(Recognised by AICF)
( AICF Event Code : 57752/GOA/2011 )

From - 25th April to 30th April 2011

00 pm 9.00 a.00 p.GOA VIDYAPRASARAK MANDAL’S CENTENNIAL ALL INDIA OPEN FIDE (INTERNATIONAL) RATING CHESS TOURNAMENT 2011 From . Farmagudi. Ponda. Prize Distribution:30th April 3:00 pm Departure :After Prize Distribution ROUNDS 25-04-2011 25-04-2011 26-04-2011 26-04-2011 27-04-2011 27-04-2011 28-04-2011 28-04-2011 29-04-2011 29-04-2011 30-04-2011 30-04-2011 9.00 a.00 pm 9.Goa TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE Arrival : 24th April 2011 at 8.30 am 3.25th April to 30th April 2011 ( AICF Event Code : 57752/GOA/2011 ) ORGANISED BY: Goa Chess Association and GVM GYMKHANA On behalf of All India Chess Federation ____________________________________________________________ VENUE : GVM’s Higher Secondary School Hall.30 am 3. Inauguration : 25th April 2011 at 9.m.00 pm 9.30 am 3.00 pm 9. Players Meet : 3.30 am 3.00 pm 1st Round 2nd Round 3rd Round 4th Round 5th Round 6th Round 7th Round 8th Round 9th Round 10th Round 11th Round Prize Distribution Ceremony .30 am 3.m.00 pm 9.m.30 am 3.

000/14th Rs.000/. u13 (Boys & Girls) Note : 1.+ TROPHY 4th Rs.500/19th Rs.000/18th Rs.000/. 1000/-+trophy GIRLS Rs.000/3rd Rs. 1500/- U/15 U/15 U/13 U/13 U/11 U/11 U/ 9 U/ 9 AGE GROUP CATEGORY PRIZES : BOYS Rs. u/11.000/17th Rs. 1. 2000/2nd Rs. 1. 1000/Trophies for Best Goan Age group u/7.000/25th Rs.10.000/- SPECIAL PRIZES : PRIZES FOR TOP UNRATED PLAYERS 1st Rs. 2. 1. 1000/-+trophy Rs.500/21st Rs.000/2nd Rs. 2. Prizes will not be shared 3. 1000/-+trophy GIRLS Rs. .+TROPHY 5th Rs.40. 1. 1. 1000/-+trophy BOYS Rs.000/10th Rs. 2.000/7th Rs.500/13th Rs. 2.500/11th Rs. 2. 1.500/22nd Rs. 3. 15. 25. 1500/2nd Rs. 2.000/8th Rs. 1000/-+trophy BOYS Rs. 2.PRIZES : TOTAL CASH PRIZES : RS. 1000/-+trophy GIRLS Rs. 2.500/12th Rs. 7. 1000/-+trophy GIRLS Rs. 1000/- BEST WOMEN PLAYER BEST GOAN PLAYERS 1st Rs. 1. 1. One Player will be given one prize only. Attested Date of Birth Certificate is necessary to claim Age group prizes and has to be submitted at the time of entry.000/16th Rs. 1.000/24th Rs. 1. 2. 1000/-+trophy BOYS Rs.50. 5.500/20th Rs.000/15th Rs.000/1st Rs. 1. u/9.500/23rd Rs.+ TROPHY 6th Rs.000/9th Rs.000/.

Keni. Proof of registration to be sent at the time of entry. 1400/Unrated Rs. . Opp. The Last Date of entry: 18th April 2011. Goa. 600/Rated 2200 to 2299 Rs. WGMs. Off: 0832-2732927 email: goachess@yahoo.ENTRY FEE For GMs. The registration fee of Rs.only. WIMs Free Rated 2300 to 2400 Rs. IMs.com REGISTRATION : AICF Registration fee for 2011-12 is compulsory for all Indian participants.00 noon on 23/04/2011 with Late Fee of Rs.-403601 Mob: 9822101646. 300/. 800/Rated 1800 to 1999 Rs. Address for sending the entries is Mr. Pelican Building. 1st Floor. 500/Entries are to be sent by DD favouring GOA CHESS ASSOCIATION FIDE RATING 2011 payable at Margao. 200/.on entry fee if entry received before 7th April 2011. Lohia Maidan. Entries will also be accepted at the Venue till 12. 250/.will be accepted at the venue for the convenience of the players. Entries with Late Fee of Rs. Goa players also have to do GCA Registration for 2011-12 at the time of entry on payment of Rs.19 /04/2011 to 22/04/2011. 1000/Rated 1200 to 1799 Rs. 1500/Rating as per March Fide List will be considered for Entry fee Request towards waiver of entry fee will not be entertained. Ashesh R. Goa Players will get a discount of Rs. Margao Goa.200/. 700/Rated 2000 to 2199 Rs.

100/.(24th April arrival after 12:00 am 30th April checkout before12.Hall for 15 persons with mattresses and attached toilets available at temple premises (2 km from venue )(bus transport will be provided) Charges per bed=Rs.+ tax. 0832-2314148. Separate D. A/c Double Rs. 500/. 150/Note: Management reserves the right to alter room tariff without any prior notice. All rooms have attached toilet (wc and bath) . 500/. The following discounted accommodation is available for booking through Goa Chess Association on first come first serve basis. 600/. Non A/c Double Rs.Goa Tourism –Farmagudi residency (walking distance from venue) (Government of Goa undertaking) Non AC 2 bed room with attached toilet Rs.goa-tourism.+ tax. no.+ 7% tax per day Extra bed Rs.+ tax. Extra person Rs. 2315026 A/c Double Rs.177/-+7% tax per day Non A/c 4-bedded Rs. 1328/.885/. no. A/c Single Rs.WGM .Hotel Atish (100 mtrs walking distance from venue) Double bed room attached with 2 extra beds(matresses) in each room =Rs.+ tax. 0832-2311238 Non A/c Single Rs. Book online at www. 1500/.200/. ________________________________________________________________ 1. 600/. in the name of Goa Chess Association FIDE RATING 2011 to be sent payable at Margao 1.per person per day =Rs. 2.GM’s will be provided free twin sharing accommodation for confirmed entry before 1st April 2011 The accompanying persons will have to bear their own expenses.+ tax.per person for 6 days =Rs.1200/.D.com Hotel Sungrace (20 rooms) Ph.600/-per person for 6 days The following hotels are available for direct booking by phone /internet by players. 4800/.00 am)Extended stay will be payable directly to hotel at regular room rates.IM . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hotel Menino (10 rooms) Ph. .per room for 4 persons in one room for 6 days.+ tax.ACCOMMODATION: WIM .per bed per day =say Rs.

2313320 2313048 2312428 2315805 2312144 2312085 2313799 3293562 Hotels Budget Less Than Rs..Exec.+ tax. room (Triple) Rs. Margao Road – Ponda Nr. 2335730 2314147 2311238/9 98229-80911 WEATHER :The weather in Goa is expected to be warm. 1650/. 800/Note: Tariff is subject to change without prior notice. Bandora – Ponda Phone No. Exec. Bhavani Sadan – Ponda F-5A Lazmi Apts. no. Ganesh Temple Farmagudi – Ponda Sadar. Nr. Extra person Rs.800 Hotel Name Hill View Hotel Hotel Kirti Hotel Lahara Lodging Hotel Musafir Hotel Padmavi Hotel Sanman Hotel Uma Hotel Vaishali Address Tisk – Ponda Kirti Building – Ponda Upper Bazar. 1700/.+ tax. The minimum / maximum temperature will be around 30 – 35 Degree Celsius. 2318190 A/c Double Rs. Behind Ponda Bus Stand – Ponda Centrally Located – Ponda Farmagudi – Dhavli Bypass Road. .+ tax. 350/Note: Tariff subject to revision. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hotel Sun Inn Ph. Panjim – Ponda Highway Kundaim – Ponda Phone No. Old Bus Stand – Ponda At Dhavalimal – Dhavali – Ponda Hotel Vaishali. 2700/. family room Rs. 0832-2318180. Bus Stand – Ponda Vishwalaxmi Bldg. Extra person Rs.1500 Hotel Name Ganesh Residency Hotel Menino Hotel Sungrace Hotel Venkatesh Leela Address Opp. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other Hotels(within 2 -3 kms from venue) Hotels Budget Less Than Rs.

Ponda is situated 25 km from Margao(Madgaon) Railway Station . No member of the committee can vote on dispute in which a player from the same state is involved and in such a case reserve member shall take his place in the committee.Protests :. 2. full day tours are available at cost .TOURNAMENT RULES : 1.In case of tie.Protests. Denial of Entry :Goa Chess Association reserves the right to admit / refuse any entry without assigning any reason.within 30 minutes of the occurrence of the incident. shall be made in writing with a protest fee of Rs.increment per move. 5.The decision of the Chief Arbiter /Appeals Committee will be final and binding on all the players. However players and officials are cautioned against swimming in the sea as the same is extremely dangerous .Any players who played unauthorized tournament listed by All India Chess Federation are not allowed to participate in this tournament. Tie Break :. Bucholz Tie Break System will be applied . 3. 500/. 6. Appeals Committee of 5 members with 2 reserves amongst the senior participants officials present at players meeting will be formed before the commencement of tournament. All the members and reserves will be from different states. ½ day. 7. 9. TOURIST PLACE :. 4.45 km from Airport and 30 kms from Panjim city. The amount will be refunded if the appeal is upheld. the latest FIDE Rules shall come in to effect.The organizers of the tournament reserve the right to make necessary changes in rules pertaining to the tournament 8. The venue is situated 1km from Ponda city which is very close to world famous temples and churches.SYSTEM OF PLAY :.Goa is a tourist place with most places accessible by public transport.The cash prizes will not be shared.Players are requested to get their own clocks RIGHTS OF ADMISSION :.Smoking /Drinking is strictly prohibited in the school premises. if any against the decision of the Chief Arbiter.The tournament will be conducted as per FIDE Laws of chess & FIDE Swiss System with 11 Rounds. Time control will be 90 minute + 30 Sec.

250/.EMAIL :__________________________________________________ 9.NAME 2.FEE ENCLOSED . Margao Goa.1 Floor.of Rs. Opp.FIDE RATING :__________________________________________________ 4.FIDE ID :__________________________________________________ :__________________________________________________ 3.MOBILE :__________________________________________________ 8. Off:0832-2732927 . c/o KENI & D’SOUZA .AICF REGISTRATION (Proof enclosed if already registered 2011-12) …… .OR Fee enclosed (D.(for Goa State Players only) Date: Place: Signature: Photocopies of this form are accepted Attested birth certificates to be submitted at time of entry to be eligible for age group prizes st Courier to : Mr.DATE OF BIRTH :__________________________________________________ 6. Keni.with AICF form) 10.Goa Players Registration proof of renewal & no.D.GENDER:(MALE/FEMALE)___________________________________________ 7. 11.GOA VIDYAPRASARAK MANDAL’S CENTENNIAL ALL INDIA OPEN FIDE (INTERNATIONAL) RATING CHESS TOURNAMENT 2011 (25th April 2011 to 30th April 2011) -Ponda-Goa ENTRY FORM 1. Pelican Building. Lohia Maidan. Ashesh R.-403601 Mob: 9822101646.ADDRESS :__________________________________________________ 5.

CONTACT DETAILS IN EMERGENCY /OTHER DETAILS PLEASE CONTACT Mr. Ashesh R. Bandekar Treasurer Mob: 9822104771 . Arvind Mhamal Secretary Mob: 9422386547 Mr. Keni President Mob: 9822101646 Mr. Kishor M.

G.J. with a vision to cater to the fundamental educational needs of children from urban as well as rural areas and to enable them to lead a self reliant and a quality human life. Thanks to the commitment and dedication of a number of socially motivated people. Bandora (English Medium) & Primary School.About our Sponsor: Goa Vidyaprasarak Mandal (GVM ) Goa Vidyaprasarak Mandal (GVM ) was founded in the year 1911 A. Savoi Verem (English Medium) Secondary Schools A. Ponda (English & Marathi Medium) & Primary School. Khandepar (English Medium) & Primary School . List Of Institutions run by GVM Primary Schools KG KG KG KG KG & Primary School. de Almeida High School Krishna Raghunath Shetye Savoicar High School Rajmata Padmavati Raje Saundekar High School Pragati Vidyalaya Matoshri Indirabai Baburao Khandeparker High School Higher Secondary schools Colleges Shrimati Nelly Joildo Aguiar Higher Secondary School Gopal Govind Poy Raiturcar College of Commerce & Economics .M.D. de Almeida High School at Ponda. with a small school named A. Borim (English Medium) & Primary School . right from pre-Primary to the Post-Graduate level.V. over the last several decades. GVM is celebrating its Centenary Year in 2010-11 with a firm resolve to continue its contribution in the field of education in the decades to come. offering educational facilities to over 9000 students. in the state of Goa in India. has now grown into a strong educational Hub with 14 different Schools and Colleges. J.