Difference between Domain and workgroup

Advantage. . cheaper to run and maintain as you only need two machines running in the same workgroup to be called a workgroup. and this includes shared objects and user logo ns. it's all done vi a each client machine on the LAN.What is Workgroup A Workgroup has not dedicated server's to track users and such.

. The advantage is that you have a dedicated server to log/trac k all users and shares via Active Directory and you can also use this server for other things such as a SQL server and/or SBS etc. ..What is Domain A Domain is a specific NAME given to a LAN that includes one or more Domain Cont rollers (Servers). The disadvantage to this is the cost and maintenance required to keep this configuration running.

.Advantages of workgroup Useful for small networks (10 or less computers) Very easy to setup No additiona l knowledge required No server required.

the number more. I of accounts to set up increases a lot users! If using file sharing. More time required to setup for new reach the 10 max simultaneous connections and every machine. No easily scalable. Passwords can beco and not others.Disadvantages of workgroup Need to setup account and password on each me out of sync. if changed on one computer f using more than 10 computers. . you may limit.

Very high Security in sharing and personal settings . Scales easier if you add more us ers and computers. Easier and quicker to maintain. Passwords are same for all computers.Advantages of Domain One location for all user accounts. groups and computers.

Complex to set up.Disadvantages of Domain Requires a windows server. .

Although not performed through A ctive Directory. . which are often much faster to setup for the average user in the short-term.WORKGROUP-BASED NETWORKS WORKGROUP-BASED NETWORKS are a more simplified approach to server-based networki ng. Any Workgroup Server with Windows 2000 S erver installed. or group s of users may require in order to gain authenticated login access to resources located on the Workgroup Server itself. Workgroup N etworks consist of any logical collection of Workstations and Workgroup Servers. can be promoted to take on the role of a Domain Controller if a network administrator changes the network model from a Workgroup to a Domainbas ed topology. Any workgroup member may access Workgroup Server resources so long as the user suppl ies authenticated credentials for server login. Any computer on the network can join an existing workgroup as long the workgrou p naming convention is maintained for each member throughout the workgroup. Workgroup Servers contain a standard set of centralized managem ent tools for the administration of security policies which individual. but may require more time for administrative tasks in the long-run.

security policies . and common security relationships with other sub-Domains. Domain Networks can be created and managed by promo ting any Workgroup Server to the role of a Domain Controller or Primary Domain C ontroller (PDC). Domains share a hierarchal directory of databases. Each Domain must have at least one desi gnated PDC Server within its Forest for centralized user account management thro ugh the AD. but may ultimately save in administrative time over the long-run if the users manage to learn how to make more effective use of Active Directory’s robust management features. partly due to the more highly technicalnature inherent to server role promotion. Because Domains use a hierarchy of parent-child relationships within a Domain Forest.DOMAIN-BASED NETWORKS DOMAIN-BASED NETWORKS are vastly more complex to setup for the average user in t he short-term. Servers designated as Primary Domain Controllers contain a more thorough and complex set of security and administrative properties which the si mplified Workgroup Server does not have. . AD Domains are generally recommended and most effectively used by larger organizations whe re collaborative computing between numerous workgroups must span multiple depart mental servers with common sets of relational security policies in place. A PDC provides acces s to a centralized user account and workgroup account policy as maintained by th e Domain Administrator predominantly from the AD Server itself.

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