PGP 2010-12

SUBMITTED TO: Mr. Nitin Malik

SUBMITTED BY: Abhishek Kumar Singh Akash Bhatnagar Ankit Tomar Ankita Mishra Rashmi Jha Shravan Pandey


The report submitted is an outcome of the complete team efforts done by the group members. Also we would like to thank our MARKETING RESEARCH teacher Mr. Nitin Malik to deliver the best Conceptual knowledge in the class without which we could not have maintained a fluent Work. Last but not the least we would like to thank all the persons who contributed by their opinion and suggestion on the data survey form given to them .


LIST OF TABLES USED In the following survey we have used chi square technique for the data analysis part the tables used to compare the attributes are given as follows- yUsage by gender yIncome by gender ySegment by gender yUsage by income .

. yThen comes the income part in which we have found out that income slab of 6-10 lakhs in both the gender has considered more usage of Honda Jazz.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY yMajor findings in our survey is that if we consider gender wise than we configured from the report that there are more in number of female users than their male counterparts who use Honda Jazz. yFrom the research we concluded that Positioning strategy of Honda Jazz is not totally non uniform but in some cases their strategy has worked out well like in case where we have asked people about the segment to which Honda Jazz falls in and maximum people have recalled and mentioned it correctly. y Irrespective of gender people who own Honda Jazz fall in the income slab of 6-10 lakhs. yIn this we have found out that in this case positioning of jazz is advantageous as people were able to remember the segment correctly even those people also who hasn¶t considered Jazz.

MARKET RESEARCH PROBLEM yTo determine the buying behavior of Honda Jazz in the market on the basis of parameters like gender and income.000 enquiries for Jazz since its launch in June. Problems which management is facing while positioning: On the basis of secondary data collected we have found out the following: Company wants to launch their product for the general people but due to the high price only premium class people are able to purchase this car Even though 50.000. the conversions have only been around 4. whereas in case of City the .PROBLEM DEFINITION MANAGEMENT DECISION PROBLEM yWhy Honda Jazz is loosening fizz in competition not only to others of same segment but also to its Honda brand ³city´.

The other thing is the saloon versus the hatchback phenomena. According to the information ³The market for premium hatchbacks is still very small in India and the pricing of Jazz plays to its disadvantage.enquiries and conversions are both on an upswing. The problem with Jazz is its exorbitant pricing.037 in July. a saloon.´ City.029 in August and just 504 units in September.5 litre engine than spending a huge amount to . 1. cost Rs 1.2 litre engine.25 lakh more than Jazz. it is also underpowered with a 1. ³A typical customer who has a sub Rs 5 lakh hatchback and is looking for an upgrade with Rs 8 lakh budget will naturally go in for a better powered City with a 1. 1. In June it were a little above 2. due to which it is not only helping the customers go in for City by paying a lakh more but its is also making other cars in its competition like Hyundai i20 and Skoda Fabia look good.000 units. In fact. people are seeing more value in City and they wouldn¶t mind paying a little extra and get a saloon over a hatchback. Jazz has helped increase the volumes for City.´ Besides the car being extremely expensive. Jazz sales have been declining month on month.

the only other competition is from Fiat¶s Linea.4 liter engine. City.again purchase a hatchback. in the last few days we are seeing the upgrades from Jazz to City are reducing. and According to Sen.´ A Honda dealer. ³since September we have resumed operating on double shift as we are facing delivery constraints. which constitutes close to 70% of our total sales volumes. said that since the launch of Jazz. thus boosting City sales again. which is in the Rs 8 lakh plus segment.´ Honda Siel had been operating on a single shift since last year due to declining sales.000 units monthly. they have witnessed a 30% increase in City sales. However. there is a slump as it is underpowered with a 1.3/1. if we look at City. especially after the refreshed version of the same was launched in September. which is adding to our backlog. has a backlog of three weeks. . Currently. who did not wish to be named. ³People come enquiring for Jazz but ultimately settle down for City. After the initial spurt in Linea sales. maybe people have started to understand what the Jazz category is. the company in a single shift produces 5. On the other hand.

Eg. In June we had reduced production of City in order to meet the demand for Jazz. There are basically two types of scaling techniques one is comparative and other is non-comparative.Sen said. RESEARCH DESIGN The nature of our research design is causal research. The research includes mainly likert scaling like we have asked the customers rate the features of Honda Jazz on scale basis like: . in comparative the researcher asks the respondent to compare the features of two or more products for eg.whether the people are happy with the after sales value of Honda Jazz or not. as we tried to find out what new can be done to push the product (Jazz). ³The situation is better now but still very fluid. Which car do you prefer in this all the cars in the given segment can be compared and in non comparative scaling analysis is done on the product features basis and not on comparative basis. in the market the report requires knowledge of secondary data which we have discussed about in the beginning itself the sales figures and what are all its factors in deciding the declining of sales in the market has been well explained in the report.

It was designed in a very concise manner through which it was easy to derive the conclusion required. it was checked from the faculty at iilm & was modified for the betterment of the survey again. Then we have used ratio scale in which we have asked the respondents about their income slab. The questionnaire was made short.1-strongly agree. The data from the primary sources were collected in the questionnaire that was distributed in the form of hard copy & was a direct approach. The pretesting was conducted with a closed group of people with whom it can be critically observed any further modifications. Once the questionnaire was prepared. Also the questions were kept in a very comprehensive method. The secondary data were mostly collected from the Automobile magazine articles & official website of Honda & its related websites . 5-strongly disagree Then we have used ordinal scale by asking questions like which is your Most preferred car in the hatchback segment rate it according to you. keeping in mind that people may not lose interest while filling up the questionnaire. . The personal information required for the questionnaire was putted in a way that could be filled without much of hesitations.

66 so that it was more viable to build the structure of the conclusion to be derived from the qualitative questions.The sampling was targeted on the part of the population which was expected to be well informed about the product & should be able to answer the questionnaire.e. . The survey was conducted in the areas well dense with the required sample size. The sample size was kept short i.

In market research problem we discussed about what all can be done to improve the positioning strategy of Honda Jazz .After preparation of the questionnaire we have done pretesting and made some changes to it also.after sales service etc.segment.income .In this we have collected the secondary data about the problem definition which is available in the internet with facts and figures which is being mentioned above. Secondary Data Collection. . Market Research Problem. Questionnaire Preparation and Pretesting.Primary data is been collected through the questionnaire in which we have taken a sample size of sixty six and we compared the attributes such as usage . Primary Data Collection And Field Work.DATA ANALYSIS PlAN OF ACTION Management Decision Problem-We started with management decision problem by discussing about what are the problems faced by the measurement while pushing Honda Jazz in the market.

-One more thing we found out from the respondents that maximum people were able to recall about the Jazz like it is positioned in hatchback segment even those who don¶t have Jazz they were also able to recall that which segment it is falling in.On the basis of frequency table which is shown in the statistical output page it is been found out that the income plays an important role in buying behavior of Honda Jazz .After collecting and entering the data using SPSS we have used chi-square as our comparable factor and compared different attributes like gender with usage .on this basis we also found out that specially the income slab of 6-10 lakhs are more concern about the buying behavior of Honda Jazz. . RESULTS Gender does not play any role in the buying behavior of Honda Jazz yAccording to the chi-square table the value comes out to be 0.05 so the null hypothesis is not rejected hence gender does not plays any role in buying behavior of Jazz.310 which is less than 0.gender with income etc.Data Analysis Using SPSS. .

LIMITATIONS The study had the limitation of absence of a direct approach with the organization so the information could not be verified & forwarding of the report & suggestions was not possible. There was also a limitation of the sample size of the desired kind. Due to the lack of reach of area that can be covered the result may fail to tell the trends of the large geographical area. Also due to the limited time frame it was not possible to go deep in the problem or to find its perfect solution. .

.CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATION Finally we concluded from the survey conducted is that there is no gender biasness towards buying behavior of Honda Jazz . another that which we concluded from our survey is that the majority income level which shows the buying behavior comes under an income slab of 6-10 lakhs. Based on our findings in the project the management can seriously think upon firstly the pricing issue then the attractiveness towards female which is more rather than male population.female are more interested in Jazz than male. _history.hondacarindia.REFERENCES 1. http://www.html .aspx 2.

310 .33.0% Missing N 0 Percent .505 1.477 . The minimum expected count is 5.016 N of Valid Cases 66 1 . 0 cells (.314 b Sig. (2.STATISTICAL OUTPUT Case Processing Summary Cases Valid N usage * Gender 66 Percent 100. b. (1- df 1 1 1 sided) .0% usage * Gender Cross tabulation Count Gender Male usage yes no Total 15 35 50 Female 7 9 16 22 44 66 Total Chi-Square Tests Asymp.031 .316 sided) 1.Exact Value Pearson Chi-Square Continuity Correction Likelihood Ratio Fisher's Exact Test Linear-by-Linear Association 1.0%) have expected count less than 5. (2.003 a .Exact sided) Sig.0% Total N 66 Percent 100. Sig.236 a. Computed only for a 2x2 table .367 .

0% Total N 66 Percent 100.0% Missing N 0 Percent .0% Income * Gender Cross tabulation Count Gender male Income 3-5 LAKHS 6-10 LAKHS ABOVE 10 LAKHS Total 13 28 9 50 female 5 10 1 16 18 38 10 66 Total Cases Valid N Segment * Gender 66 Percent 100.0% .0% Total N 66 Percent 100.Case Processing Summary Cases Valid N Income * Gender 66 Percent 100.0% Missing N 0 Percent .

780 sided) .077 .000 .782 1. Sig. Computed only for a 2x2 table Case Processing Summary Cases Valid N usage * Income 66 Percent 100.39. (1- df 1 1 1 sided) . b.000 .0% Total N 66 Percent 100.0%) have expected count less than 5. 1 cells (25.Exact Value Pearson Chi-Square Continuity Correction Likelihood Ratio Fisher's Exact Test Linear-by-Linear Association . (2. The minimum expected count is 3.Chi-Square Tests Asymp.0% usage * Income Cross tabulation Count Income ABOVE 3-5 LAKHS usage yes no Total 7 11 18 6-10 LAKHS 14 24 38 LAKHS 1 9 10 22 44 66 10 Total . (2.075 N of Valid Cases 66 1 .Exact sided) Sig.544 a.078 a 1.0% Missing N 0 Percent .784 b Sig.000 .