Paris School of Business 35, Avenue Phillipe Auguste- 75011 Paris Telephone:

1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) Letter from the Dean George NURDIN, ………..…………………..3 VISA Information……………………………………………………....6 Working and Internships with a Student Visa…………………………10 Libraries and Resources for Research in Paris……………………….13 How to Find a Place to Live…………………………………………….15 Food and Meals………………………………………………………..17 Travelling In and Out of Paris, France………………………………..19 Holidays………………………………………………………………..22 Essential Information and Contacts………………………………….23 a) Banks b) Drug store/Pharmacies c) Entertainment in Paris d) Post Office/mail e) Telephones and Calling

10) How and Where to Consult a Doctor………………………………..30 STUDENT HEALTH INSURANCE AND ADDRESSES………31 Useful Numbers……………………………………………………..33


Dean’s Message Paris School of Business is one of handful of schools, accredited to the highest International & American academic standards, that offers the possibility for students coming from all over the world to study abroad on a campus in France, within the heart of Paris (90 + nationalities represented at Paris School of Business) with specializations in international business and management, in the heart of the largest integrated Economic Zone of the world, the European Union, and courses taught entirely in English, from Bachelor and Masters degrees, to Doctorate and Executive Education programs. Paris is the undisputed home of key world business with specialties in: the Arts, Cultural Activities, Luxury &Fashion, Architecture, Tourism, and Business. In addition to being a “walking distance” away from world policy making centers for International Business Diplomacy, International Geo-Economics, International Lobbying, International Finance Hubs, etc. The Paris School of Business strives on leverage from this natural competitive advantage to offer our selected international students a series of specialized BBA, MBA, M.Sc., and Doctorate degrees, to address these domains, which cannot easily be found elsewhere in the world. We Go Beyond Degree In today’s world having a degree just for the sake of having a degree no longer makes sense. Paris School of Business sees education as an investment which must produce a return. We angle to shape our degree (and non-degree programs) to be geared to predict the trends of the job market, as reflected by our electives and/or tracks. We achieve this by loading our teachings with real business cases studies, consultancy projects, visits to companies abroad, professional seminars and conferences, on-campus recruitment days, world renowned key-note speakers and patrons, conferences and internships (we receive over 35,000 internships offers per year at PGSM). In addition, our Faculty draws from a balanced mix of academics and professionals. In conclusion, our motto “Live, Learn, Lead” epitomizes the Paris School of Business “zeitgeist”. Welcome to a life changing unique learning experience studying abroad in France, at the Paris School of Business and select from our degree program portfolio the one suited for you in order to advance your international career. Dr. George Nurdin

and where to go and what to see. ESGI. You may be studying abroad for a semester. I encourage all of you to seek a student internship. ESGCI) who know the administration. the do’s and the don’ts. enter your login and password and select “Stages” (internships). ESGF.35.pole-esg. You may also be participating in our summer abroad programs. the student associations. We encourage students studying abroad at our campus. a school year or completing your entire degree at the Paris School of Business. you should make an appointment with your Academic Advisor Jeanine Brami directly. or the Associate Dean. Simply select “My PGSM” on the page www. For other problems. particularly when dealing with faculty. the various campuses. Students in the other programs of the group (ESG.75013 Paris 01. You can now count among the 5 200 students who attend classes within the various programs at PGSM. especially for the students who want to work in Europe or France for the coming years.30 Métro: les Gobelins (line 7) 4 . You will be given your access code for our Extranet Site. Making the decision to complete your studies abroad and attend the Paris School of Business. A hearty welcome to all Paris School of Business students. Myriam Temstet runs our Internship Office and is available to help you. which offers hundreds of internships. Each professor will give you a syllabus in the beginning of his / her class. rue Nicolas Roret . is one of the best you can make in your life. Your fellow students will be one of your best source of information and may become your friends and future colleagues. indicating the required book(s) you are to to see our Extranet homepage. A great way to get to know each other is to attend the upcoming Integration Seminar. to introduce themselves to other students. Please pay attention to important dates you have with the “Préfecture” and other French officials: a week-notice is necessary for the Academic Advisor to issue the registration certificate needed for the “Carte de Séjour”. you should see either your student delegate.45. For registration and academic matters.30. faculty members.Dear Students. A recommended bookstore is: SMD 1.

They develop some very important skills you will need in your professional life: team working. but you will need to work hard and be diligent. Thus we are confident you will succeed. Extra-curricular activities enable you to know other students in a non academic setting while pursuing your passions and creating a school spirit. which requires a personal computer (laptop or others).Please note that the textbooks are compulsory. budget planning. Please note that all students who are registered in the BBA Program. who will be with us for two semesters. and participants in the student exchange program. and you have the support of the BBA Student Government (ex. a soccer team…). The other exchange students are strongly encouraged to participate*. I wish you a very good year. Paris School of Business 5 . both for your academic and personal lives. dealing with responsibility… This is why BBA students receive one credit per semester and a letter grade for their student activity. You can also start your own association as long as you garner enough student interest.: a finance group. must participate in a student activity and pay association dues. and the professor may refuse students who do not have the textbook Professors may also require on-line work. The enrollment and active participation of all BBA students in associations is considered very important for the BBA program. Know that each of you was chosen among a selected group of applicants. Very truly yours.

The residence permit will be given in the form of a sticker on your passport. within the limit of validity of the latter. and the date of expiry of your passport.a copy of your last gas. For this. Before coming to France.proof that you are accepted and admitted in a private or public school . depending on the duration of your studies. electric or phone bill .proof that you have obtained housing . you must go to the “Centre de Réception des Etudiants Etrangers de la Préfecture de Police de Paris”. studying abroad in France who do not belong to the EU.gouv.htm The request must be made as soon as you arrive in France.a copy of your current passport or another photo identity . which is located either at . showing the amount your receive . must obtain a student visa. Tel: 0821 001 975.VISA INFORMATION All foreign students. Maison Internationale. at your the “Prefecture” in your you must go to your local French embassy or consulate to request a visa. or within the 3 months following your entry.13 rue Miollis 75015 Paris. (Subway Station: « Cambronne »). If you plan to come to France for more three months.your student entry visa (only for non EU Citizens) .proof of any financial aid. showing sufficient resources (a letter from your bank) . This rule does not apply if you are eligible for a “temporary residence permit exemption" visa. recent ant not scanned) . All EU and non-EU students desiring to study in France for more than three months must obtain a French identity card or “Carte de Séjour” (valid for one year and given by the “Préfecture de Police”) If you can read French please see the web site it is very helpful! www. 2009 with the following documents: FIRST TIME STUDENT RESIDENT PERMITS : .5cm . A residence permit is obligatory as per French immigration laws.three black & white (3) identify photos (3.interieur.proof of solvency. it is imperative for you to apply for a temporary residence permit for students.prefecture-police-paris.Cité Internationale. It is valid for one year or less.5cm x 4. or at .a pre-stamped envelope 6 .17 Bld jourdan Paris 14ème (RER B : « Cité Universitaire » or Metro line n°4 : « Porte d’Orléans ») from 8 September to 11 December.a copy of your student social security card or form E 128 .

This is undertaken by the Agence Nationale de l’Accueil des Etrangers et des Migrations -public establishment in charge of implementing immigration policies passed by Préfecture des Yvelines (Versailles . pass a medical exam in France.pref.77) www.94) Préfecture du Val d’Oise ( Cergy-Pontoise – 95) www.78) www.gouv. like all non European Union nationals.a tax stamp (please confirm with the Préfecture the price ) You must then present all these documents to the “Préfecture de Police”.gouv.hauts-de-seine. you must. 9 bd du Palais 75014 Paris (Subway Station: Cité) Préfecture du Val de Marne (Créteil THE MEDICAL EXAM AT ANAEM To obtain a residence permit. You will be given an appointment for the medical exam at the time of submitting your papers for a residence permit.gouv.dpg-6eb-etudiants@interieur.pref.htm Or by email : prefpol. You will receive a convocation for the medical exam and directions making it easier for you to get there.gouv.pref. Tel: 01 53 71 51 68.pref. The police will give you an appointment for your medical examination RENEWAL OF STUDENT RESIDENT PERMIT Only after having scheduled an appointment on the website of « Préfecture de Police Paris” : Préfecture des Hauts-de-Seine (Nanterre . 7 .fr/ Préfecture de la Seine-Saint-Denis (Bobigny .fr/module_rdv/etudiants/ Préfecture de la Seine et Marne (Melun .essonne.92) You may also contact the following number :0 821 00 19 75 (dial 1 for "info" then 1 for "Paris" and 2 for” renouvellement “ (renewal) If you live in the suburb of Paris : you have to contact the following “prefecture” accordingly with your address: Préfecture de l'Essonne (Evry .yvelines.gouv.interieur.gouv.91) www.gouv.93) www.

medical prescriptions. or if you wear glasses. in exam takes places at : ANAEM Délégation de Paris 48. international students must pay into the French national social system (around 198 €uros will cover your medical costs while in Paris).fr The day of the medical exam. students from the EU must fill out the Form E-128 (certification that they benefit from social security in their country of origin) with their national social security office to obtain 8 . Once you have your medical results. if you change address during your stay in France. a radiography. Checks are made payable to the school and all social security costs are entirely the student’s responsibility Participants in the student exchange program who will be staying for less than six months must provide proof that they are covered under an insurance policy in the country of origin. Attention: in case of accident. It is not necessary to fast beforehand. STUDENTS STUDYING ABROAD IN FRANCE FROM THE EUROPEAN UNION Before coming to France. hospitalization and repatriation.anaem. you must return to the “Préfecture de Police de la Cité” to pick up your visa or “Carte de Séjour”. rue de la Roquette 75011 Paris Métro : Bastille (exit : Rue de la Roquette) Mail : www. You can also request for it to be sent by the post office. you must fill out a social security form provided by the administration when you register (upon presentation of your passport and visa). INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS STUDYING ABROAD IN FRANCE FROM OUTSIDE THE EUROPEAN UNION All foreign students from outside the European Union and between 20 and 28 years old staying in France must have medical insurance to cover potential medical costs. Exceptionally. Beyond the six-month stay in the exchange program. You will be issued a medical certificate at the end of the visit. the PGSM Group will not be responsible. you must inform the Préfecture and fill out the necessary forms. If you have a medical file. you must bring them along with you for the visit. To do this. a supplementary medical exam may be indicated. REMEMBER. Keep your medical certificate carefully as it is indispensable for all administrative procedures. you will undergo a series of medical tests.

prefecture-police-paris. More INFORMATION Ministère des Affaires étrangères www. EU students may receive their reimbursement by presenting Form E-128 to the Center for International Relations for the Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie de of their medical costs in Tentative list of what documents to submit for students studying abroad in France.asso.cnous.htm Tentative list and description of what documents to submit for students studying abroad. call at 0 800 95 95 75 (toll free).fr/fr/a-etudier/etudes05-3.egide. CNOUS www. Egide www. the request for renewal must be made in the two months preceding the expiry of your current visa. In the event of problems with the Internet. The list varies from case to case.interieur. 9 . To renew your student residence permit you must make an appointment directly on the Prefecture of Police Paris website: www. Tel: 01 40 19 55 30.edufrance. EduFrance www.html Detailed list of documents to submit with a visa application for students studying abroad. 173 rue de Bercy 75012 Paris.jhtml Tentative list of what documents to submit for students studying abroad. based on the duration of your stay and

Validity The work permit is valid for maximum 9 months. Without exception. or certificate. You will then only be able to work 375.65 hours. Authorization provisoire de travail (APT) from the Employment Authorities of your district. Consequently. and are enrolled at an academic institution. You cannot work full time for more than 3 consecutive months. Knowing the basic information will save you time and needless trips to and from the various offices. have student social security and posses a work contract.65) for the rest of the year. Dispensation Students of the European Union You do not need a provisional work permit if you are an EU national: 27 member states of the European Union + Iceland. while studying abroad. but to a tripartite training agreement (between your school or university. whether it is optional or compulsory.WORKING and INTERNSHIPS WITH a STUDENT VISA WORKING For those who want to work. Liechtenstein and Norway.55 (per month) = 454. or attestation for promise of employment. you have to obtain a provisional work permit.65 hours (= 830. Your course itself is not subject to a work contract. contract for part time work (less than 34 hours per week). and is renewable. contact the “Délégation du Travail”. Direction Départementale du travail. de l’emploi et de la formation professionnelle (DDTEFP) in order to undertake any professional activity. Regulations The work contract can be a fixed contract (CDD) or indefinite (CDI). The maximum limit of authorized work hours in a year is 830 and a half hours. you only have to apply to the DDTEFP to obtain a provisional work permit. Paid training courses If you are doing a paid training course. This will be granted if you hold a student resident permit. 127 bd de la Villette 75019 Paris (Subway Station: Jaurès). this amount will be deducted from your authorized annual amount. if you work full time for 3 months (3 x 151. 10 . enterprise and yourself). This organization can help you get a work permit within three weeks. Provisional Work Permit (APT) Student employment is under legal authority and subject to strict laws.30 – 454.

The type of work contract: CDD (fixed tem contact) or CDI (indeterminate contract) . as well as the passport pages showing the date of validity and your ID. 01 44 84 41 15 Fax. days and hours .Original of your attestation of affiliation to your higher study establishment’s social security plan. . Tuesdays and Thursdays If you live in the suburbs of Paris. .html Documents to provide with the dossiers to be submitted to the DDTEFP de Paris All documents requested must be photocopied First time application . receipt of valid stay.Original of the employment undertaking or the copy of your work contract. often located at the district Préfecture near your place of residence: Consult the addresses of DDTEFM on the site of Ministère des affaires sociales.If you live in Paris. end of attestation of attendance if your work contract has not been broken.Original and copy of your last work permit (APT) . You must also provide an attestation of non-employment for eventual periods when you did not.copies of your payslips corresponding to your last work permit or APT. du travail et de la solidarité: www.gouv.Gross monthly salary or gross hourly rate . you must deposit or send in your complete application dossier APT to: Bureau de la Main d’Oeuvre Etrangère de la DDTEFP 127 boulevard de la Villette 75010 Paris Tel.Copy of the « student » resident permit.travail. must contain the following information: .Period of employment . you must approach the DDTEFP. This attestation will be furnished by your place of study.If you have a research grant: the research grant allocation contract and the attestation of the assignment 11 . 01 44 84 42 16 Open to public: From 9h to 11h daily From 14h to 16h dated less than a month back.Copy of your student card for the academic year in progress. given by your employer. in addition to: . . . -Copy of work certificate given at the end of the work contract (resignation. termination of services) Special cases You must submit all of the documents required for the first time application and renewal. All these documents.Work Place.Stamped envelope addressed to your name Renewal or new provisional work permit You must furnish all the above mentioned documents as well as: .qualification .

vos démarches vosdroits. Their can be NO exceptions! 12 .If you have previously worked as a family helper trainee (au pair): a copy of your last work contract. by law. or correspondence with the host family mentioning the date of end of work arrangement.html Professional activity Internships with Student VISA Foreign students who hold a “Carte de Séjour Etudiants” can do a student internship during their studies. REMEMBER: This may not be prolonged or finish after your academic year is over.A resident permit for entire length of time your internship will last (Carte de Séjour) . A student card does not have to be submitted. dossiers and addresses of DDTEFP Useful info. as well as the decree or commencement report or attestation -If you are a trainee chief accountant.If you are a nursing aide or nurse: authorization from the DDASS allowing you to practice . auditor.. Applications Calendar for Paris The file must be deposited at least one month before your work contract takes effect. a receipt conferring provisional authorization to work may be given to you at the time of depositing the dossier at the Service des Main-d’œuvre étrangère (127 bd de la Villette 75010 PARIS).Health Insurance authorized by the government for the entire time (Health Insurance) .The Contract for permission to do an Internship between the du travail et de la solidarité www. . and the attestation of assignment mentioning the actual date of commencement of work. For 2010/2011academic year all internships must.travail. be finished by September 2011 and at the latest by December 2011. lawyer or notary.Proof that you are enrolled in an academic program (Attestation de Scolarité) . the employer and the student: Convention de Stage. or a change of employer. In order to obtain the right to do an internship you must have the following documents: .fr : vos droits.If you are a temporary teaching and research assistant (ATER) or language assistant: the ATER contract given by the Rectorat. Tel: 01 44 84 42 86. If you have never been awarded a provisional work permit. For those that speak French you can get more information by contacting the office “Service de la Main d’Oeuvre Etrangère”. or if it concerns a renewal for your work permit.You may also speak with Myriam Temstet at the Service des Stages at Nation who will provide you with the authorized and obligatory « Convention de Stage » once you have found an Internship. or an additional employer. lawyer or notary: the attestation from of the office of the chief accountant. Ministère des affaires sociales.service-public.

have membership fees. audiovisual materials. or St. Sec the attached for the complete listing-of Bibliothèque Faidherbe (near Nation) Faidherbe Library 18 rue Faidherbe 75011 Paris Tel.20 Métro: Faidherbe/Chaligny Hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 1pm until 7pm 13 . The reading room at Saint Ambroise is open during business hours. For more detailed information on the collection and inscription information. Ambroise 25. where students can borrow books from 10:00AM to 1:00PM and 2:00PM to 5:00PM. see the librarian at Nation. Note that some libraries.” St Ambroise Library Rules All students can use the St Ambroise center to consult the books and other sources necessary for their courses and studies. portable computers are given to students personally and remain within their responsibility.00 Métro: St. Ambroise 75011 Paris -Tel: 01. Internet access is available in the “Salle Informatique” as well as various CD-ROMs in the “Salle des Marchés des Finances.44. 1) Library and Multimedia Room for PSGM ESG at St.Paris Public Librairies Web site for cultural affairs in Paris « Site internet des affaires culturelles de la Ville de Paris » : http://www. Borrowing books is free upon presentation of your student card.25. Students can use the books in the library but cannot take them out. rue St. ESG subscribes to the Economist and and RESOURCES for RESEARCH in PARIS This list gives an annotated description of some of the main research areas in Paris with Anglophone collections. but any of the public libraries are free and open to the public for on-site consultation. All materials lost must be reimbursed at purchase cost. Ambroise.80.5336. Videocassettes. Ambroise Hours: Monday to Saturday 8am to 5pm The complete collection of books and thesis’s are located in notebooks in the library at Nation. 2) Bibliothèques de la Ville de Paris .

Bibliothèque Américaine à Paris / American library in Paris 10.Annual fees :75 € . Bibliothèque Publique d'Information Centre George Pompidou 75004.compuserve. Although it is primarily a French language collection. which is an impressive collection of language tapes accompanied by texts which you may use on-site. 14 . Tne Economist. The collection of TIME magazine.000 volumes includes over 100 periodical subscriptions to American joumals and newspapers such as The New York Times. Forbes. this library has impressive reading rooms. This particular library subscribes .53.Tél: 01.60 Métro: Ecole Militaire Site Internet : http://ourworld. T'he Reference area has language dictionaries and other vocabulary tools.Most public libraries in Paris have at least a small English Language collection of literature books.bnf.79 Métro: Tolbiac Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 12pm until 8pm and Sunday from 12pm until 7pm from 12pm to 7pm (closed on Monday) Intemet Site: http://www. There is also a reference room of CD-ROMs which includes a Business database and Readers Guide to Periodical Literature. Mainly used for researchers.44.4 8. Herald Tribune. rue du Général-Camou 75007 Paris Opening Hours: 10:00am 7:00pm from Tuesday to Saturday This renowned cultural center is among the largest of public libraries in France. Bibliothèque François Mitterand 11 quai François Mauriac 75013 Paris – Tel: 01.33 Métro: Châtelet/ Rambuteau Hours : Monday to Sunday (except Tuesday) from 12pm to10pm Internet site: http://www:cpi. Paris Tel: 01. and T'he New Yorker. which is open until 10pm! Make sure to take advantage of the Laboratoire des Langues. 59.79.12. the newly renovated library is an excellent reading The new National Library of France.53.53. This library boasts the largest English language collection in Europe.

French and foreign. apartment.crous-paris. the amount of rent and the size of the apartment. To obtain the APL subsidy. 4th.a copy of your student visa . dormitory.Centre de Gestion for the 1st. you must go the “Centre de Gestion des Allocations Familiales (CAF)” in the neighborhood where you live and fill out a form. 10th. For information. All kinds of housing is available in Paris and the surrounding suburbs at prices as low as 250 euros for a small room to 350 euros for a studio.proof of a bank account . 6th. The amount of the subsidy varies from 90 euros to 150 euros per month.results of a medical visit showing you’re in good health . The International Student Organization for Housing 15 . 2nd.Centre de Gestion for the 9th. regardless of their housing (room in a residence. Tel: 01 40 77 58 00 Metro: Nationale or Tolbiac Documents to be Provided: . 11th. 7th. The housing subsidy is given each year to about 500. Tel: 01 44 84 74 98 Metro: Jaurès .fr International Office: English spoken Housing Department: 01 40 51 37 67 All housing offers are listed and can be consulted between 1:00PM and 5:00PM Monday to Friday upon presentation of your student card. 17th. 3rd. which will help pay a small part of your rent. 12th.a copy of your electrical bill .HOW TO FIND a PLACE to LIVE With your student visa. 8th. etc.a copy of you rental agreement .a copy of your passport . 13th et 20th districts: 101 rue Nationale 75013 Paris.copy of your tax return filed in France (proof of revenues) CROUS provides various housing services for students in private residences. 14th and 15th districts: 18 rue Viala 75015 Paris.Students received from 9h to 17h. Reception: 01 40 51 36 00 – Housing Department: 01 40 51 37 21 . You must have a minimum of nine square meters per person or sixteen square meters for two people.a birth certificate translated into French (consult your Embassy) . you have a right to a state subsidy called APL.Centre de Gestion for the 5th. A list of CAF center in Paris: . depending upon your income. call 01 40 51 35 77. For the Crous Center in Paris Centre Régional des Oeuvres Universitaires et Sociales (CROUS) 39 Avenue Georges Bernanos 75005 Paris (RER: Port-Royal) .). Tel: 01 45 75 62 47 Metro: Dupleix . 18th et 19th districts: 67 avenue Jean Jaurès 75019 Paris.proof of your rental payment .000 young people and students.www.

washing • www.pap. telephone. which provide apartment for young people. primarily from local landlords. and a computer Local Newspapers and Magazines: Rental Offerings Consult the magazine FUSAC. or the American Church. you must fill out a request either by going directly to the Admissions Department (open Monday to Friday from 8:30AM to 7:00PM) or sending an e-mail to admissions@ciup. under 30 years old and registered in an undergraduate program. The rent varies between 260 euros and 350 euros. which appears every Thursday morning or consult their site www. rue Hénard 75012 Paris (Subway Station: Montgallet). and between 180 euros and 245 euros for a double room (16m2). and can contact landlords directly after paying a small subscription fee of 80 euros.juaj. here are some other addresses that may be useful: Centre de Documentation du Groupe PGSM 25 rue Saint-Ambroise 75011 Paris (Subway Station: Saint-Ambroise) Tel: 01 53 36 44 00 The Center has files that list various housing offers that come into the school. Cité Universitaire has all the necessary services such as a restaurant (average prices are • For all this.pariserve. mix housing and religious housing on the site: www.œil-fr. Also don’t forget the magazine PAP (Particulier à Particulier). At CIDJ (Centre d'Information et de Documentation Jeunesse --the center for information and documents for young people) 101. Cité Universitaire Internationale 19 bd Jourdan 75014 Paris (Subway Station: Cité Universitaire) Admission Department. and can provide you with information on rooms.fusac. Tel: 01 53 17 08 10 L'ŒIL is an organization that helps students find housing in the private (auberges de jeunesse de France) • euros per meal and you can buy a book of 10 tickets).org • www. Tel: 01 44 16 64 48 / Fax: 01 44 16 64 03 This organization offers Depending on your • www. housing possibilities in dormitories and other university facilities. charges Internet sites that list apartment rentals: • www. or registering directly on the site: • www. per month for a single room (13 m2).lodgis. Smith Bookstore on Rivoli Street.immostreet.ciup.parisloc. Quai Branly 75015 Paris (Subway Station: Bir-Hakeim) Tel : 01 44 49 12 00. either double or single rooms.parisattitude.pap. you must consult their listing at the center.H.admissions. Living in Someone’s Home You will find a complete list of homes. o go to • www. Students can consult listings on the site at studios and apartments available during your stay. The rooms are furnished with a shared bathroom and 16 .27.

Meal tickets are on sale at the CROUS or directly at the restos counters. PARISIAN RESTAURANTS.FOOD and MEALS in PARIS UNIVERSITY RESTAURANTS No getting away from student jargon: you will hear the terms “resto U” or RU as soon as you get here. vegetarian. English and Spanish) Complete description of restos U in the capital. CAFES and BISTROS French or foreign gastronomy. 17 . exotic.45. the “restos U” of the capital are always full.crous-paris.asp?sr0=2&sr1=2&sr2=0 Presentation. a main course with vegetables.! The closest one to our “Nation campus” is called CITEAUX it is located at . a cozy meal amongst friends. Tariffs for meal tickets as at 04/09/2006 (set by the Conseil of Administration of the CROUS at the beginning of the academic year) : Student meal Ticket (must hold student card or Franco-German card): bd Diderot (métro Gare de Lyon or Reuilly Diderot) Tel :01 49 28 59 49 and it is open Monday to Friday from 11:30 to 14:00pm and 18:30 to 20:00pm.80 €.asp?idcat=ADGA For More Information CROUS de Paris www. all starting at followed by cheese or a dessert. It has recently been redone and is worth checking out. 14 restaurants in Paris : http://www.40€ * Guest meal ticket : popular. Ville de Paris or a big dinner : the 8000 restaurants of the capital will cater to your every (presentation in French.60€* *Prices subject to change. Known for their unbeatable prices. not so hot spots. bars and bistros: classic. weekends and during the academic vacations. These are the university restaurants managed by the CROUS.eduparis. A student card allows you access to all the “restos U” of the region. etc. pizza. On the menu: an entrée. prices and description of each resto U in Paris.htm Mairie de Paris www. Certain restaurants stay open in the evenings. The capital is flooded with restaurants. district by district.85 € * Youth meal Ticket (international student card) : 4. Certain restos U also offer menus with barbeque.

cgi?Target=vf2/sejour/resto/selectresto Selection of top Parisian restaurants.htm List of Parisian Ville de Paris www. 18 . including 3 biological ones. gastronomy or foreign cuisine.planresto. wine bars etc… Guide « Etudiant à Paris » de la Ville de Paris Section « Restos ». 65 known food markets. Multicriteria search: price. pastries. or to do ones groceries while whiffing fresh basil. Get ready to hit the streets of Paris to check out what’s Prices vary from one area to another. Office de Tourisme de Paris www. Addresses classified according to several criteria : restaurant with outdoor tables. Open up your eyes … and your appetite! Check out the various Parisian online guides to stay updated and see what’s happening. neighborhoods. and student hot spots etc. etc… MARKETS Nothing like a walk through the Parisian markets for a change of ambiance. So be sure to check the prices usually listed outside of all restaurants. Paris PlanResto paris. or fruit and On line guide to the Parisian Free guide available in all district Town Halls of each district. or make the streets of Paris come alive. and they all provide a delicious blend of cultures and flavors from all over the world. and offer up a variety of fresh food products to the locals.

com .org/fra/auberges/auberges_paris. Tel: 0810 72 72 72 BUSES IN EUROPE 19 . Tel: 0802 802 902 Iberia: 1 rue Scribe 75009 Paris.www.degriftour.Fédération unie des auberges de jeunesse www. Tel: 01 44 94 44 00 American Airlines: 109 rue du Faubourg St-Honoré 75008 Paris. Tel: 0825 000 825 Temporary housing in youth hostels FUAJ . de l'Opéra 75001 .fr http://portailj.FRAM Voyages : 128 rue de Rivoli 75001 Paris.Nouvelles Frontières: 13 av. FRANCE Office de tourisme de Paris http://fr. Tel: 01 40 26 20 00 www.fuaj. Tel: 0802 075 075 KLM: 16 rue Chauveau Lagarde 75008 Paris.www.travelprice. de l'Opéra 75001 Paris.TRAVELING IN and OUT of PARIS. ETHIC étapes www. Tel: 0802 02 00 30 United Airlines: 55 bd Raspail 92532 .fr or surf the following internet sites: .fr To have low travel prices. Tel: 0810 872 872 British Airways: 13 bd de la Madeleine 75001 Paris. Tel: 0800 42 30 91 Air France: 14 .ethic-etapes. Tel: 0820 820 820 Alitalia: 69 bd Haussmann 75008 Paris. you should contact the following travel agencies: .bourse-des-vols.vacancé Parisian Youth Hostel .fr .www.www.nouvelles-frontières.www.lastminute. Tel: 0810 556 556 Luftansa: 106 bd Haussmann 75001 .com/hotels_paris/ AIRLINE COMPANIES in PARIS : Aeromexico: 1bd de la Madeleine 75001 Paris.travelprice.anyway.www.

Prices are generally half the normal price as on other carriers.Go. For information: .easyjet. Eurolines is the number one European coach line with regular departures to over 1500 European cities in over 26 countries. For information: 0 820 820 820 / www.Gare du Nord (Subway Station: Gare du Nord) . www.Montparnasse (Subway Station: Montparnasse) . please contact the major airline companies.Gare de Lyon (Subway Station: Gare de Lyon) . www.Gare d’Austerlitz (Subway Station: Gare d’Austerlitz) 20 . you can travel anywhere you like and as often as you like for 30 For 295 euros. Do you travel a lot during the year? The card “Fréquence Jeune” is free and can give you miles. Tel: 08 92 55 56 66 . provided you are flexible on your departure and return dates. www.airfrance.go-fly.Saint-Lazare (Subway Station: Saint-Lazare) . and the coaches are equipped with air conditioning.Ryan Air.Easy Jet. Tel: 0892 899 091 AIR TRAVEL To obtain competitive prices on airline tickets. The company serves over 87 cities in France. For information. The “Pass Eurolines” is ideal for those who wish to travel all over Europe and its capitals. For some examples: AIR FRANCE Tickets at a discount for young travelers with Air France are called “Tempo Jeunes” and are only available just one hour before departure for either one way tickets or round trip tickets with an open departure date. The earlier you reserve. contact: the cheaper your ticket will be.Buzz. You can change your reservation or obtain reimbursement without costs on flights within Europe. Tel: 0 825 08 25 08 .With prices 30% to 50% less expensive than the train and plane. Three round trip tickets within a year between Paris and Nice for example will give you a free flight. buses are often the cheapest way to . Tel: 01 55 17 42 42 . in France or The TRAIN Paris has six railroad stations: .Gare de l’Est (Subway Station: Gare de l’Est) . www. travel agencies or other specialized Air France also proposes reduced tickets for Wednesday departures. television and toilets. BUDGET AIRLINES A simple reservation number is enough to reserve a flight.

www.www.TOURS PARIS .loisirs.LYON PARIS . in Normandy (departure from the Saint-Lazare train station) .multimania. hotels. monuments and tourism .net: cinema.www..ANNECY PARIS . not far from special events for students .org: transportation.AVIGNON PARIS . Prices at discounts of 20% to 50% are possible if you reserve your tickets in advance (called J-8 or J-30 ). music and special cultural events WEEK-END VISITS Here is a non exhaustive list of some interesting sites.The Port of Honfleur. discover Paris. housing offers.) .The Cathedral at Chartres . The following is a selection of Web sites that will give you all the information on night life in Paris as well as all the special listing of all parties and special events .The Chateau Fontainebleau and its forest (take the RER B) . you can benefit from a 50% reduction on all sites.For information on the train ( PARIS .com: plays.zingueurs. parks and gardens .STRASBOURG PARIS . The SNCF also has special prices called "tarifs découvertes" to promote tourism in France and to attract travelers under the age of 25 and couples. forums and restaurants . shopping. . expositions.pariscope. at travel agencies or on the PARIS .baoom.Mount Saint Michel (departure from the Montparnasse train station) 21 events in bars in and about Paris . timetables and reservations). go to the train station or consult internet.www. The cost of the pass for one year is 41 City of Rouen and its cathedral (departure from the Saint-Lazare train station) .The Chateau Versailles (take the RER C) .paris-menu.www. The TGV (high speed train) allows you to discover all the major cities in France in record time: PARIS . its culture. class (first or second class) and travel period.www.DAUVILLE PARIS .CHAMONIX PARIS .www.RENNES PARIS .MARSEILLE 3:50 2:23 3:40 3:30 1:43 3:00 With a pass for those between 12-25 years old. and shopping .NANTES 2:04 2:55 2:03 5:04 1:02 1:59 PARIS . which you can visit on a weekend: .www.The Chateau Vaux-Le-Vicomte (take the RER D) .Claude Monet’s house at Giverny .fr: practical information about the capital (going out.The Chateau Saint-Germain en Laye (take the RER A) ..www. sports. markets. You can also buy or reserve your tickets at the train station information on cinema. museums and expositions .fr. depending upon availability. expositions. contact the SNCF (Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer) at 08 92 35 35 35 or consult the site www. For more information. and addresses of restaurants and special attractions in the

(Victoire) Juin .ASTERIX Parc (www. (Toussaint) November 11.php?xtor=ADC-112) near Poitiers. (Noël) January 1. (Assomption) 22 . 2011 (Lundi de Pâques) May 1. (Armistice) December 25.www. YEARLY HOLIDAYS (No classes) All Saints Day Armistice 1918 Christmas Day New Year’s Day Easter Labor Day Victory 1945 Ascension NATIONAL Day Assumption November 1. (Fête du travail) May 8. (Jour de l’ An) April 5 (www.futuroscope.Marne La Vallée) . Tel: 0826 30 10 40) .com/index.The castles of the Loire (departure from the Montparnasse train station) ATTRACTION PARKS: . (Fête Nationale) August 15..take the TGV from Gare Montparnasse.parcasterix.EURODISNEY (take the RER A . 2011 (Ascension) July 14.

fr/fr/a-etudier/ Section « Les banques ».Crédit du Nord: 40 bd Voltaire 75011 Paris. 23 . Most banks have cash machines outside for you to withdrawal money (in euros) with you credit card. depending on the bank and the type of card issued. whether it is associated a French network. on the other hand. You are however advised to check with your bank in your home country.htm Section « Votre argent en France ». Checkbooks are generally free. which might facilitate your operations.proof of residence (telephone or electricity bill. Near the school. certificate residence. and your account will be open within 48 hours. Tel: 01 53 02 92 51 OPENING A BANK ACCOUNT If you remain in Paris. For more Information EduFrance www. Tel: 08 20 33 61 33 . 8:30AM to 5:00PM.Société Générale: 23 bd Diderot 75012 Paris. Tel: 01 49 29 16 00 .ESSENTIAL INFORMATION BANKS Banks are open from Monday to Friday. Tel: 01 43 41 19 00 .Crédit Lyonnais: 41 bd Diderot 75012 Paris. credit or debit cards are charged between 15 and 40 euros per annum.your passport . you will find several French banks: . you can open a resident bank account.Crédit Agricole: 23 bd Diderot 75012 Paris. rent receipt. CIDJ cidj. Egide www. Tel: 01 43 41 19 00 . etc) You will receive a checkbook and/or a bankcard once your account has been opened. three documents are essential : . You must deposit a minimum amount of 15 euros.BRED Banque Populaire: 39 bd Diderot 75012 Paris. or in France for more than three months.your residence permit .asso.edufrance.asso. To open a resident bank account in Section « Argent et banques ». Certain agencies are also open on Saturday instead of Monday.

Tel: 0800 90 13 87 Banque de France. please consult your insurance Nonetheless you should compare exchange rates and choose the best one for you. as well as attestation of your enrollment in a university or higher study establishment in Paris. To open a bank account with the Municipal Credit of Paris. as soon as you arrive in Paris. you only have to go taking with you a valid passport. There also exists independent currency exchange offices that are open from Monday to Saturday from 9 :00AM to 6 :00PM.AN EASIER METHOD TO OPEN AN ACCOUNT The Municipal Credit of Paris has a system to facilitate the process and allow you to open a bank account.creditmunicipal. For More Information Crédit Municipal de Paris 55 rue des Francs Bourgeois 75004 PARIS www. To obtain reimbursement of your medical care. Some pharmacies in Paris are open 24 hours a day. or residence permit.AMERICAN EXPRESS. you must have completed and filed European Form E 128 before coming to France to obtain reimbursement.MASTERCARD: Emergency services for international visitors (for lost cards). Useful addresses: . without necessarily having a fixed address.htm EXCHANGE SERVICES The majority of banks offer currency exchange services. If you are unable to do this immediately. you can go subsequently with your residence permit and proof of "fixed" residence. seven days a week A pharmacist can always give you advice on the medicine to take or give you the name of a doctor. Everywhere in France you can get emergency medical service by calling 15 (Emergency Medical Help / Ambulance) or 18 (Fire Department). from basic banking services. Tel: 01 42 92 42 92 DRUG STORES/PHARMACIES Most drug stores are closed on Sunday but they generally display the address of a pharmacy that is open in case of an emergency. 39 rue Croix des Petits Champs 75001 Paris. 24 . For European citizens. Opening a bank account with the Municipal Credit of Paris will enable you to initially benefit. Tel: 01 47 14 50 00 . which can be increased progressively as you establish a working relationship. 11 rue Scribe 75009 Paris.

is the Parisian scene’s bible. it will be your faithful companion throughout your Parisian outings. such as: USA Today.lacigale.nouveaucasino. This free guide gives the dates and places of concerts and is available in the concert-bars of the capital. large commercial cinema halls or thematic screenings …. Les Oreilles » . Every evening.guinguettepirate. -La guinguette pirate www. boats on the Seine. festivals… Music lovers enjoy: Parisian musical life is rich and abounds in concert halls. theater. and weekly magazines that come out every Wednesday and have all the information you need on concerts. More Information -Infoconcert Located on a Chinese junk. there is hardly a pop or salsa. a pleasant ambiance and staff and a selection as varied as well thought out. The international press is also available at newsstands and bookstores. Paris holds a privileged place on 25 . Small intimate rooms at the Stade of France. With its 86 cinemas. neighborhood. restaurants and other activities in Paris.le-zenith. particularly those near the train stations. and still more the weekend. International Herald Tribune. The Financial Times. An indispensable -La cigale www. cinemas. where you will be able to listen to all types of CINEMA To go see a movie. who will come to France without performing on a Parisian stage. CONCERTS: cinemas. bars. The Wall Street Journal. abstract hip-hop or international rock'n'roll artist. theatres. films.ENTERTAINMENT GUIDES/INTERNATIONAL NEWS On sale at all the newspaper stands and bookstores: "Pariscope" ( All concerts and all of the performers are accessible through a search engine -Lylo The guide Lylo – that is « Les Yeux.40 euros) and "L'Officiel des Spectacles" (0. jazz clubs and at Olympia.infoconcert. this concert hall will rock you to the rhythm of the waves on the Seine -L’élysée Montmartre www. The 400 places . -Salles de concert Le Zénith 6000 places for a selection of international artistes -Glaz’art www. all have an ambiance and music to your liking. Because Paris is the -Le nouveau casino www. you have a choice of more than thirty concerts.30 euros).elyseemontmartre. 372 screens and 30 million spectators each year. sports.glazart. clubs. you have an amazing choice: art. museums.

Chaillot. each one as unique and diverse as it is outstanding. go out and get high on the atmosphere in town. and films playing. Colline.html Calender of outings theatres : national theatres. African or Asian collections. theatres outside Paris. national museums. permanent collections or exhibitions All the museums in the capital : events. etc. maps. etc. etc. salons. places. these events and festivals bring out the Parisian tempo. bars et pubs.. the Chatelet Theatre.. cinema. Maison européenne de la photographie. fairs. -Cityvox paris. and jazz.. -Allociné www. sounds. Odé thanks to the numerous bars and clubs of the capital. -Office de Tourisme de Paris www. halls. www. le Louvre. cinema. 26 .paris. All through the year. the majority of the Parisian theatres. to fill in your Parisian evenings. Bars or clubs : what’s happening on the Paris scène .paris.the French cinematographic scene. here at Zurban. THEATRES About fifty private theatres exist in Paris: the Comédie Française. Palais de la Découverte or Petit Palais : Paris is brimming over with municipal or national museums. Portail Jeunes de la Ville de Paris admin-jeunes.webcity.jsp?id_page=265 Café-theatre : prices. current music. Calendar of outings . classics or impressionists. Links towards museum websites. bars and Mission cinéma. cabarets. images and meetings. performances. try your luck and get hold of places around 9€ .cgi?Target=vf2/sejour/visites/nuits Adresses to make the most of your Parisian nights : billards. bars and restaurants. improv etc. night-club. If you are under 27 sport. musée de l’Armée. shows. performances. Institut du Monde Arabe. once more. Rodin. Paris Plage. Gay Pride or the Paris Jazz Festival. Photography Month. Book fair. Ville de Paris www. BARS AND CLUBS Between techno night-clubs. an endless array of choices. Such dynamism has to be savored to the hilt! -Ville de Paris www. You will have. Music useful info. Cité de la Musique. -Webcity Hours. -Zurban www. MUSEUMS The Centre Georges Pompidou. admin-jeunes. FESTIVALS and CULTURAL EVENTS Want to discover Paris in all its forms? Roam the capital with the Nuit Blanche.cgi?Target=vf2/events/infoflash/flash Weekly selection of Parisian events : exhibitions. markets. addresses.

01 40 51 12 05 lundi-samedi 12h00-20h00 -Kiosque Champ de Mars 101 quai Branly 75015 Paris M° Bir-Hakeim Tel. for your projects.85 Bld St Michel 75005 Paris 27 . cinemas. « Musées de la Ville de Paris/ Museums of the City of Paris . movie. 01 42 76 22 60 lundi-vendredi 10h00-19h00 -Kiosque Luxembourg 91 bd Saint-Michel 75005 Paris RER Luxembourg Tel. You will also find. as well as information on projects or assistance provided by the City of Paris. Three Kiosques Paris Jeunes remain at your disposal .much info on cultural and sporting activities in Paris.: -Kiosque Bastille 25 bd Bourdon 75004 Paris M° Bastille Tel. museums. you can get an international student card and benefit from numerous advantages : discounts on tickets for performances. bars or restos. 01 43 06 15 38 lundi-vendredi 10h-18h00 Mail : kiosque.Not to be missed under any circumstances!!. you live in Paris. WHAT’S HAPPENING AROUND TOWN : “Kiosques Paris Jeunes” and ISIC CARDS and DISCOUNTS The Kiosques Paris Jeunes (Youths) To go to the theatre without breaking the bank. « le Guide solidarité ». Location: ISIC . and you want to know all the fun events taking place: the Kiosques Paris Jeunes are just for you ! ISIC : the international student ID card For 12 € + “Certificat de scolarité” .fr/jeunes/jsp/Portail. « le Guide de l'étudiant (student guide)» . etc. as well as discounts or free places for those aged 28 and under.jsp?id_page=164 You are 28 years or Cultural Agenda for the capital. Ville de Paris Portail Jeunes de la Ville de Paris admin-jeunes. « Les Bibliothèques de la Ville de Paris/ Libraries of the City of Paris » . « Guide du sport » . Kiosques Paris Jeunes’s ticket service proposes performance. salon or sporting event tickets all year round.jeunes@mairie-paris. The following brochures are available: « Guide des Centres d'animation et l'Agenda des Centres d'animation » .paris..

47. Tel: Subway. there are three main mobile phone providers: Orange (France Telecom). such as: 28 .wasteels.20.ratp.00.00 TELEPHONES How to get a home telephone. Wasteels: 11 rue Oberkampf 75011”) in you neighborhood to have your telephone line installed. the carte Imagine R for students : all you need to know to get around in Paris. etc. -ISIC www. Monday through Friday and 8:00AM to noon on Saturday. Tel : 01. taking the main routes. Onetel. relax : you can roam in Paris at night. For those who missed the last metro. Post offices are generally open from 8:00AM to 7:00PM. 9 Telecom.40. Your telephone bill will include: . Addresses of Wasteels offices in Paris.55 €uros). The installation costs will be on your first bill. take the Noctambus : between 1H et 5H30 in the morning.otu.50 €. advantages. SFR and Bouygues Telecom. 18 lines run through the capital and the suburbs.carteisic.28. These providers offer different options. -RATP www. which depends on distance and time . POST OFFICE/MAIL Stamps are sold at the Post Office and tobacco shops. You must go to a France Telecom Agency (Tel: 10 14 or website “ Addresses of OTU agencies in Paris.Find info on the ISIC website or at the Paris agencies of OTU or Wasteels. Beware: some do not cover local calls for which you must have France Telecom as your local carrier. Noctambus maps. tariffs. HOW TO OBTAIN A CELLULAR PHONE In Official site of ISIC : how to get the card. Cegetel.52 rue du Louvre 75001 Paris (Subway Station: Louvre-Rivoli).the costs of your calls. RER. bus.your monthly fee (a sum you pay regardless of the calls you make) and . seven days a week: . A ticket for one journey and an immediate connection is about 2.76. -Wasteels www. The Post Office at the Louvre is open 24 hours a day. Stamps for postcards. letters and packages under 20 grams and sent within the European Union cost 55 cents (0. etc … -OTU www.13 from 10:00-13:00 and 14:00-17:30 GETTING AROUND PARIS AT NIGHT : the Noctambus (Night Transport) Night birds. You can also opt for other telephone carriers that may propose lower fees than France Telecom. Viatel. such as Free.

France has five area codes: •1= •2= •3= •4= •5= Paris and Ile de France Northwest Northeast Southeast Southwest Cellular phones always start with 06. Telephone cards are available at post offices. you should paying a fee for a certain number of hours. CONTINENT. BEWARE : Pay attention to the different offers and get advice based upon your needs and habits. TO CALL FRANCE FROM ABROAD Dial 1) – the international access in your country 2) – then 33. Calling from a Telephone Booth You can call from a public telephone booth provided you have a card (some use only coins). such as: the Phone House. Bouygues Telecom. CALLING ABROAD FORM FRANCE Dial 00 (no dial tone after) plus the country code. consult the person who sells you the phone.. such as: FNAC.the purchase of a cellular phone operated by a card (on sale in telephone stores) or . which is only used in France) TO CALL IN FRANCE Dial then the area code. For international information: dial 00-33-12 plus the country code plus the number you want. If you make a lot of calls all over France. Dial 33 then 6 when calling a French cellular phone number from abroad. For more information. etc. For international calls. 29 . Choose the option that corresponds best to your needs.a twelve month to two year contract with a monthly fee for two. You can also visit the numerous specialized agencies. France Telecom. see the various telephone boutiques in the large department stores. DARTY. three or more hours of communication per month. The flat fees only concern national calls. Calls generally cost less between 7 :00PM and 8:00AM. CARREFOUR. Costs and access codes to call abroad are generally displayed inside the booth. tobacco shops and at certain merchants (bookstores and newspaper stands). buying a card operated cellular phone may be your best solution. If you receive calls more than you telephone. and the last nine numbers of the number in France (do not dial the first 0.

obligated to buy the student insurance. The student social security affiliation and payment must be presented to the Prefecture de Police after your arrival to France when asking for the Student Carte de Séjour (or for its renewal). Mandatory for any student in France It is mandatory that all foreign student from 20 to 28 years old coming to France must have a Social Security card and number to be presented in case of illnesses or accident. The old sayings really come round : prevention is better than cure. Any non European student who has not subscribed to a personal private health insurance in his/her own country will have to pay and adhere to the French social security. 2 cases may occur: 1. You are strongly advised to avoid delaying consultations and treatment. The students citizens belonging to the European Union must ask for the E-128 Form in their own country in order to be covered according to the French regulations by the CPAM: Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie. STUDENT SOCIAL SECURITY: The French system of social protection enables you to take care of your health. You are strongly advised to avoid delaying consultations and treatment. it will be at the detriment and risk of your health. Students over the age of 28 must buy a different insurance: Contact the “PEE Prévoyance Etudiants Etrangers” (whose contract is accepted by the Préfecture) 30 . without ruining you. If you do. Don’t wait until the last moment -and for complications – before consulting a doctor or a specialist. If you do.whatever his/her nationality is. Don’t wait until the last moment -and for complications – before consulting a doctor or a specialist. without ruining you. This insurance will cover medical expenses up to 70%. Students must contact the Centre des Relations Internationales of their CPAM attached to their home address (either in Paris or in the suburb) 2. The students who are “Non-european” citizens under the age of 28 must buy the French Student Insurance (Fee : 195 €uros only for the 2008-09 academic school year) when enrolling into the BBA/MBA programs. it will be at the detriment and risk of your health. You may have the option to buy an additional insurance called “Mutuelle” to be covered up to 100% (including hospitalisation) Any foreign student. The old sayings really come round: prevention is better than cure.HOW and WHERE to CONSULT a DOCTOR The French system of social protection enables you to take care of your health.

on a Sunday or on a public holiday.54.peefrance. (6e).601 or 3260 SMEREP Centre 617 : 54 bld St Michel 75006 Paris – tel :01. FOR EMERGENCIES The SAMU (paramedics) : in case of accidents with bodily damage.La Mutuelle des Etudiants. ophthalmologist for the eyes. (5e). (5e).36.000. M° Cluny-La Sorbonne Free consultation at two social medical centers from the Ville de Paris/ City of Paris : GENERAL PRACTIONNER or SPECIALISTS 31 .56. M° Cluny-La Sorbonne . square de la Mutualité. they specialize on a pathology or part of the body . 24.Centre Saint Victor. Specialists: as the name indicates. on presentation of your social security card and mutuelle : -Centre Hostater. neuropsychiatrist for psychopathologies. 22 bvd.General practitioner : 20-30 € .com You will receive all the information and form during the Orientation day. CONSULTATION FEES: . Bring back this form along with copies of your passport + visa.obstetrician for childbirth. at night. M° Maubert-Mutualité . etc. Make Check Payable to “ESGCI” for 195 €uros and Choose between the two existing student centers : Centre “ 617” also called SMEREP ” or “601” for LMDE ” LMDE Centre 601 : 10 rue Linné 75006 Paris – tel : 0825.Specialist: 30-60 € Fees are higher if the doctor has to make a house visit. dial 15 The Sapeurs -Pompiers (firemen) : if there is a fire. Saint-Michel. dial 17 FREE CONSULATION Free consultation at the following three addresses.1 rue Thibaud 75014 PARIS –métro Alésia /www. dial 18 The police or Gendarmerie : in case of aggression of any kind. 1.34 General practitioners: They deal with all health problems from strep throats to back aches. rue de la Harpe.

paris. Ville de Paris des Ternes (17e) : 21. rue des Epinettes. 01 48 87 49 87. 01 46 06 78 24. Caisse Primaire d’assurance maladie de Paris www.Centre Payen (15e) : 9. . . rue au Maire.Centre Epée-de-Bois (5e) : 3. 01 46 22 55 85. . 01 43 67 62 39. rue de l'Epée-de-Bois. in the section « Se soigner. and also provide you with medical assistance. . M° Porte-de-Bagnolet. The consultations are free for the centers managed by Paris: Monday to Friday. You will be able to consult both general practitioners and specialists: . M° Monge ou Censier. . 01 45 51 81 89. M° Place-d'Italie. educational advice. 01 48 88 07 28. M° Arts-et-Métiers. : 01 53 06 35 60 MEDICAL CENTERS of the CITY of PARIS If you are sick and do not know where to go. as long as your condition permits it. M° Denfert-Rochereau.Mouvement français pour le planning familial (MFPF) . bd Masséna (13e). It would be better for you to go the City of Paris’s Medical centers. 01 45 80 86 65. More Information 32 .Centre Balkans (20e) : 26. M° Marcadet-Poissonniers. from 9h to which are open to the public. FAMILY PLANNING and EDUCATION CENTERS These centers are at your disposal for all questions. square Saint-Irénée (11e).10.Centre Bobillot (13e) : 25. . Violet. Où aller consulter ? ». . M° Ecole-Militaire. rue Boursault. rue Curnonsky (17e). as well as adresses for other consultation centres in Paris. in particular. rue des Balkans. 01 48 05 96 20. M° Voltaire.Centre Saint-Dominique (7e) : 109. . etc. . 01 42 60 93 20.cpam-paris.egide.Pôle Santé Goutte d'Or 16-18. rue Pierre-Demours. 01 48 07 29 10.Tour Mantoue : 94.htm Find all the above information. 01 45 35 85 83. René-Coty.jhtml Treatment and health care : doctors. rue du Chemin-Vert.asso. those dealing with contraception. M° Porte-de-Saint-Ouen. hospitalization. They are overloaded. avoid going to the emergency services of the hospitals.Centre René-Coty (14e) : 6. . . etc. rue Marcadet.Centre Volta (3e) : 4. and interviews for pregnancy interruption( IVG). rue Ridder. 75014 Paris. 3.Centre dentaire Epinettes (17e) 51. 01 45 78 65 20.Centre Chemin-Vert (11e) : 70. .4. assistance. medicines. Tél. Egide www. M° Ternes. Saturdays CMS Boursault. .Centre Curnonsky Consultation fees. . pl. rue Saint-Dominique. 75017 Paris. : 01 58 14 30 30. .No fees for students aged 16-25 years old with appointment to be scheduled on: Wednesday afternoon CMS Ridder. They also provide psychological consultations. 01 42 63 90 72. rue Bobillot. M° Commerce. rue Vivienne (2e). M° Barbès-Rochechouart. M° Pereire. 01 45 84 28 25. medicines.Centre Marcadet (18e) : 22. 54bis. Tél. 01 53 09 94 25. rue Cavé (18e). 01 43 27 54 15. av.

USEFUL NUMBERS Police Fire Brigade Medical Emergency From a mobile phone Telecom Information Time Emergency Doctor Dental Emergencies Anti-Poison Center Saint-Antoine Hospital 17 18 15 (or Ambulance) 112 118 712 36 99 SOS Médecins de Paris SOS Dentistes 01 43 77 77 77 01 43 37 51 00 01 40 05 48 48 01 49 28 20 00 Electrical Emergency 01 40 42 22 22 Gas Emergency 01 47 54 20 20 Tourism Office 08 92 68 31 12 Train Info SNCF (All Stations) 08 36 35 35 35 Taxi G7 Taxis Bleus 01 47 39 47 39 01 49 36 10 10 33 .