India on working days. Click on the images for details.Dhoti from Century Textiles Mercerised 100% Combed Cotton Paramsukh Bleached Dhoti 127cms x 3. within seven days. PETER ENGLAND SHIRTS PETER ENGLAND TROUSERS RAMRAJ COTTON SHIRTS PREMIER DHOTI LOUIS PHILIPPE SHIRTS T-SHIRTS Size chart T-Shirts .Size Chart Normal Measuremen TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 76 of 166 .

9" XXL 66cm 24cm 23cm 9.7" 40cm 16.4" 24cm 9.4" Large 52cm 21.5" XXL 60cm For Fitted Tees Size Small 48cm 19.4" 31.6" 20cm 8.4" 62cm 25" 64cm Sleeves 8.5" 60cm 24.5" 39cm 15.4" 22cm 9" 21cm 8.6" 22cm 9" 23cm 9.4"" 52cm 21" Thigh 14.5cm 14.5" 34.8" 58cm 23.17" 36cm 14.8" World wide delivery available TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 77 of 166 .5cm Hips 22" 56cm 22.2" Chest 18.8" 25cm Medium 54cm 22" Large 56cm 23" X-Large 58cm 23.6" Medium 50cm 20.7 37.14" 41cm Waist 12.5cm 13" 33cm 13.2" X-Large 54cm 25.2" 21cm 8.Size Small Chest 20.8"" Sleeves 7.5" 37cm 15" 38cm 15.

that has stood the test of time since 1888.English Cottons from 'Peter England' which has become a household name. presents another manifestation of the impeccable reputation. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 78 of 166 .

Chapter -7 Arvind               About Arvind An Indian multinational History History of Denim Philosophy Board of director Business at glance Technology Product range Customer service New Arrival Product capacity and capability Design and development Facility About Arvind TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 79 of 166 .

The SAP R/3 module facilitates better and faster material management for our customers. product quality or order quantity. Reflection of product/fashion dynamics. besides catering to the Indian market. whether it is information. Flexible production has been made possible and is reflected through:      Lower minimums. The denim is exported to more than 70 countries all over the world. Assurance of quality and consistency. The design studio attached to the pilot mill is fully equipped to reproduce customer design samples and also to make customized seasonal collections.  The division believes in the philosophy “On time and in full”. Arvind’s Knits Business Division (KBD) is a part of the Arvind’s 500 million US Dollars investment in line with the corporate vision of creating world class differentiated fabric capacities and capabilities as Arvind’s response to the challenges of the dynamic environment.5 million yards per annum and a turnover of USD 97 million per annum of 100% high value cotton shirtings has been made at Arvind’s 450-acre Santej textile complex near Ahmedabad. With a turnover of US$ 180 million.The Arvind Mills' Denim Division was established in 1987 and has since grown into one of the world's largest denim producer. wherein these fabrics can be converted into strategic and deep “Garment Package Relationships” with select Global Brands & Retailer. Strong emphasis on design creation/modification to suit specific customer needs.     Technical Excellence has been achieved through: Investments in state-of-the-art European Technology. Continuous product development – new fibers/yarns/finishes. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 80 of 166 . World class product & design innovation. Consistency and quality. Delivery Adherence – on time every time. Arvind Denim has a capacity for producing 110 million metres per year. A capital investment of USD 100 million in a greenfield project with a capacity of 33.

000 garments per day. to be doubled by the end of 2005. near Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat with an investment of US $ 50 Million in technical collaboration with Alamac Knits Inc. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 81 of 166 . Constant evolution and innovation is the focus. Cotton has been the primary focus of Arvind Knits. Arvind KBD operates as one of Asia’s largest vertically integrated knitwear plants. Polyester. The Garmenting facility has an installed capacity of 10. to a clientele that comprises of the most renowned garment brands & retailers of the World. Of this 11 tonnes is piece dyed and 5 tonnes is yarn-dyed fabrics. Viscose. to cater to the everchanging market demands. The installed capacity of the Fabric facility is 16 TPD (Tonnes per day). Arvind assures the best quality and total standardization with its in-house production from yarn to the final garment. Tencel®. Dist: Gandhi Nagar. USA. and their blends.Arvind Knits (KBD) is a part of the ‘Multi product textile facility’ set up at Santej. which features state of the art equipment and world class production capacities. Modal. Arvind Knits offers one of the world’s most comprehensive and most enchanting range of knitwear products. but lately it has ventured into new age fibers like Lycra® blends.

the company endeavors to be a one-stop shop for leading garment brands. Arvind has become a true Indian multinational. Arvind is already making its presence felt in Shirting’s. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 82 of 166 . Today. where demand has been high and quality required has been superlative.20 billion (US$ 500 million) Lalbhai Group. Arvind Mills has set the pace for changing global customer demands for textiles and has focused its attention on select core products. The Arvind Mills Limited is the flagship company of Rs. With the best of technology and business acumen. Knits and Khakhis fabrics apart from being all set to create ripples in the ready to wear Garments world over.An Indian multinational The Arvind Mills was set up with the pioneering effort of the Lalbhai brothers in 1931. Such a focus has enabled the company to play a dominant role in the global textile arena. Forevision and Technology has brought Arvind to be one of the top three producers of Denim in the world. With its presence across the textile value chain. and on its way becoming the Global Textile Conglomerate. having chosen to invest strategically.

The Lalbhais reasoned that the demand for fine and superfine fabrics still existed. Next they looked around for state-of-the-art machinery that could produce such high quality fabric. The national focus paved way for international focus and Arvind’s markets shifted from domestic to global. The three brothers. There could be no better time. Yet that period saw Arvind at its highest level of profitability. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 83 of 166 . The best technology of that time was acquired at a most attractive price. many large composite mills lost their markets. And high quality fabric for cotton shirtings and trousers.HISTORY TheEvolution 1930 was a year the world suffered a traumatic depression. An in-depth analysis of the world textile market proved an eye opener. In UK and in India the textile industry in particular was in trouble. With the power loom churning out vast quantities of inexpensive fabric. Steadily producing high quality fabrics. 2552 doubling spindles and 1122 looms it was one of the few companies in those days to start along with spinning and weaving facilities in addition to full-fledged facilities for dyeing. and were on the verge of closure.000 ($55. for a rethink on strategy.76 lakhs and profits were Rs 2. With the aim of manufacturing the high-end superfine fabrics Arvind invested in very sophisticated technology. Mahatma Gandhi championed the Swadeshi Movement and at his call. People the world over were shifting from synthetic to natural fabrics. And a company called Arvind Mills was born.525.000) in the year 1931. year after year. Their search ended in England. In the midst of this depression one family saw opportunity. In the mid 1980’s the textile industry faced another major crisis. Thus in 1987-88 Arvind entered the export market for two sections. Denim for leisure and fashion wear. At about this time. of seeing more than the obvious and that became the corporate philosophy. three years after establishment were Rs 45. people from all India began boycotting fine and superfine fabrics. Narottambhai and Chimanbhai decided to put up a mill to produce this superfine fabric. The sales in the year 1934. a market that expected and accepted only quality goods. Kasturbhai.82 lakhs. Cottons were the largest growing segments. Arvind took its place amongst the foremost textile units in the country. bleaching.560 ring spindles. By 1991 Arvind reached 1600 million meters of Denim per year and it was the third largest producer of denim in the world. which had so far been imported from England. It simply meant a new way of looking at issues. With 52. Renovision pointed to high quality premium niches. concluded the Management. And any Indian company that met this demand would surely prosper. But where conventional wisdom pointed to popular priced segments. finishing and mercerizing. Arvind Mills started with a share capital of Rs 2. Companies across the globe began closing down. The Arvind management coined a new word for it new strategy – Renovision.

to its international and domestic customers. Year 2005 is a watershed year for textiles. the largest of its kind in India. Arvind has carved out an aggressive strategy to verticalize its current operations by setting up world-scale garmenting facilities and offering a one-stop shop service. the rationalizing of the cenvat chain and the growth of the organized retail industry is likely to make textiles and apparel see an explosive growth. Wrangler. Excalibur and Ruf & Tuf. is setting it’s vision on becoming the largest apparel brands company in India. international textile trade is poised for a quantum leap.In 1997 Arvind set up a state-of-the-art shirting. Arvind brands with its international licenses of Lee. With Arvind’s concern for environment a most modern affluent treatment facility with zero affluent discharge capability was also established. at Santej. In the domestic market too. With the mulitifiber agreement getting phased out and the disbanding of quotas. gabardine and knits facility. Arrow and Tommy Hilfiger and its own domestic brands of Flying Machine. With the Indian economy poised for rapid growth. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 84 of 166 . Newport. of offering garment packages.

No doubt. In the 1950s. In many cases. There have been many versions of jeans . Hollywood Westerns made a cultural icon of the cowboy and helped jeans cross over into mainstream wear. In the American Wild West. as did railroad workers and farmers. most people would number their favourite pair of jeans among the must-have clothing they would want to be marooned on a desert island with. cowboys practically lived in them. They transcend fashion.HISTORY OF DENIM Denim has its origin in tough canvas cloth from Nimmes. if asked to select the apparel equivalent of "Desert Island Discs". these trousers found favour around the world wherever men had to do work that would ruin most other clothes. Arvind Denim. and have been wardrobe staples for nearly half a century now. designer denims for society ladies.of Nimmes). as did railroad workers and farmers. enjoy universal appeal. Called "Genoese. is quality denim. . TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 85 of 166 . Genoese sailors used this cloth to make rough-and-ready pants that lasted for ever. France (de Nimmes . income and social barriers. cowboys practically lived in them.of Nimmes). jeans are here-to-stay as everyday attire of the young and the young-at-heart.drainpipes for teddy boys. Called "Genoese. So did James Dean. In today's global village. Genoese sailors used this cloth to make rough-and-ready pants that lasted for ever. in Rebel Without A Cause." which in time got corrupted to "Geans" or "Jeans". blue jeans were the archetypal youth wear. In the American Wild West. Behind every well-known jeans label." which in time got corrupted to "Geans" or "Jeans". embroidered ones for hippies. these trousers found favour around the world wherever men had to do work that would ruin most other clothes. Marlon Brando wore them in The Wild One.

Of mutual benefit and prosperity. In teams for effective performance. Of making the world a better place to live in. We Make Things Happen. To nurture talent to build leaders for tomorrow's corporation. ARVIND DREAM Of excellence in all endeavours.Philosophy ARVIND BELIEVES In people and their unlimited potential. In intellect & its power. ARVIND ENDEAVOUR To select. train and coach people to obtain higher responsibilities. celebrate and activate all intellectual business contributions. To reward. In content and focus in problem solving. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 86 of 166 .

Board of directors  CHAIRMAN Mr. and is on the Board of Cadbury India Ltd. She has also been consulting Hindustan Lever and other Indian and Multinational Corporates.  OTHER DIRECTORS Mr. He is also Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of HDFC Standard Life Insurance Corporation Ltd. Ms. Asian Development Bank. has been associated with the Company for more than 25 years. Washington DC. Director Finance A Chartered Accountant having distinguished academic and professional career. Arvind N.. and other bilateral and multilateral agencies and has worked in several countries. Sanjay S.. Lalbhai He is a Science Graduate and has been associated with the Company for over 60 years. Lintas and has been the Deputy Managing Director of MARG and a founder Director of MODE Services.’ from The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). Shah. She is visiting Professor at IIM. Mr..  WHOLETIME DIRECTORES Mr. He is a member of Governing Council of various management and educational institutions and government expert groups. He has been the Director since March 1974 and Managing Director since January 1975 till November 2002. he is the Managing Director of HDFC since 1993. and is on the Board of Infosys Technologies Ltd. Satwalekar A ‘B. Rama Bijapurkar She is a Bsc (Hons) and MBA from IIM –A and has worked for McKinsey. He has been a Consultant to the World Bank. Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd. Mr. CRISIL. Tech. Managing Director A Science Graduate with a Master’s degree in Business Management. Lalbhai. Jayesh K.A. Mumbai and a postgraduate in Business Administration from The American University. IDFC Asset Management Company Limited and Gabriel India Limited TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 87 of 166 .. Deepak M. Titan Industries and Godrej Consumer Products Ltd. has been with the group since the last 17 years. he is the Chairman and CEO of MphasiS BFL Ltd. He is the former President of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry. Jaithirth Rao With a Masters Degree from the University of Chicago and IIM-Ahmedabad.

The Company has laid down the Risk Management policy to manage the financial risks emerging out of currency and interest rate risks. Arvind is serving the nation by preserving the precious resources with TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 88 of 166 . Highly complex financial restructuring exercise involving more than 80 domestic and international lenders which the Company implemented following the major downturn in the business cycle during year 2000-2002 is considered to be the benchmark for the Indian corporate. ICICI One-Source Ltd. Arvind Mills was the first Textile Company in India to implement ERP. Orient Paper & Industries Ltd. which is in the tune with operating risks and enhances the shareholders’ value. sharp and robust financial acumen to navigate the Company through different phases of economic cycles.  CAPACITIES Total Capacity Slasher Capacity Rope Capacity 110 million meters per annum 70 million meters per annum 40 million meters per annum  FINANCE Arvind Mills is acclaimed in the Indian corporate field for its financial skills.  UTILITIES Arvind established its own Naphtha based combined cycle cogeneration plant in 1997. Kalyani Forge Ltd.Mr. the company has demonstrated swift. Being operated on Natural gas fuel it is totally emission free and environment friendly. SAP as back as in the year 1997-98. Manager and Chief Financial Officer of ICICI Bank Ltd.. Sridhar (Nominee of EXIM Bank) He is an Executive Director of Export-Import Bank of India Mr.. he is also Director on the Board of ICICI Infotech Ltd.. Gen. S. and Unison Hotels Ltd. Balaji Swaminathan (Nominee of ICICI Bank) A Sr.. Be it the phase of rapid growth or downturn. Arvind Mills was the first Textile Company from India to issue GDRs in the year 1992-93. It runs an active treasury desk so as to make use of modern hedging tools available to manage financial risks. Arvind Mills has been making judicious choice of fund-raising avenues in the domestic as well as international markets so as to construct very efficient capital structure. The company follows best accounting practices to prepare its financial statements as envisaged in the Indian and international accounting standards. The same has been converted into Natural Gas fuel.

4 MW BHEL extraction cum condensate steam turbine both at Naroda and Santej. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 89 of 166 . reliable. In addition to CCPP both plants have stand by auxiliary boiler running on agro waste fuel. By achieving the highest availability constant production needs is being attained. At the same time it is also serving the objective to provide stable. which again generate the power from steam turbine. Almost 70 % of the heat energy of the fuel are being recovered. The CCPP consists of 2 x 10. uninterrupted quality power and economic steam.  MATERIALS Yarn. chemicals and spare-parts are forming part of other materials (other than Cotton) in the process of manufacturing.establishment of highly efficient combined cycle cogeneration plant both at Naroda and Santej (main two facilities). Arvind Mills has policy to make global sourcing so as to optimize quality and cost of these inputs. quality power in terms of voltage and frequency which attributes to consistent production rate with less maintenance of the equipment. While procuring the dyes and chemicals it also ensures that internationally accepted Eco-norms are met with. The low pressure extracted steam from the steam turbines serve the steam requirement of the textile process. By Maintenance of constant. dyes. The company has stringent quality standards and has well equipped testing facilities to ensure adherence to these standards for inward-materials.45 MW GE make Gas Turbines. Waste heat recovery steam generators and 1 x 6. Arvind Mills deals with internationally renowned names. The exhaust waste flue gases of Gas turbines efficiently utilized to generate the high-pressure steam from Heat Recovery Steam generators.

The basket of products includes denims from 6 oz. a vigilant quality assurance team. Jute. in 100% cotton and cotton-based blends with Lycra® . Arvind offers both Slasher as well as Rope dyeing facilities under one roof. using the SAP/R3 module. Tencel®. there is technical expertise on and off the shop floor. introduced in consultation with the designers. to 15.Business at glance • • The vertically integrated plants rank among the most modern in the world. a dedicated DNTG. in various shades of indigo. Trend-setting seasonal collections. different casts. To support this entire infrastructure. Global offices and independent dedicated sales teams for all locations and key accounts enhance the customer service. Denim from Arvind offers reliability. and market feedback keep us miles ahead of competitors. both open-end and ring-spun. and in various finishes. naturals and overdyeds. quality and value-addition through services like shrink-film-wrapping and bar-coded labeling of rolls. Linen etc. providing washed and unwashed shade blankets with every order and faster documentation. • • • • • TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 90 of 166 . tints. yarn-dyeds. A customer counseling team is devoted to resolving quality issues and achieving desired wash results. computer professionals and a thoroughly professional marketing and customer service team. in various weaves.5 oz. Polyester.. Continuous innovation and market / customer-based development is backed by a dedicated DNTG (Development and New Technology Group) and a fully-equipped pilot plant for sampling of new products. Bamboo.

the plants rank among the most modern in the world. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 91 of 166 . ensuring round-the-clock power supply and an effluent treatment facility.Technology With state-of-the-art technology and equipment. Arvind caters to the high quality markets of Europe. West Asia . US. Being one of the largest producers of denim in the world.  The following technologies are used to deliver quality fabric:          Spinning .open-end Foam Finishing Spinning . which recycles wastewater. the Far East & the Asia Pacific.Ring Mercerizing Slasher Dyeing Continuous Dyeing Range Rope Dyeing Air-Jet & Projectile Wet Finishing All the units have in-house power generation plants. Denim waste is converted into recycled denim paper.

Tencel. Lycra. Linen. Linen. 50s.Summer and the Autumn . 2/100s and 2/140s  BLENDS : 100% Cotton. etc Interesting weaves like: Left hand twill. 2/50s. Tencel.Winter.Product range  Besides the regular open-end. ring indigos and over-dyed denims. New dyeing styles with various color combinations. Arvind brings forth two collections every year. 20s. To 15. the product portfolio includes:      Cotton blended with other fibres like: Polyester. water repellant. Jute. The new product developments include poly urethane-coated denims. 60s. Lycra. etc Weight ranging from : 6 oz. cords. the Spring . Chambrays and Solids in all possible weaves like twills. Arvind’s seasonal collections are trailblazers in the international market. 30s.  TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 92 of 166 . right hand twill. printed denims and structurals. Modal. COUNTS : 16s. broken twill. moisture management. 2/30s. 40s.25 oz Finishes like: mercerized. VARIETIES : Yarn-Dyed Stripes. Silk. etc. satins. anti bacterial etc. Checks. self cleaning. structures. cross hatches. 2/80s. dobbies and jacquards. Polyester Cotton. 24s. Bamboo. Nylon. customized designer denims. dobby’s. Fil-a-fils.

NanoCare. Arvi silk. UV Cut. Odor Free. Biancalani. A customer counseling team is devoted to resolving quality issues and achieving desired wash results. Nano-Pel. CHEMICAL FINISH : ETI. MECHANICAL FINISH : Peaching. facilitate better and faster material management for the customer. etc. etc.  Customer service In keeping with Arvind's customer-oriented philosophy. providing of washed and unwashed blankets along with each order and faster documentation using the SAP R/3 module. Stain Free. Brushing. reliability. APPROVALS & CERTIFICATIONS     ISO 9001 ISO 14001 OEKOTEX Standard 100 Lycra Assured Partners of Du Pont LABS ACCREDUTED BY    Marks & Spencer Levi Strauss & Co. quality and value-addition through services is offered to all the customers. Shrink-film wrapping and bar coded labeling of rolls. NEXT TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 93 of 166 .

dyed and sun blasted. celebrate the pandemonium of culture and fashion. Stun the world with your Greek God looks. Remove the extras. take off to a fantasy flight to hunt for colors and fragrance. be naughty. our Spring . apparently malicious but feminine. It comprises of SS’06 XX & SS’06 XY SS ’06 XX Let the mind become fashion conscious. get splashed with the colors of denim. fly.Summer ’06 collection is full of innovation and inspiration. Flit and flutter above the aura of petals. SS ’06 XY Live clean but sway as the careless. Be you.New arrivals SPRING SUMMER ’06 COLLECTION Immersed in strong tints. rest. HIGHLIGHTS OF OUR SS ’06 COLLECTION  Lighter weights with good yarn textures in dense constructions so that they can be used for both tops and bottom-wear  Cotton/Linen blends in light and medium weights with strong slub characters TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 94 of 166 . gain power in those wings of fantasy. Touch. Born with wings of desire. Here begins the play of force between indigo power and the pleasure of colors. Become the paparazzi’s hot dude. weaves blends and structures.

green and yellow casted denims  Denims with super dark indigo and multi-color shade  Stay black denim with fine textures  Stretch denims in different casts with comfort stretch  Products with regular twills. structures and new dobby weaves  Lighter and medium weight denims in differentiated casts  Polyester blends with different colored polyester yarns  Flat finished denims TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 95 of 166 . broken twills. grey. grey indigo. canvas. brown. Bright indigo.

TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 96 of 166 . The testing laboratories are equipped with the latest testing equipment. with the installation of the latest technology and continuous quality improvement program.5 The plant has an integrated manufacturing facility from yarn to finished fabrics under one roof. It is equipped to spin compact yarn as well as slub yarns. Computerized yarn-dyeing machines. and are accredited by Marks & Spencer. All products are Eco-friendly and Oekotex 100 certified. CUSTOMERS 100% cotton shirting fabric is supplied all over the world to leading brands. The state of the art machinery includes Yarn-singeing machines. Next and Tommy Hilfiger. automatic drawing-in machines. which can perform tests of international standards. etc. The Shirting division is committed to world class quality products.Production capacities & capabilities Capacity Total Million Yards/Annum 33. It is equipped with state of the art technology right from spinning of the yarn to final processing and testing of the high quality fabric.

Design & development

The division has an in-house Design Studio with a team of qualified professional designers. The design Studio is fully equipped with latest technologies. It gets continuous design inputs on latest international trends from designers based in Italy and UK.

Range Collections: Season-wise collections for S/S and A/W. Customized collections for key customers(based on their concepts/inputs). Stock Service through the Classic Line Collection. Facilities:
Computer Aided Designing A mini mill dedicated to design & development Sample sizing & warping for desk loom samples & road samples Independent weaving for sample making Small package dyeing machine for new shad Comprehensive shade library to enable quick responses.



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The QA Lab of Shirting is accreditated by reputed brands like  Mark & Spencers  NEXT  Levi's  Dupont (for Lycra)  FUTURE PLANS

To showcase the potential in the global arena on a sustained basis the future plans include expansion of production capacities to meet ever-increasing customer demands and requirements. The plan is to increase the yarn-dyed & solid - dyed shirting capacity by 2.1 & 1.6 million yards per annum respectively during financial year 2005-6 to increase the production capacity to 37.2 million yards per annum.  ACCREDITATIONS AND STRATEGIC BUSINESS ALLIANCE Arvind KBD, over the years has acquired a reputation in partnering with some of the finest names in the industry. International buyers and vendors have taken pride in furthering their accreditation for Arvind Knits. Tie up with distinguished fiber companies have also been made who have lend their name to the product.  Arvind KBD has the distinction of being the only nominated supplier of INVISTA (DuPont) Specialty Lycra® Fabrics in the Indian Subcontinent. Furthering the relationship, DuPont has entrusted Arvind Knits as the only DuPont accredited Readymade Garment Vendor (RGV) source for Lycra® based garments in India. Arvind KBD has tied up with International Fiber Companies like Celanese (for Acetate), Lenzing (for Modal), Courtaulds (for Tencel®) and Wellman who have approved Arvind knits as a Vendor for fabrics made from their fiber.


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Arvind KBD is a nominated supplier of fabrics to Nike Golf, Marks & Spencer, Arnold Palmer, Eddie Bauer, Calvin Klein and Columbia Sportswear. Working towards total in-house solutions, Arvind KBD has also acquired accreditation for its Laboratory and Testing Facility from esteemed clients like Marks & Spencer, Target and Invista (DuPont).

 DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT Arvind Knits is at the fore front of offering full design packages to its clients – from seasonal trend briefs to final fabric / garment designs tailored to the brands / retailers in question. Customized Design Briefs and Product Presentation along with Marketing Concepts is presented to all Key Customers each season. This value-added service is supported by:    International Design Consultants based in Europe for constant feedback on the design and trend outlook for the Markets. In-house Design Cell - working on Trend and Color Stories, for seasonal presentations, a year in advance. Development Cell - Constantly working on the intrinsic properties of the Fabric like - New Yarn, Knitting Technology and Surface Finishes.


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Arvind over the years has perfected the art of producing garments with high Lycra® content (upto 13%). Autostripers. Ribs. Ottomans. The latest range showcased by Arvind Knits includes: Lycra®: Arvind KBD is the only DuPont accredited readymade garment vendor (RGV) source for Lycra® based garments in India. Reversibles. Pique. Electronic Jacquards. Pointelles. The Double Knits range includes Interlocks. Popcorn and Waffles. To cater to changing market demands. Arvind Knits is one of the few firms who can expertly produce Mercerized Lycra® Fabrics.Yarn Dyed and Piece Dyed and Variegated. Needle Outs.Facility  FABRIC FACILITY Arvind KBD till now has focused primarily on cotton fabrics and has the expertise to handle yarn counts ranging from 10s to 2/100s. DO9M. Thermals. French Terry. 100% Cotton at Arvind KBD. Cool Max fabrics with all feeds and alternate feeds. Fleece. new product innovations are constantly being brought about. Autostriper. Moisture Management Fabrics can also be created with chemical treatment to any fabric for e. Pointelles. Textures. Currently supplying to Cutter & Buck. Arvind Knits has the capability of making Lycra®. Eddie Bauer & Nike. Moisture Management Fabrics: Arvind KBD has developed technologically superior fabrics for moisture management. Mercerized: Arvind Knits has the capacity and the know-how to produce singles and double mercerized fabrics with exquisite sheen and handfeel. Textures. This feat also makes KBD a part of the elite Supima Club. The fabric range includes Single Jersey. Electronic Jacquards.g. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 100 of 166 .

In-house Babcock 8-chamber Stenter is used for superior heat setting (for Lycra®) and width standardization and application of finishes. Polyester/Viscose. Tubular and Open width finishing is done on Tubetex and Santex ranges respectively. Dornier Singeing and Mercerizing machines are used for process value addition. Viscose. Production has already been done on Modal/Cotton. Comfortrel. Viscose/Cotton. Tencel®/Cotton. and introducing new age fabrics made from fibers like Modal. Sensura etc. We have Compacting lines and Relax Drying routes to cater to varied requirements. Blends: Arvind KBD has the expertise to work on new blends.     FINISHING     Arvind KBD has the latest machinery for fabric finishing. which checks the lots for shade variation with DATA Color Shade Matching System. FINISHES Page 101 of 166  TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA . Polyester/Cotton. The capacity of yarn dyeing machines range from 60 to 300 Kg and the same for piece dyeing machines range from 180 to 720 Kg. Tencel®. The Processing Lab is modeled on the production setup to achieve production results in the lab itself.New Age Fibers: Arvind KBD has been a pioneer in experimenting with. The Dyeing capability is assisted by the Dyeing Lab. The dyeing plant has state-of-the-art machinery comprising of 20 THEN Yarn Dyeing Machines and 11 SCLAVOS Piece Dyeing Machines (Atmospheric and High-Temperature Dyeing Machines with autodosing of chemicals). Silk/Cotton and Silk/Viscose and other man made / cotton blends  DYEING   Arvind KBD has a daily capacity to produce 11 tonnes piece dyed fabric and 5 tonnes yarn dyed fabric.

The current Garment Portfolio includes: TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 102 of 166 . from yarn to the final garment ensuring maximum efficiency & optimization of resources. which is introduced in the lines. which is the final step in the value chain is the now the focus of Arvind Knits.Designed Specifically for Producing Volume Run Core Basic Products.000 garments a day. Some of the finishes that can be provided to the fabrics are:           Value Addition through Finishes: Moisture Wicking Anti Microbial FinishS UV Protection Finish from CIBA NANO Finish from BURLINGTON TEFLON Finish from INVISTA Easy Care-Wrinkle Resistance Bio Wash / Enzyme Softening Peaching AIR-DRAPE ™ Finish (for Softer handle. The Skilled Labor Force has the capability to shift and adapt to any new style. and adding bounce to the fabric through Air Beating)  GARMENTING FACILITY Arvind KBD Garmenting operation was an addition done to provide complete solutions to the buyer in terms of GARMENT PACKAGE.  CONCEPT PRODUCTION FACILITIES AMBAR Designed Specifically for producing Premium High End Golf-wear and Leisurewear AML CASUALS (SYMPHONY) Designed for producing Sportswear / Casual wear / Cut & Sew Tees & Polos AML ESSENTIALS To be Operational by Q4-2005. which shall soon be doubled in the current year. Garmenting. It aspires to be a one-stop-shop for any apparel buyer across the globe. Complete efficiency control to pass on the price benefit to the Customers Arvind KBD currently has a garment capacity of 10. thereby reducing cost and lead times.Arvind KBD is constantly updating and developing new finishes and finishing techniques to add value to the fabric. What sets apart KBD is the complete material flow in one straight line.

There is a shift from the Quality Control Policy to a Quality Assurance Philosophy. Certain buyers like Nike have shown complete faith in the company and have nominated an Arvind Knits Employee as their in-house auditor. Gradually the Product control practices are being discarded and Process control techniques are being adopted. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 103 of 166 . The accreditation given by international quality conscious buyers speak at length about quality at Arvind Knits.  These machines are used for logo embroidery. 100% inspection of pieces for non-conformities is conducted. in consonance with most of the buyers’ requirements.    KBD follows AQL 1.  METAL DETECTOR   Arvind KBD has a Hashima Metal Detector Machine. both at the cut part stage as well as at the final assembled stage.  QUALITY Audit & Quality Assurance is of utmost importance at Arvind Knits Garmenting.5. The Garmenting plant does a process audit along with a product audit. 100% In-line and final checking of the garments is done to assure the filtering of imperfect garments.       Basic Tee Shirts Polo Shirt Golf Polo Shirt Full Placket shirts Cut & Sew Tee Shirts Rugby Shirts Gym wear / Loungewear  EMBROIDERY  Arvind Knits has 4 BARUDAN Computer Embroidery Machines serving with 56 heads.

Chapter .8 Circle P  About Circle P  Location  Collection  Return And Exchange  Shipping And Handling TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 104 of 166 .

a one stop store. designs. This three storey boutique is situated at LawGarden . Such changing trends in fashion kindle people’s desire for wide-ranging attires and outfits. Complementing this vivid collection is an extensive choice of accessories too. Catering to the needs of such fashion conscious audience is a great challenge. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 105 of 166 . materials etc. where one can customize his/her own fashion statement. It houses everything in clothing. right from exquisite ladies wear in contemporary and ethnics to majestic menswear in formals and traditional to an exciting range of kids-wear. acceptance of which gave birth to Circle P.About Circle P Fashion has never remained unchanged and today it has come a very long way with a varied range of styles. Circle P is thus. Established in 2000. textures. Circle P is a New Millennium Fashion store that satiates every single need of dressing and of the most posh and happening shopping localities of Ahmedabad.


Circle P the store Law garden, off, C.G road, Ahmedabad – 380006 Contact No.- (079) 6402622, 6402623, 6402624. Email –


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ST5/1 three piece designer suit with embroidered and antique embroidery waistcoat in sequins and diamante. ST5/2 three piece designer suit in polu crafted fabric with Lucknowi embroidery on the vestcoat. ST5/3 three piece suit with chinese neck vost coat and black embroidered in diamante, sequins and beads. SHERWANI

ST6/1 Dupion silk sherwani tap and crushed kurta with antique and resham embrodery. ST6/2


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Poly crafted sherwani with all over antique french knots, and resham embrodery. ST6/3 Brocade marron coloured sherwani with antique embroidery.

three piece sherwani with weaved polynosie jacket embroidered with zardosi (shawi not included) angarkha on jamevar fabric with zardosi work and swaroski crystals. ( turban not included) JODHPURI SUIT

ST7/1 jodhapuri suit with pin tucks worm with jamewar waiscoat embroidery in antique and resham. ST7/2 Three piece jodhpuri wuit with waistcoat embroidery all over. ST7/3 Three piece jodhpuri suit with imported polyyiscose fabric with touch of zardosi and resham.


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CK8/4 silk chudidar kurta with antique and resham.CHUDIDAR KURTA CK8/1 pure silk chudida kurta with all over antique embroidery (moidi not included) CK8/2 pure silk designer chudidar kurta with a broacade patch on the chest with antiwue zardosi embroidery. CK8/5 Silk chudidar kurta with silver antique and sequins. CK8/3 Chudidar kurta in organga fabric with highlighted motif. sequins embroidery all over. CK8/6 A designer three piece polinosic four button suit with princess line on the sides. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 109 of 166 . beads embroidery.

SR1/2 pure georgette saree with sequins resham all over with embroidery.CK8/7 a two piece front open chudidar kurta on jamevar fabric with swamski crystals and zardosi emroider. Woman’s wear Saree SR1/1 pure georgette saree with parsee work and antique border. SR1/3 pure georgette saree with antique all over embroidery with stitched blouse. CK8/8 Three piece chudidar kurta with traditional maroon coloured short jacket with cream coloured long ja. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 110 of 166 . CK8/9 Front open two piece chudidar kurta. CK8/10 short jacket chudidar kurta with zardosi work.

SR1/5 pure georgette saree with stitched blouse embroidery with multicoloured sequins and reshami. SR2/2 Pure crepe saree with contrast border and heavy antique embroidery. SR1/7 Chiffon georgette saree embroidered with all over katha work embellished with diamante and gota patt. SR2/1 pure crepe with french knots and antique embroidery. SR1/6 Pure georgette saree with multicoloured sequins and antique reshami embroidery. SR2/3 pure italian crepe sari embroidered with zari and multicoloured sequins and beeds.SR1/4 Pure georgette saree with sequins resham all over with naka Tiki embroidery. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 111 of 166 . SR1/8 Pure georgette shaded saree with stiched blouse embroidery with sequins and stone.

TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 112 of 166 . SR3/1 pure italian crepe sari embroidered with zari and sequins.SR2/4 Pure intalian crepe sari embroidered with antique zardozi and sequins. beeds and resham work. SR3/3 Pure georgette sari with kashmiri embroidered resham jal work. SR3/2 pure intalian crepe sari embroidered with multicolored resham and stones recommended for formal wear. SR3/4 Recommended for formal wear. SR4/2 Silk tissue sari embellished with zardozi recommended for formal wear. SR3/5 Pure italian crepe sari all embellished with multicolored sequins and stones recommeneded for formal. SR4/1 pure grorgette sari embroidered with sequins.

SR6/1 a traditional “PANETAR” with jal jardozi work with patch of bandhanni on the palav. SR6/3 Samo satin silk with kundan jardozi work TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 113 of 166 . SR5/1 paithanin saree with real zari. SR4/4 Sari appliqued with a woven zari border and highlighted with antique zardozi and multi coloured crystl. SR5/3 Traditional orisa sareee with real zari. SR5/2 Banarasi georgette with real zari all over. Recommended for formal wear.SR4/3 Pure crepe sari embroidered with resham work. SR6/2 Jut silk saree in silver golden work.

SR7/3 Italian crepe saree with antique zardosi work.SR6/4 Katan silk saree with resham zari contrast border. SR7/2 A shamo satin saree with oxidised work. SR7/4 Real georgette crush saree with applique antique work. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 114 of 166 . SR7/1 intalian crepe with silver golden zardozi work with heavy embroidered blouse.

Kids wear Kids waers are not for sold BOY’S GIRL’S TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 115 of 166 .

if any. However these levies. All colour options offered on the net is an exercise to provide our customers with the maximum available choice of circlep outfits. Due to the dynamism of this evolution. Colour Disclaimer Circle P firmly believes that all the customers who order online are aware that colours seen on a monitor will be slightly different as compared to the actual outfits. Our effort will be to meet your expectations constantly and thus avoid any misunderstanding or discrepancies through our online venture. It is practically impossible for Circle P to replicate the same colours on an outfit as seen on your monitor. We will be more than happy to help you minimize payment of duty wherever possible. Other countries charge a very nominal duty. Relatively. International shipping restrictions TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 116 of 166 .Return and exchange Return-Policy Keeping in mind the very basic nature of every Circle P outfit. Circle p firmly believes that all the customers who order online are aware that colors seen on a monitor will be slightly different as compared to the colour of actual outfit is aware of this genuine problem circlep faces. Shipping and handling Do I have to pay customs duty at my end Many countries do not charge duty on garments for personal use. we respect customers ability to support circlep’s “no return no exchange” policy to help us deliver the very best and latest in Indian fashion. accessories or jewellery ordered. Circle P trusts and has faith in its customers for making its online venture successful so that every year Circlep can deliver and probably exceed customer’s expectations and beyond. our customers do appreciate that each outfit ordered online is individually created. fashion is an evolution. circlep trusts and has faith in its customers for making its online venture successful so that every year circlep can deliver and probably exceed customer expectations and beyond. crafted and made to fit perfectly in accordance to the measurements provided. are the sole responsibility of the customer. We wish to clarify and ascertain that every customer who orders any outfit from circlepstore. A slight variation in the shade selected by you is considered as a normal practice as these garments have a tendency to reflect different shades of a color under different light and medium.

If this ever happens to our customers. Under rare conditions it may even be opened by customs authority at either end for verification. At circlep we believe in respecting every request made by our customer. However. circlep apologises in advance for any such shipping restrictions created or observed in the future. an outfit / item which is gift-wrapped at circlep. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 117 of 166 . This may be due to delivery procedures which may bring about wear and tear to the gift wrapped box. Shipping of boxed gifts Special moments and emotional occasions demands personalization.Our effort has always been to bring Indian fashion to every corner of the world. In rare cases. circlep will not be responsible in the event of such an incident. may not reach the final destination in the same condition. it may happen that due to reasons beyond the control of circlep’s authority it may not be possible to deliver.

Location Dulha Collection.Chapter .9 Jade Blue      About Jade Blue. Freedom of Choice. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 118 of 166 . Special Diwali Offer.

Jade Blue is an exclusive Men's fashion store housing the premium brands and the most popular Jade Blue brand shirts and trousers. Since last two decades the Designer duo Jitendra Chauhan and Bipin Chauhan with their inborn traditional skill and personal approach have won the applause of all the customers who loved the latest and best in men's fashion. About Shop TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 119 of 166 .About Jade Blue Situated on the premium location in the city of Ahmedabad. India.

The never-ending range of classic trousers for the formal and semiformal look. A range of sherwani in designs those are exclusive to JADE BLUE. Location TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 120 of 166 . styles. Suiting and shirting. you name the fit. Jacket suits for all occasions you name the style. in fabrics and colours. Add colour to your ceremony with the variety of our colours. so vast that you need look no further. fabrics and embroideries from the kurta suits in the Dulha Collection. to dress a gentleman. We have it in a plethora of fabrics. A variety.The Dulha Collection where we groom the groom. you name the colour. An ideal place for today’s executives.

Floor. Gr.Jade blue B-12. Ahmedabad-9 Dulha Collection TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 121 of 166 . Road. Parishima complex. C. shreeje art. Nr.G.

Two piece sherwani beautifully crafted on polyyiscose fabric with French knots: zardosi and resham. • Front Open Jodhpuri Suit TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 122 of 166 . Price: Rs.• Classic Sherwani Description This sherwani is made in Micro-Fiber fabric and is embellished with Aari and Zardoshi embroidery. Two piece sherwani with resham work on japnese fabric.12000 Brocade sherwani embroidered with beads. sequins and resham all over.

Price: Rs. A touch of zardozi embroidery at the front edges and the collar band make all the difference in this ensemble of jacket. the heritage.9350 two piece jodhpuri with choice in various colours on imported polyyisonse with zaedosi and swamski. Price: Rs. A hint of Kasabkari is seen on the front and the stole and jutti accessories complete the look.14460 pure silk chudidar kurta in Lucknowi embroidery.Description Classics modified give us this ensenble of a front open Jodhpuri suit revealing a waistcoat of Jamewaram silk. silk chudidar kurta with all over zardosi and kundan embroidery. The unconventionally used georgette in a men’s ensemble further enhances it. waistcoat and a trouser. is revisited in this exquisite ensemble. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 123 of 166 . • Chikankari Kurta Description Chikankari.

Front open long jacket chudidar kurta with resham work along with shawl.a long jacket chudidar kurta with resham and zardosi embroidery. • Optional Item  Three Button Jacket with Stylish Suit Description A round-necked short jacket topped with a Chelsea-collared jacket for the casual look in a stylish suit. Price: Rs.9980 TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 124 of 166 .

To 799 Rs.1099 Underground music movement freash fashion cargo 1399 Rs.Special Diwali offers  MENS WEAR Bare denim smart T-shirt Rig smart T-shirt R-600+700 Bare denim Buy 2 denim & get Half slieve T-shirt Just for Rs. f 1499Rs. 2500 and complete jour look with Lombard accessories at a special price.199 Reebock T-shirts Buy worth rs.2000 of reebok products & get rebook shors FREE. 200 opp. Akkriti Oatj waer & ethnic wear Festive surprises By fact Rs.  Lombard Buy Lombard apprard worth Rs. 1995 for only Rs. 1500 fget a gift voucher of Rs.799. Lombard watch Rs. Offers buy john miller worth Rs.399 Shorts.499 to 549.  SCHOCKS puma addidas rang 89 to 459 per 3 shocks  UMM New arrival Cargos T-shirt. 4991 size 39 to 42  John miller John miller also market ties rang 250rs. on the 2nd He can’s are their for new stock around 40 shirts carries the only. 500 TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 125 of 166 .

 Shirts & other items            Sculler Sartel Akkriti F the factor Scotsulle Classic polo T-shirt Bare leisure Kurta pya jana Sharvani Ajile sport T-shirts Formal T-shirt  FEAMLE WEAR  UMM     Annabelle Rig utility clothing Bare denim Black & white T-shirt TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 126 of 166 . Sub segments are their        jone millers akkriti UMM Lee f factors JM sports Indigo nation cpntra formals best before 30 Lombard.

79. 400 only.2 billion people! Rs.  Kids bank Get your kid to join kids bank and make him learn to earn for good saving habits should being at an early age. 1000 & get worth rs.       18 major languages 6400 caster & sub caster 6 major religions 52 major tribes 29 major ethnic groups F 1. 999 for rs. 50 and they will give us 5 kids honey. 279 only Indian heritage collection. 99 and 149.  Special diwali Offer Before 1699 1799 2099 after 1399 1499 1699  Earn Spend Rs.   Ajile Honey Scullers  Buy honey merchandise worth rs. chalk party wear Rs.  KIDS WEAR  Freedom Get gifts and toys in exchange for kids money. 199 for the 3rd garment.  Sub segment       Gini & jony Freedom wear Kids studio Challh Infants Ethic wear TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 127 of 166 . T-shirt now get for rs. Condition open for kids between 3 and 12 years.

 Billing system TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 128 of 166 .  Schemes for NRI If NRI is their then he must be having passport or driving licence and if he buy more then 2500 Rs. 3000 and get a pair of sports shoes worth Rs. 1700 absolute free !!! Dressing of sales persons Blue shirt and black formal trouser which is given by jade blue it self to their all workers. More over before joining jade blue they are giving training also. Rs.  Freshness guaranteed This new jade blue store sings the emergence of a fresh vibrant and self confident India. Please ensure that the items you need exchanged are not used and or altered and that you retain the sales receipt.Rs 500 and Rs1000  Salary Salary is 4000 for sales person and 6000 for employers of jade blue working hours 8 bonus rate is as per working skills Diwali Bonus with one salary etra. 800 and join kids bank. Offer Hi I’m EARNIE kids bank learn to earn join buy from the kids section worth Rs. We believe that fashion has to be always be new fresh and different recognizing this need. We bring to you fresh fashion as frequently as you would like to visit the store. While trends will be sent more frequently quality and value for money will always be our guarantee. There are barista coffee store in jade blue. We will exchange un conditional in the store within 30 days of purchase.  Exchange policy They do understand that you may wish to exchange merchandise purchase. 12 trial rooms. 250.  The right gift Every time Let your loved onces choose from the widest range of fashion appared and accessories with gift vouchers from jade blue available in denominations of Rs.  Facility In every department the air freshner room sparay or smale is different. 100.  Shop of hop festival offer Celebrate festival with plant sports buy goods worth Rs. Cloths than he will get 4% discount on it but he will not get scheme benefited he will get discount on his purchase only in his bill.

Screeches  Insurance Jade blue has taken insurance from TATA AIG. Scanning system for bills price tags are scanned. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 129 of 166 .  Mike system Mike system is there for announcement or instruction to their workers or for to pass out any massage to any person roaming in store special to give instruction to their workers for customers service and other announcement.They are having software of RAM [retail enterprise manager] this software is made by store it self. Cards are allowed.

To compare various stores on specific parameters. To study the products offered by major branded retail ready made out lets in Ahmedabad. To study the preference of customers for ready made versus tailor made garments. RESEARCH OBJECTIVES • • • • To know the level of satisfaction of consumer for branded ready-made retail organization in Ahmedabad city .Chapter – 10 Research Methodology RESEARCH METHODLOGY 1. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 130 of 166 .

state your preference for branded ready made garments V/S tailor Made garments for your garment purchase [please tick] Strongly 1. data analysis and tools used  after the data was collected though the questionnaire data table were prepared an analysis was done on using pie charts 7. sampling  convenience sampling method was used for primary survey in kalol  7 stores in Ahmedabad were selected on geography basis  the sample size was also chosen to support analysis 6. brochure. Branded ready made Page 131 of 166 Prefer Do not prefer Strongly do not prefer TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA . RESEARCH SCOPE  Ahemadabad and kalol  7 stores of Ahmedabad 3.2. Secondary data  catalogues. primary data  unstructured primary interview with the staff of the stores  survey of 50 respondents in kalol based on a questionnaire 5. limitations  the staff of the stores in Ahmedabad gave an average response to our questions  we did not cover the unorganized market for the survey  samples were only drawn in kalol  sample size of 50 may be unreasonable  disadvantages for convince sampling also hold true  majority of the secondary data was collected from company web sites 1. support material provided by the stores  company web sites  news papers and magazines 4.

of visits in lat 6 months Average spender per visit 100 0+ Over all satisfaction With how many people you invites Str Satis Not Str 1 1 3 5 Satis satis not to to + satis 3 5 < 1 3 5 < 500 750 1 to to + 500 to to 3 5 700 100 0 Pantaloons Allen solly Jade Blue Circle P West side Peter England Arvind Chapter-11 Swot analysis TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 132 of 166 . garments Tailor made garments 2. please give details for the following: No.2.

They have different counters for different products. Foreigner visits increasing day by day. Specialized stores pose a threat to them. They survive with good brands and quality. They can provide different schemes and special discount offers. They help in saving time. Image at the people is that of a costly outlet/store. They survive in a sophisticated manner. The foreign brands boom in India. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 133 of 166 . • Opportunities • • • • Headband is at developing stage The standard of living changing at a fast scale.Identification of the threats and opportunities in the environment and the strength and weaknesses of the retail organization is the corner stone of the business policy formulation. • Strengths • • • • • • They provide different product under one roof. Private label is assuming the new level of significance by establishing a distinctive identity among retailers. • Weaknesses • • • • How to attract the customers? They have to employ perfectly trained personnel where the cost increases. To survive with how many brands at a same time. Many retail organization. • Threats • • • • Financial crises to survive in current scenario.

• Seasonal business. Chapter 12 GFINda[fpsagfjklj TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 134 of 166 .

1. state your preference for branded ready made garments V/S tailor Made garments for your garment purchase [please tick] Strongly 1. Branded 24 ready made garments Prefer 25 Do not prefer 1 Strongly do not prefer 0 TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 135 of 166 .

 TAILERE MADE GARMENT TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 136 of 166 . Tailor 14 made garments 19 12 5  BRANDED READY MADE GARMENTS 10 24 25     24 people is strongly satisfied 25 people would like to prefer 1 people do not prefer 0 people are strongly do not prefer maximum of the people would like to prefer branded ready made garments and none are strongly do not prefer it majority of people is strongly satisfied from it.2.

5 2 14 19     14 people are strongly satisfied 19 people would like to prefer 12 people do not prefer 5 people are do not prefer maximum people would like to prefer tailor made garments and there is a people who strongly do not prefer it. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 137 of 166 .

But none have visited pantaloons more than 5 times. NUMBER OF VISITS IN LAST 6 MONTHS Pantaloons Allen solly Jade Blue Circle P West side Peter England Arvind • <1 16 29 16 38 34 26 24 PANTALOONS 1 to 3 31 14 27 5 12 17 21 3 to 5 3 7 6 6 2 7 2 5+ 0 0 1 1 2 0 3 0 33 16 31 <1 16 1 to 3 31 3 to 5 3 5+ 0 Maximum people have visited pantaloons for 1 to 3 times in last 6 months. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 138 of 166 .

• ALLEN SOLLY 0 33 16 31 <1 29 1 to 3 14 3 to 5 7 5+ 0 Maximum of the people would like to visit allen solly once in a 6 month but no one would like to visit is more than 5 times • JADE BLUE 6 1 16 27 <1 16 1 to 3 27 3 to 5 6 5+ 1 Maximum people would like to visit jade blue 1 to 3 times only one people would like to visit jade blue 5 times. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 139 of 166 .

• CIRCLE P 6 5 1 38 <1 38 1 to 3 5 3 to 5 6 5+ 1 Maximum people would like to visit circle p once and only 1 people would like to visit it more than 5 times • WEST SIDE 2 12 2 34 <1 34 1 to 3 12 3 to 5 2 5+ 2 Maximum people would like to visit west side once and only 2 people would like to visit it more than 5 times. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 140 of 166 .

TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 141 of 166 . • ARVIND 2 3 24 21 <1 24 1 to 3 21 3 to 5 2 5+ 3 Maximum people would like to visit arvind once and 3 people would like to visit it more then 5 time.• PETER ENGLAND 7 0 26 17 <1 26 1 to 3 17 3 to 5 7 5+ 0 Maximum people would like to visit peter England once and no one like to visit it more than 5 times.

 AVERAGE SPEND PER VISIT < 500 Pantaloons Allen solly Jade Blue Circle P West side Peter England Arvind 4 6 18 2 3 3 2 • 500 to 700 19 8 18 6 7 7 12 750 to 1000 9 6 13 2 4 11 7 1000 + 2 1 2 2 2 3 5 PANTALOONS 2 9 4 19 < 500 4 500 to 700 19 750 to 1000 9 1000+ 2 Very few people are spending more in pantaloons but maximum spender is spending 500 to 700 in it. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 142 of 166 .

TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 143 of 166 .• ALLEN SOLLY 1 6 6 8 < 500 6 500 to 700 8 750 to 1000 6 1000+ 1 Maximum people are spending between 500 to 700 in allen solly only one person is spendind more then 1000 • JADE BLUE 2 1 13 18 < 500 1 500 to 700 18 750 to 1000 13 1000+ 2 Maximum people are spending between 500 to 700 in jade blue and only one person is spending less then 500 in it.

TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 144 of 166 . • WEST SIDE 2 3 4 7 < 500 3 500 to 700 7 750 to 1000 4 1000+ 2 Maximum people are spending between 500 to 700 in west side and very few are spending more those 1000.• CIRCLE P 2 2 2 6 < 500 2 500 to 700 6 750 to 1000 2 1000+ 2 Maximum people are spending 500 to 700 in circle p others are same.

• PETER ENGLAND 3 3 7 11 < 500 3 500 to 700 7 750 to 1000 11 1000+ 3 Maximum people are spending 750 to 1000 in peter England And than after 500 to 700. • ARVIND 5 2 7 12 < 500 2 500 to 700 12 750 to 1000 7 1000+ 5 Maximum people are spending 500 to 700 in arvind and very few people are spending < 500. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 145 of 166 .

TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 146 of 166 .OVER ALL SATISFACTION Str Satis Pantaloons Allen solly Jade Blue Circle P West side Peter England Arvind 7 4 10 3 3 8 12 • Satis 22 13 20 8 16 14 10 Not satis 4 2 4 1 3 1 4 Str not satis 1 2 0 0 0 1 0 PANTALOONS 4 1 7 22 Strongly satisfied 7 Satisfied 22 Not satisfied 4 Strongly not satisfied 1 Maximum people are satisfied from pantaloons and only one person is strongly not satisfied from pantaloons.

• ALLEN SOLLY 2 2 4 13 Strongly satisfied 4 Satisfied 13 Not satisfied 2 Strongly not satisfied 2 Maximum people are satisfied from allen solly • JADE BLUE 4 0 10 20 Strongly satisfied 10 Satisfied 20 Not satisfied 4 Strongly not satisfied 0 Maximum people are satisfied from jade blue and no one is strongly not satisfied from jade blue TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 147 of 166 .

TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 148 of 166 . • WEST SIDE 3 0 3 16 Strongly satisfied 3 Satisfied 16 Not satisfied 3 Strongly not satisfied 0 Maximum people are satisfied from west side and no one is strongly not satisfied from it.• CIRCLE P 1 0 3 8 Strongly satisfied 3 Satisfied 8 Not satisfied 1 Strongly not satisfied 0 No one is strongly not satisfied from circle p but maximum people are satisfied from it.

• PETER ENGLAND 1 1 8 14 Strongly satisfied 8 Satisfied 14 Not satisfied 1 Strongly not satisfied 1 14 people are satisfied and only 1 person is not satisfied from peter England • ARVIND 4 0 12 10 Strongly satisfied 12 Satisfied 10 Not satisfied 4 Strongly not satisfied 0 12 people are strongly satisfied from arvind and no one is strongly not satisfied from arvind TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 149 of 166 .

 WITH HOW MANY PEOPLE YOU WENT FOR SHOPPING 1 Pantaloons 8 Allen solly Jade Blue Circle P West side Peter England Arvind 1 1 7 3 4 6 5 1 to 3 1 8 7 1 9 6 7 1 1 1 0 3 5 to + 5 4 4 3 7 3 4 4 4 0 1 0 1 3 7 • PANTALOONS 4 4 8 18 1 8 1 to 3 18 3 to 5 4 5+ 4 18 people are visit pantaloons with 1 to 3 people and 4 people are visiting pantaloons with more them 3 people. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 150 of 166 .

TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 151 of 166 . • JADE BLUE 1 7 7 19 1 7 1 to 3 19 3 to 5 7 5+ 1 19 people are visiting jade blue with 1 to 3 people and only 1 person is visiting jade blue with more them 5 people.• ALLEN SOLLY 3 0 11 7 1 11 1 to 3 7 3 to 5 3 5+ 0 11 people are visiting allen solly with only 1 person and no one is visiting more them 5 people.

TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 152 of 166 .• CIRCLE P 3 0 3 6 1 3 1 to 3 6 3 to 5 3 5+ 0 6 people are visiting circle p with 1 to 3 people and no one is visiting circle p with more them 5 people. • WEST SIDE 1 4 4 7 1 4 1 to 3 7 3 to 5 4 5+ 1 7 people are visiting west side with 1 to 3 people and only 2 person is visiting west side with more then 5 people.

TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 153 of 166 .• PETER ENGLAND 3 4 6 11 1 6 1 to 3 11 3 to 5 4 5+ 3 11 people are visiting peter England with 1 to 3 people and 3 people are visiting peter England with more them 5 people. • ARVIND 7 5 4 10 1 5 1 to 3 10 3 to 5 4 5+ 7 10 people are visiting arvind with 1 to 3 people and 4 people are visiting arvind with only 3 to 5 people.

12 Conclusion TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 154 of 166 .Chapter .

2.  Amdavadis are fond of food and new cloths so all that stores which are having food facility that are more in benefit. They should advertise in a specific way to attract the customers of Surrounding areas of Ahmedabad as to their style of living. We also learned that it is very difficult to work in groups and be collective about the total work on a single goal 3. 4. 2.  They should try to serve with many brands at a time. We also learnt how to collect data from the internet and also from the stores 4. We conclude that the majority of the consumers are satisfied with the retail ready made garment. We made an attempt to apply the learnings of BBA in the project Other general suggestions and conclusions 1. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 155 of 166 . Consumers are getting whatever they want at reasonable prices and in their budget and it is the only reason of positive growth of retail ready made garment sector in Ahmedabad. Consumer feels status while visiting the showroom so they should advertise themselves on status criteria rather than other beneficial criteria.  As ladies love discount they should promote different schemes which would give maximum benefit to the customers. It was a great experience to be a student-researcher and give research findings but it is very difficult to get response form respondent.  They should have sufficient parking place in their store. 3. It will be too easy to do this work again.1. You have to create faith in the person to answer your question but once you know the trick nothing like it.  They should take care of over all hospitality.

Chapter -13 Bibliography TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 156 of 166 .

prenticehall of www.arvind.jadeblue.allensolly.circlep. 2002  Web sites        TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 157 of 166 www. Koltler.pantaloonsretailindia. www.westside. Principles of marketing.

Chapter-14 Annexure TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 158 of 166 .

please give details for the following: No. Branded ready made garments Tailor made garments 2. state your preference for branded ready made garments V/S tailor Made garments for your garment purchase [please tick] Strongly 1. Questionnaire 1. < 1 3 5 < 500 750 1 to to + 500 to to 3 5 700 100 0 Pantaloons Allen solly Jade Blue Circle P West side Peter England Arvind TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 159 of 166 . of visits in lat 6 months Average spender per visit 100 0+ Over all satisfaction With how many people you invites Str Satis Not Str 1 1 3 5 Satis satis not to to + satis 3 5 Prefer Do not prefer Strongly do not prefer 2.1.

With our economies of scale. nudie. Europe and Japan.5-3 billion per annum. New Arvind is also gearing up to slip into the role of a preferred fabric supplier to haute brands with its own fabric brand @. silk. This premium market is valued at a whopping $2. This includes operation on the Italian concept of ‘proonto moda’ (meaning immediate shipment) and even manufacturing as small a lot as 2 meters of a particular design. designed by top notch Japanese designer Hiroshi Kato. Italy and Turky. Ernest sewn. rogn. Arvind mills. These are brands that are never advertised and sold only through exclusive high street outlets in US. AG and melting pot is Ahmedabad based arvind mills Ltd. The team includes Japanese designers Kato and Alire. director and chief financial officer. at least for denim. you could call them the Harley Davidson of all jeans brands. The canvas includes denim blended with natural fibers like jute. Articles from news paper (times of India) 18/aug/2005 Arvind dresses up for cult denim biz It’s as haute couture as it gets. we can easily take on the Japanese and Italians.” explains Jayesh Shah. Enough reason for Arvind to acquire American rights for cult denim brand REDS. And gearing up to join this exclusive club of cult denim labels like 7 for all mankind. along with Turk. paper and linen.2. paper denim. It has also designed a different business model and strategy for its foray into this rarefied space catered to only by right-odd denim fabric markers from Japan. 45 rpm. With a pair of top-end jeans costing as high as an eye-brow raising $2000 apiece. promoted by top-shot Italian designer stephano Turk for an undisclosed amount. But what prompted an Indian player to aim for the top league? “The global denim market is getting crowded but the premium space had very few players globally. Sanjay Lalbhai has put in place a dedicated team of around 15 people to take care of the premium denim business code named 2X – running right from design through to production to marketing. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 160 of 166 .

has confirmed that various options were being considered. Landmark CEO Hemalatha Ramaiah. Apparently. and metro cash & carry. said insiders.” he said.4 crore from its material division this fiscal itself. 28/june/05 Retail boom: ancillary industries grow fast New Delhi: the boom in India’s $180 billion retail trade has triggered growth across a spate of organized ancillary industries. India’s largest retail chain. and manufacturers of air conditioners and microwave ovens. has generated business worth Rs. 1. Hemalathan Ramaiah is keen to run the business. In addition to specialized retail storage firms. : the potential is so huge that we think we should be able to do Rs. : based on growth figures of the TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 161 of 166 . has been in touch with the Ramaiah family. 250 crore in the next two years in its new home solutions retail business. Sources added that Rakesh Biyani. makings group. RPG group’s giant and food world. who along Ramaiah holds majority stake. said the target is to set up 1 million sq ft of retail space in the next 30 months. where he headed the latter’s retail business.” she said. is on the verge of being sold. while her brother may eventually choose to exit it. with a client list that includes pantaloon’s Big Bazaar and food Bazaar. 20. It is too early to comment on who and what it will be. The plan is to create multiple formats in the category. managing director & CEO of the pantaloon group company home solutions retail India. Pillai recently moved to pantaloon from the RPG group. denied any such deal. 10/sep/05 Pantaloon to invest RS 250cr Bangalore: retail major pantaloon plans to invest Rs. one of the country’s largest and best-known bookstore chains.000 crore turnover a year by 2007-08. the first full year of operations. supply chain management providers and organized retail design companies. the Chennaibased Ramaiah family. Pantaloon CEO Kishore Biyani. Its promoters. Rahu Pillai. Kishor’s cousin. demand is also being fuelled from IT hardware and software firms.11/aug/05 Pantaloon may buy landmark. Mumbai: landmark. Landmark and pantaloon have been in talks for over a month now. are currently negotiating a sale with pantaloon. Hyderabad based retail storage solutions major. including ‘home towns’ that will have just about everything you would need to build and manage a home. however.

Company has lined up another Rs. said an official at yum restaurant. Hero. the chiripal group company which is engaged in textiles fabrics manufacturing is planning to invest Rs. director at elephant design. Term loan of Rs. 20/july/05 Denim in demand: Nanadan to double production capacity. food world and Nilgiris. 150 crore project for whish it is finalizing the loans from banks. “Around Rs. 100 crore will be invested in setting up cotton spinning facilities. Yum restaurants-owned pizza Hut has been sourcing chillers and freezers from blue star.000 crore is expected too be pumped into retail expansion in the next year.” a yum restaurants” officials said. Nike and Reebok are not the only once driving the retail boom. Supply chain management is another area that’s preceding the retail boom. “The company will invest Rs. Said Ashini Deshpande. The KK Modi group’s 24x7 chain of convenience stores had hired the punebased consultancy firm elephant design to carve out a distinct retail identity for itself. therefore efficiencies in supply and logistics management had been identified as a key driver to profitability. 50 crore will be used for a gas – based captive power generation plant. makings group. Another Rs. and lifestyle and apparel Arvind Mills. chairman of NEL.retail industry. Together with some of the country’s biggest industrial houses like Reliance. a cumulative investment of Rs. 22. Existing retail chain like shoppers stop pantaloon. 29 core in doubling its denim production capacity to 20 million meters per annum.2 crore has ready been sanctioned by banks and the rest will be funded through internal accruals. “besides. there is a lot of emphasis on interiors – a key factor to attract customers. 35 crore for the material division by 2005-06. Samsung and Sony. Godrej and Wipro. local and multinational food services providers. Ahmedabad: Nandan exit Ltd.” said MK Agrawal marketing manager.” said Ved prakash chiripal.” said chiripal.4. CEO of supply chain and logistics solutions firm EAN India. at a press conference will be completed by end of 2005-06. even without foreign direct investment. 3. durables firms LG. we have estimated revenues of Rs. “globally.” EAN is working with closely chains like crossroad. supply chain costs account for 20% of production costs. while microwave ovens are being sourced from Samsung. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 162 of 166 . “Exposure to the international market has set this trend. “The logo of the store will be synergized with the stationary and staff outfits.000. The equity component will be raised through either a private placement or a rights issue. 179 crore in doubling its denim capacity as well as cotton-spinning facilities and a captive power plant. Said Ravi Mathur.

000 – 15. We sell denim fabric to garment manufactures. 7/sep/05 Textile ministry to sign pact for apparel parks ahmedabad: the union textiles ministry centre is all set to join hands with is try centre is all set to join hands with IL&FS set up 25 apparel parks across the country in a year’s time by merging the apparel park for exports scheme (APSES) with the textile centres infrastructure development scheme shankersinh vaghela has said. he added. For the first quarter ended June 30.65% to close at Rs. “We will be signing a MoU with IL&FS on September 15 for the shceme. The company also produces bottom weights for whish it has a capacity of 8 million meters per annum. We propose to set up a special purpose vehicle for the same and ensure a single window clearance to proposed projects.17 crore. net sales stood at Rs. The new scheme will not only speed the process of setting up the much needed apparel parks required for India to compete globally by eliminating the role of state governments and local civic bodies but also make available more funds to apparel exporters from the centre. 22 crore and net profit was Rs. The move will also enable easy availability of finance for new projects. Besides. 59 crore and Rs. many of whom are exporting. each of whish will ensure employment to around 10. Chiripal claimed that the domestic demand for denim is strong and it is growing at 25%per annum. 1. The company’s initial public offer (IPO) at Rs. “Under the new scheme the ministry will give Rs 50 crore subsidy to each apparel pak as opposed y ors. our realizations from domestic denim sales are higher than exports. “Currently. 79 on the BSE on Tuesday. In the past one weekly it has risen by 33%. 2.NEL’s stock price jumped by 18. respectively for the whole of 2004-05. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 163 of 166 .38 crore against Rs. 40 crore that they could get under both the shames put together. we have observed that state governments have been slow in rising to the challenge of coming up with apparel parks.” he said.000 people. 20 per share a few months back had got oversubscribed by 32 times. Union textiles minister Shankershinh Vaghela with members off the textiles industry.” veghela said at an interactive session with the textiles industry here on Monday.” he added.

Bangalore. The policy package for FDI is being evolved keeping in view the fact that unorganized trade and small shops at present account for as much as 98% of the retail market share in the country. A section of UPA government at the centre feels that powers to the states could be a possible way of resolving the political logia because of stiff opposition from the left parties to any move to allow FDI into the retail sector. 15/8/05 Mall math: movies & food sell. 4/8/05 States may get say in letting FDI into retail Package likely before prime minister’s US visit New Delhi State governments could have a major say in allowing FDI into the retail sector. Vishakhapatnam. Thiruvananthapuram and Jaipur. government is expected to soon open a dialogue with the left parties on opening up India’s $180 billion and fast growing retail market. officials said. among others. The policy for a measured opening of the retail sector to FDI is very much on the reforms agenda of the government for the next few weeks and officials except the move to fructify before this month’s visit of the PM to the us. ‘power for the state governments” was a major mitigating political factor which enabled UPA government recently to allow FDI up to 100% in the development and construction of housing. it is proposed that the prospective foreign investors would have to first secure state government’s clearance on location of retail outlets and stores before being allowed to bring in FDI. Lidhiyana. the policy clearly enunciated the role that the state governments would have in deciding the locations of the projects. others are proposed at location like Surat. As part of the effort to evolve a politically doable policy package that would remove the existing ban on FDI in retail.While the first such apparel park has come up at Tirupur. After the stand-off on BHEL disinvestment is resolved. hotels and commercial premises. shopping malls. brands do not New Delhi: TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 164 of 166 . Adequate safeguards to protect the country’s lakes of small “pop and son” stores and a say for the state governments in FDI approval could form the basis for the discussion with the left parties.

9 militant people visited PVR cinemas across our Bangalore. TYBBA/GP/2005-06/BPCBBA Page 165 of 166 . average occupant levels at PVR theatres on weekends crosse4s 60%. This year. “According to cross dhingra.000 to 60. The only things that sell are movie tickets. V-P. People do not visit gold soak simple to kill time or when they have power cuts at home. PVR cinemas says. Developers say that over 60% of people who visit malls end up watching a movie and eating out. “Being a specialty mall we get only serious buyers. Tushar dhingra. Last year. but only 30% actually end up shopping. aerens. food and drink and activities like bowling or miniature adventure sports. we expect the figure to cross 10 million. for example.Setting up a new mall? Forget high street brands. 3. about 50. On weekends.000 people visit malls.” says Gaurav gupta director. “A cinema hall is the tenant of May mall.

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