Hospitality Organization Management


SUBMITTED TO: Prof. Arnel D. Gianan

SUBMITTED BY: Mary Ann Acerado BSHM-3

find out the particular position responsible for each of the given KRA. DOIGENES VILLAR ANGELINA HOTEL General Manager Hotel VILLA ASSESSMENT of MANAGERIAL AFFECTIVENESS:  Study the set-up of a particular hotel. .MR.   If you happen to be the manager or supervisor of a hotel.) Identify in the above-mentioned KRA’S and indicators those that apply to you based on your job description. food outlet or food chain.  Prepare an assessment report. You can directly interview the concerned officer and/or get information from his superior and subordonate. do the following: (a. make a detailed line-up of training that you feel you need to undertake to become more effective. the Personnel or HRD Manager.  If you are the manager or supervisor evaluating yourself .  Based on your findings. Based on the company’s structure.) Make a personal assessment of your administrative efficiency and productivity using the applicable standards. line supervisor or section head or any other official? Make an assessment of a manager’s performance using the above KRA’s and standards as a basis for assessment. identify the training needs of the manager you evaluated. resort. food outlet. Is it the manager or department head. (b.

• SET UP OF A PARTICULAR HOTEL: The guest is at the heart of my concern and we should consider him or her as a guest in our own home. Information about duties.  Loss of job. including new bosses. responsibilities. way of receiving. skill in surprising and in amazing. line SUPERVISOR or SECTION HEAD or any other official: It is difficult to imagine circumstances that pose a greater challenges for HR management. In the meantime. A group of individuals whose sincerity. colleagues. pay. qualifications and compensation information are detailed as part of job description. manpower requirement and planning is dependent on job descriptions. seeking economies of scale thru combined efforts. HEAD. sometimes complexity of the situation may slow down the entire process. . employees are left wondering what. • MANAGER or DEPT. Even. Large mergers also involves overlapping companies (HP & Compaq). if any. PARTICULAR POSITION RESPONSILE FOR EACH OF THE GIVEN KRA(Key Result Areas): Job description: Specifies job requirements and acts as a screening tool. are all assets and personal touches that will help our guests feel reassured. and subordinates. benefits  Job changes. including new roles and assignments  Transfer to a new geographic location  Changes in compensation and benefits  Staff changes. role they will play in the “new organizations. Therefore.” Employees may face these potential changes. and mark our difference with the competition. knowledge. ability to listen to the guest. Key Result Areas (KRA’s).

DIRECTLY INTERVIEW THE CONCERNED OFFICER and/or GET INFORMATION FROM HIS SUPERIOR and SUBORDONATE . this area is skipped in job descriptions. compensation can always be adjusted. Changes in corporate culture. loss of identify. is an essential part of every manager’s responsibility. for the right person. titles changed and duties expanded. in the sense of getting things done through people. Duties: Clearly outlining the duties is crucial for a good job description. These fall into two areas – must haves and nice to haves. Long-term challenges relate to where the hiring manager wants to be in months down the road. . When stated. Compensation information: Generally. Shortterm priority issues need to be addressed during the first few days. Duties need to be specific to both short-term issues and long-term challenges of the position. Human Resource (or personnel) management. but many organizations find it advantageous to establish a specialist division to provide an expert service dedicated to ensuring that the human resource function is performed efficiently. however. Nice to haves are like the icing on the cake. Must haves are absolute requirements and without them the person is screened out. will attract a wider range of qualified individuals. The most important thing is. Qualifications: Qualifications are the principal screening elements. • MANAGER’S PERFORMANCE USING THE ABOVE KRA’s and STANDARD as a BASIS for assessment.

be careful how you deal with a problem employee.High follow through drive and high self-motivation with an ability to handle work pressure and to meet tight deadlines.Presentable. People judge us on how we act in bad times even more than how we act in good times b.) The above-mentioned KRA’S and indicators those that apply to you based on your job description. 5. which I am sure you have considered. Your team is watching and judging you on how you treat them. but he is our jerk". 2. If you have excellent interpersonal and influencing skills.Excellent interpersonal skills with a high customer service orientation. If they feel that you are making reasons to remove this person they will became afraid. One word of caution.) Make a personal assessment of your administrative efficiency and productivity using the applicable standards. the inborn desire to make things happen. It helps if you can modify what is expected out of an employee to include working well within the team structure. and never-give-up persistence.• IF YOU A MANAGER or SUPERVISOR OF A HOTEL FF: a.Excellent command of written & spoken English . Qualifications: 1. 4. This way the employee is clearly not "meeting expectations" and underperforming when they are not a team player. This also sets an example that good enough isn’t good enough if you can’t work together with co-workers. 3. A tough situation for sure. They will say "yes he is a jerk. and will support this person no matter how bad they are because they will think that the next time it could be them.Excellent computer skills. He know this does not help you in this current situation however.

attorneys. but it also gives you the justifications needed to terminate an employee. impose disciplinary measures. • THE TRAINING NEEDS OF THE MANAGER YOU EVALUATED. a better idea of how well your employees are performing. to give an employee a raise. and in the right manner. you may have an opportunity to provide feedback to your manager via a self evaluation. The focus of this article is on a tool used to accomplish this need. How you approach this opportunity is an indication of your level of commitment and engagement on the job. receivers. or to give an employee a promotion. a stakeholder in a property can position themselves to make better informed decisions regarding the stabilization and disposition of a hotel. Evaluating your employees is an important and vital activity to your company’s effectiveness and efficiency. There is a prevalent need for lenders.• ASSESSMENT REPORT: As owners face mounting financial challenges in the months ahead. Not only does it give you. we anticipate that more and more distressed hospitality properties will be changing hands. the owner or manager. • MANAGER or SUPERVISOR EVALUATING YOURSELF. In order to gain the most benefit from an evaluation several steps need to be taken to ensure that the right people examine the right issues. and brokers to understand not only the economic and income producing characteristics of these properties. . Through the execution of a property condition assessment. but the physical characteristics of the hospitality asset as well. MAKE A DETAILED LINE-UP OF TRAINING THAT YOU FEEL YOU NEED TO UNDERTAKE TO ECOME MORE EFFECTIVE. As part of your organization's performance evaluation process.

If you are honest with yourself. Note the highlights and the lowlights of the previous rating period. · Offer ideas for professional development goals you would like to pursue in the coming year. · Be honest in your evaluation about your performance. Use this information to prepare your input for your supervisor. Include examples of your work and reminders of projects you have completed throughout the rating period. Record examples of tough projects you’ve completed and goals you’ve achieved. · Keep your own performance file or a “me” file. . your supervisor will be more likely to look for ways to help you improve.Here are a few tips for making the most of this opportunity: · Take the self evaluation opportunity seriously and contribute as much specific and detailed information about your performance as possible.