Trends in CAD/CAM/CAE

➤ Engineering as a Strategic Weapon ➤ Process Changes ➤ Enterprise-wide Integration ➤ Supplier/OEM Integration
Wayne A. McClelland President WAMware, Ltd.
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Engineering as a Engineering as a Strategic Weapon Strategic Weapon

-3- .Market Evolution CAD/CAM/CAE is now entering a new phase of growth. 1970 1980 1990 2000 ➤ Focus on Macro ➤ Focus on Macro Benefits Benefits ➤ Management Edict… ➤ Management Edict… Little Buy-in from End Little Buy-in from End Users Users ➤ Empowerment ➤ Empowerment ➤ Balanced Ownership ➤ Balanced Ownership Process ➤ Process Automation ➤ Process Automation People Tools ➤ Business Benefits ➤ Business Benefits ➤ Task Automation ➤ Task Automation ➤ Management ➤ Management Abdication Abdication It doesn’t work (well) any other way! Copyright 1998.. WAMware Ltd..

-4- . Company Iomega Sharp Bose Johnson Controls Direct Benefit 50% reduced timeto-market 75% less development time 50% reduced timeto-market 40% less development time saved 3 weeks and $450K 50% reduced timeto-market Business Impact created new market segment first to market with LCD-based system new design functionality responsive to customer needs lowest cost manufacturer extended product life rr 2x+… ffo 2x+… Sttrriive o S ve Thomson Polaroid/PDD agaiin err aga n and ov e rr and ov ove ove Copyright 1998. WAMware Ltd.Typical Business Benefits Source: SDRC Team for Success Tour 1996/97 with permission from respective companies.

WAMware Ltd.Strategies for Success ➤ Drawings off the Critical Path ➤ 3D Solids on the Critical Path ➤ Simulation-driven Design Simulation-driven ➤ Team Engineering Marketing idea NC Documentation Mechanical Design Supplier I/F Inspection Industrial ship Analysis Assembly Design Copyright 1998. -5- .

Who Cares? ➤ In Most Manufacturing Companies… “Engineering” is a Cost wReduce wReduce wControl wControl ➤ In Progressive Manufacturing Companies… “Engineering” is a Strategic Weapon !! vInvest vInvest vLeverage vLeverage … measured by its Impact on Business Benefits Copyright 1998. WAMware Ltd. -6- .

.Quality . is more important than Productivity (doing things faster) ➤ In fact. WAMware Ltd. -7- .Innovation ➤ Effectiveness (making the right engineering decisions).. some tasks may take longer… and yield benefits downstream in the Process Copyright 1998. S/W) Level 2 Labor Productivity Savings Level 3 Realization of Business Benefits: .Time to Market .Product Cost .Focus on Business Benefits X 10X 100X Benefits Level 1 System cost savings (H/W.

Process Changes Process Changes .

WAMware Ltd. -9- .Process Changes Current Practice “Go” x months Engineering • Detailing Concepts • Prototyping • Pre-Mfg “Race to the Drawing”… release when drawings are ready Level of Detail Copyright 1998.

10 - •• Detail only final Detail only final design design •• Reduced Reduced Prototypes Prototypes •• Manufacturable Manufacturable Designs Designs .Process Emphasis Changes Vision “Go” x months Manufacturing Engineering Marketing y months Concepts More More Robust Robust Concepts Release when Concepts product/subproduct is “Right” Copyright 1998. WAMware Ltd. .

. Evaluation..Drawings Off the Critical Path Evaluation. Concepting Concepting Simulation..... WAMware Ltd.. .11 - . Simulation.. Drawing Drawing Release 3D Detailing 3D Detailing iterations Copyright 1998.

12 - ... I-DEAS-to-I-DEAS) 3D Solid/Surface Model + “Minimally Dimensioned Drawing” ✚ ✚ ✚ Fully Dimensioned Drawing Datums Tolerances Feature Control Symbols Copyright 1998..g.. Evaluation. WAMware Ltd.Drawings Off the Critical Path Evaluation.... .. Concepting Concepting Simulation. Simulation. Release 3D Detailing 3D Detailing iterations to Manufacturing (in-house or supplier) 3D w/ 3D Inspection Data (e.

Enterprise-wide 3D Visualization Enterprise-wide Areas to Consider for “Collaborative” Product Development Marketing • Sales Configurations • Marketing proposals • Sales training • Concept presentations Industrial Design • Styling • Packaging • Ergonomics Manufacturing/ Assembly • Assembly/Disassembly sequencing • Factory flow • Robotics/work cell animation • Training Engineering (Design & Analysis) • Digital prototyping • Interference checking • Analysis • Part/Assembly visualization • CAD & Database integration • Digital design reviews • Real-world animated simulations (FEA. .13 - . CFD. WAMware Ltd. Kinematics) Customer Service Purchasing Legal • Service Training • Vendor communication • Patent protection • Interactive Maintenance • Visual Bill of Material • Litigation evidence Manuals Copyright 1998.

WAMware Ltd. key inspection dimensions) ready for submittal to internal/external manufacturing – extend milestone for 1st release procure Laptop (>64MB RAM) and portable projector … install Windows NT.or under-stressed reviewed and accepted by manufacturing engineer data package (3D model. NetMeeting ➤ Conduct 3D Design Reviews (internal. I-DEAS. VisView. with suppliers & customers) – Copyright 1998. . 3D data exchange file.14 - .Process Changes … Validated and Refined via Broadening Pilot Project ➤ Get Drawings off the Critical Path – redefine “release” to be: complete self-documented 3D model checked for packaging and assemble-ability considered not over.

Enterprise-wide Enterprise-wide Integration Integration .

Enterprise-wide Integration Enterprise-wide Application Plugins CAD/CAM/CAE Configured Interface PDM Visual Collaboration Sales/ marketing Industrial Design Mechanical Design Analysis ERP Manufacturing Inspection Engineering Purchasing/ Documentation Supplier I/F Assembly Service Copyright 1998. WAMware Ltd. .16 - .

wamware.Supplier/OEM Seminar) .com -.Supplier/OEM Supplier/OEM Integration Integration (see www.CAE WAMware -.

18 - .com -. say. can you see?) Copyright 1998. WAMware Ltd. .Wayne’s World -.Oh.wamware.3D Web Documents ➤ I-DEAS Export of VRML with inspection information – – via VRMail from DesignNet limited direct export with MS6 ➤ Allows viewing and some interrogation of parts and small subassemblies ➤ Suggest using for Intra/Extranet-based Project Web Sites (see www.

wamware. WAMware Ltd. .com -.19 - .Tech Resources -.8kb video -.Primer on NetMeeting) Copyright 1998.near telephone quality even at 28.OK on LAN/WAN object-oriented whiteboarding application sharing application collaboration free software (NetMeeting) and nearly free line time ➤ Effectively W95/WNT only (see www.3D Design Collaboration ➤ Standard Internet-based Conferencing – – – – – – audio -.

. .3D Enterprise Collaboration VisView/NetMeeting Package • Web browser (Internet Explorer) • Audio (or phone) & Video (optional) • Markup in Camera views • Full Application Sharing • Sectioning and Measurement Supplier Marketing Engineer Copyright 1998.. WAMware the same time .20 - … everyone is viewing of Marketing takes controlthe same data and. the mouse.

Ltd. All other trademarks or registered trademarks belong to their respective holders. WAMware is a registered trademark of WAMware. SDRC is a registered trademark and I-DEAS a trademark of Structural Dynamics Research Corporation. McClelland President WAMware. .Trends in CAD/CAM/CAE ➤ Engineering as a Strategic Weapon ➤ Process Changes ➤ Enterprise-wide Integration Wayne A. Ltd.