S.C. GIKOV COMPANY S.R.L. www.gikov-consulting.com Employment and staffing company Str. L.C. Babes nr 13, bl. 15, sc.

A, ap 2, Brasov, 500423 Telefon/Fax: +4(0)268-474558

FAMILY NAME: Marginean LAST NAME: Paul - Vasile
Personal data: Address: Staruintei Street, 12, Gherla, Cluj. Phone no.: 0743 03 23 09 E-mail: prototype2587@yahoo.com Date of birth: 25-07-1987 Driving license: Will be achieved in max 2 weeks (B category) Marital status: Unmarried Gender: M Height: 1,62 Weight: 62 Can you swim? No Objective / desired position: Sales Assistant Available from (date): Studies: 1. From – to: Oct 2009 - Present Institution name: Economical Science Faculty, Cluj-Napoca, E-Business Diploma achieved: Student (Master)
2. From – to: Oct 2006 – July 2009

Institution name: Economical Science Faculty, Economic Informatics Diploma achieved: Graduate diploma, Bachelor’s degree Other qualification / certificates:

Year: 2009 Qualification achieved: Lingua certificate of “English in business”

Registered at I.T.M. Brasov under license nr.107/09.09.2008 Company Registration nr O.R.C.: J/08/2267/2008 CUI: 24368035

C. A. 2. 500423 Telefon/Fax: +4(0)268-474558 2. L.Present Employer’s name: SC American Restaurant System Position: Bartender 2 Registered at I.making reservations for rooms and conference room in the business center. 4. assuring a well organized and clean store 3. other activities specific for this type of job. From – to: June 2007 – Oct 2007 Employer’s name: SC Profi Rom Food SRL Position: Cashier Responsibilities: charging products prices.conciliating clients in what concerns the clothes or shoes they were going to buy.com Employment and staffing company Str. From – to: Oct 2009 . ap 2.C.primary accountancy papers. Babes nr 13. regular mail check. www.: J/08/2267/2008 CUI: 24368035 . Year: Qualification achieved: Work experience ( please give full details of your responsibilities) 1. bl. From – to: Nov 2007 – Feb 2008 Employer’s name: SC Mexxem SRL Position: Sales Assistant Responsibilities: . GIKOV COMPANY S.107/09. Brasov. operating efficiently and in such a short time that would avoid agglomeration.S.C.gikov-consulting. charging products prices.T.R. From – to: Jun 2008 – Oct 2008 Employer’s name: SC Nconuter Business Center Position: Receptionist Responsibilities: .2008 Company Registration nr O.M. sc.R.L. Brasov under license nr. 15.09.

Excel.gikov-consulting.Internet navigation Other skills: Hobbies. ExSys Corvid. .HTML. bl. Linux operating systems.S.C.com Employment and staffing company Str.R.M. 3 Registered at I.C. ap 2.sports. area of interest: .C.Windows. .: J/08/2267/2008 CUI: 24368035 . GIKOV COMPANY S. Brasov under license nr. Powerpoint) .107/09. MySQL. C++.09. Babes nr 13. PHP. .basic knowledge . Access. From – to: Employer’s name: Position: Responsibilities: FOREIGN LANGUAGES: very good English French German Italian X LEVEL Intermediate poor X X Computer skills: .Microsoft Office (Word.specific activities for this type of job.L. www. L. C# . Visual Fox Pro.Hardware and software knowledge.T.R.2008 Company Registration nr O. 15. 5. From – to: Employer’s name: Position: Responsibilities: 6. Brasov.C. 500423 Telefon/Fax: +4(0)268-474558 Responsibilities: . A. sc.