APUSH Pre-reading Notes: Chapter 12

DIRECTIONS: Follow the steps outlined in the left margin as you pre-read the chapter. Write your answers in the lined area of the page.
1. Write down the chapter title and the dates the chapter covers. The Second Warf or Independence and the upsurge of Nationalism 1812-1824

2. Read the opening quote. What do you think this means? The opening quote means that the American country can not longer be colonized by other European countries in order to expand their power. James Monroe is demanding respect for his country and boldly states that they are something not to be toyed with.

3. Skim the entire chapter. Look at each graph, map, and picture and read the caption. How many of each? Graph: 0 Maps: 8 Pictures: 14 4. Skim the entire chapter and read all headings. List them here  On to Canada over Land and Lakes  Washington Burned and New Orleans Defended  The Treaty of Ghent  Federalist Grievances and the Hartford Convention  The Second War for American Independence  Nascent Nationalism  The “American System”  The So-called Era of Good Feelings  The Panic of 1819 and the Curse of Hard Times  The Growing Pains of the West  Slavery and the sectional Balance  The Uneasy Missouri Compromise  Johan Marshall and the Judicial Nationalism  Judicial Dikes Against Democratic Excesses  Sharing Oregon and Acquiring Florida  Menace of Monarch in America  Monroe and his Doctrine  Monroe’s Doctrine Appraises 5. Predict what you think this chapter will be about. I think that the chapter will be about the resignation of Jefferson and they rise of another president, Monroe. It will further explain Monroe’s effort to iron out the creases in the American government and the hardships it also faces.

6. Write down any questions you have at this point.  What was his most controversial thing Monroe did?  How did most Americans react to the war of 1812?  Was there a certain person that could have easily influenced Monroe?

7. Make sure you get the main point. The military was below par and also the peace treaty had no effect on anything whatsoever. a spirit of Nationalism will awaken and inspire the protection of making roads and defending authority of Fed. There was no burning desire to fight back compared to the many other times the people. Read the entire first paragraph. Government. . summarize it in a few sentences. The lessoned learned was that leading a group of uncaring people into war would be a worst thing to do. The War of 1812 was a wasteful and harming war. In the next dozen years.

Part decline. esp. but he Americans . There was not burning anger unlike from the Chesapeake.B’s troops arrived at the Mississippi Valley and threatened the New Orleans. bankruptcies.S responded with e Tariff of 1816. where the U. It was also a network of roads and canals. Nascent Nationalism After the war. This was primarily caused by overpopulation in land prices. nine frontier states had joined the original 13. G. The invasions were weak. except during invasion. however. The Cumberland Road in . but they were stubborn on a 3-pronged attack.B companies gave their goods to America as low prices.b troops siege Chesapeake and burned down most of the buildings in Washington.B responded with a naval blockade. G. The Treaty of Ghent The ignorant G.On to Canada over Land and Lakes The War of 1812 was the worst war because the U. The American Navy had been doing better then the army due to the fact that sailors were complaining over G. and hindered the coastal American economy. As the Fed.C rose again along with a stronger Navy and Army. The Treaty of Ghent signed on 1814.5 million to the states for internal renovation and making the states look for their own money to build the roads. war heroes like Andrew Jackson and Harrison emerged. G.B blockade existed. another G. Each side stopped fight. 1817 a naval arms race in the Great Lakes with the Rush-Bagot Treaty between U. It advocated a protective tariff in which eastern manufacturing would prosper.B in 1817.B impressments. naval hero of 1812 and Barbary expeditions. Three ships went from Mass. Mainly. N.B Troops.s and G. the elimination of the Indian menace. was famous for his American toast after he returned fro the Mediterranean. it was the beginning of a program called the American System.. was like an armistice. everything would of have ended sooner. Washington Burned and New Orleans Defended In 1814. The expansion of the west was due to the cheap land. so the U.S bank fell into debt. and the depleted lands of tobacco farmers. the South did not like the tariff because it only benefited the North and made the South pay extra taxes. The lack of a refined transportation system was a problem in 1812. esp. The Second War for American Independence In the War of 1812. Although not expensive. causing deflation. Connecticut. with a strong banking system. which is a 20%-25% tariff on dutiable imports. there were still some unresolved issues. and many things were done for Americans. economic hysteria swept the nation. the first in U. The so called Era of Good Feelings James Monroe defeated the opposing Fed. He was a follower of the Founding Fathers and brought in the Age of Nationalism. Party as their last presidential nominee was removed by Monroe in 1816. Nominee and brought about a short one-party rule. Manufacturing was brought up as the G. However. G.B even though the War of 1812 was the last war fought against G.C where they were met with news from New Orleans that they had failed.B.S was expanding. they asked for peace. “The American System” After the war. Papers began publishing an “Era of Good Feelings” had begun.B made demands for a Indian buffer state in the region of the Great Lakes and a part of conquered Maine. Mass. At Baltimore. was Keys wrote the “Star Spangled Banner”. After more Land invasions Americans were led by Oliver Perry and built ships to capture a G. nationalism grew and many authors gained international recognition. If the Americans focus on Montreal. unemployment. In 1817. Vermont.B began to reconsider after America’s growing victories. More of G. To D.S history designed for protection. bank failures.B. in the Ohio Valley that was funded by tariffs and though which would flow foodstuffs and raw materials from South and West to North and East. and an amendment requiring a majority for declarations of embargo. Few mention secession. After Napoleons defeat at waterloo. “Ohio Fever”. Federalists Grievances and the Hartford Convention As the defeat of New Orleans became prominent. The Hartford Convention was a sign of the decline of the Fed.B and soon after in 1815. depression. Rhode Island. creating the worlds longest boundary ( unfortified). Conflicts such as the Burning oh Washington added the fuel to the hate against G.B fleet came and was fended off by Fort McHenry. but most sought financial assistance from Washington to make up for lost trade. The North American Review came about in 1815.S was torn apart by turmoil surrounding the govt. Congress wanted to give out $1. seized ships.B and Canadians showed them their hope and Americans were going to an American fort. The army was dispersed and had old generals with a plan with Canada they would never work. The Panic of 1819 and the Curse of Hard times In 1819. Europe was in peace as the U. News of defeat reached G.B fleet with the help of Harrison at the Battle of Thames. Stephen Decatur. Andrew Jackson went after them and defeated the G. and over crowded debtor’s prisons. G. the America showed that they could stand up for themselves and American diplomats were treated with more courtesy. led by John Quincy Adams refused. in the West. quietly met in Hartford 1814-1815 to discuss their grievances and seek redress from their wrongs. Washington D. Monroe took a tour around G.H. impressments was still not mentioned. noting that a tie in the war and ignoring any demands made by the other country. Why should they pay for something like roads and canals in other states? Growing pains of the West From 1791 to 1819.

George Canning. Monroe stated that no colinization in the Americans could occur again and alost European nations could not be involved in Latin American affairs.S at any time and he knew that a self-denouncing alliance with G. the U.S would not interfere with the Greek Democratic revolt in Turkey. In 1823. Spainsh troops in floorida were take out to surpress the rebellions.B surrendered rights and claims. his members of cabinet wasnt to punish him except for John Adams. The Florida Purchase Treaty of 1819 had Spain ceded Florda and Oregeon in return for Texas. Monroe’s Declaration caused heads to be raised. The Menace of Monarchy in America Monarchs in Europe were adament in stopped democracy in its tracks and crushed any democratic rebellionin Italy (1821) and in Spain (1823). Russia’s claims to North American territoy were intruding and making Americans anxious that Russia might clain territory that belonged to the U. as this was only to be done to save the U.B foreign Sect. came to American Minister in London proposing that the U. The Monroe Doctrine is similar to a self-defense doctrine only because Monroe was concerned about the U. In 1823.J came aross to Spanish Florida and released vengence.B would morally tie the hands of the U. The Russo-Amercan Treeaty of 1824.B. G.S’s security rather than other countries.B navy would stop them. Monroe simply stated that he wanted the old world powers to stay away from the U. neither U. Broke looks in South and Central Amererican. the Russin Tsar relocted the southern Bondary of his Alaskan territory to 54°40’ . Monreo issed the Monroe docterine stating nonintervention and non-colonization.S.Sharing Oregon and Auireing Florida The treat of 1818 put the nothern boundary of the Lousisana Purchase at 49th paralllel and provided a 10-year joint occuatopn of the Oregon Territory with G. who demanded consessionc from Spain. Adams sensed a joke in the proposal and assumed that the European powers werent going to invade the U.B bosts needed to protect South American to protect their trade and presumed it to be safe to blow a deifent blast at all of Europe. .S.B join together in denouncing any interest in gainging Latin america Terriitory and warn European despots to stay away from those territorties. When Rev. If they did. A. Monroe didn’t know what to do with A. Monroe and His Doctrine John Q.S or G. Monroe’s Doctrine Appraised The monarchs of Europe were frustrated because they couldn’t do anything to stop it. Aimed at Russia in the west.S and G. In return.S.J. He also knew that G. the G.S’s well being. Indian attacks ravaged american land while the Indias woudl retreat back to Spanish Teritory.