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The GS2000 is so tough and guaranteed waterproof it comes with a 3 year warrantee! If one should ever leak or break simply return it to us and we will replace it free of charge.

Security Personnel Patrolling Building Maintenance Remote Equipment Inspections Asset Management

FEATURES Robust Baton Metal Housing Contactless Secure Reading 100,000 Event Memory IP66 Water Resistant and Shock Proof

The GS2000 has been designed with no moving parts. As such this provides unparalleled reliability.

Single Button Operation for Scanning LED Light & Buzzer Indicators Sleep Mode for Power Saving Custom Branding

FREE Unlimited technical support for the entire lifetime of the GS2000.

The new GS2000 is a durable Guard Tour Data Collection Terminal, based on RFID technology; it helps you watch over your employees whose working duties require moving from place to place, such as Security Guard Patrolling, Remote Equipment Inspections, Property Maintenance and Asset Management.

Its metal and rubber construction is designed for heavy use in the most difficult environments. It has been designed to have a high resistance to rough handling and accidental damage.

The GS2000 is ideal for multi-site patrols. The unique Check Points allow multiple sites to be covered by just

Use the Guard Pro Software to produce custom reports including multiple site patrols, exception reporting (indicating missed or late check points) and statistical information per site or operative for Key Performance Indicators (KPI) reports. The GS2000 is a one off cost; with free life time technical support, 3 years product warrantee and with the free Guard Pro software there are no hidden costs! If your current patrol system constantly fails and you cannot prove accountability, you risk losing client’s good faith PLUS possible disputes over invoicing. Ineffective, badly designed guard patrol readers or plain old abuse by the operator are usually the root cause; however many companies continue to spend huge sums repairing or replacing flawed equipment.

one data recorder. Once downloaded reports can be created for each site separately. The GS2000 Starter Kit is provided with: GS2000 - Handset Unit GS2000U – Base Station Unit (USB) DISK5215 – Guard Patrol Software GS2000BC – Belt Clip GS2000PH – Belt Pipe Holster GS2000TAG32(10) – Patrol Check Point

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