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Competency EC RI

No example of
contributing positively
and productively to team
projects or improvement Does it when asked to
related activities contribute

Not bothered about Makes an attempt

persuading others for only when asked by
teamwork Supervisor

Displays oppositional Supports and co-

Team Working (The behaviour and gives operates only when
ability to cooperate reasons for notbeing asked. Eg: stays back
with others to meet able to co-operate with for Debrief only when
objectives. ) the team asked by TL/KC

No examples of
proactive learning for
personal performance Learns new things
improvement only when asked to do

Continuous Learning No examples of Has examples from

( The ability to take application of past the past but no
personal responsibility experience learnings
and action toward
learning and Waits for guidance
implementing new and direction at every
ideas, methods and No examples for Self point. A reactive
technologies.) motivation to learn approach

Result Orientation ( The

ability to identify actions
necessary to complete Delayed outcome with
tasks and obtain results.) Doesnt Meet Deadllines excuses

Not Able to remove partially removes

Barriers Barriers

Cannot Manage Task Manages task though

with BAU activities BAU suffers
Self Management ( The
ability to prioritize and
complete tasks in order to
deliver desired outcomes Does not prioritize
within allotted time frames) Does not prioritize correctly
Could not give
Interpersonal Skills (The examples/instances of Not at ease/comfortable
ability to interact with others positively interacting with in interacting with others
in a positive manner.) others

Does not listen to others at examples/instances of
all, prefers to work in positive interaction
isolation however could not
elaborate with the details

Limited interaction with

Has no interaction with
other departments &
other departments & teams

Developing Others ( The Does not share self Shares feedback with
ability to contribute to the development learnings with others however no
growth and development of others further interaction

Does not identify the Identifies the

need/requirement to need/requirement to
develop others develop others
participates and Proactively participates and influences
contributes in others in the team to contribute in
Contributes to the team every team every team activity or improvement
improvements at his/her activity or plan. Is a true example of team
convinience improvement plan working.

Takes the
intitiative in
persuading others
Speaks occasionally. in a positive Proactively persuades every team
Makes an attempt only manner. Is a member and explains the benefits of
when he is completely positve influence team work and how it will contribute
convinced. to the team to individual & team development.
Supports by being present
however no major Stays back
contribution. Attends the despites personal Takes the forefront in planning and
debrief but doesn’t agenda, gathers executing the team meet, encourages
provide/share inputs/ everyone for the others to attend by sharing the
observations. Does it only team meet or importance and need for the team
when asked team decisions meet.
Displays a
willingness to
learn. Proactively
identifies and
Proactively learns new makes an action Identifies a new skills, proactively
skills post the given plan for self approaches people who have the
feedback performance required skill, learns and adapts it.
Has examples and Has examples and
learnings but has a very learnings, also
reactive approach in proactive Not only applies learnings from past
experience but also shares examples
application of learnings for implementation for
self development improvement and outcome of learnings
Knows completely what needs to be
Is motivated to improve Proactive sense of done and how. Compeletely self
self however asks for self improvement. motivated induvidual, also influences/
guidance at every stage, Slef motivated to motivates others to think for
works as per instructions. develop one self. themselves.

Completes Activity before time &

Completes Activity Helps others to achieve deadlines as
Meets Deadlines before time well
Removes barriers
without support &
Removes barriers with completes activity Proactively Anticipates the
support on time risk/barriers & Minimizes them
Manages Task & Manages Task & BAU without
Manages Task & BAU with BAU without guidance& Shares learnings to
guidance guidance influence others
Plans activities in
Maintains a checklist advance Influences others to prioritize
Looks for
Communicates & interacts opportunities to Creates opportunities to positively interact
with others positively interact with others
with others

Gave examples/instances of Positively interacts Creates a conducive environment to

positive interaction with others with others & listens generate ideas & suggestions,
and focused on active to ideas/suggestions acknowledges & implements them,
listening & implements them practices contextual listening

Consistently &
Consistently & effectively interacts with
effectively interacts
Consistently Interacts with other departments & teams to share
with other
other departments & teams learnings and contribute ideas &
departments & teams
to share learnings

Shares feedback &

Shares feedback, provides complete
Shares feedback & provides provides complete
support & guidance on areas of
some guidance on areas of support & guidance
development, has a follow up plan & tracks
development on areas of
Identifies the
Identifies the need/requirement to develop
Identifies the need/requirement to
others, provides complete help/support,
need/requirement to develop develop others &
has a follow up plan & tracks
others & offers help/support provides complete