Work life balance questionnaire

Name: Age: Gender: Designation: Nature of Organisation: 1) How many days in a week do you normally work? a) Less than 5 days b) 5 days c) 6 days d) 7 days Ans: 2) How many hours in a day do you normally work? a) 7-8 hours b) 8-9 hours c) 9-10 hours d) 10-12 hours e) More than 12 hours Ans: 3) Does your organisation have shift timings? a) Yes b) No Ans: If yes means please specify the shift timings:

specify: Ans: 5) Does your organisation have a separate policy for work-life balance? a) Yes b) No c) Not aware Ans: 6) If. specify: Ans: .4) How do you manage your employees stress arising from work? a) Yoga b) Meditation c) Entertainment d) Dance e) Music f) Others. yes what are the provisions under the policy? a) Flexible starting time b) Flexible ending time c) Flexible hours in general d) Holidays/ paid time-off e) Job sharing f) Career break/sabbaticals g) others.

in general d) holidays/paid time offs e) Job sharing f) Career break/sabbaticals g) time-off for family engagements/events h) Others. Ans: . specify the name of such program Annual Day b) No. specify: Ans: 8) What does your organization provide among the following additional work provisions? a) Telephone for personal use b) Counselling services for employees c) Health programs d) Parenting or family support programs e) Exercise facilities f) Relocation facilities and choice s g) Transportation h) Others. specify the name of such programs b) No. Ans: 10) Does your organization have social functions at times suitable for families? a) Yes. specify: Ans: 9) Does your organization encourage the involvement of your family members in work achievement reward functions? a) Yes.7) Do you personally feel any of the following will help you to balance your work life? a) Flexible starting hours b) Flexible finishing time c) Flexible hours.

G.Vaishnav college .11) Does your organization provide you with yearly Master health check up? a) Yes b) No Ans: I hereby declare that the information you have provided are only for the academic purpose and it would be confidential. Subhashree V D.