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To realize my potential in challenging situation and develop my capabilities through the learning process. I am dedicated and devoted professionally seeking a responsive job to achieve my potential and it will help to contribute to society and industry in a better way.

Standard M.B.A-II (Finance/Marketing) M.B.A-I B.B.A.(I.B.M) Sr. Secondary (ScienceMath) Secondary Awarding Body Raj.Tech.University,Kota Raj.Tech.University,Kota M.D.S.University Ajmer R.B.S.E., Ajmer R.B.S.E., Ajmer School/College Global Mgmt College, Ajmer Global Mgmt College, Ajmer Global Mgmt College, Ajmer St. John’s Sr. Sec. School,Ajmer St. John’s Sr. Sec. School,Ajmer Year Pursuing 2010 2009 2006 2004 First First Second First 69.37 72.67 59.06 74.83 Division (%)

 M.S Office, Internet and Advance Tally  Pursuing ‘O’ Level from Aptech Computers which is held by DOECC Society New Delhi.

       Third position in Global Maritious Award in M.B.A. IN YEAR 2009-2010 Got scholarship in B.B.A., every year by College. Winner in Inter-College Chess Competition in Graduation. Runner Up of Volleyball Team in Final Inter-College Competition in Graduation. Gold Medalist as Best Boy in School in year 2006. Got Certificate for passing N.C.C. Exam and Annual Training Camp. Got Certificate by Upliftment ‘N’ Education Society, New Delhi for Social Work.

Self Confidence, very energetic, hard working, ready to accept changes, keenness for work calmly even under pressure and in harmony with colleagues, imaginative and enquiring state of mind.


B. Mathematics. Management & Financial Accounting. HOBBIES AND INTEREST Chess. Gyan Chand Jain Mrs. B.  3 year teaching experience of Accounting.B.A. Economics of R.S.B.A in year 2010.  I have completed Summer Placement Training on ‘Efficiency of Working Capital’ for 45 days in SHREE CEMENT LTD in Finance in B.E.B. M.Near Plaza Cinema.A in year 2008. WORK EXPERIENCE  I had done Summer Placement Training on project ‘Impact of Inventory Control & Receivables Management on Cement Industry Profitability’ for 45 days in SHREE CEMENT LTD in Finance in M.B.COM.Blue Kasal Corner.A.B.A  Contemparory issue Project on Service Marketing in M.A & Foundation of CA & CS)  3 year part time supervisor experience at Bharosa Agarbati Works Ajmer.B.S.  I have also got 15 days training in MARSTELL COMMUNICATION (B.P. PERSONAL PROFILE Date of Birth Father’s Name Mother’s Name Sex Marital Status Nationality Language Known Permanent address Contact Number : : : : : : : : : 27th February 1988 Mr.B. Vivek Tharaney (Dep. C. Head Boy of School. House Captain and Class Representative in 12th in year 2006  House Captain and Class Representative in 11th in School  Member and Joint Coordinator in organizing various events in school and college. Listening Numbers and Improve Knowledge.Ajmer (Rajasthan) 09929948899 REFERENCE Mr. Statistics.O) as Customer Executive. Ajmer Contact Number: 09460090300 DATE: PLACE: AJMER (ANKIT KUMAR JAIN) .A  Tally Project in B. Shimla Jain Male Bachelor Indian English and Hindi 226/22. Costing.B. PROJECT WORK  Project on E-Banking in M. Director) Global Management College.E & Graduation Level (B.