WELCOME ABOARD The Internet banking portal of our bank, enables its retail banking customers to operate their accounts from anywhere anytime, removing the restrictions imposed by geography and time. It's a platform that enables the customers to carry out their banking activities from their desktop, aided by the power and convenience of the Internet. Using Internet banking services, you can do the following normal banking transactions online: Funds transfer between own accounts. Third party transfers to accounts maintained at any branch of SBI Group Transfers to accounts in State Bank Group Inter Bank Transfers to accounts with other Banks Online standing instructions for periodical transfer for the above Credit PPF accounts across branches Request for Issue of Demand Draft Request for opening of new accounts Request for closure of Loan Accounts Request for Issue of Cheque Book Apart from these, the other salient value-added features available are: Utility bill payments Online Ticket Booking for travel by Road, Rail and Air SBILIFE, LIC and other insurance premia payments SBI and other Mutual funds Investments SBI and other Credit Card dues payments Tax Payment – Income, Service, State Govt Customs Duty Payment Online Share Trading (eZ-trade@SBI) Online Application for IPO Fee Payment to select educational institutions including IITs and NITs Truly smart services to cover most of your banking transactions. All this and much more, from your desktop. [

Retail Banking State Bank of India offers a wide range of services in the Personal Banking Segment which are indexed here. Click on each of them to access the details. Our products are designed with flexibility to suit your personal requirements. Enjoy 24 hour facility through our ATMs - growing speedily it has crossed the 21000 mark Watch this space for more details.

SBI Term Deposits

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Experience a whole new world of banking at our newly opened Personal Banking Branches (PBBs)- often dubbed boutique branches by others. Customer friendly knowledgeable staff will cater to your financial requirements with speed and efficiency. Do visit one and find out for yourself. for addresses of our PBBs.

DEPOSIT SCHEMES Whatever your needs - an investment of your surplus funds or to create a fund for your childrens' education and marriage. You will find a product from SBI that suits your requirement, delivered at a branch close to you. Open an account with any of our branches, all of them are fully computerised, and realise the advantage of our vast network. Place funds in Multi Option Deposit Scheme, a term deposit which is not fixed at all and comes with a unique break-up facility which provides you full liquidity as well as benefits of higher rates of returns, through your savings bank account. Alternately, keep that deposit intact by availing an overdraft facility, to meet your occasional temporary funds requirements. Want to build up savings slowly? Discover our Recurring Deposit Account. You can save a little every month to build up the desired corpus to meet your future requirement of funds. Our products are designed with flexibility to suit your personal requirements. Enjoy 24 hour banking facility through our Internet Banking/ widest network of ATMs. Please watch this space for more details.

Current Account Savings Bank Account Term Deposits

Savings Plus Account Basic Banking 'No frills Account' Recurring Deposit Account

Special Term Deposits Multi Option Deposit Scheme Scheme Demat Account

PREMIUM SAVINGS ACCOUNT Rate of Interest on Domestic Term Deposits SBI Tax Savings Scheme, 2006

Experience a whole new world of Personal Banking Branches (PBB) often dubbed as boutique branches by others. Customer friendly knowledgeable staff will cater to your financial requirements with speed and efficiency in an excellent ambience. The PBBs have different minimum thresholds for customers' business to ensure the exclusive level of service. Please visit one and find out for yourself. TERM DEPOSITS Now you can earn a higher income on your surplus funds by investing those with us.We provide security, trust and competitive rate of interest. •Flexibility in period of term deposit from 15 days to 10 years. •Affordable Low Minimum Deposit Amount: You can open a term deposit with SBI for a nominal amount of Rs.1000/- only. •Please check our Interest Rates online or simply email through our Helpline. •Flexibility in choosing the amount you wish to invest and the maturity period. Highlights Safety - We understand the value of your hard earned money and continue to deliver on our promise of safety and security over 200 years. Liquidity Loan /overdraft facility: You can avail a loan/overdraft against your deposit. SBI provides you loan / overdraft up to 90% of your deposit amount at nominal cost. So you continue to earn interest in your deposit and still can meet your urgent financial requirements. Premature Withdrawal

Interest to be charged on premature withdrawal of term deposits at 1.00% below the rate applicable for the period deposit has remained with the Bank. •Transferability- Transfer of Term Deposits between our wide network of branches without any charge. • Compounding / Flexible / Timely Payment of Interest - Under our Special Term Deposit Scheme, interest accrues in your account and gets compounded quarterly. Besides, we assure timely delivery of the proceeds of your deposit with interest, on maturity.Flexibility of payment on maturity through Cash (subject to prevalent Income Tax Act), Banker's Cheque, Credit in Savings Bank/Current account. • Term Deposits are available at all SBI Branches • • Easy and convenient access of 24X7 information at Nomination Facility - Available.

Tax Implications. Tax Deductible at Source, as per Income Tax Act.From 01.04.2010, the rate of TDS will be higher of 20% or the applicable rate in all cases where valid PAN is not quoted by the recipient. The declaration filed in 15G and 15H shall not be valid unless the person filing the declaration furnishes his/her PAN in such declaration. Automatic Renewals There is no need for you to keep track of the maturity of your deposits. Your deposits with us will be renewed automatically, post maturity and you continue to earn interest for same period as that of your matured deposit, at the interest rate prevailing at the time of maturity. Automatic renewals take place where there are no standing instructions for renewal. Flexibility to covert your Special Term Deposit to Term Deposit and vice versa  You can convert your special Term Deposit to a Term Deposit to receive monthly/quarterly interest payments to match your financial requirements. Quarterly interest at calendar quarter is also available.  You can also convert your Term Deposit to a Special Term Deposit, which provides compounded rate of interest to multiply your money faster.

Do you need urgent cash but you don't wish to sell or liquidate your holding of shares? Leverage your investments in shares, debentures, public sector bonds and Government securities for loans to meet unforeseen expenses!! You need not miss out on the next stock market boom!!

Avail of loans up to Rs.20.00 lacs against your shares/debentures to enable you to meet contingencies, personal needs or even for subscribing to rights or new issue of shares. Note: 1. 2. 3. Enjoy • • • • Loan will not be sanctioned for speculative purposes inter-corporate investments or acquiring controlling interest in company/companies.

the SBI advantage Low interest rates. Further, we charge interest on a daily reducing balance!! Low processing charges; only 1% of loan amount - compare with 1-3% of others. No hidden costs or administrative charges.. No prepayment penalties. Reduce your interest burden and optimally utilize your surplus funds by prepaying the loan. The Scheme Eligibility This facility is available to our existing individual customers enjoying a strong relationship with SBI. This loan could be availed either singly or as a joint account with spouse in 'Either or Survivor'/ 'Former or Survivor' mode. It is offered as an Overdraft or Demand Loan. The facility is available at 50 select centers. Salient Features

For meeting contingencies and needs of personal nature. Loan will be permitted for subscribing to rights or new issue of shares / debentures against the security of existing shares / debentures. Loan will not be sanctioned for (i) speculative purposes (ii) intercorporate investments or (iii) acquiring controlling interest in company / companies. Loan Amount You can avail of loans up to Rs 20.00 lacs against your shares/debentures. Documents Required You will be required to submit a declaration indicating : • Details of loans availed from other banks/ branches for acquiring shares/ debentures. • Details of loans availed from other banks/ branches against security of shares/ debentures Margin You will need to provide a margin amount of 50% of the prevailing market prices of the shares/ non-convertible debentures being offered as security. (The market prices refer to the prices in the Stock Exchanges as reported in the Economic Times.)

Interest Base Rate 7.60 % w.e.f. 21.10.2010 LOANS AGAINST SHARES / DEBENTURES / BONDS Sceme Rate of Interest

Equity Plus Scheme

6.50% above

Repayment Schedule To be liquidated in maximum period of 30 months through a suitable reducing DP programme. In case of a default or if the outstanding is over Rs.20.00 lacs, the shares/debentures will be transferred in the name of the Bank.

Security: Pledge of the demat shares/debentures against which overdraft is granted.