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Adobe Solutions for Learning Management Systems (LMS)
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Learning Management System (LMS) is the term used to describe a server-based system that is designed to manage learning content and learner interactions. The LMS enables the learning content to be available online, allowing students to view and interact with learning materials through a web browser on essentially any computer—with any operating system— or even on a mobile device with browsing capability. There are many commercial LMS products available today as well as several open-source options from which educators and institutions may choose. The specific features and functions of these systems vary considerably, but certain core functions can be found across all of them. These functions include administration features such as student registration, course assignment, and tracking of test or quiz scores and completion status. From the student or learner perspective, the LMS provides personalized access to assigned course materials, messaging and notifications, and access to scores and transcripts.
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Today’s preference: Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS) Most of the systems that are used widely today in education may be more accurately described as Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS) because they also provide tools to deliver and manage instructor-led synchronous and asynchronous online training based on learning object methodology. Other terminology distinctions are based on the learning object tracking standard that is used in the system such as AICC or SCORM. According to Wikipedia, there is a new acronym, Computer Learning Content Information Management System (CLCIMS), which is an attempt to combine these terminologies in order to describe the type of system that is most commonly used today, a SCORMcompliant LCMS. A few examples of SCORM-compliant LCMS that are commonly used in education today are: • Blackboard Academic Suite • Blackboard Vista and Campus Edition • Moodle • Angel Learning Management Suite Adobe has several products that work in conjunction with today’s Learning Content Management Systems. We have divided these tools into two categories to better explain how they map to LMS or LCMS learning methodologies: • Asynchronous learning—Electronic content or files that may include rich media, documents, web pages, and audio and video files. • Synchronous learning—Virtual classrooms, enhanced online communication tools.

Adobe Photoshop® Extended. and track the effectiveness of coursework and training. Content can also be tracked with the Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Training module. audio files. surveys. In a SCORM tracking system. quizzes. In an AICC system. video. Adobe’s Asynchronous Rapid eLearning tools include: • Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro • Adobe Presenter • Adobe Captivate® • Adobe Acrobat Pro Extended • Adobe Contribute® CS Learning content created with Adobe Captivate or Adobe Presenter software can easily be configured to track in any LMS or LCMS that supports at least one of the two most widely used learning object tracking standards. Combine a wide range of content in a single PDF Portfolio. Adobe has several specialized rapid eLearning production tools for creating asynchronous learning content that can interact directly with an LMS or LCMS. Adobe Flash Professional with Learning Interactions. and review mediarich PDF documents that support electronic workflows. and hands-on training sessions. audio. The following shows the eLearning output available in Adobe Presenter: The LMS reporting tab in Adobe Presenter . combine. eLearning content authors can easily add trackable tests. and interactivity using Adobe Captivate. Adobe Presenter. • Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Training: Create and deploy high-impact training material and interactive simulations. eLearning authors using Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro as a delivery platform need only publish their content to the Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro server in order to track and report the results of their tests. images. Easily incorporate Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Flash® content. and Adobe Soundbooth® software. audio. the resulting course component would be referred to as an SCO (sharable content object). or quizzes. • Adobe Acrobat Pro Extended: Create. In addition to providing the leading tools for video. • Adobe Captivate: Create engaging online content without programming or multimedia skills. Asynchronous learning: Create and deliver effective eLearning content LCMS-supported course materials may include any number of file types to assist with communicating the course material. In either application. Most LCMS systems have basic tools for importing electronic documents. • Adobe eLearning Suite: Engage your audience with powerful visuals. Both Adobe Captivate and Adobe Presenter have user-configurable eLearning output options. distribute. AICC or SCORM. Some systems may also offer internal document-creation tools for creating content directly in the system. and graphic production. eLearning authors can easily prepare content to be tracked by an external LCMS that utilizes SCORM and/or AICC standards. multimedia virtual classroom experiences. • Adobe Presenter: Rapidly create Flash based presentations and eLearning material from Microsoft PowerPoint. • Adobe Contribute CS: Easily update existing websites and blogs. or surveys to their project without having to know how to write the accompanying AICC or SCORM code or wrapper. the resulting learning object would be referred to as an AU (assignable unit). The content developed can be published to the LMS or LCMS as a course or as a component of a course.Adobe eLearning Solutions • Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro: Engage online audiences with highly interactive web meetings. Adobe Dreamweaver® with CourseBuilder Extension. and videos.

visit: www.3 or higher) users can now access and manage Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro meetings directly from the Blackboard environment. virtually anyone can access the virtual classroom instantly. and because the Adobe Acrobat Connect virtual classroom needs only the free and ubiquitous Adobe Flash Player to run. providing two-way. real-time communication between the student and teacher. Alternatively. Today. however. Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro is an ideal solution for providing a virtual classroom environment. Blackboard (release 7. including Windows XP or • To learn more about Adobe solutions for LMS and LCMS in K-12 education. visit: www. Easily manage Acrobat Connect Pro meetings from within the Blackboard environment Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro virtual classrooms can be managed directly from the user’s web-based account through any browser on any platform. Voice-over IP technology now makes it practical to conduct two-way audio communication inside an online or “virtual” classroom. students and teachers have far more online communication tools to choose from than just basic chat.adobe. Educators and students can use any computer that supports the Adobe Flash Player on essentially any operating system. enabling the use of Adobe Acrobat Connect directly within Blackboard for both students and educators.Synchronous learning: Use interactive virtual classrooms with real-time interaction Synchronous learning tools can be as simple as a chat or IM application that operates from within the . Using Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro to create and serve a virtual classroom or meeting space is extremely quick and easy. The calendar view in Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro allows virtual classroom hosts or attendees to see all scheduled classrooms at a glance. The Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Building Block for Blackboard is available for free to Blackboard administrators from the Adobe Acrobat Connect Exchange. The Building Block can be installed and configured in a matter of minutes. Macintosh OS X. and without having to download a special application or player prior to entering the virtual classroom. and Linux. For more information: • To learn more about Adobe solutions for LMS and LCMS in higher education.

The combination of ease of access for learners through Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro and the close integration with Blackboard frees educators to focus on their content instead of the technology. All you need is administrator rights in your Blackboard system and some general knowledge of Blackboard Building Blocks for this to be a simple process. . training.Adobe LMS Integration for Blackboard Academic Suite Create and deliver engaging learning. and collaborative experiences within the Blackboard environment Blackboard is one of the most widely used Learning Management Systems in educational institutions today. It is easy for Blackboard administrators to install and configure the Adobe LMS Integration for Blackboard. Now Blackboard users can extend the reach and scope of their online learning experience by using the advanced communication features of Acrobat Connect Pro directly from within the Blackboard learning environment. Easy setup Faculty can quickly and easily assign students to an Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro virtual classroom.

only the free Adobe Flash Player is needed to enable or attend a virtual meeting room. manage. . VoIP audio communications. Advanced communication features such as web camera sharing. • Educators can view attendance reports on Acrobat Connect Pro meetings or classrooms from any Acrobat Connect Pro access point within Blackboard. Only the free Adobe Flash Player is needed to attend an Acrobat Connect Pro meeting Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro offers an ideal platform for virtual classrooms and meetings.Engage in virtual classrooms and collaborate in online meetings Students and faculty can instantly engage in virtual classrooms or meetings by simply clicking on a link in their Blackboard account or course. • Students can view and access any scheduled or assigned meetings or classes right from the initial sign-in or home page. there is no need to add additional software to student or faculty computers: With Acrobat Connect Pro. • Only a single sign-on is necessary—no need to enter credentials a second time when attending or managing a meeting. In addition: • Administrators can download. and configure The Building Block in just a few short minutes. and even screen and application sharing across computing platforms can be accessed with the addition of a small add-in for the Flash Player that installs directly from within the meeting room.3 and higher) with Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro is now available for free to Blackboard or Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro for detailed information on deployment and installation. Please visit www. deploy. Faculty can easily create online meetings for collaboration with colleagues and community or facilitate parent/ teacher communication. Integrate Blackboard with Acrobat Connect Pro—for free This complete solution for integrating Blackboard (release 7. In most cases. and access Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro meetings or classrooms from within a Blackboard course or community.adobe. • Educators can easily assign course enrollees or community members to a meeting or classroom. • Educators can quickly and easily create.

php A “single sign-on” solution delivers enhanced accessibility. Detailed integration guide and installer files can be downloaded for free here: http://www.connectusers.Acrobat Connect Pro Integration with Blackboard Vista LMS and Campus Edition LMS Let educators easily add online meetings to course sections and enable students to instantly attend The Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro integration (PowerLink) lets instructors. If you are using the hosted version of Acrobat Connect Pro. Trusted authentication allows secure logon to Acrobat Connect Pro without passwords. the Acrobat Connect Pro PowerLink will use Acrobat Connect Pro’s trusted authentication feature to automatically log on Blackboard users to Acrobat Connect Pro. Instead. and designers add Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro meetings to their course sections from within Blackboard Vista/Campus Edition. Administrators can set up the PowerLink in a matter of minutes. and this password is used to authenticate the user when logging on to Acrobat Connect Pro. . Students can instantly view and access their Acrobat Connect Pro meetings without having to re-enter their It requires that you configure a shared secret on both the Acrobat Connect Pro server and the Blackboard Vista/Campus Edition server. the shared secret that you configure in Blackboard Vista/Campus Edition is used to generate a password for each user. If you are using the licensed version of Acrobat Connect Pro. teaching assistants. trusted authentication is not supported.

the cornerstone of the Adobe eLearning solutions. has developed a customized integration suite that allows users to establish and launch Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Meetings from within the Moodle Learning Management System (LMS). an Adobe Solutions Partner. The system handles authentication between Acrobat Connect Pro and Moodle so users are transferred seamlessly between the two applications. RefinedData is able to provide organizations with a flexible. One installation of Moodle at the U. Moodle is one of the world’s largest and most widely used Learning Management Systems. beyond and within your existing Moodle system. Moodle courses can now include self-updating direct links to virtual classrooms from anywhere you would enter text. and support services to meet the unique requirements of each customer. Hassle-free access keeps the focus on the content. simply by clicking an icon or link from within the course they are enrolled in.000 undergraduate students and more than 30.’s Open University supports . customization.refineddata.Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Integration with Moodle RefinedData provides an elegant solution for integrating Acrobat Connect Pro and Moodle RefinedData Solutions. Setting up an Acrobat Connect Pro meeting from within Moodle is simple and meetings are automatically linked to the course and student calendar. ondemand presentations without special training. The Single Sign On environment makes the transition transparent to users. • Adobe Presenter empowers faculty and students to rapidly create high-quality. governmental agencies. offers an intuitive interface and interactive tools to help participants learn and retain what educators teach in virtual classes. This capability means that Moodle users can attend Acrobat Connect Pro Meetings and launch narrated Adobe Presenter presentations or other content hosted on an Adobe Acrobat Connect Central server.000 postgraduate students. Learn more about RefinedData’s Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro-Moodle solution at www. and Fortune 1000 corporations around the world. high-volume solution that combines the cutting-edge presentation capabilities of Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro with Moodle’s widely adopted and proven learning management platform. The Adobe-Moodle integration solution puts the most effective eLearning tools in your hands Adobe solutions enable educational institutions to easily create and deploy engaging eLearning experiences that are easily accessible across single. and not on technology. RefinedData is committed to delivering best of breed technology RefinedData is a leading provider of eLearning and Distance Education platforms for leading institutions. The company delivers best-of-breed software.K.or multi-campus institutions. Key components of the Adobe eLearning Suite include the following: • Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro. In delivering the combined solution.

they are added and removed from the appropriate groups at the Acrobat Connect Pro site. matching Groups are automatically updated on the Acrobat Connect Pro server. RefinedData has developed an elegant solution to combine these two leading technologies to deliver a learning platform that delivers on the core strengths of Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro and Moodle. Link from a Moodle course to a Live Classroom or Recorded Events seamlessly and effortlessly. Events that are about to start or are in session are automatically highlighted to remind users. • Automatic synchronization of courses and enrollment—As new Moodle Courses are created. updated. their accounts are created. . • Single sign-on—Moodle controls the Acrobat Connect Pro user base. changes in dates. times. the two applications have operated completely independently. • No special training required—Adding links to Acrobat Connect Pro Live Meetings or Presenter content in your Moodle content is easy and does not require any specialized training. As students enroll or unenroll from Moodle courses. Users who choose a language in Moodle that is supported in Acrobat Connect Pro will launch meetings with the control functions in their language preference. • Real-time information updates—As content is updated on the Acrobat Connect Pro server. All synchronization takes place invisibly behind the scenes and includes language and timezone attributes. • Automatic secure log-in to Acrobat Connect Pro—All users are logged in to the Acrobat Connect Pro system by the Moodle application using a secure https connection from the Moodle Server directly to the Adobe Server. • Display personalized “My Meeting” listings for each user—A simple tag placed anywhere you choose on your site will display a personalized list of meetings for each logged in user. For live classroom events. There has been no effective way to communicate and synchronize the two systems. Users who enter meetings or access content do so as authenticated Acrobat Connect Pro users (never as guests) and their access is tracked by the Adobe server. the corresponding information displayed in Moodle is automatically syncronized. requiring separate logins and separate databases. or telephony information are also updated on Moodle in real time. Anywhere you can insert text in Moodle. • Automatic synchronization of user accounts—As Moodle users are added. or deleted from the application. Until now. The key funcctionality provided by the RefinedData software is summarized below: • Complete integration—Users experience a single application. At no time are user credentials passed to or from the user’s browser. Each user enters meetings with appropriate credentials and the system tracks their attendance at both live events and when viewing hosted content. or deleted. synchronized. or removed from the Acrobat Connect Pro database. • Simple management of access permissions—The system automatically manages access to your Adobe Live Virtual Classrooms and Acrobat Connect Pro Content from your Moodle Course enrollment. The solution supports the use of language blocks so that summary text entered on the Acrobat Connect Pro server are displayed in the appropriate language in Moodle. edited. you can now include links to Acrobat Connect Pro content with the simple addition of a tag. providing a Single Sign-on (SSO) environment.What the Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro-Moodle Integration Provides Educational Institutions worldwide recognize Adobe eLearning Solutions and Moodle as the respective leading platforms for learning content development and delivery.

iCal information includes all of the relevant details on the meeting. • Upcoming features—New features are currently being developed to track Virtual Classroom attendance and Presenter Slide-views as graded compliance activities within Moodle.• Direct editing of Acrobat Connect Pro meetings and content from within Moodle— Authorized Moodle users can edit their Acrobat Connect Pro resources from Moodle. Privileges to access specific content are maintained to prevent unauthorized users from editing resources for which they do not have appropriate permissions. . • Support for adding Acrobat Connect Pro meetings in the Moodle calendaring system— The system creates Moodle course events containing the meeting information from the Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro server and resynchronizes these on demand.

com/tutorials/2009/07/Angel_LMS_Integration/index. Instructor Recorded Meetings: Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro meeting occurrences are posted to the ANGEL LMS calendar and are accessible directly from it. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. the Adobe logo. CA 95110-2704 USA www. XXXXXXXX 9/09 .connectusers.Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Integration with Angel Learning Management System Let educators easily add Acrobat Connect Pro meetings to course sections from within ANGEL LMS The Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro integration for Angel LMS allows instructors to add Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro meetings to their course sections from within ANGEL LMS. Adobe Systems Incorporated 345 Park Avenue San Jose. © 2009 Adobe Systems Incorporated. Dreamweaver. Flash.php Instructor Recorded Meetings: Student View Current Meetings: Student View Current Meetings: Accessibility to current and past meetings is easy yet secure. Acrobat Connect. Creative Suite. Acrobat. Captivate.adobe. The integration code is available for free to all Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro customers. Printed in the Adobe. and Photoshop are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries. Detailed integration guide and installer files can be downloaded for free here: http://www. All rights reserved. Students can instantly view and access their Acrobat Connect Pro meetings without having to re-enter their credentials.