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GEOMETRY 2008 – 2009

Mrs. Judy Kline
Room 115
Prep 3rd period
348-6500 ext 118

"The study of geometry should include experiences and activities that foster in students a feeling for the value of
geometry in their lives." - Instructional Goals and Objectives for West Virginia Schools.
Geometry introduces the student to a formal mathematical system based on concepts of logic. Topics covered include
undefined terms, angle relationships, parallel and perpendicular lines, circles, polygons, congruent and similar
triangles, coordinate geometry, elementary trigonometry and multiple methods of proofs. Calculators will be used to
facilitate tedious calculations and computers for mathematical modeling. In addition, a student will extend their
knowledge with readings in the field of mathematics, develop projects, and prepare investigative reports and
presentations related to projects.


The student will be able to represent problem situations with geometric models, classify figures in terms of congruence
and similarity, deduce properties from given assumptions, and develop an axiom (property/fact) system through
investigation. Students will develop conjectures by inductive processes and will attain the skills necessary to relate
geometry to the work place and everyday life. Emphasis will be placed on the mastery of processes expected of college
preparatory students.


Text - Discovering Geometry: An investigative Approach - Key Curriculum Press, 2003

Replacement Cost – $52.70
Geometry - Holt, Rinehart, Winston, 2004
Computer Software - The Geometer's Sketchpad
PowerPoint and more


Review of needed Algebra I concepts

Basic undefined and defined terms
Patterns and conjectures
Angle relationships
Parallel and perpendicular lines
Polygons and solids
Congruent and similar triangles
Coordinate geometry
Elementary trigonometry
Area, perimeter, and volume
Introduction of proofs


The student will be expected to keep a notebook (3-rings) with notes, daily assignments, vocabulary, homework, etc.
The student needs paper (loose leaf), pencil, calculator, bathroom pass sheet, student handbook, (if available), and
assigned textbook brought to class everyday. The student is responsible for having a scientific calculator. Students
cannot share calculators.
It is important that each student works diligently and efficiently. Students are to be on task daily.
The student is responsible for any make-up work due to class absence. Students need to check Edline for assignments.
Make-up work is due within the same number of days as days absent. Make-up tests and quizzes will be given with
prior arrangements made with the teacher.
Students are responsible for the grades earned in this class. Students may get extra help in Capital’s after school
tutoring program or ask the teacher for needed additional help.
No gum, candy, food or drink of any kind will be brought into the classroom. No peanut or tree nut products are
allowed anywhere at Capital High.
Students are dismissed by the teacher, not the bell.

The student will follow the Code of Conduct for both Kanawha County and Capital High School.


Students are expected to review and study materials at home, to complete all assignments, and to ask questions in class.
Students need to bring their scientific calculators to class.
It goes without saying they need their notebooks and textbooks in class.
School’s tardy policy will be in forced.


Tests, quizzes, daily assignments, notebook is being used daily – not just carried, project, computer assignments,
semester exam (required by school), etc. will be used to determine a grade based on Kanawha County's Grading Scale.
Grades that fall below the 65% requirement will result in the failure of the student for that grading period.


100% - 93% A 92% - 85% B 84% - 75% C 74% - 65% D 64% - 0% E

** I agree to abide by these policies and guidelines. Please sign and return to me by September 29, 2008. **

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