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1st Semester Lecture wise Course Breakup
Subject : School Administration & Classroom Management Course Code: EDU513 Instructor Objectives At the end of the course students will be able to; 1. identify principles of school administration and organization. 2. discuss factors affecting school discipline. 3. explain the importance of classroom management and its impact on academic learning. 4. manage the of logistics in school administration. Crdt Hrs 3 Saira Akhtar

Seme Month ster 1st

Week of Semester Week 1


1. School Administration Meaning, definition and of school administration Need of school administration Basic Principles of school administration School organization meaning and definition School organization (scope) Fundamental principles of school Organisation School discipline Definition & Purpose



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Week 2 Week 3

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Modern concept of School discipline Factors affecting school discipline Factors affecting school discipline Activity ( making class rules)

Week 4

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V aids Use of A. and potentially chaotic classrooms Effective Classroom Management Management issues in elementary and secondary school Week 11 28 29 30 31 32 Week 12 .12 Test Logistic and learning Resources of School 3. complex.1 Physical Aspects School building 2nd Week 5 13 14 15 Hostel Dispensary Cafeteria Learning Resources Use of library Use of A.V aids Time Table Activity (Making school time table) School Register Presentation Presentation Test MID TERM EXAM Week 6 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 Week 7 Week 8 3rd Week 9 Week 10 25 26 27 Management of Co-curricular Activities Definition of Co-curricular Activities Importance of Co-curricular Activities scope of Co-curricular Activities Types of Co-curricular activities Types of Co-curricular activities Activity (making school co curricular activities calendar Test The crowded.

.K.33 Management issues in elementary and secondary school Emphasizing instruction and a positive classroom climate Management goals and strategies Management goals and strategies Test unit 5 Project “ plan your school” building model. Peshawar: Ijaz Printers .A. (2007) School Organization. Afridi. administration and organization of school 4th Week 13 34 35 36 Week 14 37 38 39 Designing the Physical Environment of the classroom Principles of classroom arrangement Week 15 Week 16 5th Week 17 Week 18 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 Principles of classroom arrangement Arrangement style Arrangement style Group presentation on different Arrangement styles Project “ plan your school (presentation) Project “ plan your school (presentation) Revision Test FINAL TERM Evaluation • Mid Term Exam : 25 marks • Internal Assessment:25 marks • Final Term Exam:50 marks Internal Assessment :25 marks • Assignment • Presentation • Tests Recommended Books Text Book 1.

F. Columbus: Charles E. 5.W.W.D.Reference Books 1. (1975).. 4. New Delhi: McGraw Hill Publishing Co. Johnson.USA: Ginn. R. New Delhi: A P H Publishing . Orlosky. Merrill.(2008). New Techniques for Effective School Administration.N. Hamilton. J..E. Santrock. 3. 2.C. School Administration and Organisation. Educational Psychology. (1984) Educational Administration Today. et al. Boston. Administration and Supervision of the High School. (2006).K. NewYork: Parker. Mishra.