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May 3, 2016 Matt Hogue Director of Athletics Coastal Carolina University PO Box 261954 Conway, SC-29528 Re: 1d Outfitter Agreement between Coastal Carolina University and Under Armour, Dear Matt, ‘Thank you for the opportunity to partner with Coastal Carolina University, We are excited to present you with this offer outlining the material business terms ofthe potential relationship between Coastal Carolina University (“University”) and ‘Under Amour, Inc. (“Under Armour"). This proposal is subject to the exeoution of Under Armour's Official Outfitter Agreement, which contains additional standard terms and conditions. 1. abi. The proposed term of the Agreement shall be 7 years commencing on July 1, 2016 and ending on June_30, 2023 (“Term”), A “Contract Year” shall mean each twelve (12) month period beginning on July 1 and ending on the next following June 30 during the Term. 2, Exclusive Outfitter and Supplier. Under Armour will be the exclusive official outfiter and supplier to all of University’s varsity athletic teams of: (a) athletic and athletially-elated (i) apparel; (ii) footwear, and (il) accessories; (6) sports equipment, subject to any preexisting contracts that University has with respect to sports equipment; and (e) connected fitness products, including without limitation health and fitness tool, applications, software, and platforms 3. Consideration, Under Armour shall provide consideration to University during the Term as follows: (@) Sponsor Fee. Under Armour shall pay University a sponsor fee of $25,000 cash in each Contract Year. () oduct Allowance. ‘Under Armour shall provide University with Under Armour products totaling $350,000 {in Contract Year #1 and $300,000 in Years 2-7 valued at retail pricing for purposes of outfitting University’s teams, (©), Basketball, Under Armour shall provide the Basketball Program with Under Armour products totaling $50,000 at retail pricing in each contract year, (@ Football. Under Armour shall provide a “buy one get one” on football jerseys for Contract Year #1. (©) Performance Bonuses. Under Armour shall pay University the performance bonuses based on University’s ‘teams" achievements in each Contract Year as set forth in Exhibit A attached hereto. ‘The performance bonuses shall be non. ‘cumulative in each category. (If University purchases at least $400,000 worth of products at Team pricing for the Terms per Contract Year, then Under Armour shall provide the University with Products valued at Retail Pricing free of charge in the amount set forth in the chart below (the “Promotional Product Credit”) Tro oaa Vase a nPanglol | ltr ita Woe) Pitts rucsedtereans| Pots trond ney ‘Soo: $080 08 on ss09 00 Sao a0 ‘sot ‘m1 (©) BSN will provide an additional $25,000 of Under Armour Products at retail pricing in each contract year. nee tL Products. Under Armour, or its licensee for certain Under Armour products beating collegiate trademarks, shall have the (a) exclusive right to sell performance athletic products, authentic competition products, and replica products in all sales channels, and (b) non-exclusive right to sell non-performance athletic products and headwear, bearing University's name, Jogo, and marks at retail during the Term, subject to the payment by Under Armour or its licensee of mutually agreed upon {pralties. “University agrees that direct competitors of Under Armour will not be permited to sell athletic products bearing University’s name, logo, and marks during the Term, 5 oro i ctketina Benefits. University shall provide Under Armour wit the marketing benefits set forth in Exhibit B attached hereto in each Contract Year, 6. Right of First Negotiation / Right of First Refusal. Under Armour's Official Outfitter Agreement will include standard rights of first negotiation and rights of fist refusal. Fou ublic Atmouncements. Neither party shal issue any pubic statements or press releases conceming tis letter, the ‘terms of this letter, or any resulting relationship without the prior written approval of the other party, 8. Expiration. The terms contained inthis offer letter will expe within 30 days following the date ofthis leter Thank you in advance for yout consideration of this proposal. If you have any additional questions regarding the business terms outlined above, please contact me at, We look forward to hearing from you. Best Regards, ‘Sean Sullivan Director, College Sports Attachments Accepted and agreed Coastal Caroliga University: Zon, Sean Suliv Director Collegiate Sports pee Oh SE EXHIBIT A Performance Bonuses Post-Season Bonus ~Foi © End of Year Top 10 Ranking - $2,500 - For 2016 Only © Non College Football Playoff Committee Bow! Game Participant ~ $5,000 © College Football Playoff Committee Bowl Game Participant - $25,000 © National Champion - $250,000 Post-Season (Tournament) Bonus ~ Men’s Basketball ‘NCAA appearance ~ $10,000 NCAA 3" round appearance ~ $15,000 NCAA Sweet 16 appearance — $25,000 NCAA Elite 8 appearance — $50,000 NCAA Final Four appearance ~ $100,000 NCAA Champion ~ $200,000 occ000 Season (Tournament) Bonus — Women’s Basketball NCAA appearance - $5,000 NCAA 2 Round - $10,000 NCAA Sweet 16 ~ $15,000 NCAA Elite 8 appearance - $25,000 NCAA Final Four appearance ~ $50,000 NCAA Champion $100,000 eo0000 ost (Tournament) Bonus ~ Baseball © NCAA Regional appearance — $5,000 © NCAA Super Regional - $10,000 © College World Series Appearance - $25,000 © College World Series Champion - $100,000 Post-Season (Tournament) Bonus ~ all other t i IWEootball/Baseball) ‘© NCAA appearance — $2,500 © NCAA Championship appearance — $5,000 © NCAA Champion — $10,000 NCAA Coach of the Year ‘© Men’s Basketball - $25,000 © Women’s Basketball ~ $15,000 © Football - $25,000 © Baseball - $15,000 © All other teams (excluding Basketball/Football/Baseball) — $2,500 EXHIBIT B Marketing Benefits ‘OMlctal Designations University hereby grants Under Armour the exclusive right to the official designation of “Official Guiiter of Coastal Carolina University Athletics,” as well asthe “Official Outitter” of University’s teams Collectively, _D2Utsial Designations”), University shall use its best efforts to refer to Under Amour by such Official Desipuations ie appropriate setings and situations. The partes may, from time to time, mutually agree in writing 10 addaione! afer designations, Hospitality, Tickets and Parking Passes. University shall supply Under Armour with eight (8) best available tickets and two ©) parking pases fo each team’s regular season home games. Further, University shall supply Under Armour uit ate (© best avaliable lcket books to any exhibition game, neural site, exempt event and post-regular season foumement in whichs toon partcibates, a well 2 one (1) parking pass o any such game, In addition, University shall provide Under Armour with ce CeeAiy to Purchase addtional tickets and parking passes upon request and subject to availabilty. University shall supply Ander Armour with two 2) passes to each Alumni, Donor or other similar function at each team’s regular seseen hone ‘games. Further, University shall supply Under Armour with one (1) All-Access credential to each team's regular sesoms mag ost. Ggiton games, and shall uso best efforts to provide additional credentials when requested by Under Armour, note execcd inc: @) per game. Giaeeetian Materia Under Armour shall be recognized by the Official Designations on any University website, in any area’ Publication and in any University adverisements or promotional materials that relate to. University's nese, Tree Gare limited to posters, calendars, and newsletters. Without iting the foregoing, above the fol, Univenty call place tne UA logo on each team’s home page and a hypertext link from such home page to the Under Armour wets ait, Thea Includes any coach's on and off-campus sports camps Sianage. Under Armour shall receive evo (2) best availabe, television view signage tall venues where the teams play their Pome gunes, and shall receive one (1) prominent television view logo on any coaches’ shows. Additionally, Under Armes Gaull receive logo placements on each team’s media step and repeat backdrops. Under Armour shall receive minim of tan Qrminits of LED, video boards, LED ribbons and rotational boards, in venues where the teams play thls home gumee Under Jogo placements in each team’s locker rooms, practice facility, sports medicine facility, equipment room, ftensth & conditioning, and in other tocations as mutually agreed upon by University and Under Armout. Under Amon ot be responsible forthe costs of ereating and providing such signage, and University shall be responsible forthe inellaton roainnanec costs associated with such signage, Under Armour considers the following facilites, at minimum tobe some ot Pee, eles: Adkins Field House, Boni Belle Hiting Facility, Brooks Stadium, Coastal Carolina Soccer Stadium Consal santa Softall Stadium, Coastal Carolina Teanis Complex, Coastal Carolina Track and Feld Fasiliy, Spring, Brooke Stadium, The HTTC Center, Watson Strength and Conditioning Center, & The Richard Ward Sports Performance Couey Annonncements and Other Advertisements. If the venue where the teams play their home games has such capability, Under upon by the partes in advance. ‘Soetal Media, University shall positively promote its relationship with Under Armour, the Under Armour brand, andthe Under Armour products in a minimum of four (4) social media posis per Contract Yeer. The content of such posts shall be provided by Under Armour and approved in advance by University, such approval not to be unreasonably delayed or withheld FunaList I requested by Under Armour, University’s athletic departrent shall make four (4) electronic mailings or e- basis er Contact Year (one (1) mating per quarter) on behalf of Under Armour to the athletes mailing let, Gi, the Understanding tha the content of such mailings shall be mutually agreed upon by the parties,

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