Beauté Boutique Human Assets Assessment and Development Planning Form

Employee Name Department Total Points : : : Job Title : Date of joining:

Objectives of HAADP process:

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To assess past level of goal achievement and identify development needs. To involve employee and supervisor in identifying future performance goals. To encourage leader – follower communication. To check Beauté Boutique growth and employee’s contribution to it.

Instructions – Read Carefully:

This appraisal form should be filled with the concerned reporting head. The Appraise should be given adequate time to review appraisal and discuss with the reporting head in an atmosphere of privacy. • Carefully analyze the person’s overall job performance and traits. Do not make a snap judgment. • Concerned head of the department should set main objectives for each employee. These objectives are subject to be reviewed every half year i.e. end of March as well as end of September • Column A to be filled by Appraisee, Column B to be filled in by immediate reporting head Column C has to be filled in by Head of the department or Head- Retail Operation after consulting with reporting head / HOD. D is the final calculation will be done by HR PART 1: Part one consist Key Result/ Responsibility Area of employee as expected by ACPL Key Result area will be specified by reporting head and HR will input this in this form. 1 a b c d e f g h i j k






Precision. coworkers &other staffs) Team Work(Team participant. Loyalty& Organizational Ethics Follows Organizational Policies and Procedures 5 10 5 5 5 5 5 5 10 6 a 5 7 a c Total 5 5 100 2 .PART 2: Part 2 relates to competencies required other than the KRAs to judge employee’s performance MAX APPRAISEE(A) APPRAISER(B) REVIEWER(C) FINAL POINTS (D) 2 Job Knowledge a Job Knowledge 5 b Analysis of Problem & 10 Suggestions for work improvement c Follow up of proper 5 Procedure d Accuracy. contribution and commitment to team success) COMMUNICATION Ability to convey thoughts &feelings with clarity (both written and verbal) ORGANISATION CULTURE Integrity . 5 Thoroughness &Neatness e Reliability & Decision 5 Making 3 QUANTITY OF WORK a b c 4 a c e f 5 a b Priority Setting Amount of work Completed Adherence to Work Schedule APPROACH TO WORK Initiative& Innovativeness Planning Following Instructions Regular Attendance& Discipline( including punctuality) INTER PERSONAL SKILLS Interaction with others(superiors.

2010 to 31st March 2011 Sr. specified by employee) and how organization benefited from it 1 Remarks of reporting head 2 3 4 5 6 7 3 . Your major achievement / Initiatives (To be No.PART 3: Part 3 relates to Major achievement of employee during October 01.

8. 2011 TO SEPTEMBER 30. 2011 Objective of the organization Mission statement Vision statement Objective of the department Sr. Management expectation : : : : Objective set up by HOD Agreed by employee Timeline/ deadline for objective % achieved signature 4 . HR will maintain data of deadline given to employee and keep the same in record. 3. 11. 9. 13. 16 P. 14. 1. this sheet will be KRAs of concerned employee.S. 4. No.MUTALLY AGREED TARGETS FOR April 01. 7. 15.: Employee need to retain the copy and check their progress. 5. 2. 12. 6. During next appraisal. 10.

This review has been discussed with me by HR and my reporting head.02. 2010 to 28. Also specify what would be your efforts in developing yourself in these areas. Signature & Date: ___________________________ (Appraise) _______________________________ (Appraiser) 5 . so give details. S No Training need My commitment/efforts Remarks (HOD/Reporting Senior) Do you have any professional membership? If. Conferences. Service specific or any other External or Internal training programmes) Date Nature of the programme Particulars of the programme Facilitator Effectiveness of the programme Please specify areas where you would need inputs by way of training (both professional & personal development). Seminars.YOUR TRAINING FEEDBACK/NEED FOR THE YEAR Please give below the details of all the programmes attended by you from April 01.2011 (Induction. Learning session.

need to be terminated or transferred to other department. If employee doesn’t show improvement even after training.Signature & Date: ___________________________ (Head. and exceeds expectations in all situations. need to be placed in appropriate job role. Clearly meets essential requirements of job. Employee need to be terminated  76%-89%  60%-75%  45%-59%  31%-44%  0%-30% Final decision: Grade achieved (incentive) Promotion to Approver’s name : : : : % increment approved :______(Fixed)____ next designation: Signature: Designation: Appraisal effective from 6 . Meets requirements of the job occasionally. Good Performance is consistent. Needs Improvement Performance is inconsistent. Supervision and training is required for most problem areas.100% Outstanding Performance is exceptional and far exceeds expectations. Meets requirements of the job.Retail Operation) _______________________________ (Human Resources) D= 20% (Sum Total of A)+40%(Sum Total of B)+40% (Sum Total of C) Grading  90%. (Termination should be last action) Unsatisfactory Performance does not meet the minimum requirements of the job. Very Good Performance is consistent. need to plan for his next role. Consistently demonstrates excellent standards in all job requirements. Fair Performance is satisfactory.