Proximate Analysis of Different Variety of Apples

The weighted samples of apple were taken in a patri dish and were heated in a hot air oven at 105 C for one hour. The temperature was then decreased to 60 C till constant weight was obtained in 24-48 hours. The difference in the fresh and dried weights was taken as moisture. The percentage of moisture was calculated according to formula given below:   


1. Golden Delicious:     

2. Red Delicious:     

3. Kala Kullu:     

Golden Delicious:      2. Kala Kullu:      . Percentage of ash was calculated according to the formula given below:       1. The weight of ash was recorded. Red Delicious:      3.Ash: A ten gram weighted quantity of dried samples was taken and carbonize on a flame and then ignited in a muffle furnace at 550 C till a white ash is obtained.

The protein percentage ws determined by the following fomula:                    1.1N H SO solution. Kala Kullu:                             . A 2 gram sample was digested with 30ml concentrated H SO in the presence of 5g digestion mixture containing 100g Potassium Sulphate. It was then diluted with distilled water to 250ml. The distillate was collected in 2% boric acid with methyl red indicator and titrated against 0. It was then heated in fume hood for 2-3 hours till the color of digested material changed to transparent green. A blank sample was simultaneously run and the volume used for N/10 H SO was subtracted from sample reading for correction. Red Delicious:  3.Protein: The protein content of the apple was determined by Kjeldalh's method. 10g Coppor Sulphate and 5g Ferrous Sulphate in a long Kjeldalh Flask. Golden Delicious:  2. out of this 10ml was distilled with equal volume of 40% NaOH.