Dr. A.K.Singh Designation Senior Scientist.

Division/ Unit/ Station NBPGR, Regional Station, Jodhpur. Discipline Economic Botany. Research Area Ecology, Plant Breeding and Genetics, Biometrics. Telephone 0291-2740385 ; 07597954443 E-mail; Summary of Research Achievement Academic Records: 1. PhD, CCS University, 2008, BOTANY “Genetic Variability and Stability Analy sis in Mucuna species” 2. Senior Certificate Course, IASRI, New Delhi, 2006, Use of Computers in A gricultural Research, Sampling Techniques, Design of Experiments and Statist ical Genetics, (First, 2nd position, 78.00 %.) 3. M.B.A., Nagpur University, Nagpur, 1986, Marketing & Sales Mgt. (First, 4th position, 66.90 %.) 4. D.B.M., Nagpur University, Nagpur, 1983, Personnel & Financial Mgt. (Fir st, 61.67 %.) 5. M.Sc., Saurashtra University, Rajkot Gujarat, 1978, Bio-Sciences, Ecolog y & Genetics, (First, 2nd position 63.20 %.) 6. B.Sc., Jodhpur University, Jodhpur, 1976 Botany, Zoology & Chemistry 7. Hr. Sec. Exam, CBSC Board, IARI, PUSA School, New Delhi, 1971, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, & Biology. Present Research Programs and Projects: 1. Augmentation, Characterization, Evaluation, Maintenance, Regeneration, Conservation, Documentation and Distribution of Genetic Resources of cereals, p earl millets, minor millets and horticultural crops. (PGR/GEV-BUR-JOD-01.01) - A.K.Singh (PI) and N. K. Dwivedi (Co-PI) 2. Augmentation, Characterization, Evaluation, Maintenance, Regeneration, Conservation, Documentation and Distribution of Genetic Resources of legumes an d oil seeds. (PGR/GEV-BUR-JOD-01.02) - A.K.Singh (PI) and N. K. Dwivedi (Co-PI) 3. Augmentation, Characterization, Evaluation, Maintenance, Regeneration, C onservation, Documentation and Distribution of Genetic Resources of fodder, fora ge, fuel, medicinal and other economic plants. (PGR/GEV-BUR-JOD-01.02) -N. K. Dwivedi (PI) and A.K.Singh (Co-PI) Field of Research and Important Dates • Hybrid Project on cotton, Division of Crop Improvement, Plant Breeding and Genet ics, CICR, Nagpur (HQ) & Sirsa (RS) 16. 01.1979 to 25.09.2001 • Division of Plant Exploration and Germplasm Collection, NBPGR, New Delhi 26.09.2001 to 17.02.2010 Joined NBPGR Regional Station Jodhpur on 18.02.2010 t ill Date • Date of Joining in ICAR Service, 16. 01.1979, Date of Permanent, 01. 09.1982, Pay Scale Rs. 15 , 600 -39, 400, Present Basic Pay , Rs 33, 750 per month • Joining at NBPGR as Senior Scientist , 02.07.2009 Major contributions during professional career: Out-Standing Achievements: 1. Compilation of “A Catalogue of Cotton Genetic Resources in INDIA" (A Globa l Genetic Recourse) First of its kind in Cash Crop cotton (12 Chapters----484 pa ges). Mar. 1989 Development of Hybrid Om Shankar: First ever cotton hybrid idea lly suited for the entire North Zone-Om Shankar under irrigated conditions of th e country. Hybrid CSHH-29~Om Shankar was identified and released by the C. V. R. I. Committee for the states of Haryana. Punjab and Rajasthan on account of its superiority in yield performance to the local checks. The hybrid is a superior m edium staple variety (26.4 mm) with 33.6% GOT and spinning capacity at 30s count s and maturity 170-175 days. (Notification No. 17-85/97-SD.IV dated 05.02.97). C onversion of parents into CMS and restorer lines: All the popular cultivars of t

he North Zone Viz., H 777, Pusa 31, F 414, LH 1134, RB 281, Jhurar, F 1183 and F 505, K 34007, PIL-8, PIL-43 , SH 2379, CISV-1, CISV-2 have been converted into CMS lines. 2. Development of GMS lines: Twelve genetic male sterile lines (GMS) of Ame rican cotton (G. Hirsutum) were converted by using Gregg male sterile line gover ned by two recessive genes The GMS lines developed are K34007, Laxmi, CSHG-4, CS HG-1251, CSHG 1253, CSHG-1257, CSHG 1258, CSHG-12517, CSHG-12519, CSHG 18512, CS HG-18516, and CSHG 18517. 3. Development of restorer lines: 15 New restorer lines viz CIR 97P1, CIR 9 7P3, CIR 119P1, CIR 119P3, CIR 526P1, CIR 526P3, CIR 926P2, CIR 926 P3, CIR 1169 P1 and CIR 1169 P2 have been developed through pedigree method which possess the restorer genes. 4. Intra-hirsutum Hybrid, (KIRTI-CICR HH-1) Released (No.8146 E Dt.04.11.92 ) Nov. 1992. 5. Intra-hirsutum Hybrid (OM-SHANKER CSHH-29) (S.O. 647 E Dt.09.09.97) Released Sept. 1997. 6. Exploration on special Missions: 1. Drought hit parts of Vindhyanchal hi lls for Multi Crops (11-17 Nov, 2002), 2. Risqué mission of submerged area Multi C rops, Sardar Sarover dam (6-12 April, 2003), 3. Sunderban Area, 24 Paragana Sout h for Multi Crops 21 Feb-1st March (2004), 4. Drought Areas of Rajasthan for Fod der and Forage Crops 10-18 October, 2004 5. Upper Gangatic Plains and adjoining areas of Bihar for Vegetable Crops 20-29 October, 2005. 6. Parts of Jharkhand f or the collection of Medicinal and aromatic plants 16-25 October, 2009. 7. Explo ration for the collection of Asiatic Vignas, Luffas and Legenaria 18-31 October, 2010. 7. Compilation of report on Special exploration Missions: Fourteen special need based explorations mission were planned and executed during 1999 to 2004 un der NATP Project (National Agricultural and Technology Project) Total 57 explora tions were executed in these 14 special missions and 8352 valuable and endangere d germplasm accessions of agri - horticultural crops were collected. 8. Registration of PhD Mucuna Material of Kawanch (ANSR-1; IC 385843) (ISPG 09866) Mar 2009 Research Achievement and Services: 1. Joined as a technical assistant T-II-3 on 16.01.1979 at CICR Nagpur (Mah rashtra) in the Division of Crop Improvement. Served in five projects with Dr.V. V.Singh, Dr.M.G.Bhatt and Dr.N.L.Bhale, Evalvated 3,500 genetic stocks of G.hirs utum and 250 stocks of G.herbaceum for various economic characters, development of germplasm Index card, brought one catalogue on cotton, ten germplasm bulletin s, five scientific research papers, release of Intera-hirsutum hybrid CICR HH-1 hybrid for the rainfed area of Marathwada region, also won three sports trophies for the institute up to 15.03.1991 as T-5.(Total twelve years and one month at CICR Nagpur) 2. Joined CICR regional station Sirsa on 16.03.1991 as technical officer T5, Served in four projects with Dr.O.P.Tuteja, Dr.S.L.Ahuja, Dr.S.K.Verma, seven scientific research papers, release of Om-Shanker CSHH-29 Intera-hirsutum cotto n hybrid for entire north zone irrigated regions of Haryana, Punjab and Rajastha n, AICCIP Trials, Release proposals, deputed to PAU for decoding of AICCIP trial s with Dr.T.H.Singh, Nominated for C.T.Memorial Trust Award, also won two sports trophies etc. Worked up to 25.09.2001 and reached up to T-6.(Total eleven years and three month at CICR, Sirsa) 3. Joined NBPGR 0n 26.09.2001 as T-6 in the Directors/Technical cell, latte r on posted to Plant Exploration and Germplasm Collection Division, Served in fo ur projects with Dr.I.S.Bhist, Dr.Umesh Srivastava, Dr.S.S.Malik, Dr.D.C.Bhandar i, Several reports, two scientific publications, acquired six month training, Se nior certificate course in Agricultural Statistics from IASRI, did six plant exp lorations in special missions, acquired three months training in GIS, RS, GPS, I V Edusat, IARI Physics Division, worked up to 01.07.2009 as T 7/8.Undertaken oth er two short trainings, and organized two short trainings, tested on line seed c aring unit developed by Dr.Sideshwer Prashad. (Total more than nine years)

4. Through ASRB Board, selected Senior Scientist Economic Botany and joined the same division in the same institute NBPGR on 02.07.2009. Started working on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Project, did one exploration of Jharkhand, worked up to 17.02.2010.(Seven and half months at NBPGR, HQ, as Senior Scientist) 5. Joined NBPGR Regional Station Jodhpur on 18.02.2010 and taken up three o ngoing institutional projects, in first project: cereals, millets, and horticult ural crops, and the second on legumes, oilseeds I am acting as PI in both the pr ojects, In the third project on fodder, fuel, M & AP and other economically impo rtant plants of arid and semiarid region I am Co-PI. Under taken one exploration of south-eastern Gujarat for Asiatic Vigna, luffa and legenaria collections. 6. So far in seven explorations collected 700 germplasm accessions of vario us crops and have deposited in MTS/LTS. Trainings Attended: 1. Attended International Symposium “Plant Introduction Achievements and oppo rtunities in South Asia.” 15-17 February 2005. In charge Poster sessions on all t hree days. 2. Assigned additional Institutional Duty to act as a resource person / Con tract person from technical side. Compilation of the Questionnaire filled by t he individuals in “Training Needs Assessment of ICAR employees” in the AP CESS Fund Project, NARM, Hyderabad, Received appreciation letter in response to the work d one. (2005-2008) 3. Senior Certificate course (Six Months) at IASRI, New Delhi-12 (From 3rd July 2006 to 23rd December 2006) Statistical Methods and Official Agricultural S tatistics, (2) Use of Computers in Agricultural Research, (3) Sampling Technique s, (4) Design of Experiments and (5) Statistical Genetics. 4. 12th August to 30th October 2009 (Three Months) Attended IV EDUSAT Train ing Programme on "Basics of Remote Sensing, GIS & GPS" organized by Division of Agricultural Physics, IARI, New Delhi Seminars/ Symposia: 1. Attended training on collection, characterization, and conservation of w ild relatives of crop plants and Post- collection Of Germplasm. Sept 27-October 1, 2004. 2. “Collection of Crop Diversity Through Rescue Mission In Sardar Sarovar Dam Submerging and Adjoining Catchment’s Areas” K.C.Bhatt, S.S.Malik, N.S.Panwer and A. K.Singh at National Symposium on Plant Science Research in India: Challenges & P rospects, October 24-26, 2005 Souvenir an Abstract page Dehradoon (UP) 3. Full Article on “Quantification of Medicinal Compound L-Dopa in Mucuna Spe cies Germplasm for Pharmacological Applications” A.K.Singh, S.S.Malik and Y.S.Toma r.UGC Sponsored National Conference-Feb.17-18th, 2006 Proceeding &Souvenir, Nati onal Conference on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants: Global Prospective Page 56-62. at J.V.College Baraut, Baghpat (UP) 4. Abstract on “Collecting Plant Genetic Resources of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants From Diversity Rich Pockets of India”. N.S.Panwer, A.K.Singh and K.C.Bhatt. UGC Sponsored National Conference-Feb.17-18th, 2006 Proceeding &Souvenir, Natio nal Conference on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants: Global Prospective Page159. at J.V.College Baraut, Baghpat (UP) 5. 17-18 December 2009. Attended National Symposium of Recent Global Develo pments in Management of Plant Genetic Resources held at NBPGR, New Delhi. 6. 18th December 2009. D.C. Bhandari, A.K. Singh and K. Pradheep, Plant G enetic Resources: “A Paradigm Shift in Collection Strategies” Posters for display on . 7. 19-21, March 2010. Attended 45th Annual Pearl Millet Research Worker’s Gro up Meeting, All India Coordinated Pearl Millet Improvement Project (ICAR) at AIC PMIP, Mandor, Jodhpur Lectures 1. Lead Lecture at Session VIII on Day 3rd March 21st, 2010 (Dr.K.N.Rai-ICR ISAT, Dr.A.K.Singh-NBPGR & Dr.R.K.Behl-CCS HAU Hisar) “Matching Seeds for Needs fo r Sustainable Production in the Context of Climate Change”, Global Climatic Change

and Conservation and use of Biodiversity by P.N.Mathur1, A.K.Singh2 1. Bioversi ty International and 2 NBPGR, .Won the Best Invited Lead lecture Trophy by ADG ( FFC) Dr.R.P.Dua at AICPMIP, Mandor, Jodhpur on March 21st, 2010. Publications List of Publications: 1. Singh, A.K., (1980) Ramakrishna, T. Murthy, M.S., Some ecological observ ations on two Agrophytes from India, Hydrobiologia (Netherland) Hague. 75,185-18 8. 2. Singh, V.V., Singh. A.K. (1982) Note on anthocynin pigmentation in Ameri can and Asiatic Cotton, Indian J. Agric. Sci., 52(ii}, 783-5. 3. Singh, V.V., Singh. A.K. (1982) Variability for ball characters in uplan d cotton, Cotton Development, 12 (3&4), 19-20. 4. Singh V.V., Singh A. K. (1984) Studies on genetic diversity in upland co tton Journal of Indian Society for cotton Improvement, Vol. IX, No.2, 41-45. 5. Singh. V.V., Singh A.K. (1984) Note on some superior germplasm of G. hir sutum Cotton Development, 14(1), 42. 6. Singh V. V., Singh A.K.(1985) Variability for seed yield, seed index and Oil contest in the germplasm of upland cotton, Indian J. Agric. Sci.,55 (5),321 -3. 7. O. P. Tuteja, B. K. Senapati and A. K. Singh (1993). Heterosis in upland cotton and its possibilities for commercial utilization. J Cotton Res. Dev. 7(2 ): 198-205. 8. O. P. Tuteja, A. K. Singh and B. K. Senapati (1993). Genetics of yield a nd its contributing characters in medium staple cotton. J. Cotton Res. Dev., 7(2 ): 345-352. 9. O. P. Tuteja, B. K. Senapati, A. K. Singh and K. S. Nirania (1994). Comb ining ability studies for yield and its components in Gossypium hirsutum. J. Cot ton Res. Dev., 8(2): 172-177. 10. O. P. Tuteja, B. K. Senapati and A. K. Singh (1995). Heterosis and combi ning ability in Desi cotton. J. Indian Soc. Cotton Improv. 20(2): 129-132. 11. O. P. Tuteja, A. K. Singh and B. K. Senapati (1996). Combining ability i n relation to heterosis in cotton. J. Cotton Res. Dev., 10(2): 139-145. 12. Ahuja, S.l., Tuteja, O.P., Singh, A.K. (1999) Genetic nature of some qua ntitative character in upland cotton. J. Cotton Res. & Dev., Vol.13 (2), 157-59. 13. Tuteja, O. P., Ahuja, S.L., Gunaseelan, T., Banerjee, S.K., Monga, D., S ingh, A.K., Dani, R.G., Meena, R.A., Koranne, K.D. and Kairon, M.S. (1999) Om Sh anker (CSHH-29)-Cotton Hybrid for north zone. J. Indian Soc. Cotton Imp.24: 178181 14. Bisht, I.S., K.V. Bhat, S. Lakhanpaul, M. Latha, P.K. Jayan, B.K. Biswas and A.K. Singh (2005). Diversity and genetic resources of wild Vigna species in India. Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution, 52: 53-68. 15. Singh A.K., S.S.Malik (2008) and Y.S.Tomar Studies on the Medicinal Comp ound L-Dopa in Mucuna pruriens Bak. Journal of Plant Genetic Resources vol.21 No . (3) 217-220. 16. Singh, S.P. Malik, S.S, Singh, A.K 2003 Collection of rice land races fr om vindhyachal hills. Agriculture Science Digest. GERMPLASM BULLETIN 1. Singh V.V., Singh P., Singh A.K., Nandeshwar S.B., and Chauhan S.K. (198 2). Economic characters of new exotic accessions of tetraploid cottons. CICR Ger mplasm series No. 2. 2. Singh V.V., Singh P., Singh A.K., Nandeshwar S.B., and Chauhan S.K. (198 2). Some economic characters in genetic stocks of diploid cottons. CICR Germplas m series No. 4 3. Singh V.V., Singh P., Singh A.K., Nandeshwar S.B., and Chauhan S.K. (198 2). Germplasm working collections of G. hirsutum and G. arboreum CICR Germplasm Series No. 7. 4. Singh P., Singh V.V., Kulmethe V. M., Meshram, P.L., Nandeshwar S.B. & S ingh A. K. (1983). Technological properties of some germplasm collections of G.

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12. Cotton varieties and hybrids in India Description and economic character s May. 1983 13. Technological properties of some germplasm collections of G.arborium and G.herbaceum Aug. 1983 14. Variability for biomass productivity and boll characters in G.hirsutum L inn. Sept.1984 15. Technical Bulletin (312): 1-80. {a} Crop Sci. Dep., NC State Univ., Rale igh, NC, USA Singh, V. V. and A. K Singh. (1985). Variability for seed yield 16. O. P. Tuteja, B. K. Senapati, A. K. Singh and K. S. Nirania (1994). Publ ished by Head CICR Regional Station, Sirsa 17. O.P. Tuteja, B.K.Senapati, A.K.Singh and R.A.Meena (1994). Published by Head CICR Regional Station Sirsa. L.S. Randhawa, D. Monga 18. O. P. Tuteja, B. K. Senapati, A. K. Singh and R. A. Meena (1994). Combin ing ability studies for yield and its components in Gossypium hirsutum L. In Nat ional Seminar on Cotton Production Challenges in 21st Century. Held at CCS Harya na Agril. University, Hisar, 18-20 April, 1994. pp1. 19. D.C. Bhandari, A.K. Singh and K. Pradheep, Posters for display on 18th December 2009 Plant Genetic Resources: “A Paradigm Shift in Collection Strategies” 20. Bhandari DC, Brochure on Exploration and Germpalsm Collection (2009). Na tional Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources, New Delhi, pp 14.