Selecting the Right Employee

Background Why did you attend your school? How did you spend your time as a student? Why did you select your major? What about your education has been the best at preparing you for a career? Why are you interested in our company? What factors motivated you to leave your current job? Technical/Functional 1. As a ______, how has your performance compared with others in the same position? 2. Originally, how did you learn the skills and knowledge required in your current position? 3. Give me a few examples of the most complicated assignments you have undertaken. Why were they challenging? What role did you play in them? How did the projects turn out? 4. Comparatively speaking, what developmental needs has your supervisor identified in your profile of performance? What have you done to improve in those areas? Interpersonal Customer Focus 5. Describe an example in which you had to meet a difficult customer demand. 6. Describe a time when your relationship with a customer was unsatisfactory and share what you did about it. Leadership 7. How do you influence your boss? Colleagues? Subordinates? 8. Describe some of the toughest groups you have had to build cooperation among. What was your authority? How did you handle it? 9. How often do you meet with your subordinates? For what reasons? How do you prepare? What meeting format do you follow? 10. How do you set objectives with your subordinates, both individually and collectively? 11. How often do you meet with your peers? What role do you usually play? Initiative 12. Give me an example of a time you initiated a project. How did you go about it? What was the result? 13. What are some ways you have made your position easier and more rewarding? Communication Skills 14. Give some examples of when you gave someone a directive and they did it wrong. What went wrong? 15. What are some examples of the most complicated information you have ever had to explain to other people? 16. What kinds of writing have you done? What are some examples? How did you go about the writing task? What type of a response did you receive? 17. What reports are you working on in your current job? Which ones are the most challenging? Why?

Why? 21. Describe a time when you had to deal with a "difficult" person. When do you do your best work? Worst? 27. Describe a situation where you were required to make quick adjustments to organizational changes. What were your strategies? What were the results? Adaptability 36. Teamwork 30. What do you do for exercise? Integrity 28.What are some strategies you've used to put other people at ease quickly? Which strategies have been most/least effective? 34. conference. How have you mitigated differences? How have you handled your various bosses' styles? . What prompted you to undertake them? Drive and Energy 24. How do you operate differently from other people in your position? 23. 22. How do you handle work backlog after a vacation. How did you manage it? 37. Tell me about one of the most effective teams you worked on and what you contributed to its effectiveness. Describe some assignments that were successfully executed due to your efforts. Share the most difficult ethical issues you have dealt with in your job and what you did about them. Describe the work pace that best suits you. Describe the boss you worked under where you were most effective. What strategies have you found helpful in managing territorial issues with your team? People Skills 32. Describe some projects you have initiated on your own. Describe one of the most challenging situations you've confronted when you had to sell an idea to other people. Describe a time when you had to bend the rules to accomplish a task.Selecting the Right Employee Negotiation Skills 18. 31. Describe a time when you and a peer had a significant disagreement. How did you handle it? 33. What was difficult about it? How would you rate your handling of the situation? 19.When was the last time you lost your temper on the job? What set you off? How did you handle it? 35. Describe your typical day. When does it begin? End? 26. 29. Tell me about a time when you were unable to sell your idea to another person. or extended time out of the office? 25. How would you approach it differently if you had a second chance? What did you learn from it? Sense of Urgency 20.

Selecting the Right Employee Tenacity. Time Management and Planning 54. Describe your delegation process. Describe an example when you have had to bypass the system to get things done. Give me an example of good decisions you have made in the past year. Ability to Withstand Pressure 38. Give an example of a time when you felt your results were not up to company standards. why not? 46. What was effective about them? What alternatives did you bypass? 56. How did you do in school? What areas did you have the most difficulty with? What was easiest? 49. When have you included subordinates in decision-making? To what extent did you incorporate their input? 59. Aggressiveness. How do you stay attuned to potential problems and trends? 58. How do you determine priorities? How do you handle unforeseen disruptions to your schedule? 55.What do you do to relax after a hard day? 40. Decision Making & Judgement 57. Describe your primary objectives over the past year. Give an example of a recent quality product or service you provided. Describe a time when you recommended a course of action to your boss and you were successful/unsuccessful. How consistent have you been at delivering expected results? 47. How did you select and measure them? How much stretch did you incorporate? How well did you perform against the goal? 45. What have you found to be the most difficult aspects of your job to learn? Why? 51. Explain how you schedule your time. How often do you take work home? What type of work do you take home? 42. What have been the most significant goals you've accomplished in your current position? Why? How did you accomplish them? Were there other goals that were not met? If not. What warranted it? What were the results? . Describe a difficult problem you have managed and explain your process to assess the situation. What is the highest-pressure situation you have experienced? How did you cope with it? 39.When did you last lose your temper? Why? What was the outcome? 41. What have you done to develop yourself in your current position? 52. Competitiveness. How did you decide on a root cause? Persuasiveness 53. How did you go about learning how to address it? What was the outcome? 50. Think of a work challenge you have confronted that you did not know the answer to.What is most frustrating about your current job? Analytical Performance 43. What did you do about the situation? Learning 48. What was your role? 44. What were the toughest decisions you have had to make in your current position? Why? What was your decision rationale? 60.

Think of a time when old solutions did not work. Explain a situation when you had to sacrifice short-term gains for long-term results. How do you encourage innovation with your subordinates? 73. What was unique about them? What was your inspiration for them? How did you introduce them to your organization? 70. 68. What happened? Maturity 66. Describe your most innovative ideas over the past year. What was your thought process and resulting action? 69. 65. Describe a time when you had to balance the implications of your decision on more than one department. Decisiveness 64. 71. What do you do differently from your predecessor in your current job? . Tell me about a creative solution you devised in the past. Describe a time when you acted too hastily/slowly.Selecting the Right Employee Human Resource Development 61. Describe how you've developed each of your subordinates. How did you deal with it? 72. 63. Who would be an effective replacement for you in your current position? What have you done to groom and develop this individual? 62. Tell me about our most effective subordinates and what you did to develop them. Have you ever had to go against general feelings or policies to accomplish a goal based on principle? Describe the situation. Why? How did you do it? What was the outcome? 67. How do you make decisions? Give me an example and rationale of one that you made rapidly and one that you spent considerable time on.