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Movies, clips/trailers:
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Sites for conversation questions:
Daily ESL ESLjunction Karin’s ESL Partyland The Internet TESL Journal ESL

Sites for Grammar and Writing:
CUNY Write Site (academic and workplace writing) English Tenses with Cartoons

ESL Blues ESL Writing Den Grammar Bytes! Grammar Games Grammar Movies Guide to Grammar and Writing Internet TESL Journal Links Isabel's ESL Site Purdue Writing Lab The Big List UsingEnglish Quizzes Sites for pronunciation: American English Pronunciation English Club English Pronunciation Eva Easton’s Authentic American Pronunciation Listing of sites compiled at ESL Independent Study Lab The Sounds of Spoken English Sites for reading: Awesome Stories Bibliomania Free Online Books Breaking News English California Distance Learning Project * CNN News Critical Reading Steps English Express Free Books to Read Audio Library Internet Public Library Life in the USA: The Complete Guide * Links to Reading Sites News with Videos Read. Write. Think (student materials) .

Reading Practice Tests Reading Strategies The Learning Edge VOA Special English Sites for Listening. Tell a Story: Become a storyteller as you write and record a story inspired by works in the museum’s collection. Reading. and words on site hyperlinks to online dictionaries. thesauri. Picture a Story: Create your own work of art using objects and characters found in some of the museum’s most noteworthy paintings. etc. read and view pictures inspired by our collections created by visitors like you. WebWorkbooks WordAhead 10 Vocabulary Builders .org Spelling City: University Vocabulary Trainer Voycabulary: enter URL. and Writing: NPR “This I Believe” Curriculum The Art of Storytelling site (Delaware Art Museum) Experience a Story: Listen to stories. Interactive Fiction for Reading and Writing: “computer based form of literature in which reader plays part of an important character” See site “Teaching and Learning with Interactive Fiction” Sample Sites for Vocabulary and Spelling: English Page English Pronouncing Dictionary: gives pronunciation of words entered Funbrain Listen and Write Dictations Spelling Bee @ Learner.

Click on the synonym to replace a word. and a list of synonyms is a click away? Here’s what you do (with PCs): right click on a word and you will see a tool box. which are displayed after spelling checking (Click Review tab and Spelling & Grammar or by pressing the F7 key) a document.1." check the box for "Show readability statistics. An instructor could tell students to revise and check spelling and grammar again until their writing reaches a given grade level. By moving the mouse to “Synonyms. • Click Word Options." • Explain to students the results. • Click Proofing. Then discuss the subtle differences between the words.” you get automatic access to dictionary definitions and a translator that will translate to or from English and a selection of other languages. Here's how: • Click the Office button in MS Word 2007. translator. . Did you know that in Microsoft Word. A good exercise for students is to provide a list of words that they find synonyms for. Also useful is to have students turn on the readability statistics.” you can see a list as well as a thesaurus link. • Under "When correcting spelling and grammar in Word. a reference library. By choosing “Look Up.

org http://wordsmith. Wikipedia.A.” I was provided with a list of 38462 anagrams including "Cube Vinyl Vomit Wormy you can subscribe to A. users can learn the ." and "Vincible Mop My Tour Vow Try. and record their own pronunciation of the words via telephone. The site also gives the option of downloading the text as an .Day http://wordsmith. language issues in the news. and more.visuwords. roots. and emails often include links to websites about linguistics.webworkbooks. copy and paste words or type in entire passages to hear pronunciation (though it is a computer voice).com/ is site that sends registered users ten words every day in English and one of 20 other languages. Web Workbooks http://www. Registered users can create word lists that are converted to flashcards to study.merriam-webster. 4.mp3 sound file. . While you are With VozMe. take tests. try WordSmith. and VozMe http://vozme.voycabulary.php is a site with sections that give word etymologies and illustrative sentences. At WordSmith. even a medical dictionary. copy and paste a URL. With the free sign-up. and the words on the Web site become links that can be clicked to get definitions. 5.visualthesaurus. The words are based on weekly and The Visual Dictionary http://www. 6. When I entered “I want to improve my vocabulary. listen to the words.html. and Voycabulary http://www. and interesting anecdotes about word origins. check out the Lesson Plan Library. word drills for vocabulary study. an antonym dictionary. With Lingro.Word. Three Web sites that students can use when they are using the internet and encounter words that they do not understand or that they want to pronounce are Lingro http://lingro. Visuwords Online Graphical Dictionary http://www. To learn about word collocations try these two websites that “map” word associations: Think Map Visual Thesaurus http://www. and translations. Merriam-Webster Visual Dictionary a large selection of beginning-level vocabulary flashcards that can be downloaded even if you are not a http://www. ESL-Library. Voycabulary similarly converts words on a Web site to links that with a click can be looked up in many types of online dictionaries." L10 http://www. see translations." "Bionic Vet Portly Rummy Vow.learn10. The L10 widget can be embedded on a Web Site or get a vocabulary word emailed to you are online picture dictionaries. including a and’s Internet Anagram Server http://wordsmith. hear pronunciation. words that are commonly misused and For

Free-ENGLISH and matching and scrambled word games.comhas a “Check a Word’s Grammar and Usage” tool. A recent technology list serv participant wrote this about Freerice: "Freerice. There are also grammar. The developer of the site has secured sponsorship so that each word that visitors to the site get right. The site also contains links to numerous word lists including an Academic Word List. Last. and spelling . You can see the screencast on YouTube at http://www. and reinforce new words. a site that has been featured on the national evening news is http://www. and a reverse idiom dictionary game.7. The site’s English Language Reference section includes a glossary of English grammar http://tinyurl.young and old -. Ever have an idea or concept in mind but can’t think of the word? That can be annoying! OneLook Reverse Dictionary http://www.this is one of the thousand words most frequently used in UsingEnglish. The games are free but registration is far back as 1994. 9.usingenglish.shtmlmay help. but the easiest level is still too difficult for many students.vocabulary. The other is for viewing on the iPod and a higher degree of success with the easier levels of Freerice. 20 grains of rice to the United Nations "World Food Program. and Business English Verbs." Other sites worth the surf: . Gamesare a fun way to learn. listening. There are word searches. one for understanding differences between near-synonyms. There is a lot more at the site to explore.onelook. You can download it from this link. Type in a description to get a list of words. even cheat on crossword puzzles by typing in puzzle clues and finding words if you only know some of the letters.aspxhas six interactive vocabulary games including one for matching slang expression to meanings. You can also explore related is an excellent web site. 10. I created this screencast as a way to help students -. When I entered the word “fun. and Lexical Information: Common word. Grammatical Information: Uncountable Basic English list. You can download several version of this screencast in a ZIP file. I've uploaded the ZIP file to the Internet Archive. generate a list of words in a category.” this is the information I was provided: Length: 3 characters. One of these versions runs well on older Macintosh computers -. A site with interactive games for beginners is located at http://www. Syllables: 1. 8.

com/content/view/337/27/ MEDtropolis The Virtual Body tour Other sites Go English . make word art • Wordle Internet Slang Dictionary http://www. for try 3dtextmaker a catalog of more than 7500 images represented more than 4000 contributed by the (fridge magnet poetry) • or Typogenerator typogenerator.innerbody.medtropolis. sign up to contribute an image 80 Million Tiny Images • Shockedpoetry www.For fun.html Kids Konnect Human Body a semantic image map you have to see to understand To learn vocabulary for the human anatomy and workings of the body Interesting related sites: • Sites for Idioms: Online idioms dictionaries Freedictionary rong-chang list Using English.noslang.php (word art) To make animated text for PowerPoint slideshows.csail.3dtextmaker.aspalso in Spanish Visible Body: 3D Human Anatomy The Visual Dictionary project http://thevisualdictionary.html To find meanings of the latest slang on the streets • • • • • • • Urban Dictionary Human Anatomy Online http://www.

Easton English Online English Banana English Club English Daily English for All English Galaxy English Page English Works ESL Gold ESL Lounge ESL PartyLand ESL Wonderland Go4English Interesting Things for ESL Students Learn English Learningline Mansion Ingles (for Spanish speakers) TV411 To find online. print activities: Boggles World Sites for Teachers ESLTower.L.Idiomsite Self-Study Idioms Integrated Skills Web Sites 5 Minute English A4ESL Quizzes Cambridge Touchstone Arcade Fun/other Web Sites: 20 Questions (good for practicing question formation) Grammar Ninja (for parts of speech) English Games (vocabulary. grammar games – need to register) .

vocabulary) Podcasts: audio files broadcast on the Internet for listening a4esl podcasts China 232 Citizenpod Discovery Channel ELLLO English Idioms and Slang (discontinued but past postings still available) ESLPodcards First Amendment Minute Grammar Girl In English Many Things NPR US Citizenship Podcast VOA Special English Still can't find an online site for students to practice a specific English skill or grammar point? see Ressources pour le college (some headings are in French. practicing speaking/pronunciation: 1. shows students' pronunciation in comparison to a model by audio waves (waveforms) on two parallel tracks More information: Guide 2. Praat Using Praat for pronunciation improvement article How it works: Instructor records model. student records self. an audio recorder/editor .LingualNet Learning English Through Movies Online English Games Tutpup (math and spelling games) What was there? (memory. but there is an enormous list here) Free downloadable programs for teaching. Audacity How it works: Similar to Praat. but less sophisticated.

DL Recorder (Dartmouth College Language Recorder) also displays waveforms 4.Instructor can record model on one track. Wavepad. online interactions Voki: make an avatar that speaks (text to speech. but with video California Distance Learning Project Daily English Show English for All TeacherTube vidoes in World Languages YouTube EDU search results “ESL” (mostly teacher-training vids) YouTube search results “ESL” Chatbots: grammar (question formation). speaking. a product from Australia. reading. Student can record model on second track. very similar to Audacity Videocasting (vidcasting): like podcasting. upload or phone in audio) My sample voki (can leave text comments or comment via a voki) Others (text to speech only): Mow-tor Mail Gamespot Gizmoz Odd-cast . compare waveforms Instructor can provide oral feedback on a particular segment Demo * Audacity Manual Tutorial TeacherTube videos 3. writing Chat with Alice * See Nik’s Learning Technology Blog entry Virsona: develop own AI chatbot Avatars: writing. record your voice.

net/ http://www. Jane Sherman.ebooks.Online templates: Game templates online Verb tables Vocabulary flash cards • • http://jc-schools.rong-chang. see my pages Using Video for list of video and Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers and article “Using Video to Develop Writing Fluency in Low-Proficiency ESL Students” Integrated Skills: Webquests Nellie Muller-Deutsch’s collection of WebQuests Collection of ESL and other Webquests World-English WebQuests E-books (free online books for reading online or for download) for reading (and listening on some sites): http://www.PowerPoint (more than 300 stories beginning and intermediate level with audio) http://www.htm (among other places).upenn. Integrated Skills: Using online or student video See Nik’s Learning Technology Blog Entry on 12 Seconds TV and Daily English Blog for many other activities for integration video in general See Roger Drury Phrasal Verb Dictionary and many other video and PowerPoint projects on his home page My recent student video projects: “Speaking with the Stars” and “Successful Job Interview” and video resume (not posted) See TESOL EVO Video Sessions for many ideas on integrating and Using Movies to Teach English Recommended text: Using Authentic Video in the Language Classroom.htm and http://www.fcps.htm and http://www.

http:/www. T H E journal Research on Tech on The Adult Education Literacy Wiki Russell Stannard's Teacher Training Videos Language Learning & Technology Journal for Second and Foreign Language Educators Language Learning and Technology Journal Internet 4 Classrooms (i4C) Technology Tutorials on the Web Jane’s e-learning National Education Technology Plan ( Blogs such as NPR All Tech Considered Resources to Better Understand Technology Integration in General and to Stay in the Loop: http://www.wordpress.nmc.pcworld.php?storyId=97097438 Online edition of edweek Geek Brief with Cali Lewis at Education World: ESL Lessons for Adult Students EdutopiaArticle: The Word and the World: Technology Aids English-Language Learners EON Foundation Check out the Teaching English in a Mobile and Networked World and The Living Classroom Network Initiatives.teachertrainingvideos.thejournal.cfm .com/news/top-news/?i=57910 (from Horizon K-12 report) Horizon Report 2009: http://wp. Teach with Technology Adult Education Technology Integration on The Adult Education Literacy Wiki Atomic Learning Some free online tutorials Computer Using Educators Discovery Education Speakers Bureau Eschool News: 6 technologies soon to affect education PC World.html Mashable Larry Ferlazzo http://larryferlazzo.larryferlazzo. http://davidjrosen.edublogs.msu. 2005) Nik Peachy's blogs http://nikpeachey.geekbrief.

html The U. software tips. Educators’ e-zine.php/Technology The Advantages of Using Technology in Second Language Education The National Institute for Literacy's Technology electronic discussion list (NIFL-Technology) and other e-lists http://www. Can subscribe to free online publications including Technology and Learning magazine.nifl. and Digital Media in the Classroom (a quarterly e-book) TechLEARNING journal . see the OTAN Video Gallery ZD net The Adult Literacy Education Wiki http://wiki. and computer Learning Great ideas for integrating technology in the classroom. Department of Education study with the first-ever data on distance learning in elementary and secondary schools (2005) tucows Using Technology to Help ESL/EFL Students Develop Language Skills Video examples of integrating technology in the adult education (including English language learning)