Ghulam Murtaza MBA, LL.

Scheme 36 Gulistan-e8 February 2011 4

H No 132 Qalandarabad Block 10 KESC No. 615 Jauher Karachi 0092334352297

To Whom It May Concern

Dear Sir I am writing to apply for the position of Lecturer in your esteemed institution advertised in the daily Dawn of13 February 2011. I believe that I am such a candidate! I hold MBA and LL.B degrees and have a total of seven years of exemplary experience in teaching and management. I am particularly interested in a faculty position in a department that values teaching. As a full time faculty member, I taught CA, graduate and under-graduate courses for four years at School of Business Studies, Orasoft Training Institute and PIPS. I possess extraordinary teaching, counseling, management and leadership skills. Providing quality, broad-based academic direction and leadership remains one of the core catalysts for success in higher education institutions today. In my instructional career, I have demonstrated the ability to develop complete curricula for a variety of courses and influence student improvement through quality lectures, discussions, assignments and assessments. What I bring to the position that may be unique among candidates is my diverse background of teaching (7+ years teaching experience) which ranges from age group 12 to 50. I have gained experience in developing strategies that address both short-term and long-term needs. I feel this experience augments my instructional background and would provide a unique perspective to students in my future classes. Moreover I have designed short courses which have helped me to develop insight into classroom psychology. Teaching is my passion and I am most effective when I am in the classroom. It brings me great joy to participate as my students connect learning with their future workplace skills. I have a keen interest and a very good command over teaching Financial Accounting, Business Communication to graduate and under-graduate courses effectively. Having a complete picture of my expertise and experience is very important. In addition to strong professional qualifications, you will find that I also have the intangible personal qualities that fit your culture and enable me to truly make a difference to the students I teach. My objective is to secure a faculty position providing an opportunity to make a strong contribution within a university setting by utilizing and expanding my management education, skills and capabilities. I am confident that my demonstrated experience and expertise would add value to your esteemed institution and contribute to your continuing success. I thank you in advance for the time you have taken reading this letter and the accompanying documents. I look forward to hearing from your office and I would enjoy meeting with you and members of the selection committee to share my ideas and excitement for this new teaching challenge. Thank you for your kind consideration.

utilize dynamic synergistic style in collaborating with other educators in a team-teaching approach.B 2009 SM. as well as expert in identifying instructional requirements & developing effective course curriculum. Demonstrated expertise in the following areas: ● Classroom Management ● Educational Administration ● Interactive & Multimedia Instruction ● Special Events Planning & Education: ● Diagnostic Management Evaluation Planning & Program ● Instructional Material ● Interdisciplinary Teams ● Teacher Training & Leadership MBA (Finance) IBA University of Sindh. capable. Karachi. Govt. Pakistan 00923343522974 gm_korai@hotmail. interpersonal & communication skills. LL. results-oriented & top performing teaching professional with a total of seven years of exemplary experience in teaching.Yours faithfully Ghulam Murtaza Ghulam Murtaza. counseling and management.B ● Financial Accounting ● Business Communication ● Islamic Finance and Banking ● Business and Industrial Law Page 2 of 5 . 615 Gulistan-eJauher Professional Summary: ● ● Highly organized. Well-developed excellent administrative.132 Qalandarabad Block 10 KESC No. considered a catalyst with keen strategic planning skills & a pragmatic resourceful approach to responsibilities. MBA. Pakistan Other Qualification: ICFE University of Cambridge the United Kingdom 2010 Courses Taught: Under-Graduate Under-Graduate Graduate ● Financial ● Accounting Business Communication ● Functional English Ghulam Murtaza. high energy level complemented by demonstrated ability to reach learners at all levels & incite them with a thirst for learning to the maximum extent possible. Law College University of Karachi. Pakistan 2007 LL. MBA.B Scheme 36 H No. Jamshoro. LL.

2003- Teacher Dec. presentation. MBA. encouraged & built rapport with students of all backgrounds Provided individual tutoring to ensure comprehension of material content Adapted presentation of material to ensure complete comprehension by students Effectively presented material in innovative context to simulate interest & enthusiasm Core Competencies: ● ● ● ● ● ● Lifelong advocate of continued learning & advancement Possess an innate talent for developing & coaching people Effectively interact with & support faculty. speaking & presentation skills Developed effective lessons Able to remain calm & maintain an objective viewpoint under duress Trained & instructed students one-on-one as well as in-group setting Readily established rapport with wide range of people of various ages Motivated. LL.March 2010 Visiting Faculty Orasoft Training Institute Karachi. Pakistan Jan.2010. Pakistan June 2008. Karachi. 2004 Ghulam Murtaza.B Page 3 of 5 .Present Visiting Faculty PIPS Karachi.Teaching Skills: ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Organized teams to complete assignments & term projects Demonstrated excellent writing. encouraging & leading students in a positive direction Computer Skills: ● Used MS Office ● Possess computer skills ● Comfortable with all Windows based applications Professional Experience: Senior Lecturer School of Business Studies Clifton.Present Jan. administration & students Outstanding facilitation. research & organizational skills Provided quality instruction & training through sincere attitude to help & serve students Demonstrated talent for motivating. Pakistan July 2007.

Educating the next generation of researchers is an important goal for my future academic career.1994-June 1996 Ghulam Murtaza. There is a simple satisfaction of explaining a difficult and complicated but interesting topic to students. LL. Teaching is an activity that I enjoy for many reasons. Pakistan Dec. dominated my personality such that I view teaching more as my life-style rather than just a job. This success involves developing an excellent rapport with him/her through effective teaching. I have very great interest in teaching because I view teaching as an investment for the benefit of humankind. Chan).B gm_korai@hotmail. both to guide students and to enrich my own knowledge. My experiences have emphasized my desire to teach and advise undergraduate and graduate students in a manner that will prepare them for interdisciplinary research. Pakistan. Pakistan Trainee GD Pilot Pakistan Air Force PAF Academy Risalpur. My teaching experiences have demonstrated to me that the process of refining and explaining complex concepts to an audience is personally rewarding and greatly increases my own understanding of those concepts. Discussions with students have also enhanced my understanding of Management Science. MBA. I want to teach because I like the opportunity to share my knowledge with my students and love the satisfaction that results from making them understand a difficult but interesting concept.Isra Higher Sec. realizing that genuine emotions not only reveal his or her character. Philosophy: Throughout my life as a student. I also want to be able to inspire and educate young and fresh minds. A teacher must have an intense passion for teaching. a teacher must know the importance of being humble (F. but are also an effective and personal means of communication. showing them how it works and why it is important. School Hyderabad. An effective teacher also has the will and the ability to show emotion. I grew up to think and believe that the best way to help a person to successfully model and shape his/her future is to help him/her succeed. in Statement of Teaching Interests and Philosophy Teachers provide a catalyst for learning by making information understandable and applicable to students. And not least. Ghulam Murtaza. I understand teaching as a touch of the future. One could easily tell that they had such a passion and love for what they were teaching. Karachi.H. They have all inspired me to love a teaching and an academic career. My experience as a Lecturer in School of Business Studies. I especially enjoyed the enthusiasm that emanated from some professors as they were vividly explaining a subject. Orasoft Training Institute and PIPS. There is nothing comparable to sharing the knowledge you love because knowledge can only be valuable if it is shared.P.B Page 4 of 5 . MBA. has deepened further my passion for teaching. LL. I have greatly enjoyed the teaching opportunities I have had and I look forward to teaching as part of my academic career. I have always admired my excellent school teachers and university professors. This philosophy has.

I am confident that my past teaching experience. accuracy of information etc. LL. Future Teaching Interests: I have worked in academia. my brother. Since this is difficult to do with written assignments in large classes. my sisters were/are teachers. I continued teaching voluntarily for many years until I completed my education. Pakistan Cell 00923002267225 Farhan Saeed Ghulam List of Referees: Rahat Aziz Senior Faculty Member Sindh Judicial Academy Karachi. where I taught English using modern teaching aids and techniques for two years Today. spelling. Pakistan in 2003. The students not only appreciate such feedback but also use these feedbacks as guide for writing assignments in other courses they take subsequently. I started teaching English. As a teacher. Ghulam Murtaza.B Page 5 of 5 . I started my professional teaching career as a Lecturer Isra Higher Secondary School Hyderabad.One of the characteristics of a good teacher is that he or she is fair minded in their dealings with students. Business Communication and Financial Accounting voluntarily to classmates. I establish academic links with other faculty members. MBA. I believe teaching is an integral part of an academic career and I have a keen interest in teaching graduate and under graduate Management Science courses including Business Communication and Business Law. strong academic background and communication skills coupled with thorough preparation and enthusiasm for the subject will make me an excellent teacher. family friends and neighbors. I feel so blessed and gratified at the mere thought that many of my former students are not only dispersed all over Pakistan but are also very successful in their individual ways and they still maintain good rapport with me. Throughout my teaching career I have always looked for better ways of teaching. Past Teaching Experience: I grew up in a teaching family. I hope to advance the intellectual development of my students to the best of my abilities. I found the experience enjoyable and gratifying. I have always endeavored to give students as much feedback as possible on tests and assignments. MBA. I give each student a feedback which gives them information on their writing style. friends. I have always been guided by this principle and am always open to students challenging the marks I have given them on tests and assignments.B gm_korai@hotmail. LL.

B Page 6 of 5 .Senior Faculty Member Tabani School of Accountancy Karachi. LL. Pakistan Cell 00923343965570 Ghulam Murtaza. MBA.