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Session Main Topics for teaching Remarks: sub topics for teaching
S1 Logistics Plans, Logistics 1. Logistics and logistical
Mission, Importance of Strategy mission: Introduction,
in logistics, Corporate strategy definition, objectives &
to importance
Logistics, Strategy and strategic 2. logistical performance
planning cycles,
3. SCM Vs Logistics
4. logistical competency
5. integrated logistics
6. interfaces
7. 3Cs
S1 Customer service 1. objectives
2. elements of customer service
3. definition
4. customer expectations
5. 7 R principle
6. customer retention
7. customer service measurements
S1 Forecasting 1.Objectives, importance
2. Trend line method and moving average
method for forecasting
S2 Logistical planning Phase I, II, III
S2 Logistical information How it works
S2 Transportation 1. Time & Place utility
2. Transportation functionality
3. Modes of transport and their
1. modal characteristics and their

2. difference between single mode and
multimode transportation
3. numerical: allocation model up to
IFS. Knowledge of feasibility,
degeneracy, and interpretation of
opportunity cost
4. ristrictions
5. minimization & maximization
6. production scheduling
7. time minimization
8. restricted assignments like traveling
salesman also
9. for both types problem formulation
is important
SIII Warehousing 1. size and no of warehouses
2. types of warehouse
3. location selection
4. layout and design
5. value addition
6. square root law
warehousing information system
SIII Material handling 7. material handling systems
material handling equipment
SIII Packaging 1. Consumer packaging
2. Industrial Packaging
3. value addition
SIII Inventory 1. Inventory policies
2. ABC Analysis
3. Turn Over ratio
4. JIT, kanban
5. inventory models

6. P&Q systems
7. selective inventory control, ABC ,
XYZ, VED, SDE analysis etc
SIII Procurement and Purchase Vendor managed inventory, QR,AR,CR
Production scheduling Operational decisions: Outsourcing,
overtime working, holiday working

Note: for session IV sub topics are directly written in column II

Sr.No. Topics for teaching Remarks & references
S IV Logistical Organization 1. Elements of Logistical
• Development of an Management-Bowersox,
optimal logistic Ref. Chapter 20.
organization 2. Logistics-Bloomberg, ref.
• Importance of effective Chapter 14

organization 3. Logistics management-

• Components of Logistic K.Shridhar Bhat, chapter 9

Organization and its

S IV Logistic Coordination 10. Elements of Logistical
Management-Bowersox, Ref.
Chapter 2
Logistics management- K.Shridhar
Bhat, chapter 3

S IV An overview of DRP, MRP-I & 1. Elements of Logistical

MRP II Packages Management-Bowersox, Ref.
Also include ERP Chapter 9.
2. The Management of Business
Logistics-Bardi, chapter 7
Logistics-Bloomberg, ref. Chapter 10
S IV Costing 1. Logistics and Supply Chain
• Total cost analysis Management by Martin

• Activity based costing Christopher, Page # 72,73]

• Mission based costing 2. Physical distribution Management:

Logistical approach by
• Principles of logistics
K.K.Khanna – page # 48
Bowersox- pages 643 to 649
S IV Performance auditing [L/M-Bowersox, pages 668 onwards]