Easy-to-use Ion Choromatograph with personal application

Low Cost •œ Either mono or divalent cation only can be measured Outstandingly low cost achieved for ion by the selection of measuring mode. *Note; Meas. chromatograph with data processing function. of cation and anion can not be made simultaneously. •œLarge Graphic Display It adopts easy-to-see & large graphic display, •œCompact Size Analyzer. Pump, detector, oven & data processor built into 1 unit. permitting the display of chromatograph. •œBuilt-in Automatic Data Processing Function. •œAuto-sampler of Multi-samples Automatic multi-sample measurement available Measured result is automatically calculated & printed out. Troublesome data processing by PC not required. by connecting an optional auto-sampler. •œSimple Operation •œSuperior Maintenance Ability Inject the sample and wait approximately 15 minutes, Ease of maintenance attained as replacement then, measured result is printed out. Professional of all columns and piping can be made from knowledge is unnecessary & extremely simple meas. the front side. procedure attained. Simultaneous Measurement of 6 Cations or 7 Anions. •œ

control: 40•} 4•Ž Output Auto-sampler Power source Power consump.100~10.IA-AS1.010~1.IA-CS1. catioSpecifications Measurement method Measurement item Anion 1 valent cation 2 valent cation Measuring item Anion F.00mg/L 0.0mg/L 1.100~10. solution.Cl.6557780K 1&2 valent cation eluant(2L) 1&2 valent cation eluant(5L) 2 valent cation eluant(2L) 2 valent cation eluant (5L) Conjunction tube. solution. 2 Measurement range valent cation 1 valent cation Li Na.0mg/L 0. solution 40 •} 4•Ž Built-in Method: conductometric detection .00mg/L 0.500~50.100ml (for 20uL loop) Anion calib.NH4.2 valent cation column.00mg/L 0.Br.50mg/L 0.0mg/L 0. Sample meas.0mg/L 0.0mg/L 0.Mg K.Ca •¡Parts separately sold Cation column.0mg/L 1.005~0.6kg Other voltage available.K Mg.200uL) power cord 2P conversion adapter grounding leadwire spanner printer paper instruction manual Column x1 x1 x2 x1 x1 each x1 x1 x1 x1 x2 x1 1&2 valent cation (simultaneous measurement) Li.2 valent cation guard column.NO2. 240(w) x 420(h) x 342(d)mm.100 ~ 10.NH4 K 2 valent Ion chromatograph method PO4. Shinjuku-ku.00mg/L 0.050 ~ 5.050~5.050~5.Ca Li Na. solution.6547830K w/2L tank Printer paper.PCI-302S 1 or 2 valent cation guard column PCI-302SG Calibration solution Anion calib.250~25.NO3 SO4 PO4 1.250 ~ 10.NO2. 12.NH4. Japan . PCI-211 Cation guard column.100ml (for 20uL loop) Cation calib. Graphic LCD Dot type thermal printer built-in 10 ~ 35•Ž Digital: RS-232C Analog: 0 ~ 1VDC.00~100mg/L 0.PCI-211G 1. the sample must be filtered prior to measurement 2. 50VA Approx.050~ 5.0mg/L 0. Loop capacitor: 20uL or 200uL 10 ~ 15 min/time (depending on measurement condition) One point calibration by specified calib.Simple Operation Inject the sample with a syringe and put the lever down.NH4. 1 Chome. Dimension & weight •¡ Standard accessories x1 .100~10. solution.00 ~100mg/L 2. Operational amplifier by tri-pole electrode . Option 100VAC.050~5.025~2.Cl. PAP-HCS(5 rolls) Auto-sampler .500~50.50 ~ 100mg/L 0. 1/16 inch tube needle x1 1ml disposable syringe •¡Cautions 1.0mg/L needle port PEAK union finger tight fittings syringe for air removal sample loop(20.K.0mg/L 1..6547760K Anion eluant(5L).NO3.SO4 Li.IA-AS2. Meas.500~50.IA-CS2. time Calibration Column oven Data process Detector Display printer Ambient temp.V value 2% at calibration solution Manual sample injection and valve change-over Loop-cut method .Na.Mg.Due to column protection. PCI-311SG 1 or 2 valent cation column.00mg/L 0.ICA-200AS Mg Ca cation Repeatability Sample inject.0mg/L 0.100ml (for 200uL loop) Cation calib. approx.500mg/L 0. 50/60Hz Cell temp. C.Na.Br. High conc.00~100mg/L 200uL loop 0.PCI-311S 1. sample must be diluted with pure water. Ca (by exchange of column & eluant) 20uL loop 0.100ml (for 200uL loop) Eluant Anion eluant(2L).500 – 50. DKK-TOA CORPORATION 29-10.F.00mg/L 0.Takdanobaba. Max. Tokyo.