Election in Malaysia 3 important aspects 1. Voters 2. Candidates 3. Process Certain issues to be discussed 1. Phantom voters 2.


In 2006. The Election Commission's independence has been criticized. is known to occur Postal votes military personnel are allowed postal voting whereby they do not need to be at any secure polling station in person. its chairman has stated that although de jure the Commission is independent.000 dead voters would be purged from the electoral roll. "the law is inadequate to put us on par with most developed countries. if any. is common in Malaysia. The impartial rules and process of this system. Of great concern is also how the postal votes may be distributed to constituents that need them the most. one media outlet has editorialised that "Buying political support. 180. are not comprehensive and cannot be guaranteed. and some developing ones". and bribing lawmakers to defect. especially by paying voters money.[7] Allegations of vote-buying are also common.    . the Election Commission announced that in an effort to reduce instances of phantom voting. while not widespread.Issues  "Phantom voters" dead voters who participate in elections were a feature of the 1999 and 2004 general elections criticized by the opposition. Arguments arise as to whether they were forced to vote and to how their identities cannot be kept a secret using the postal voting process.

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