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unavailability of drug and technology. MD Chair. ABANILLA. As knowledge in the discipline accumulates. LOPEZ. MD MARIA TERESA B. Yet. DY. ONGTENGCO JR. CONSOLACION DOLOR-TORRES. MD JOEL M. MD EUGENE B. validated goals and outcome expectations dictate on the directions we take. Socials Chair. MD TIMOTHY C. Scientific Committee Chair. MD EUGENE B. A compleat clinician integrates all these into a cohesive body of approaches and policies. Publication EUGENE B. MD Over-all Chair Chair. accessibility. KAHN SATURNINO P. OFFICERS 2010-2011 ELEANOR A. MD ERLYN C.MESSAGE Every year. MD MA. MD President Vice President VP for Finance VP for External Affairs Secretary Treasurer Director Director Director Immediate Past President 42nd ANNUAL PHA CONVENTION ORGANIZING COMMITTEE SATURNINO P. Sessions Committee Chair. Information Technology Chair. Organizing Committee ELEANOR A. Welcome and we wish you all an intellectually rewarding scientific activity. ABOLA. These are quite essential if standards are to be set for management. MD JOEL M. clinical applicability and practice patterns are guided through formulation of guidelines. the strategies we employ and the options we choose. JAVIER. MD PEDRO P. CONSOLACION DOLOR-TORRES. REYES. among others. MD ISABELO V. MD TIMOTHY C. MD ISABELO V. DY. consensus statements and recommendations from international and local associations. JAVIER. DEMERRE. such standards or goals become meaningless and inappropriate if they are not tempered with the realities we confront everyday – legislation. Protocol Chair. LOPEZ. Exhibits & Physical Arrangement Chair. CRUZ ANDRE S. the field of Cardiology grows by leaps and bounds. REYES. REYES.. MD Chair. Registration Chair. ABOLA. SAN DIEGO JR.. MD ROMEO B. MD President 1 . MD MA. socio-economic restrictions.. Heretofore. This annual convention seeks to focus on all these and more. ABANILLA. experts’ groups and key opinion leaders. JAVIER. Scientific Committee SATURNINO P. ONGTENGCO JR. research and training purposes. MD MARIA TERESA B.

The badge will serve as your pass to the various activities during the convention. Oakwood Premier Joy-Nostalg Center Manila and The Richmonde Hotel. – 12:00 noon 6. Rooms are available on a first-come-first-served basis. 2 TIME 8:00 a. SOCIALS AND CEREMONIES All registered delegates are invited to participate in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. ATTIRE Smart casual attire in all social and scientific functions.200 1. Must possess outstanding performance during the training program.000 1.000 1. Lost badges can be replaced for a fee at the on-site registration area. – 5:00 p.000 600 600 REGULAR P 1. Deadline of Nomination: March 31.000 1. Opening and Closing Ceremonies. TANGCO YOUNG INVESTIGATOR’S AWARD This award aims to stimulate local research in cardiology by giving incentives to young researchers and also serves to honor the memory of the late Dr. 3 *Annual membership fee is not included in registration fee **Daily registration fee does not include convention kit REGISTRATION SCHEDULES DATE May 25. 2011 HOTEL ACCOMMODATION A considerable number of rooms has been blocked at the convention site. THE PHA-DR. visit exhibits. All hotel bookings should be coursed through the PHA Secretariat. 2. (Please use the Advance Registration Form included in this program). 3. Must have at least three (3) years of residency training in internal medicine and three (3) years training in cardiology in an instituition accredited by the Specialty Board of Adult Cardilogy. Must present a scientific paper during the Annual Convention and Scientific Meeting of the Philippine Heart Association.200 1. 2011 with a refund of 50% of the amount paid. Must be officially nominated by the Chief/Head/Chairman of Cardiology Department/Section of the accredited institution.400 1. Edsa Shangri-La Hotel.m.500 1. Tangco who had always helped. and participate in the fellowship and other social events.REGISTRATION All participants must register to be able to attend the different scientific sessions including the company sponsored satellite meetings. 2011 May 27. and must have been done locally.m. Deadline for receipt of Advance Registration is March 30. To qualify for this award. Advance registration is encouraged to avail of discounted fees and help avoid delays at the time of the scientific sessions.200 700 800 DAILY 700** 700** 700** 700** 700** 700** 700** 700** (Until March 30) (After March 30) EXHIBITS Booth exhibits will be featured during the convention which will provide and update concerning products.m.200 1. No refund will be possible for cancellation received after April 15. Advance hotel registration requires 50% deposit. CANCELLATION Written cancellations of registration will be accepted until April 15. the senior author and presentor must not be over 35 years old at the time of the presentation.m. If you cannot pre-register by that date. The criteria for judging are : 1. The contest is open to all research papers in cardiology presented during the annual PHA meeting. medical equipment and research. Must have passed the written and practical examinations given by the Philippine College of Cardiology Specialty Board. not previously published. The paper must be original. For the Convocation. . Payment must be made in Philippine currency addressed to the hotel. Francisco F. PHA MOST OUTSTANDING TRAINING FELLOW IN CARDIOLOGY This award is open to all Fellows in a formal cardiology training program. 4. guided and stimulated the growth of the medical profession and of cardiology.700 1.m. Fellowship Dinner and other social activities. 2011. REGISTRATION FEES CATEGORY PHA members* Non-members Residents Fellows-in-Training Medical Students Nurses / Technicians PHA family members Exhibitors ADVANCE P 1. 2011. you may do so at Edsa Shangri-La Hotel from May 25 to 27. Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila. semi-formal attire is requested. 5. Above rates are subject to 10 % service charge. FRANCISCO F. 2011 May 26.200 1. The nomination must be endorsed by two other members of the consultant staff in cardiology of the institution. 8:00 a. 12% VAT and applicable local tax. 8:00 a. 2011. – 5:00 p. 2011. BADGES Your badge will be provided in the convention kit.

Five (5) original copies of the fully accomplished research work without the name of author(s) and institution of origin if any. The research papers must have been started and completed after graduating from training. 12. The research entry should fulfill the following: a. DISTINGUISHED FELLOW AWARD This is the most prestigious and highest awards among the college awards and is conferred to a Fellow of the college who has received any two of the college awards and is qualified to receive a third award.or any outstanding activity related to the Association DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD This award is given to any physician. 13. shall bear all the administrative costs of the award.00) to the first runner-up.00) to the winning candidate who will also receive an appropriate commemoration of the award (plaque. 4. etc. 2. You may send in your nominees to the Secretariat for final deliberation by the Awards Committee on or before March 31. scientist or lay person or institution who by individual/concerted effort. The PHA shall circularize to all PHA accredited training institutions and local PHA chapters the details of the annual award. b. The purpose of such an award will be to stimulate research work in Cardiology in the Philippine setting by giving due recognition to outstanding research accomplishments done by the fellows of the Philippine Heart Association. 5. A grant of THIRTY THOUSAND PESOS (P30. trophy. The Awards Committee reserves the right to choose the final nominees. b. will fund a PHA-Servier Award for Most Outstanding Research in Cardiology. 8. He/She must have continuously served the Association in various capacities contributing to the furtherance of its goals like: a. b. may likewise promote the annual award directly to PHA members. 10. LOYALTY AWARD COLLEGE AWARDS This award is given to a Past President of the PHA of any of its Chapters who has not been a member of the Board of Directors for at least five (5) years. because of his/her demonstrated abilities as outstanding teacher. The main author must be a Fellow of the PHA in good standing.). through the Philippine Heart Association. DISTINGUISHED TEACHER AWARD This award is given to a fellow of the College who.lay activities . May have contributed significant knowledge in the field of cardiovascular diseases. posters. etc. training centers and affiliate and component subspecialty societies. 2. Original and not previously published in a local/international scientific journal. Inc.00) to the second runner-up. 3. All those which passed the screening process will automatically enter the contest. Servier Philippines. DISTINGUISHED SCIENTIST AWARD This award is given to an individual who: 1. b. medallion. A grant of TWENTY THOUSAND PESOS (P20.000. Inc. Servier Philippines. c. All submitted papers using a standard set of criteria will be pre-screened by the members of the Research Commitete. Candidates for the award must be: a. Member of the academe for at least ten (10) years with a rank of assistant professor or higher. 9. 7. Active member of cardiology section of a PHA duly accredited institution. c.resource person . The contest proper shall be held during the PHA Annual Convention and the award shall be presented during its Closing Ceremonies. Inc. b. is considered to have made major contributions to cardiology through the teaching and mentoring of students at the undergraduate/post doctoral levels. A Filipino citizen. Should have published original papers in reputable local and/or international journals. They may include the following: a. The sponsor. Regular attendance to annual conventions and business meetings b.committee member. Name of author(s) and institution of origin if any. plaques.speaker. 12. provided said direct communications or promotions have prior notation of the PHA. 3. The right to first publication of the winning research paper belong to the Philippine Heart Association. 6. 4 5 .fund raising campaigns . 3.. Contributor or editor of books and journals in cardiology. Recognized as outstanding teacher in the institution where she/he belong. announcements. An independent 5-member Board of Judges shall be chosen by the Scientific and Research Committee with the concurrence of the PHA Board of Directors. At least two (2) of the following criteria must also fulfilled: 1. the distinguished Fellow Award is given. May have pioneered in diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in the management of cardiovascular disease. Participation in the activities of the Association as: . Servier Philippines. The Board of Judges and the members of the PHA Board and the Scientific Research Committee of the PHA are disqualified from the contest.000. 4.000. 2. A grant of SEVENTYFIVE THOUSAND PESOS (P75. Members of the PHA Board of Directors cannot be proponents or nominees for any of the awards. Done in the Philippines. The PHA-Servier Awards for Most Outstanding Research in Cardiology shall consist of: a. 4. In lieu of the third award. in a separate sealed envelope to be provided by the PHA. 2011. Has served the Association as chairman or member in any of the major committees/councils. Has been an active members of the Boards of Directors or Chapter during the past ten (10) years. including cost of committee meetings. 3. The PHA Scientific and Research Committee shall require the following for submission: a. d. has made profound contributions to cardiology through delivery of services and the furtherance of the goals of the Association in the national or international level for at least ten (10) years.THE PHA-SERVIER AWARD FOR MOST OUTSTANDING RESEARCH IN CARDIOLOGY 1. 1. 2. Not previousy presented in any national/international forum. 5.

The Burden of Cardiovascular Disease in Philippines Women’s Cardiovascular Health Dilemmas in Pregnancy with Cardiovascular Disease Physiologic Changes in Pregnancy Panel Discussion: Pregnancy in Rheumatic Heart Disease Pregnancy in Congenital Heart Disease Postpartum Cardiomyopathy Arrhythmic pregnant B. The real score on Contraceptive pills? Preventive Cardiology 1. Anti-coagulation 101: practical points not to be missed 2. C. ACE Inhibitors in Congenital Heart Disease 2. Obesity in the Philippines: Is there a Guideline? 3. Adjunctive Pharmacology Stroke and PVD 1. PAH Prevalence in the Philippines 3. New Doses. Chemotherapy & Heart Failure:A dialogue Between Cardiologist & Oncologist 2. 6 7 . D. Echocardiography 1. New Technologies & Imaging Modalities in the Evaluation of Patients with Cardiomyopathy & Pericardial Disease 3. New Modalities and Innovations in Cardiac Rehabilitation Electrophysiology 1. Assessing a Patient with Systolic Heart Failure and Diastolic Heart Failure 4. Hypertension in the Young (Nephro/Pedia) TOPICS SIMULTANEOUS SYMPOSIA TOPICS H.SIMULTANEOUS SYMPOSIA A. PCI or CABG for Multivessel CAD and or Diabetes 3. and Co-enzyme Q) in Cardiovascular Disease? 3. Hybrid surgery in Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome CPR 1. Diagram and Treatment . M. Congenital Heart Disease 1. Prosthetic Valve Assessment: What do the Guidelines mean? N. Revisiting the use of Prophylaxis on RF-RHD (Pedia and Adult Practices) 2. Diabetic Cardiomyopathy : Mechanisms. Impact of PAH guidelines in the Real Filipino setting 2. Sending the MI patient to the LAB. Cardiac Rehabilitation 1. L-carnitine. Sexual Dysfunction and Hypertension – Approach in the Management 3. Hypertension 1. Thienopyridines in ACS: Guidelines. a Peek into the Present Updates. Diabetes and/or Dyslipidemia – Approach in the Management 2. Current recommendation for anti-platelets in the primary prevention of cardiovascular events in patients with diabetes and CKD? L. a Gaze into the Future Recommendations 3. K.A Cardiologist & Endocrinologist Perspectives 3. Impact of Mew Trialsd and Evidences on Lipid Guidelines 2. Treatment of Hypertensive patients with Ischemic Heart Disease E. 2. Cardiovascular Anesthesia and Critical Care 1. Primary Prevention of Sudden Cardiac Death in Patients with Heart Disease: Guideline-based device therapy 3. Hemodynamic Monitoring in “Rural” care setting 3.Cardiologist & Nephrologist Points of View O. J. Ibavradine. Congestive Heart Failure 1. Hypertensive patients with Obesity. Hemodialysis vs Ultrafiltration in the Treatment of volume overload in decompensated HF . The role of metabolic agents (trimetazidine. and Interactions with other Drugs 2. State of the Art in Shock Management I. Primary prevention of Sudden Cardiac Death in Inherited Arrhythmogenic Diseases Coronary Artery Disease 1. The 2010 International Guidelines on Resuscitation: Highlights. Echocardiographic Assessment of the Right Heart in Adults: What do the Guidelines mean for your Patient? 2. Major Changes and Key Recommendations 2. VTE prophylaxis 101: 3.Getting with the Guidelines 2. Pitfalls and Difficulties of Cardiac Events in the Philippines – The Realities 3. Compliance with Evidence Based Resuscitation Guidelines: Do they improve outcome? RF-RHD 1. Celebrating 50 years of CPR: A Look back at the Past History. Cardiac Catheterizations and Interventions 1. Prevention of Thromboembolism in Atrial Fibrillation . Anatomy of Congenital Heart Defects: Imaging of choice 4. Critical Care Updates for the General Cardiologist 2. Role of drugs in Pulmonary Hypertension from Congenital Heart Disease 3. Cardiomyopathy 1. A Patient with Coronary Aneurysm: Approach to Management 3. New Agents. F. How to Implement Clinical Based Cardiac Rehabilitation – Guidelines 2. PAH from the Multispecialty point of view G.

12. 5-8 keywords or short phrases that will assist a reseacher in identifying an information material. Submit the original abstract (unfolded) by first class or overnight mail to: Philippine Heart Association Secretariat 1108. 14. E-MAIL ADDRESS 8 9 . 11. 4. PSE Centre Exchange Road. 3. Use standard abbreviations. Type title in Bold using upper and lower case letters and not to exceed 200 words. Pasig City The complete manuscript should be in a Compact Disc (CD) or Digital Versatile Disc(DVD) and one (1) hardcopy using MS-Word Application. List responsible institutions and their respective cities and provinces Leave a blank line after author(s)/institution(s) and before abstract text. 8. The abstract must be contained in the space provided and use a type size no smaller than 10 point. Deadline for submission of abstracts: on or before March 15. A limit of five additional special abbreviations may be used in each abstract. Simple tables or graphs may be included if they fit within the space allowed. NAME OF AUTHOR/S NAME OF PRESENTOR INSTITUTION TEL NO. 10. Place special or unusual abbreviations in parentheses after the full word the first time it appears. or other principal degrees not necessary). 2011 Accepted oral abstracts will be presented during a special session the exact date of which will be announced at a later date. Posters will be presented during a special poster presentation session and during breaks in the exhibit hall. Indicate the required information on the authors as follows: ABSTRACT 5. Do not include references or credits.ABSTRACT PREPARATION INSTRUCTION 1. Abstract accepted for presentation will be published in the April to June Issue of the Philippine Journal of Cardiology. Author should provide. 2. 2011 and the final manuscripts on or before March 31. 9. results. FAX NO.D. 6. Type complete names of authors (M. and identify as . The abstract must be submitted on the enclosed Abstract Form. Ortigas Center. and conclusions. 13. 7. methods. 11th Floor East Tower. Please avoid printing on lines of abstract box. Abstract text should include purpose.

Also include the level of clinical care (primary or tertiary).200 700 800 700** 700** 700** 700** 700** 700** 700** 700** * Annual membership fee is not included in registration fee **Daily registration fee does not include convention kit. confidence intervals should relate to the differences between groups. CONCLUSIONS: State only those conclusions of the study that are directly supported by data. including the method and duration of administration. community).Institution. For comparative studies. Underline only presenting author’s name. 10 REGISTRATION FORM FAMILY NAME GIVEN NAME MIDDLE NAME INSTITUTION/COMPANY ADDRESS ZIPCODE TELEPHONE No. along with their clinical application (avoiding generalization) or whether additional study is required before the information should be used in usual clinical settings. DESIGN: Describe study design.ABSTRACT CONTENTS CAPITALIZE ENTIRE ABSTRACT TITLE Author.200 1. SETTING: Indicate the study setting (hospital. RESULTS: Describe measurements that are not evident from the nature of the main results and indicate any blinding.500 1. If possible.200 1. E-MAIL ADDRESS PRC No. INTERVENTIONS. entry criteria and numbers of participants entering and finishing the study. private practice or institutional. clinic. PATIENTS/PARTICIPANTS: State selection procedures.400 1. retrospective or prospective.200 1.200 1. Signature of Registrant Date 11 . REGISTRATION FEE Please check: ADVANCE REGULAR DAILY (Until March 30.700 1. PMA No. 2011) (After March 30. the results should be accompanied by confidence intervals (most often the 95% interval) and the exact level of statistical significance. blinded and if temporal direction.000 1. 2011) PHA member* Non-member Resident Fellow-in-Training Medical Student Nurse/Technician PHA family member Exhibitor P 1. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE(S): The primary study outcome measure should be indicated as planned before the data collection began. FAX No. IF ANY: Describe the essential features of an intervention/exposure.000 1. Indicate if randomized.000 600 600 1. City OBJECTIVES: State main question or study objective(s) or hypothesis. Absolute values should be indicated when risk changes or effect sizes are given.000 1.