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Registration Process


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Click on the “Tender Free View” to see (view and download) Click on “Register Me” Hyperlink and get your User Id and (Certain special chars like ~ ` ' # $ % & *! ( ) ; \ / ? “: < > + - { } Once you fill all the details asked by “Register Me” form and

all the tenders and their notifications. Password. [ ] are not allowed in the company id or any key attributes).

obtain your password, contact the Office of BWSSB to enable your User ID. After this, vendor can key in their User Id and Password and get successful entry in to the application. Note: This is a one-time process. Once vendor is registered with the site, they can participate in all tenders hosted by BWSSB

You will have to ensure that your DD reaches BWSSB on time. You can see the status as “REQUESTED”. BWSSB will cross verify with the details you have provided electronically and then send you a document comprising of Electronic bid Sheets.BWSSB will send you forms (Electronic bid sheets) only upon receiving your DD through Courier or by Person or by Post. Then click on “Submit”. Click on • “Edit form” gif and see all the documents attached. DD/BC Date and remarks. On this screen (UnApplied) you will find various gif’s on the left hand side. By clicking on hyperlink “UnApplied” you can see the latest tenders which are floated and other details relevant to tender. DD/BC Number.B along with other documents. BWSSB will send the forms immediately upon receiving your DD (hard copy). Firstly.xls” or Schedule. Please download these documents and go through them. you need to download this document by clicking on hyperlink “Click Empty Document. • You will get two excel files “Technical bid.xls” and “Cost bid. Note: .STEP 2 Participation • • • Vendor should login with his USER ID and PASSWORD After Successful entry into the application click on hyperlink “UnApplied”. • Now once you have requested for tender documents click on “In Progress” stage. Once you have gone through the entire tender document and you wish to participate in the tender click on “Request Tender Form” gif. And fill the form which contains mode of payment.” here to Download Then Save the file with the same file name Note:- .

xls and Cost bid. All other supporting documents could be uploaded using “Click here to Attach” link provided below. 2) You should only key in the values in blue cells only. provided in these sheets. Reminder: Technical bid. Fill all the fields provided in that sheet and press on “Scan” button to attach the scanned copy of the EMD.xls should be uploaded by using “Click here to Upload filled File “. . upload sheet will appear ü ü ü Select the file to be uploaded. general document page will appear ü Click on upload new file Button for uploading new document. ü In the left hand menu click on General Document.1) You should not change the file name of any Excel file. enter the description and Click on Upload file Repeat step 2 and 3 for uploading new files attachment name. Steps for uploading the additional documents (supporting documents) to your account. • Vendor should fill values in blue cells only. These can be uploaded by clicking on “Click here to Upload filled File”. STEP 3 Submission • Vendor should prepare the scanned copy of DD (EMD) EMD Submission: Click on “Click here to enter EMD Details and Attach Scanned Copy of EMD”. • Please don’t change the name of the file as system will not accept any other file name.

If you need to attach any new files for the tender follow Steps for uploading the Additional documents.e. Other details could be scanned and uploaded but ensure that it is smaller in size (i. < 1MB for faster uploading)... Opening etc.gif) • The server time will be displayed at the right hand side of the page please follow this time. . NOTE : ü You will see all the red colored links changing to black color. . Submitting... and all the actions i. (only. when you have uploaded.doc.pdf. In General Document Summary screen select the file you want to attach and make necessary changes for Tender Stage and click Attach file button. A) Technical bid B) Cost bid or ScheduleB C) EMD details i) Once you fill the above documents only then you will able to submit the tender by clicking on the “Submit the Tender Form” button before the tender closing date and time.To change the description and attachment name for the uploaded file use Update existing file button Note: This is for altering the description and attachment name only Attachment of general document to a particular tender Go to tender Documents screen of that particular tender Go to Click here to Attach –Additional documents can be optionally Uploaded General Document Summary sheet will appear.bmp.xls.e: (Requesting.) takes place according to this time only..jpg.

click on the “Opened/Awarded” link. contact tendering authority well in advance.STEP 4 Acknowledgement Once you submit the tender you will get the submitted token number. the award details can be accessed in the OPENED/AWARDED stage. BWSSB is not responsible for tender’s not received or submitted properly. v To view the opened tender. v If you do not get the submitted status and token number. v If any queries please contact BWSSB Office and if required. Then the status will change to submitted. . submitted date and submitted time. personal training would be given. Take the print of that sheet then click on “OK”. Please feel free to contact if you have any clarifications regarding e-Tendering. Vendors are requested to undergo training and get their doubts clarified well in advance. STEP 5 OPENING v After the tender is opened at the stipulated date and time.