Xaar Proton

OUTSTANDING IMAGE QUALITY WITHOUT COMPROMISE • Designed for the indoor & outdoor graphics market • Excellent print performance • Consistent and reliable operation • Easy to integrate and scalable.
The highly productive Xaar Proton is a wide-swathe, high-resolution binary printhead. The latest ‘chevron’ actuator technology delivers consistent and reliable operation for the indoor & outdoor graphics markets.

Xaar TEChnology Xaar is a world leader in the development and manufacture of piezoelectric drop-on-demand inkjet technologies. Its latest shear mode shared wall technology uses a ‘chevron’ actuator which combines 2 layers of the PZT material to give a structure that requires only 24V to drive it and therefore consumes even less power and ensures even higher drop formation consistency. This coupled with higher firing frequencies, smaller drops and individually lasered nozzles leads to a highly productive printhead with premium print performance and a long life. APPLICATIONS The Xaar Proton has been designed to produce outstanding print quality for the indoor and outdoor graphics market – rapidly and consistently. Delivering a 35pl drop ensures sufficient resolution to meet today’s demands of the graphics and signage markets and with a 53.7mm swathe, high-speed multi-pass printing is a reality. INkS AND FLUIDS Xaar actively partners with a range of ink manufacturers to develop high-quality ink solutions for its printheads. The Xaar Proton is constructed to be compatible with a range of solvent-based inks.

Printer manufacturers will find a host of features that make this printhead easy to integrate, reducing set up times and ensuring maximum profitability. End users will achieve highest return on investment through ease of use and high productivity combined with excellent print performance. Using the latest piezoelectric inkjet technology it provides excellent print performance enabling you to print even better quality without compromising on speed.

7 141 180 5 150 86 x 21 x 63. Overall the Xaar Proton offers a simple. Xaar PlC SCIENCE PARk CAMbRIDGE CB4 0Xr UNITED kINGDOM TEL: +44 (0)1223 423663 FaX: +44 (0)1223 423590 www. remove and replace printheads when necessary as well as ensuring reliable fluid and electrical connection necessary in industrial printers • Recessed nozzle plate - is designed to prevent nozzle-plate damage in the event of a media crash thereby extending the working life of the printhead • Simple fluid path - enables fast and reliable filling ensuring the printhead is always primed and ready for operation • In-line filter - which protects the printhead thereby extending its working life • Metal back plate - offers simple mounting plus the option to apply heat to allow for a wider range of fluids • Low drive voltage – the single 24V power supply allows OEMs the lowest cost of integration.5 Unit — mm µm npi m/s g mm — pl kHz Xaar’s ENaBLING tEchNoLoGy OEM’s can take advantage of the features within the Xaar Proton to enable fast time-to-market and minimal development costs. Other features include: • Lockable fluid and electrical connectors - make it easier and quicker to install. This includes on-board waveform storage and temperature compensation for example. Active nozzles Print swathe width Nozzle pitch Nozzle density (nozzles per inch) Drop velocity * Printhead weight (dry) Dimensions (WxDxH) Ink type Drop volume* Typical firing frequency * * Dependent on ink used and system integration. This is achieved by utilising the on-board electronics that offer many additional features within the printhead itself instead of the OEM having to develop their own. easy integration path for wide and grand-format printer manufacturers who want the best combination of print performance and productivity.Physical attributes Xaar Proton 382 53.5 Solvent 35 9.Com .Xaar.