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System Integration
APCS offer industry leading brands with leading-edge technologies
•  •  •  Desktops Servers SAN and NAS series •  •  Laptops Printers

Storage software
¡  Business Continuity and availability include data protection and recovery solutions plus disaster tolerant solutions to keep companies up and running. ¡  Storage Consolidation solutions as you transform your IT environment and dramatically increase your ability to add value to the business. ¡  Lifecycle Management solutions enable you to capture, manage, retain and deliver information according to its value to the organization. ¡  Resource Management Software solutions help simplify and unify enterprise management to allow for more functionality and less complexity.

APCS also provide value add services
¡  ¡  ¡  ¡  Remote Desktop deployment Systems Health Monitoring Backup and replication configuration Disaster recovery planning and implementation

Network and Security

APCS Network and Security Specialists provide knowledge, skills and experience of systems integration irrespective of disparate technologies and associated complexity.

Network Infrastructure

Wired and wireless networks Storage networks Optical networks Local and wide area networks Virtual Private Networks (VPN) Converged Networks (VoIP) Content delivery networks Cabling and connectivity design and implementation Network security and management services

Network Security
APCS offers a range of security services from Analyzing Security Requirements to Managing and Maintaining its Operation. APCS assesses your existing network infrastructure and its security components and compare it against Business Needs and Feasibility, then makes recommendations that will provide you with the appropriate level of security for your network.

Service Offering

Network Admission Control

Unified Perimeter Threat and Security Management Accounting

Authentication, Authorization

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Secure Information Tunneling / Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Security Monitoring and

Incidence Response Systems


Anti-Virus solutions

/ TwoFactor


Routing and Switching

Routing is the act of moving information across an internetwork from a source to a destination. Proper design and configuration of routers and switches is a vital part for an effective network. APCS Engineers certified by the industry's major networking manufacturers with their experience offer state-of-art network design with emphasis on reliability and security.

We focus on your organization and the processes you perform -taking everything into account -- from existing equipment and applications, to growth planning and future needs.

VoIP / IP Telephony

In recent years, the business world has reaped tremendous benefits from the many exciting products and applications made possible by the marriage of data and voice technologies. APCS, understanding this evolution offers solutions revolving around future communication technologies such as IP Telephony. We at APCS offer such solution keeping into account the country regulation authorities and its voice regulations.


Enterprise Software Solution

Today’s ‎dynamic business environment is constantly presenting complex challenges that IT needs to deal with. The gap between business demands and IT’s ability to keep up is widening quickly. Organizations increasing dependence on IT ‎and the rapid emergence of new technologies has combined to make management of this ‎complex environment an almost overwhelming challenge. APCS can provide Enterprise Management solutions in areas like §  Infrastructure Management: Allows enterprises and service providers to deliver higher quality of services and reduce lag time by optimizing the inventory, availability and performance of your IT infrastructure §  Application Management: Provides a complete lifecycle management of your application platforms, packaged applications and web services §  IT Service Management: Managing IT as a business by delivering and supporting IT services to the enterprise §  Change & Configuration Management: A unique adaptive change & configuration management approach which combines process and technology §  Business Management: Integrating business services with IT resources, so that IT is truly driven by business priority §  Remote Application delivery: Deliver any software to users without hardware or software dependencies, reduces WAN link traffic, increase productivity. §  Server virtualization: Reduce no. of server from Datacenter, provide low cost solution for high availability.

Consulting Services

Today's multi-vendor enterprise networks have become so complex and missioncritical that network solutions must cross many disciplines. Our engineers and consultants are experts in next-generation technologies, including VoIP, and data networking, for both private and public networks.  

The services we provide combine our expertise, the most current industry trends, and security and quality methodologies. This experience enables us to deliver superior solutions that align the network to meet changing business demands.  

Professional Services

APCS professional services department offer variety of solution based on industry leading products.

Professional Services

Infrastructure services

Audit for system security events & Hostbased IDS

System security

Operating System and Application Migration services

Vulnerability and security audit

Server performance and health check

Active Directory security enhancement and server hardening

Annual maintenance contracts

Solution Design Center

APCS creates synergy  

With capabilities in Consulting, Systems Integration and IT Infrastructure Outsourcing, covering Data Centre Operations, Disaster Recovery facilities, Managed Network Services, and Change / Shift Management, offering scalable IT solutions for all of a client’s needs.  


APCS Security Services address aspects of information security ranging from strategy, policy and awareness through to the delivery of complete, end to end security solutions.  

APCS Consultants enhance your ability to manage risk, contain cost, provide quality service, and overall, achieve business agility in a secure environment.  


Disaster Recovery

Services & Support

APCS assembled an exceptional team of talented professionals holding accreditations from major vendors. This in-house expertise highlights the ability & the quality of delivering a comprehensive range of Multi-Vendor support services including IT hardware, software, networking and security solutions.    


Site Relocation

Service Level Agreements

ADHOC Services

Business Alliances

Microsoft Citrix GFI DELL Symantec

Fortinet VMware BlueCoat IBM Cisco

TrendMicro McAfee CheckPoint ClearSwift CA


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