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Lxelusive Outfitter Agreement between CSUN and Under Armouy, Ine, Under Armour wil be the exclusive offieieloutfitor and supplier to all of University’s varsity athletio teams of {@) aihlotis and athlotcelly-related (i) appa; (i) footwear; and (Hi) accessories, subject fo any pre-existing contracts that Univerlty has with sespect to athletio and athetially-related apparel, footwear and accessories; (©) sports equipment, subject to any pre-existing contracts thet University has Win respec to sports equipment; and © connected fitness prodvets, including without limitation health and fitnes tots, applications, softwar, and platform, subjeet o any pre-existing contracts that Unversity hs with respect fo finess equipment. ‘Under Armour is aware that some University varity athletic teams willnot have the need to purchase all of their tuhletcally-related apparel, foonwoat, accessories and sports equipment in 2016 and therefore may not be in head-to-toe Under Armour products inthe first year ofthe agreement. Univesity agrous that all athltially- selated apparel, footwear, accessories and sports equipment ordered after the stat ofthe form of the Agreement shall be Under Armour products exclusively, subject to any pre-existing contracts that University has with respect to athletic an alletiallyrelated apparel, footwear, aeeessories, sporls equipment, and connected fitness equipment, J. ‘Tenn. The proposed term of the Agreement shall be $ years commencing on July 1, 2016 and eneling on June 30,2021 ¢"Term”), A “Contreot Year” shall mean each twelve (12) month period beginning on July 1 and ending on the next foflowing June 30 during the Term, 2. Considerstion. Under Armour shall provide constderation (o University during the Team as follows: (© Product Allowance. Under Armour shalt provide the University’s Athlotie Depariment with Under Atmour products valued et retail pricing for purposes of outfitting University’s teams. Breakdown is below: | $8:15050;000"| (b) __Povformance Bonuses, Under Annour shall pay Univesity the performance bonuses based on University's teams" achievements In each Contract Year as set forth in Exhibit A attached hereto. ‘These performance bonuses shall be pald by company elec made payable to California State University, Northridge Ahletie Department, and shall not be pai tothe University’s coaches, Porformanice bonuses shall be pal tot University’s Athletle Department within sixty (60) days after providing Under Armour with ¢n invoice an ‘wrlten notice thatthe University's Athletle Department achieved the eritesia necessary for payment of such performance bonus, The performance bonuses sill be non-cumulative in each category. 3. Retall Products. Under Armour, or its eensee for eovaln Under Annour products beating collegiate ‘itademarks, shall have the (x) exclusive right to sell authentic competition products, and replica products in all sales channels, providing Under Armour, or Its licensee for certain Under Armour products, agrees to comply with oll Collegiate Licensing Compeny (CLC) lieeasing agreements and royalty eas for both wholesale and retail and (b) non-exclusive right to sell non-performance athletic prodvets and headwear, bearing University’s name, logo, and marks, providing Under Armour, or its liconsce for certain products, agrees to comply with all CLC licensing agreements and royalty fees for both wholesale and retail, 4. Marketing Benefits. University shall provide Under Armour with the markettog benefits set forth in Exhibit B attached hereto in each Contract Year, + Right of Fist Noxotiation / Right of Fits Refisal. Under Armour's Official Outfiter Agreement will iolude standard rights of frst negotintion and rights of first refusal, subject to any pre-existing contracts ‘thal University has with respect fo similar sponsorships, 6, NoPublic Announcements. Neither party shall iste any publio statements or press releases concerning this ete, the terms of tis Fetter, or any rsulling relationship without the prlor weiten approval of the other “hy Ale VBE ale RT RNR RR Ree eR rN NACE TREtNR Neen EXHIBIT A Performance Bounses Mother teams ake! ncelBig West Coaferenee Tourn $500 °C (© Conference Coach of the Year ‘Men's Basketball NCAA Toutnanient Appearance» $5,000 = NCAA Tournament x Round Appearance - $15,000 -NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 Appearance - $25,000 “NCAA Tournament Elite 8 Apposramee ~ $50,000 = NGAA Tournarent inal Four Appomtanes $100,000 - NCAA Tourament Champion - $200,000, Conference Coach of tho Year » $2,500 = NCAA Conch of te Year - $25,000 Women’s Basketball "NCAA Tounament Appearance - $5,000 NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 Appearance - $10,000 - NCAA Toumament Bite 8 Appearance - $15,000 = NCAA Tournaineat Final Pour Appearance ~$50,000 = NCAA Toumameont Chainpion = $100,000 = Conference Conc ofthe Year - $2,500 NCAA Coach of the Year - $25,000 1) Championship and NCAA Bld ~ $1,000 | XHIBIT B Markettng Benefits Official Desiguations. University hereby grants Under Armour the exctusive right to the official designation of Oficial Outfiter of CSUN Athletes,” as well asthe “Offictal Outiter” of University’s teams (collectively, “Official Designations"). University shell use fis best efforts to refer to Under Armour by such Official Designations in all appropriate settings and situations, The parties may, from time to time, mutually agree in to additional official designations. Hospitality, Tickets and Parking Passes. University shall supply Under Armour with eight (8) best avetlable tickets and two (2) parking passes fo each team’s regular season home games, Father, University shall supply Under Armour with six (6) best available ticket books to any exhibition game, neutral site, exempt event ancl post 1egular season toumament in which a team participates, as well as one (1) parking pass to any such game. In addition, University shall provide Under Armour with the opportunity to purchase additional tickets and parking passes upon request and subject to availabilty, University shall supply Under Armour with two (2) passes f0 each Alumni, Donor or other similar funetion at ench team’s regular season home gatnes. Further, University shall supply Under Armour with one (1) All-Access credential to each team’s regular season and post-season games, and shall use best efforts to provide additional credentials when requested by Under Armour, not to exceed four (4) per game, Marketing Materials. Under Armonr shall be recognized by the Official Designations on any University ‘website, in any University publication, and in any Univesity advertisements or promotional materials tha relate (o University’s teams including, but not limited to posters, calendars, and newsletters, Without limiting the foregoing, above the fold, University shal place the UA logo on each team’s home page and & hypertext ink from such home page to the Under Armour web site, Signage, Under Armour shall receive one (1) best avaliable, television view signage at all venues where the ‘eams play their home games, and shal receive one (1} prominent television view logo on any coaches’ shows. Additionally, Under Armour shall receive logo placements on each team's media step and repeat backdrops. Under Armour shall be responsible for the cost of creating and providing the media step an repeat backdrops, Under Armour shell reesive minimum of four (4) minutes of LED, video boards, LBD sibbons and rotational ‘boards, in venues where the teams play thelr home games where such technology fs available. Under Armour shall receive @ minimum of one (1) of the followhng on-court assets on any home court the basketball teams compete: () Team Bench Aprons, il) Bsseline Apron comers, (il) Basketball Stanchions, (iv) On Court Diagonal or (v) another mutually agreed upon on-court sponsorship location. University shall use best efforts touso Under Armour for all markoting and student setion product. Undar Armour shall reeeive logo placements ineach team's locker rooms, practice facility, sports medicine facility, equipment room, strength & conxitoning, and in other locations as mutually agreed upon by University and Under Aumonr. Under Armour will be responsible forthe costs of creating and providing such signage, and University shall be responsible for the installation and maintenance costs associated with such signage. Under Armour will bo responsible for eplecing all ouidoor signage every two (2) years. Under Armour considers the following fatlities, at game or practice facilities: ‘The Matadome Matedor Fiekd Matador Soccer Field Matador Diamond Matador Tennis Complex Matador Beach Volleyball Facility Matador Track and Field Complex Advertisements. Ifthe venuo where the teams play their home games has such capability, Under Amour shall be recognized by the Official Designations in at least two (2) publc address ‘announcoments during each home game ofthe teams. Further, Under Armour shall receive: (a) one (1) full page color advertisement in each gamo program for the teams and (b) logo placement on esch team’s sohedule card, ‘The content of such advertisements shall be mutually agreed upon in writing by the partes in advance, ily shall positively promote its relationship with Under Armour, the Under A.miour brand, and the Under Anmnour prouts in a sninimum of two (2) social media posts per Contract Year. Tho content of such posts shall be provided in writing by Under Armour and approved in advance by University, such approval not to be unreasonably delayed or withheld, Malling List. If requested by Under Armour, University's athltle department shall make tivo (2) electronic: mailings or e-blasts por Contract Year on behalf of Under Amour to the athletics mailing list, with the ndostanding thatthe contont of such mailings shall be mutually grood upon in writing by the pattie,

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