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-Configurable- HP Z800 Workstation (ENERGY STAR) FF825AV-2
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Windows®. Life without Walls™. HP recommends Windows 7.

System price $3,868.001 From $1,935.001
Lease for as low as $109.97/month (48 months) » Apply online Shipping and tax not included. Details Estimated Ship Date: 11/23/2009
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Customize your configuration Product Maximum Number of Group PCI = 1. Maximum Number of Group PCIE = 6. Maximum number of Group ODDBAY=3 HP Z800 Workstation (ENERGY STAR) Operating system

Chassis configuration

Country kit HP Z800 Localization Kit Processor When a single processor ESTAR config. is selected, the ESTAR category must be ESTAR HIGH or ESTAR SP. When a Dual processor ESTAR config. is selected, the ESTAR cate ESTAR HIGH or ESTAR DP.

Second processor

Thermal kit

Heatsink System price $3,868.00 From

Video/graphics » Help me choose graphics

$1,935.001 Estimated Ship Date 11/23/2009

2nd video/graphics card 2nd graphics must match 1st graphics.


1st hard drive » Help me choose a hard drive

2nd hard drive

Optical drive

2nd optical drive

Floppy drive



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11/16/2009 02:19 PM

Will not work with 5 or more SATA HDDs) [Add $50. labor and onsite service (3/3/3) standard warranty.00] VF210AA NVIDIA Tesla C1060 Compute Processor [Add $1.00] FS215AA NIC .00] FX615AA HP 2..00] NN124AA HP z6/8 Adjustable Sliding Rail Rack Kit [Add $180. Network card Additional accessories FX468AV HP eSATA 2 port PCI Bulkhead Kit (Not allowed w/SAS Back Panel Bulkhead Connector Kit.868.asp?page=config&Prod.00] View all HP Business Monitors » Need help choosing a monitor? Additional graphics to increase your graphics and free up valuable memory space? See what HP recommends.www7.00] DY670A 1. HP SkyRoom Additional hard drives/controllers Additional processor Additional input devices Additional controllers & adapters Misc.850.00] Software System price $3. LAN & Printer Cable [Add $29. Additional memory Is lack of memory bogging down your applications? See what HP recommends.44MB Internal Floppy Drive [Add $30.com/dstore/MiddleFrame. Certain restrictions and exclusions apply.00] NK360AA HP 1.00] FX542AV HP ProtectTools Software (Only supported with Vista 32.5in HDD 2:1 Optical Bay Bracket [Add $40.00] EA327AA HP FireWire 800 IEEE 1394b PCI [Add $89. Vista32 Downgrade or Win7 32-bit Downgrade OS) [Add $15.00] NQ097AA HP Internal Mini SAS 4i Adapter Cable [Add $30.00] EM718AA HP 16-In-1 Media Card Reader with PCI Card [Add $39.44MB Floppy Disk Drive Kit [Add $40.00] KK912AA Thin USB Powered Speakers [Add $29.001 2 of 3 11/16/2009 02:19 PM .00] FH969AA Intel GbE CT Desktop NIC [Add $49.00] ED707AA#ABA HP USB Smart Card Keyboard [Add $49.00] AR482AA HP 16X SATA Blu-ray Writer (black) [Add $279.00] RT174AA HP Surge..or 64-bit.HP's Small & Medium Business Online Store ( Extreme Workstation Power ) http://h71016.00] NK361AA HP 22-in-1 Media Card Reader Kit [Add $50.00] FX614AA HP Z8 PCI Front Fan Kit [Add $40.00] RT174AT Promo Surge Protector. supplies and services 2007 Microsoft® Office Media-less License Kit (MLK) Warranty and service options »Info on services Data Recovery Recommended HP Business Monitors GS917A8#ABA Promo HP L1710 17-inch LCD Monitor [Add $110.00] NQ099AA HP Optical Bay HDD Mounting Bracket-BLK-for WKS [Add $40.hp. Recommended accessories.Broadcom NetXtreme Gb Ethernet PlusPCI-E Adapter [Add $39.00] NK653AA HP IEEE 1394b FireWire PCIe Card [Add $80. LAN & Printer Cable [Add $20.00] NH222AA Creative X-Fi Titanium PCIe Audio Card [Add $100.00] Security accessories FX541AV HP Chassis Intrusion Sensor [Add $15. workstation options AR630AA HP 16X SATA SuperMulti LightScribe Drive BLK [Add $89.00] Application software Restore CD Supported only with matching Operating System Warranty 3 years parts.00] AR629AA 16X SATA DVD-ROM Drive BLK [Add $49.

we will issue a revised invoice to you for the correct price and contact you to obtain your authorization for the additional charge.P.S. Lease prices shown are based upon HPFS’ current lease rates for premium risk rating customers (as determined by HPFS in its sole discretion). YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO USE THE PRODUCT IF YOU DO NOT FULLY COMPLY WITH THE PRODUCT ACTIVATION PROCEDURES. Order using secure online processing From (48 months) » Apply online 2 $1. # Intel's numbering is not a measurement of higher performance To download the latest Adobe® Reader® please go to the Adobe website at http://www.935. HP will credit your account for the amount overcharged.001 Lease for as low as $109. IN SUCH EVENT. If the pricing error results in an overcharge to you. including delays related to order processing or unexpected increase in demand. Estimated Ship Dates are based on any known extended lead times. 1 HP is not liable for pricing errors. Product activation procedures and Microsoft's privacy policy will be detailed during initial launch of the product. Printable version Privacy statement Limited warranty statement Using this site means you accept its terms Terms and conditions of sale and service Feedback to webmaster © 2009 Hewlett-Packard Development Company.www7.com. 2 Lease products available through Hewlett-Packard Financial Services Company (HPFS) to qualified commercial customers in the U. In the event that we inadvertently ship an order based on a pricing error. 3 of 3 11/16/2009 02:19 PM . HPFS reserves the right to change or cancel this program at any time without notice. and may be completed by Internet or telephone (toll charges may apply). HPFS lease rates may vary depending upon HPFS’ credit review and approval of the customer and the transaction.. Orders delayed due to order processing will default to an Estimated Ship Date 30 days from the date credit is processed and the order is released. Other restrictions may apply.HP's Small & Medium Business Online Store ( Extreme Workstation Power ) http://h71016.asp?page=config&Prod. Adobe and Reader are trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated. we will cancel your order and credit you for any charges.adobe. and are subject to credit approval and execution of standard HPFS documentation.com/dstore/MiddleFrame. Typically only orders paid for by credit card receive credit approval on the same day the order is placed. If you place an order for a product that was incorrectly priced. L.97/month Shipping and tax not included.. All customers may not qualify for this pricing. 3 HP is not responsible for delays outside of our immediate control.hp. or assist you with return of the product. Details Estimated Ship Date: 11/23/20093 Certain Microsoft® software product(s) included with this computer may use technological measures for copy protection. or upon certain reinstallations of the software product(s) or reconfigurations of the computer.