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CAD, Head Office Date:23.06.2010 Sub: Visit Report on ISLAM DIAGNOSTIC at Shamoly, (Opposite Sishu Mela), Dhaka. We, the under signatories, have visited the above mentioned project on 22 nd June, 2010 to see the present status of the project against their application for Tk…………. For purchasing one set MRI machine and one set CITY SCAN Machine along with necessary supporting set up equipments. Details of our findings are as followsISLAM DIAGNOSTIC is a very reputed and full-fledge diagnostic centre located in the zone surrounded by Shohrawardy Hospital, National Cardiac Institute and some other private hospitals. Almost all required diagnostic facilities are available except most sophisticated machines like MRI & CITY SCAN which are available at only two or three high profile diagnostic labs in Dhaka City like Popular Diagnostic, Medinova & IBN Sina Diagnostics. There is an enormous potentiality for these types of tests. We have gone through their sells registers and found that at present, their average sell per day is about Tk.80.00 thousands to Tk.90.00 thousands approximately. Thus monthly sells seemed about Tk.25.00 Lacs per month and about 60% to 70% of this sells value is operating expenditures and rest amount is his profit, i.e. about Tk.7.5 lacs to Tk.10.00 Lacs per month. Considering the scarcity of this type of machine, it may be assumed that there is a possibility of getting 250 patients for MRI Examination and about 400 no. patient of CITY SCAN test per month. On the basis of present market charges i.e. Tk.6000.00 per MRI and Tk.3000.00 per CITY SCAN, it assumed that their monthly income from this two machines would be (250 @Tk.6000=15,00,00.00 + 400 @Tk.3000=12,00,000.00) about Tk.27.00 Lac and about 60% of this amount would be spent for operating cost purpose and remaining 40% would be his profit i.e. about Tk.10.80 Lacs per month. As per their information and considering the overall situation, it appears that there is huge potentiality for these machines.

Points to be noted that. 1 more week would be required to shift and reinstall the machineries from present premises to the new one. the new premise is not yet ready. it appeared that about 2 to 3 more weeks would be required to complete the premises. But the very alarming matter is that. Moreover. . it is very much clear that RAHAMAN Diagnostics is going to face a very critical situation. the management of ISLAM DIAGNOSTICS has declared to shift the lab to their newly purchased premises from Rupayan Tower nearby there preset premises by the 1st of next month. Besides. Accordingly they have informed the owner of the present premises and it has already been rented out to a new party (who is also a competitor as well). On the above circumstances. on the basis of its present condition we observed during our visit. So we need to take the decision very carefully regarding providing further financial support.