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as amended. OTEN is the specialist distance education and training provider of TAFE NSW. audio. OTEN is open 50 weeks a year and also has a student website that supports all students at any time of the day or night. the largest vocational education and training organisation in Australia. OTEN offers over 250 qualifications and courses. CD. 2 . Apart from any use permitted under the Copyright Act 1968. Our courses and programs are flexible and may be delivered in many ways – online. in the workplace. from other states and territories of Australia and overseas. no part may be reproduced by any process without the prior written permission of the publisher. It provides the information you need to apply to enrol. However some changes may occur as enrolment information is updated or replaced. video or some may have a face-to-face component. ABN 36 459 049 947 This guide is correct at the time of printing. at night.OTEN – study @ your own pace @ your own place! Can’t make it to class at your local TAFE college? Live too far away? Work irregular hours? Have family commitments or is travel too difficult? Then studying with the Open Training and Education Network (OTEN) may be the answer for you. workshops.tafensw. a promotion.au/oten or contact OTEN Course Information on 1300 362 346. and when – at home. as soon as you are given access to your online learning website. You start studying as soon as you receive your learning materials or. OTEN can help. and accepts applications to enrol from students all over NSW. TAFE NSW understands that everyone has different vocational and educational needs and is committed to helping you develop real skills for real careers. OTEN enrolment applications are accepted continuously for most of the year or until course places are filled. Read this guide carefully. Check the latest information online at www. Whether you’re looking for your first job. printed learning materials.Introduction . at the local library. As a student with OTEN you have the opportunity to study where it best suits you. practicals or in the workplace. Strathfield NSW 2135 © OTEN 2007 This work is copyright.edu. a career change or you just need extra knowledge and skills. for online study. on weekends or in your holidays. Open Training and Education Network. Now is the time to make a decision that may change the rest of your life! This guide is published by the Student Services Unit TAFE NSW – Western Sydney Institute. Last year over 35 000 students studied through OTEN.

tafensw. Use the guide as a reference and check the latest information online at www. you need to pay the annual TAFE NSW fee and the OTEN Student Materials and Handling Charge (see page 4). The minimum amount of recognition granted is for an entire unit.) Some students may be eligible for an exemption from the TAFE NSW fee (see below). In this way. These will be outlined on the Course Information Leaflet for your course. Recognition TAFE NSW provides a means of assessing and recognising your relevant previous learning and current work experience so you may avoid repeating what you already know.recognitionhelp@tafensw. Multicultural Programs Unit (MPU) Phone : 02 9244 5324 Fax : 02 9244 5381 How much does it cost? When you apply to enrol or re-enrol with OTEN you will need to pay the TAFE NSW fee and the OTEN Student Materials and Handling Charge (except for TAFE PLUS programs which have different fees and enrolment conditions. up to a full qualification in which you are enrolled. You may also need to pay other charges related to your course. NSW Department of Education and Training. Payment is required on submission of an enrolment application. The first instalment and the full OTEN Student Materials and Handling Charge are paid when you submit your enrolment application. you may complete your studies faster or gain entry to a higher level qualification.edu. you pay the mid-year rate of the TAFE NSW fee and the full OTEN Student Materials and Handling Charge (see below). contact a Course Information officer or one of our career counsellors to discuss your vocational needs. TAFE NSW fee If enrolling before 31 May 2007.tafensw. skills and experience to apply for recognition. Note: It is important to us that you have all the information you need to choose the course or program that is right for you. The annual TAFE NSW fee may be paid in two instalments.edu.au Please ensure you read your OTEN Course Information Leaflet and these enrolment conditions before submitting your OTEN enrolment application. The second instalment must be paid by 31 May 2007 regardless of the month you enrol and the amount of study you have completed prior to 31 May 2007.What is in this Guide? This guide give you the information you need to know prior to studying with TAFE NSW. If you need more help. See page 9. Please be aware that OTEN does not provide third party invoices. You may receive recognition for one or more units. Your application for recognition is assessed after your OTEN enrolment application is approved.au/oten or contact Course Information The 2007 TAFE NSW Handbook contains information about courses at all colleges of TAFE NSW and is available at newsagents and online at www.3 . If you apply to enrol between 31 May 2007 and 3 August 2007.au TAFE NSW fee for 2007 Qualification/course Statements and other short courses Certificate I and II Certificate III Certificate IV Diploma Advanced Diploma Annual fee $(AUD) 328 384 600 816 1086 1302 Mid-year rate $(AUD) 164 192 300 408 543 651 For advice on having the qualifications you gained overseas recognised by TAFE NSW contact: OTEN Multicultural Education and Support Unit Phone : 02 9715 8676 or 1800 637 535 Fax : 02 9715 8549 • • The TAFE NSW fee is applied differently for: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students – who are exempt from paying the TAFE NSW fee Apprentices and New Entrant Trainees Introduction .edu. Have you completed a TAFE NSW course? Have you gained a qualification from other educational providers? Do you have current work experience? You may hold the relevant knowledge. contact: OTEN Recognition HelpDesk Phone : 02 9715 8486 or 1300 362 165 Email : oten. For a recognition pack.

and special programs) 4 . employment skills and work readiness and do not attract the TAFE NSW fee. per year if living overseas 21 September 2007 Last day to add additional units to your current OTEN enrolment 28 September 2007 Closing date for end of year exam applications 5 November 2007 2008 OTEN enrolment applications open 15 November 2007 Last day to submit assignments and return completed tests 2 December 2007 TAFE NSW Semester 2 ends (*Except for HSC and CGVE courses. The OTEN Student Materials and Handling Charge must be included with your enrolment application. handling and posting. career opportunities. per year if living in Australia $ 120 per enrolment application. including development of your learning materials. These include programs in literacy. TAFE NSW Semester 1 ends 3 August 2007 2007 OTEN enrolments and co-enrolment applications close Contact the relevant teaching section for your study options TAFE PLUS program enrolments remain open $ 50 per enrolment application.2007 Student calendar and important dates* – 2007 TAFE NSW fee is capped at $384 for Department of Education and Training (DET) approved apprentices and trainees • students with a disability – who are eligible for one exemption from the TAFE NSW fee per year if they are on a Commonwealth benefit or a client of a Teacher/Consultant for students with a disability some access and preparation courses. OTEN Student Materials and Handling Charge: 24 June 2007 Last day to submit assignments and return completed tests if finishing your OTEN studies mid-year. numeracy.Introduction . 6 November 2006 2007 OTEN enrolment applications open • 27 April 2007 Closing date for mid-year exam applications 31 May 2007 Mid-year enrolment applications open at OTEN OTEN Student Materials and Handling Charge This charge partially offsets additional costs associated with distance delivery.

If you wish to apply to enrol in a second course.centrelink. A refund of the TAFE NSW fee may be given if you: • have paid the TAFE NSW fee then receive Youth Allowance or Austudy within two weeks of your enrolment date or the dispatch of your learning materials from OTEN. Austudy or Pensioner Education Supplement : 132317 for ABSTUDY You may be eligible for an exemption from the TAFE NSW fee if you receive an eligible Commonwealth benefit. • You may be eligible for a refund of tuition fees in special circumstances. industry starter kits or basic tools used by the student. For information contact: Centrelink Online at : www. Check your Course Information Leaflet carefully before submitting your enrolment application. your testamur or course results from TAFE NSW will not be issued. believe you have a case for a refund because of ‘exceptional circumstances’. under ‘exceptional circumstances’. enrol in a course only to repeat a failed unit but are then granted a pass in that unit by an Assessment Review Committee enrol in a course which is cancelled by OTEN paid the full annual TAFE NSW fee and withdraw or complete your course with OTEN or another TAFE NSW college before 24 June 2007. equipment or resources received remain the property of the student after a practical or workshop. You will need to provide proof of when your payment to study commenced. refer to page 10. consumables.au Phone : 132490 for Youth Allowance. if you do not attend or give adequate prior notification. in writing. Please ensure you pay these before applying to enrol. You need to support your request. Introduction . Course related charges A refund of course related charges may be given: • • if OTEN cancels a practical or workshop if you paid for a practical or workshop and notify OTEN within a minimum of 7 working days of your inability to attend. or moving house.5 . an unforseen increase in your workload. You must support your request in writing and apply to the OTEN Refund Committee. such as change of job. Section 8 of the OTEN 2007 Enrolment Application form sets out the eligible benefits and the type of documentation you need to provide with your enrolment application. you must pay the course fees and charges. Refer to page 7. You may only receive ONE exemption of the TAFE NSW fee per year.Financial assistance to study and exemption from the TAFE NSW fee Financial assistance to study may be available through Centrelink. if materials. Course related charges may not be required when submitting your enrolment application. • • • • • Course related charges Some courses may have additional charges which cover the cost of practicals. such as accommodation or meal vouchers which are non-refundable. apply within four weeks from your enrolment date and have not participated in your studies. You must still pay the OTEN Student Materials and Handling Charge. moving interstate or overseas. once enrolled. the student will incur the cost and only a refund of any remaining monies will be issued. charge or fine. services. Exceptional circumstances do not include changes in your personal. You may be eligible for a half year refund. If you are behind in paying any outstanding TAFE NSW fee.gov. There are no refunds of the OTEN Student Materials and Handling Charge or TAFE PLUS program fees. If OTEN outlays payment for services. to ensure that you are aware of all the fees and charges involved. For information related to specific student categories. • A refund will not be issued: • Refunds TAFE NSW fee A refund of the TAFE NSW fee may be given in exceptional circumstances. employment or study situation that prevent you from continuing your studies. to the Head Teacher.

or until course places are filled. A step-by-step guide to applying and enrolling Step 1 Have you read this Guide and your Course Information Leaflet? These documents provide you with general enrolment conditions and important information about studying with OTEN.Applying and enrolling at OTEN OTEN’s enrolment period commences 6 November 2006 until 3 August 2007. 6 .au/oten and go to Courses. no more enrolment applications can be accepted. For more information see page 3. If paying by credit card you may be able to apply to enrol online .edu. you are encouraged to apply for recognition at the same time as submitting your enrolment application or shortly after enrolment. Due to increased global security measures. Entry requirements are outlined in your Course Information Leaflet. Don’t wait too long to put in your enrolment application. Step 4 To complete your enrolment application. If these forms or documents are not provided or completed your enrolment application will be delayed. Online at : www. you need to: • complete and sign the OTEN Enrolment Application form. TAFE PLUS fee or any other applicable course related charges. Your course may also have other forms to be completed. Payment of fees and charges is only accepted in Australian dollars.tafensw.edu.tafensw.au/oten and go to Recognition. or include your credit card details. Note: If applying for an exemption from the TAFE NSW fee. The OTEN Enrolment Application form is available online at www. Selection Application resource checklist or other form. Once course places have been filled. High demand courses can fill quickly. OTEN is now required to display a contact phone number on the outside of all items posted overseas.edu. as requested attach payment for the TAFE NSW fee. you should apply to enrol early.tafensw.Introduction . So that you don’t miss out. OTEN Student Materials and Handling Charge. This will reduce the period of time you may have to study in 2007. such as a practical application or documentation to support your claim for an exemption from the TAFE NSW fee? Yes – ensure you meet the entry requirements and fully complete these additional forms or provide adequate documentation when submitting your enrolment application. you must still include payment of the OTEN Student Materials and Handling Charge. including the student details page which provides important information for TAFE NSW to plan to meet the needs of our students. Courses only remain open for enrolment while places are available.au/oten or through OTEN Course Information provide appropriate and adequate documents or evidence. Students living overseas must provide a contact phone number with country and area codes displayed on all postal items. or visit www. No – make sure you meet the entry requirements for the course in which you wish to apply to enrol. Step 3 If you think you may be eligible for recognition of your previous learning and your current work experience. • • Step 2 Do you need to submit an OTEN Course Application. or it may be returned to you. and may close before the mid-year enrolment date 31 May 2007.

• Active participation Active participation in your course is a condition of your enrolment with OTEN.edu. by mail.00pm OTEN Course Information 51 Wentworth Road Strathfield NSW 2135 • • Documentation Get it right first time! To ensure that your enrolment application progresses smoothly. What happens when I enrol? Once OTEN receives your enrolment application and correct payment and your enrolment is approved.au/oten and go to Courses – for some courses. attending practical sessions. online services and enrolment conditions. completing units or making satisfactory progress in tutorial support. We accept payment by: • • • Credit card – Visa and MasterCard Personal or bank cheque or money order payable to OTEN EFTPOS – in person at the counter at OTEN Course Information TAFEcard You will need a TAFEcard to visit and use the facilities of TAFE NSW colleges. : OTEN Student Services – Enrolments Locked Bag 2012 Strathfield NSW 2135 • In person : visit OTEN Course Information. for most courses. you will receive: • • a Receipt of Money/Tax Invoice a Confirmation of Enrolment letter. You will need this to get your TAFEcard and for Centrelink. Introduction . Active participation is submitting assignments. by fax . access to the OTEN Learning Support (OLS) site. accessing unit support pages on the OLS. a phone call or email to see if you need help getting started. if you receive payments to study. For security reasons. the documents you need to supply are outlined in Section 8 of the OTEN 2007 Enrolment Application form. it’s important that you provide current and complete documentation with your enrolment application. sitting exams or tests.Step 5 Submitting your enrolment application You may apply to enrol with OTEN online. OTEN students are able to ask for a TAFEcard at any college of TAFE NSW.tafensw. borrow from their libraries and sit for an exam or a test. an OTEN Student Guide and Diary which outlines important information to help you get started. If you think you are eligible for an exemption from paying the TAFE NSW fee. Monday to Friday 8. including a copy of Every Student’s Guide to Assessment in TAFE NSW.30am to 5. As you progress through your studies. Fax Mail : 02 9715 8411 – if paying by credit card. If you do not participate in your studies future enrolment applications may be declined. submitting an application for recognition. if paying by credit card. OTEN is not able to issue TAFEcards. or in person. your learning materials or information on how to access your online study. if applicable. Incomplete information or documents may delay the start of your studies or course places may be filled before your application is accepted. Online at : www. you may add more units until 21 September.7 . no cash is accepted.

you will be given detailed information about how you will be assessed and how your results will be recorded and reported. Some courses have compulsory practicals. if places are available. course time limits do apply. if applicable. To study by distance you need to plan a schedule of submitting your work and meeting your study goals. Sarah did not have to pay the TAFE NSW fee again. workshops and exams. Also. you may apply to sit for these at your local TAFE NSW college. You do not have to pay the TAFE NSW fee (or approved fee exemption) but you are required to pay the OTEN Student Materials and Handling Charge. as she is currently enrolled in the course with her local TAFE NSW college. Recognition of previous learning and current experience will mean that you may not have to study some units in your course and you may finish more quickly. she has a young family and wants to study some units at home. you can apply to transfer to OTEN or co-enrol with OTEN in the same enrolment period. Private supervisors are reviewed for their suitability to conduct exam or test supervision by OTEN. You cannot be enrolled in the same unit at two TAFE NSW colleges within the same enrolment period.How long will it take to complete a course? You are encouraged to start studying as soon as you receive your learning materials or online access. Will my study involve assessment? Most courses involve assessment. you need to pay your second instalment by 31 May 2007 to continue studying your units/course with OTEN. Any charge for private supervision is your responsibility. tests. If you paid by instalment. There may also be set dates for practicals.Introduction . you must complete the units/course you are co-enrolled/enrolled in with OTEN by 24 June 2007. These may be less than the OTEN course time limit. then co-enrol or transfer your course to OTEN. exams or practicals. you may sit exams or tests by private supervision. These sessions are usually organised in ‘blocks’ to reduce costs to you. at her own pace. Exams are state wide. 8 . If you live interstate or overseas. workshops. work or family commitments? Or your TAFE NSW college is not offering the unit you want to study? Co-enrolment in one or more units with OTEN may be helpful. Transferring your studies and co-enrolment If OTEN offers the course/units you wish to study. They may be held at other TAFE NSW colleges or specialist centres. Ask about recognition when you apply to enrol. Important note: If you enrolled in Semester 1 only at your TAFE NSW college. tutorials or field trips. If you receive financial assistance from Centrelink to study. If your course has exams or tests. Although studying with OTEN is self-paced. At OTEN. Tests may be sat at a time convenient to you and the local TAFE NSW college. some of her classes were held in the evening and she didn’t like catching the late train home. Sarah Sarah is studying a building and construction course and would like to apply for a position in building and design. Although she attends classes at her local TAFE NSW college and likes the contact with other students and teachers. to ensure you are given the maximum advantage to complete your course. Sarah co-enrolled in three units with OTEN. and are held at set times and dates twice a year – in June and November/December. and completing your course within the time limit. not all of these will have fixed dates. Can’t attend classes due to timetable clashes. which may be written assignments. which allows her to study at home. you must comply with the study time limits set by Centrelink. but she did need to pay the OTEN Student Materials and Handling Charge. When you begin your studies with OTEN.

You are also entitled to access your information and make corrections if necessary. you must abide by Use of TAFE NSW Internet and Intranet Services guidelines.edu. serious contempt or severe ridicule against you or others on any grounds. You can contact the OTEN Counselling and Careers Service to discuss your study options. complete an enrolment adjustment form (available from any TAFE NSW college). For more information contact: Freedom of Information and Privacy Unit Phone : 02 9561 8151 The Freedom of Information (FOI) Act 1989 gives you the right to access many documents held by most government agencies including TAFE NSW. as outlined on the Course Information Leaflet. Introduction .au Individual Learning Centres (ILC) Haven’t studied for a while? Need some support in literacy. contact your teacher or a TAFE NSW counsellor. disciplinary action may follow. or use computers that are the property of TAFE NSW. Complaints and Allegations is online at www. In rare instances this may not be possible.tafensw. Student rights and responsibilities are available online at www.au/oten go to Enrolment. In these cases OTEN reserves the right to: • • • withdraw any course or program offer a course or programs other than that advertised alter the dates for the whole or any part of the course or program. You may also submit your complaint on a Suggestion or Complaint Form available from www.edu.det. They will record your concerns so it can be dealt with confidentially and promptly.tafensw.au/oten. What support does OTEN offer? Counselling and Careers Service Support is available before you apply to enrol with OTEN.edu.counselling@tafensw. As an enrolled student of OTEN. Your rights and responsibilities OTEN. This does not apply to TAFE PLUS programs. Any health information provided is protected under the Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002. When you enrol with TAFE NSW. The NSW Department of Education and Training policy for Responding to Suggestions. Centres are open at nominated times and operate like ‘drop-in’ centres.au/policies. When you apply to enrol you agree to abide by these when you submit your enrolment application. as part of TAFE NSW will do its best to ensure that you have the opportunity to complete your course within the time limit (subject to your satisfactory progress). Phone : 02 9715 8446 or 1300 655 993 Email : oten. Your personal and private information is also protected and will not be disclosed without your approval.htm If you use a TAFE NSW internet or intranet website.au/students/rights. storage.tafensw. It is unlawful for a person to do anything publicly that could encourage or stir up hatred. If you do not follow TAFE NSW regulations in regard to behaviour.nsw.edu. you may report it to any staff member. Making a complaint If you have a problem or complaint. use and disclosure of the personal information you provide is protected under the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998.edu. or to find out more about co-enrolment and transferring your course to OTEN Visit: www. If you feel you have been discriminated against.au/oten Under specific circumstances you may transfer from the OTEN course in which you are enrolled. the collection.edu. to another course within OTEN.To apply to transfer. This includes study skills or any personal matters that make it hard for you to study.tafensw.9 . Post Enrolment Information. For conditions Visit: www. numeracy or reading to help with your studies? As an OTEN student you may visit the Individual Learning Centre (ILC) at a TAFE NSW college. you have certain rights and responsibilities related to TAFE NSW instructions and rules. Counsellors can also help you with your career and educational planning and progress.

and other private internet facilities. You need to gain a traineeship position with an employer before applying to enrol with OTEN. Find information on TVET courses: Online at : www.gov.edu. as teachers will forward you new information released on the OLS in hard copy through the post.htm Interstate students may also access the TAFE Libraries-National Reciprocal borrowing scheme. (Note: Where an exemption to the TAFE NSW fee is approved. There is a fixed TAFE NSW fee for all Department of Education and Training (DET) approved traineeship enrolments and the OTEN Student Materials and Handling Charge does not apply.) Find information about traineeships: Online at : www.edu.nsw. go to http://wsi. you can visit libraries at any TAFE NSW college. You are required to pay the TAFE NSW fee and the $120 OTEN Student Materials and Handling Charge.edu. study progress and supplementary study resources.ols. You can also contact your teachers by email and correspond with other OTEN students. OTEN delivers courses for New Entrant and Existing Worker trainees by distance. and to view the TAFE NSW Online Catalogue.au You can still be at school The vocational education and training for school students program allows Year 11 and 12 students to get a head start by studying Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses as part of the HSC.newapprenticeships.au Trainees Traineeships combine work with training so you can earn as you learn.au/oten/tvet Phone Email : 02 9715 8153 or 1300 554 014 : oten. but you must provide certified proof of your Australian citizenship or residency status when applying to enrol.edu. Don’t worry if you do not have access to the internet.au Phone : 1800 639 629 OTEN Learning Support The OTEN Learning Support (OLS) site provides support to all enrolled OTEN students. You will need a TAFEcard or you may be able to register as a library borrower using your Enrolment Confirmation letter. This includes services for people from language backgrounds other than English. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and people with a disability. TAFE NSW Libraries As a student enrolled at OTEN.edu. Students on Visas Temporary Visa Holders If you hold a temporary visa. Phone : 02 9715 8679 or 1300 362 890 Fax : 02 9715 8549 Australian citizens overseas If you are an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident living overseas you may apply to enrol. allowing students of participating TAFE libraries to register and borrow materials in person from any other participating TAFE library in any other state. The OLS gives you the opportunity to get frequent updates on your course and unit/s.Introduction . you can access the OLS through computers at TAFE NSW colleges and public libraries. you may also need to pay 10 . For information on traineeship courses and enrolment contact the OTEN Traineeship Coordinator: Phone : 02 9715 8406 or 1300 362 418 Who studies with OTEN? Minimum age The minimum age for studying at TAFE NSW is 15 years.oten. You can take a virtual tour of the OLS before you apply to enrol at www.Special needs support OTEN also offers support for people with special study needs.au If you do not have the internet at home. email WSIOTENLibraryServices@det.au/LibraryServices/welcome. To access this service and for any other enquiries. To find out more about college library locations and services.tafensw.tvet@tafensw. you may be eligible to apply to enrol with OTEN. subject to certain conditions. you will need to pay the OTEN Student Materials and Handling Charge. Depending on the type of visa sub-class you hold. tafensw.

Hours for each unit within a course are listed on the Course Information Leaflet. Students on Visas Course Information Email Phone Fax : oten.11 .courseinfo@tafensw. People living overseas People living overseas who are not Australian citizens or Australian permanent residents may apply to enrol with OTEN. TAFE NSW conducts random audits twice a year verifying an enrolled student’s residency status with DIMA.edu.tuition fees. you may apply to enrol or co-enrol with OTEN.au : 02 9715 8333 or 1300 362 346 : 02 9715 8445 OTEN Multicultural Education and Support Unit Phone Fax : 02 9715 8676 or 1800 637 535 : 02 9715 8549 Introduction .au/oten and go to Enrolment. you may show your original documents to TAFE NSW staff or at OTEN Course Information who will sight. International students on student visas If you are the principal visa holder of a student visa. False claims about your residency can lead to disciplinary action. OTEN is not responsible for the noncompletion of your course if you are required to leave Australia.edu. living in Australia and you are enrolled full-time at another TAFE NSW college or with another CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutes and Courses for Overseas Students) approved provider.tafensw. Find information on enrolment conditions: Online at : www. You may be contacted and required to provide proof of your residency status. Certified copy Certified copy means that the original document has been sighted and a copy of it has been signed and dated by the organisation that issued the original document or by a government official. Students on Visas Your enrolment application will not be accepted if you cannot complete your studies before your visa expires. For more information: Online at : www. Fees and charges are calculated on the hours attached to each unit within a course. such as a Public Notary or Justice of the Peace. Alternatively.au/oten and go to Enrolment. When applying to enrol you must provide a certified copy of: • • your passport showing your visa sub-class or certified documentation from the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs (DIMA).edu. When applying to enrol you will need: • • written approval from your TAFE NSW Institute’s International Student Coordinator certified proof of your visa class and your full-time enrolment with your CRICOS provider. copy and verify your original documents.tafensw.