Holy Trinity Catholic Church RCIA Class Transcript The Commandments # 1 - 3 Lecturer: Father Francis Peffley Date: February

15, 2005 Tonight we’re going to look at the overview of the Ten Commandments, very briefly, and then we’ll focus on the first Three Commandments, which have to do with our love for God. It’s interesting, when we look at how the Commandments are divided up, the first Three Commandments have to do with God; the Fourth Commandment has to do with our parents; the Fifth through Tenth Commandments have to do with our relationship with neighbor. The way that God worked it out is: • The First Commandment is, “I am the Lord thy God. Thou shalt not have strange gods before Me.” That means we only worship the One, True God. • The Second Commandment is, “Thou shalt not take the Name of the Lord thy God in vain.” • The Third Commandment is, “Keep holy the Lord’s Day.” So you see, the first Three Commandments, because our relationship with God is most important, even more important than our relationship with parents or neighbors, that’s why, I think, God revealed these Ten Commandments in this order, to show: • The order of importance of loving God • Honoring Him • Worshiping Him alone • Respecting His holy Name • Worshiping Him on the Lord’s Day Then we have the bridge between God and the rest of the world, God, and neighbor; that is our parents. Our parents represent God to us when we’re little, that they’re God’s representatives to raise us, and to form us in our Faith. Commandments Five through Ten have to do with our relationship with our neighbor. For example: • Number Five, “Thou shalt not kill” • Number Six, “Thou shall not commit adultery” • Number Seven, “Thou shalt not steal” • Number Eight, “Thou shalt not bear false witness” • Number Nine, “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife” • Number Ten, “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s goods”

people look in the Bible and they say. These were given to us by God. and then Moses brought these down to the people. the worship of graven images is numbered as the First and Second Commandment. “I am the Lord thy God. whereas.” Sometimes these are called the Decalogue. “I am the Lord your God. Augustine. Sometimes. The only difference is that these two are combined in the Protestant text. principally on the enumeration made by St. Sinai. is combine Number Nine and Ten: “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s property or spouse. they’re not called the “Ten Suggestions!” They actually are given to us as Commandments by God.” or.” (Referring to board) So. this is Number One. In the First Commandment.” and the Second Commandment is “You shall not worship graven images.” If you read the Catholic Bible. Origen was one of the early Christian writers. given to Moses. the Fourth. We are obliged to obey the Ten Commandments.” That includes the forbidding of worshiping of graven images. “That God had written these on the two tablets of stone.” Our enumeration is different. “This doesn’t make sense. It says in Scripture. Hopefully. what they do. you’ll notice there’s going to be a slight difference. and this is Number Two. it divides up. the Tenth is combined from Number Nine and Number Ten. What happens in the Protestant translation of the Scriptures. the Sixth. in the Protestant Bible.We know that the Ten Commandments were given to us by God on Mt. the Ninth. and compare the Ten Commandments to the Protestant translation. By it. the Eighth. All the other Commandments get bumped. how the First Commandment in the Catholic Bible is. The Catholic system is based on the Hebrew text. the last two Commandments are grouped together as the Tenth. .” The English Protestant enumeration is based upon Origen. It’s really the same Ten Commandments. “The Ten Teachings of God.” That’s considered the one commandment of Number Ten. and those two are combined in the First Commandment for us. that makes sense to you. As you’ll see in a few moments. This was adopted by the Council of Trent: “The First Commandment contains everything relating to the worship of false gods. “A” and “B” come under Number One in the Catholic understanding of the Ten Commandments. which means “The Ten Words of God. and then. The ten-fold division is safeguarded by dividing the last precept into coveting spouse and coveting property. the Fifth. As you noticed. This becomes the Third Commandment. To safeguard the ten-fold division. in the Protestant Bible. you should not have strange gods before Me. the Seventh. Do not have false gods before Me.

we worship Him in the Eucharist. The Latin word that we use for the saints and the Angels is dulia. This First Commandment forbids us to worship Mary. because of God’s grace. property. or the Grammy Awards. Chapter 4. Son. the Angels. In our society. in which we adore Him.” There are different ways in which we worship God. We’re only allowed to worship God alone: Father. What we do though. We show them respect and . This Commandment requires us to worship and adore God alone. For some people. possessions . or statues. As you remember from the class on the Eucharist. there are a lot of topics that come underneath these Ten Commandments. This is given to God alone. and delve into them. Son. We honor people who are great musicians. “I am the Lord thy God. It could be alcohol. and we worship the Holy Spirit. and Holy Spirit). and yet. Him alone shall you serve. We know there’s only One God. Matthew.” Dulia is “respect. It’s at the Mass that we worship the One. says. He receives our adoration. Son. God is revealed to us as three Persons (Father. we should again refresh your memory about how we honor the saints. True God. The public worship that we render to God. and Holy Spirit). the saints. the true Son of God. and Holy Spirit. is that we give respect and veneration to Angels and saints. We honor people at the Oscars. because. to the other saints in Heaven. We use that word latria. to Mary. there’s public worship. they would have a golden calf. because we do not give them latria.” Let’s do a quick refresher on the difference between these two. which means “veneration.” Latria is “worship” or “adoration. though. is called the Mass. it’s sports. or great actors. There’s also private worship.” what’s called “veneration. because of their place in Heaven. what is due to Him. it’s money. images. as well as Christ in the Blessed Sacrament – the worship of God. True God. we worship the Triune God. We worship the Father. The First Commandment. “It is written: The Lord thy God shall you worship. which is “worship. In our society. which we call prayer.Let’s take a look now at the first Three Commandments. Son. as you’ll see. we honor great sports athletes. In the olden days. It could be drugs.” By this Commandment.any number of things. since the Eucharist is Jesus Christ. Because God is three Divine Persons (Father. we worship the Son. like our holy Guardian Angel that’s with us all the time. For some. and Holy Spirit. we’re commanded to offer to God alone. Under this particular topic. Thou shall not have strange gods before Me. We pay them respect and honor.” That’s only used for God alone: Father. what God’s grace has done for them. and not set up any false gods. the supreme worship that is due to Him. We in our society have lots of false gods that people put ahead of the One. First of all. that some people would worship. That’s all condemned in this First Commandment. people have a lot of false gods.

except for God alone. the Church then will open up their cause for canonization. if their life is investigated. which is called hyperdulia. Servant of God means their cause has been. when a person’s cause is introduced. because she alone is the Mother of God. and Mother Teresa. and their writings. Beatification means they’re “on their way to canonization. That’s why we have things like Gettysburg. are United States soldiers who died for their country. That would be a terrible sin. This is special honor. it takes one miracle for beatification.” Usually. on a particular day. we gave out a holy card to everyone in the parish. or is being. but again. When a person passes away. they can call them blessed. That case would then be sent to Rome. People of World War I. Venerable means that they examined their life. for example. let’s say. where we remember those who have gone before us. and their life was one of virtue. As I mentioned when we had the class on Mary. Let’s say. You can emulate them and follow their good example. We don’t worship them. Let’s say. and they had gone the month before and they were filled with cancer. we pay them respect and honor. She is the only one who ever bore God within her body. and studied their life. to see if they can be declared a saint. of the past. the Pope. Some of you have heard of Padre Pio. Right now. They went back. we give her special honor. who’d have medical examiners that would have to look at the previous medical records. We give her special love and devotion. examined by Rome.” It’s that idea of showing respect. actually. which is the same as beatified. we had somebody dying of cancer in the parish. and then they start looking into the person’s life. of course. The first process. we don’t worship anybody.” To be beatified or canonized. with great military figures as well. we even call judges “Your Honor. after a number of years. they had more tests. There are different stages of the process of somebody becoming a saint. This has happened on many occasions. Normally. Then they become venerable. we do show them respect. Mother Teresa is “Blessed Mother Teresa. or Vietnam. However. He went through the process. and who died for our country. they can’t actually open up a cause for canonization until five years after the person dies. to worship anyone but God alone. for example.honor. That’s where this process comes through. Mother Teresa is now beatified. and everybody prayed that prayer that God would miraculously heal somebody of cancer through Mother Teresa’s intercession. it’s not worship. For example. We respect the President. He’s now canonized. and all the cancer was gone. a miracle has to occur on Earth through that saint’s intercession from Heaven. In order for them to move from venerable to beatified. and the person had lived a very holy life. had just died. if the Church has examined their life. Second. We do this. the person went to the doctor. and then another one for canonization. the person is called a Servant of God. they wait five years. the holy priest who had the wounds of Christ in his hands and feet for 50 years. Let’s say. and we asked God to work a miracle through Mother Teresa’s intercession. and that it was a . Korea. The doctors would have to see that there was no cancer.

When a person was canonized. the Church canonizes them. It might have been some of the clothing that the saint wore. and there are. we can’t read all those names at every Mass – we’d be there for five hours. The word canon means “a measuring rod. We know that the Bible talks about how the saints in Heaven are interceding for us on Earth. many people praying that she’ll be canonized. It’s found in a few different passages in Scripture. where she’s blessed. We can follow their good example. and they can pray for us. or politicians. If that was the case. So. We can follow their good example. They were role models. that she could be beatified. because God gave them incredible graces. “God worked more than the usual miracles by the hand of Paul. In the Old Testament. Many of them were ordinary moms and dads. which includes the names of the saints. We know that when the Lord healed somebody. When we go visit the graves of our loved ones. Chapter 19. These are the different saint’s relics. so that even handkerchiefs and aprons were carried from his body to the sick. so obviously. God uses material things often to work great miracles. Many of them were doctors. Relics are mementos that were used by a particular saint. Moses’ rod.” The Canon at the Mass is the Eucharistic Prayer that the priest reads. Right now.” This is something that God can use. So. and the Book of Revelation. Relics were used in Scripture. their names were put in the official book of the Mass. That would be a terrible sin. These relics are not worshipped. or a piece of bone from their body. and the evil spirits went out. talks about the intercession of the saints. . Now. to mention relics and sacred images. that God was letting the Church know that Mother Teresa was in Heaven. then that would be approved. the relics of the saints . in a couple of different places.things that the saints themselves used. but their names are not said at every Mass. and the diseases left them. In the Book of Hebrews. or lawyers. and one additional miracle to have them canonized. They are respected and venerated just like the graves of our loved ones. of course. to venerate their bodies. under this First Commandment. we might place flowers there out of respect. It takes one miracle now. He made like a mud paste and smeared the mud on their eyes. because we know that they’re in Heaven. For example. and they were cured. I’m sure. We should pause for a moment also. We can imitate their virtues. there are over 2. to have somebody beatified. because their bodies were the vehicles by which they lived in this world. We can emulate the saints. Aaron’s rod. It might even be a lock of their hair. it says in the Acts of the Apostles. split open the Red Sea. We can also ask them to pray for us. That’s a good thing. Mother Teresa is at this stage.complete miracle.500 canonized saints. We do honor the saints.

These then were venerated. that would be sacrilegious. As we talked about with the Blessed Mother. that Crucifix should be respected. or the Bible – it represents those that we should honor and pay respect to. because it’s just a symbol. We even show respect to our flag. It’s actually showing respect for sacred things. body and soul. But.For example. and they said they would not. We do not adore these things. because they would not trample upon a Crucifix. Would it hurt Christ if they walked on the Crucifix? No. You wouldn’t want to burn the flag. For example. because it represents something higher. It’s the same thing with the relics of the saints. Peter’s. if you go to Rome. the man came back to life. because she was taken up into Heaven. are the bones of St. the early Christians respected those remains of the saints. These things are not idols. Many saints actually died. Many Christians were put to death. and we show them respect. and they’ll stomp on it. and then tore it to shreds. and we need to always respect that. Whereas. the Bible. these are all holy things that remind us of greater realities. If a President dies: a Kennedy. “When it had touched the bones of Elijah. Paul’s. For example. we don’t have any of her bones. underneath St. you can actually see the remains of many of the saints. We have this in our own society. “I am the Lord thy God. It’s not the sin of idolatry. We don’t let the flag get trampled on. Some of the sins against the virtue of Faith are: • • Infidelity Apostasy . or shown respect. and other things that you’re very aware of. Let’s just spend a moment looking at some of these things. in the Book of Kings. Lincoln. or trample on the flag. or fall to the ground. or things that were used by the saints were respected by the early Christians. are the remains of St. We call that the Assumption of Our Lady. I’ve seen them myself. Thou shalt not have any false gods before Me. there are no first class relics of Mary. the Crucifix. It’s the same thing with Crucifixes – sometimes people in black masses. We have examples of the Crucifix. or Washington.” there are some sins against this First Commandment. because it was a holy thing. When the saint died. Under this First Commandment. Paul. will try to take a Crucifix. because this is the Word of God. because they were told to stamp on and walk across the Crucifix. outside the city walls of Rome. just like the American flag. Verse 21 it says. like superstition. the bones of the saints. Peter. just a reminder of God’s love. Chapter 13. and they placed them in the catacombs or in sacred tombs. If somebody took a Bible. because it represents our country. we have their tombs.” The Bible is filled with examples of how the relics of the Saints. Underneath the Church of St. or the Satanists.

Hinduism. When he did. Mormons. they’re all the same. Indifferentism. It is similar to apostasy. or some of the teachings of the Church. says that all religions are equally good. that would be incorrect. or the same. would be guilty of what’s called infidelity. Satanism versus Christianity. and he never was able to do that. In the past. He had read in the Bible that if he could only rebuild the temple. but not accept certain teachings of the Bible. and Methodist. all religions are not the same. Obviously. from the fourth century. let’s say. that would be the end of the world. It was believed that if the temple was ever rebuilt. Let’s take a look at these. Then. Of course. or comprehended with their understanding. who then rejects their Faith. or a Catholic. and he tried to destroy Christianity. for example. storms occurred. that’s called the sin of Apostasy. He’d been baptized a Christian. If it’s involuntary. somebody says this when they’re not willing to take the effort to look into the differences between the religions. that it would end Christianity. they’re all equal. and Satanism is a religion. It’s a refusal to believe in anything that cannot be perceived with their senses. It’s the rejection of the Faith by one who has received it. it’s called formal heresy. for example. would be considered falling into heresy. sometimes they would call them “infidels. or Buddhism and Hinduism versus Catholicism. Then we have the sin of infidelity. it’s a religion). It’s somebody who was born and raised as a Christian. Lutheran. for example. earthquakes occurred. but later on he rejected the Faith. even things like Jehovah Witnesses. These are four sins that are contrary to the virtue of Faith. you have other religions. If somebody said all religions were equal. That’s a person who does not believe in Christianity as a divinely revealed religion. What is apostasy? Apostasy is the complete rejection of the truths of the Christian Faith by one who has been baptized. there’s a huge difference between. Often times. and that it doesn’t matter what religion you are. or neglect to look into the Church’s claims. and Seventh Day Adventists. Probably one of the most famous ones was called Julian the Apostate. . If the refusal is voluntary and obstinate. or to an extreme. there are many different religions. as you know. Somebody who. and Christianity would be destroyed. Christianity and Islam. Episcopalian. You have all of the non-Christian religions. He tried to rebuild the temple. There are even religions such as the Salvation Army (believe it or not. would be a baptized Christian. Somebody who is unwilling to look into the truths of the Christian Faith. Heresy is the refusal of a baptized person to accept one or more of the truths revealed by God and taught by the Catholic Church. and has refused to look into it. or Christianity and Judaism.• • Heresy Indifferentism Under this Commandment comes the worship of God. You have Judaism. You have Catholic. when somebody refuses to investigate. it’s called material heresy. Obviously.” You’ve probably heard that expression. and Buddhism.

read books that explain the teachings of the Faith. And then. and Holy Spirit. For example. “I only like Gregorian chant Latin music. then it’s called formal heresy. we should pray for a deeper Faith. and just has a tough time understanding. yes. whether it would be a mortal sin would be whether or not all these things are present. “No. and do good spiritual reading. “Lord. If somebody denied these things. Whether it would be a mortal sin or not would depend on a number of factors.” It has nothing to do with this. If you have a struggle with the Faith. if somebody says. and then there’s material heresy. I don’t like guitar music. obviously.” then. or Purgatory. I don’t like Mass in English.” Join the club. pray. Remember. I don’t believe in Heaven. For example. If the person doesn’t know any better. what they need to do is pray. If it’s involuntary. If somebody is still struggling. “I only like Mass in Latin. if somebody says. Make sure that you read good books that are accurate in portraying the teachings of Christ and His Church. increase our Faith. there must be the full consent of the will. but they were becoming very obstinate and saying. if somebody says.” It has to be one of the defined teachings of the Faith. Read The Catechism.for example. Son. three Divine Persons: Father. It has to be. Or. “I do not believe that Christ is the Son of God. (A question).” Again.” So. The person has to have sufficient reflection.” or “I don’t believe in Hell. okay?! Do we believe in the Trinity? Yes. if they didn’t believe that the Pope is the head of the Church. and says. for a person to commit a mortal sin. If the refusal is voluntary and obstinate. There’s formal heresy. So. Like the Apostles said. “I don’t understand it . Or. Does a person say. lead a good life. pray. that would be heresy. to practice our Faith. to lead a good life. they would be in heresy. One God. that would be a heresy. first of all. Be careful who you associate with. because they can influence you in improper ways. and third. If a person knew that this is what the Church taught. This is talking about defined dogmas or teachings of the Faith . to pray for a strong Faith. it has to have three conditions. serious matter. it’s material heresy.” That would be a heresy. and to study their Faith. Or. it wouldn’t be a sin at all. Is it serious matter? Is it sufficient reflection? Is it full consent of the will? You also have to make a distinction between what is the official doctrine and teaching of the Church.” These are major doctrines of the Faith. Also.What can we do to make sure we don’t fall into these sins? The best thing we can do is to study our Faith. If somebody says. if somebody denied some of the official teachings of the Church. and to read. “I don’t believe that Christ is truly present in the Eucharist. the matter must be of a very serious nature. “I don’t believe Jesus Christ rose from the Dead on Easter morning. of course. the Divinity of Christ. if someone says. and that would be wrong. If somebody was still struggling with the teachings of the Church. that would be falling into heresy. “I don’t understand the Blessed Trinity. and what is a discipline of the Church. it has nothing to do with this. For example.

I am a heretic. Talk to me individually. “I don’t believe that there are seven sacraments. at the Easter Vigil. “I don’t believe in Limbo. we’ll be going through many of these . if somebody says.” they’re not a heretic.” No. “Is this a teaching of the Church. though. They have problems with the moral teachings of the Church. the Pope. Limbo is a place where unbaptized babies go. I can let you know if that is a defined teaching of the Church. I’m happy to sit down and work through those with you. then they work through that before they accept the teachings of the Church. If somebody says. Limbo is not. “Do you believe in God. “I don’t believe in Fatima.” which is a private revelation. Heaven.” “Do you believe in Jesus Christ. If you had a specific subject or topic. and Purgatory. our Lord. “I do. therefore.” Those are the questions that will come up at the Easter Vigil. Read The Catechism. contraception. died. Read. people don’t have problems with the doctrinal issues. His only Son. abortion. and the other seven sacraments. the Father Almighty. “Yes. If I can help explain it more clearly. For example. like homosexuality. “Do you believe and profess all that the holy Catholic Church believes and teaches to be revealed by God?” And the person says. I’m happy to do that. those are a defined teaching of the Church. or homosexuality. That’s not a defined teaching of the Church. or is this acceptable?” In the next few weeks. one of the questions is when we go through the Apostles’ Creed. unless they embrace all of the Catholic Church’s teachings. If somebody says. Purgatory. Usually. who was born of the Virgin Mary. and make sure that you’ve worked through all those. that a person should not become Catholic. divorce and remarriage. They’re not required to believe that teaching. and was buried?” “I do. it’s the topics like Confession. it would be good to see where it falls in the categories of “Is it a defined teaching of the Church?” For example. Hell. study. that Jesus established Baptism. or whether it is just speculation.completely. I believe there is One God and three Divine Persons. I think it’s important. the last question is. was crucified. they would not be a heretic. I’d be happy to answer that.” Then. Usually. and learn. or cloning. make sure you read and study and pray.” that’s a defined teaching of the Church. There are very few people that say. and meet with me if you have any concerns about these things that are still causing you difficulty and confusion. because I don’t believe in the Divinity of Christ. the Creator of Heaven and Earth?” “I do. before a person would embrace the teachings of the Catholic Church.” What you need to do is look through the defined teachings of the Church. the person still needs to consent to get. Or. It is okay to ask questions and to think. If you’re struggling with a particular Church teaching. possibly. If anybody has a question about a particular topic. If they’re struggling with an issue. birth control.” Those topics are not usually what keep them away. “I can’t become a Catholic.

none of the doctrines will ever change. facing the altar. the fact that Mary was always virgin. Mass in English or Latin.000-year history of the Church. Again. For example. in union with the Pope. or things like nuclear war. Whereas. let’s say. the Church’s teaching on abortion and contraception. Always see the difference between those two things. Some say contraception is okay. Those teachings will never change. or facing the priest.teachings of the Church. Disciplines would be things like eating meat on Fridays. Mass in English or Latin. euthanasia. to make sure the Church did not fall into error. Remember. up until 1933. and could never change. and true to the teachings of the Bible on these issues. In 1933. This is actually a very strong case for the infallibility of the Church. for example. doctrines on Mary. Fortunately. or only celibate men admitted to the priesthood. Only the Catholic Church has remained steadfast. Some say abortion is okay. that Mary was assumed body and soul into Heaven – that’s a defined teaching of the Faith. stem cell research. The Church will never come out and say that there are four Persons in the Blessed Trinity. The doctrines could never change . and they will never change. come out and never say there are nine sacraments instead of seven. or not. and Apostolic Church. liturgical music. they began to water it down. that she had no other children . the Divinity of Christ. homosexual activity is okay. The Bible doesn’t explicitly give a teaching on that. (A question). in-vitro fertilization. and they would look at the 2. faithful. Catholic. disciplines can change: meat on Fridays. He gave the Church the authority to teach.000 years. That’s actually the work of the Holy Spirit. such as respect for the sanctity of human life. For example.that’s a defined teaching of the Faith.things like the Trinity. they would use Biblical principles. all the Protestant Churches said artificial contraception was a mortal sin. whereas almost every other religion has watered down their teaching. . obviously. Those are defined teachings of the Faith. whether married men would be admitted to the priesthood. The good thing about the Catholic Church is that none of the doctrines will ever change. They’ve never changed in 2. You’re right. These official teachings. When the Bishops. Or. Christ didn’t come to give us the Bible. when we go through the rest of the Ten Commandments. but only the Catholic Church upheld the truth about that. (A question). the Bible doesn’t talk about cloning. cloning. He came to establish His Church – One. Those are all disciplines. and say what would be right and what would be wrong. He gave the Church the authority of the Holy Spirit to lead it into all truth. divorce – those doctrines will never change. nor does it talk about embryonics. come together to determine what is God’s teaching about. Holy. always see the difference between a doctrine and a discipline.

which could lead them to very serious things. Realize that when the magician does magic tricks. they’re not new doctrines. because we’ve had 2. it wasn’t very lucky for the rabbit. Remember. There are no new teachings or new doctrines. There are superstitious practices. not all of these are mortal sins. and fortune telling. It is a sin to go to a fortune teller. Ouija boards. It’s saying that the doctrines of the Faith can never change. either. These were not inventions. that’s ridiculous. others wouldn’t) like using good luck charms. The definition of superstition is when a person attributes to a creature a power that belongs to God alone. it’s seven years of bad luck. if somebody believes it has magic powers to protect you. “ligament” is what joins us. not mortal sins. There are four principal sins against the virtue of religion. it doesn’t fall into this category. or to use ouija boards. These doctrines were officially defined in these years. This is done through mediums or séances. so religion is what joins us to God.” Remember. sacrilege. there are ways that a person could get deeper into these things. or saying of spells. but they’re improper. but things get defined. or fortune tellers that might deal in. because the doctrines won’t change. I think that is actually one of the biggest supports. and why people become Catholic. Keep that in mind.Does that mean everybody in the Church is holy? Obviously not. because it doesn’t have its foot anymore). Those are more like illusions. whereas. such as witches. Most of these are done today in a fun way. and simony. It’s called the development of doctrine. or to go to a séance. because the Church is made up of all of us. idolatry. the word religion comes from the Latin word “religio. that’s not what we believe. The Assumption wasn’t defined until 1950. warlocks. casting spells upon people. Spiritism. for example. before we get to the Second Commandment. these things are obviously. Those are sleight-of-hand tricks. since the earliest days of Christianity. the Immaculate Conception wasn’t defined until 1854. The four main sins against the virtue of religion are superstition. Of course. but they were believed since the earliest days of the Church. are not a mortal sin. What the Church believed in the earliest days. and we have saints and sinners in the Church. attempts to communicate with the spirits of the dead. because they are attributing to a creature only power that should be attributed to God alone. That’s not dealing with magic. of course. or what’s called spiritists. Do we understand things more fully? Yes. For example. There won’t be any new doctrines. Let’s take a look. We understand more about the Divinity of Christ than the Apostles did. but it is dangerous. Superstitious practices (again. when kids get together for a party.000 years to reflect on it. some of them would be. It can attract demonic . If somebody has a rabbit’s foot (of course. obviously. a little bit about religion versus superstition. we still believe today. People think that if they break a mirror.

when they’re conjuring up the dead spirits. there’s nothing wrong with that. We believe in blessings from God. and things like that. that comes under a different Commandment. it could influence how we act. that’s fine. because you don’t want to open yourself up to these evil possibilities. (At this point. You think it’s grandma talking to you. and things like black magic. To go to a séance because. if we read that. For example. Take the Dungeons and Dragons game – I’m sure it could be harmless in the beginning. yes. We believe in good things from God. Buying a lottery ticket is fine. That’s why it could be dangerous. When you have a group of 14-year old girls playing the ouija board.” “Luc” means “light. “luck” comes from the word “Lucifer.” and “Lucifer” meant “the bearer of light. I think over in Ireland. (A question). People say. When we wish somebody good luck. you never know what could come through. let’s say. we don’t believe in luck. that’s not bad luck. (A question). Fortune cookies aren’t horoscopes. They’re usually wise sayings. There’s nothing wrong with that. you never know. “It’s harmless. It’s just like reading the comics. it is just like reading the comics. because there are many examples of how there is some demonic activity when a person opens themselves up to that. They’re not real fortunes. Superstitions – are they mortal sins? No. There’s no such thing as bad luck. because it can lead them into the occult. not walking under a ladder. so the Protestants can’t win. from ouija boards into the occult. witchcraft. We’ll cover that topic in a couple of weeks. is that a mortal sin? No. but it shouldn’t be done. Often times though. and it resumes below). It is dangerous. like “Blessed is the man who takes his wife out to dinner on Valentine’s Day!” It’s just a wise saying. You could be opening yourself up to evil. It’s wrong to gamble if you’re taking the rent money. It’s like a doorway. Are they improper for Christians to do? Yes. especially the Power Ball. A person should avoid these things. if you buy it for our new parish of Holy Trinity. white magic. Games of chance are okay.” Luck and Lucifer have the same roots. they’re more like tidbits of advice. As Christians. Fortune cookies are different. We should not read the horoscope. and if you have a wife . That’s the danger about these things. but it could be a demon from Hell that’s appearing in this way. or when a black cat passes in front of you. Some gambling.activity. It shouldn’t be recommended.” Well. they call the numbers in Latin. the first side of the tape ended. Be very careful of the occult. which could lead a person. because with $150 million we could build a magnificent Basilica or Cathedral out here! I’ll be happy to bless your lottery tickets even! You’re allowed to buy a lottery ticket. If you open that door. but it could lead to more of the occult. It could affect us. (A question). We’re opening ourselves up to other influences besides God. a little bit more in detail. What’s interesting is that actually. How many Catholic parishes have Bingo? Bingo is acceptable.

that’s okay. so this Bible is $100. and used it in a black mass. Did you know that? Look at your hand this way. There’s a big difference there.” because that’s the Reformation. For example. (A question). place. or an Angel. Simony is when a person buys or sells sacred or spiritual things for profit. when some of the people in the Church were abusing that. that would be a sin. let’s say. and you want to go to the slot machines. If somebody used up all their money. Don’t come in and say “I’d like to buy some Masses. and on the palm of our hand. an offering. because we should only worship God alone. “Here’s your ten dollar Bible. consisting of a violation or profanation of a person. If somebody killed a priest. if somebody worshiped Mary. that would be a sacrilege. they said. that would be wrong. It’s trafficking in religious blessings. that would be wrong. and desecrate the altar by pouring gasoline on it. you give a donation of a certain amount for that. When you have a Mass said for somebody. you can’t actually buy that – that’s free. statues. If somebody were to break into this Church. is that the reliquary (the gold container it comes in). Actually. What you do though. and using all the rent money on the horses. For example. if you have an extra $20. you’re not buying the Mass. What is a sacrilege? It’s a kind of a blasphemy. and you’ll see the initial “M. Even to acquire a relic from Rome. for the Blessed Mother. or things like that. But. never to commit idolatry. and buy a Bible. You could buy them on EBay. Palm reading? Yes. one thing that everybody has an “M” on their hands. that would be a sacrilege. When a priest says Mass. Chapter 8. That got us into trouble. That would be a sin. to deal with fortune tellers trying to do palm readings. instead of feeding their kids. one thing I will show you.” It’s best to avoid the occult. That’s fine. What is idolatry? Idolatry is when a person pays to a creature the supreme worship that is due to God alone. What is simony? Simony comes from the Acts of the Apostles. but it’s not selling relics. Simon Magus was the one who offered the Apostles money in order to receive the power of the Holy Spirit. Games of chance are fine. We should always be careful of that. You can’t buy and sell indulgences. and they were selling indulgences. if you wanted a piece of cloth that was worn by St. or thing consecrated to God. and God has placed her in our heart. for the Mass being said. you are making a donation. the Blessed Sacrament. and lighting it on fire. with Simon Magus.” One of the saints said. but I wouldn’t trust them – they might not be authentic. but this Bible was blessed by the Pope. What would be simony is. it would be .and kids.” That would be the sin of simony. or buying a lottery ticket occasionally. he’s not selling Masses. and bought lottery tickets. Francis. “That’s because Mary is our Spiritual Mother. because they’re a priest or a nun. just because of where it could lead. If somebody stole the Eucharist. or a nun. that would be a sacrilege. It doesn’t mean that you can’t go to a local Christian book store.

God will save us no matter what. thinking that they can commit all sorts of terrible sins. Keep that in mind. I could never be saved. If somebody says. We would still say that Mass. If we want the virtue of Hope. “I’m not going back to Church. Envy is sadness or unhappiness over another person’s good fortune. because it means putting a stumbling block in their way.” They’re saying that their sins are bigger than God’s mercy.” When you scandalize somebody. “Scandalon” in Latin means “a stumbling block. They are just presuming that God will forgive them.” Before we take our break. and they can give a donation of $5. It’s when a person abandons all hope for obtaining eternal salvation. It’s called The Sin Against the Holy Spirit. when a person deliberately refuses to trust that God will give him the necessary help to save his soul. if they don’t have anything. or by God’s help without his own efforts. If somebody doesn’t want to be saved.” That would be the sin of simony. The opposite of that is despair. which is laziness • Envy. what are some of the sins against the virtue of Charity? The First Commandment has to do with Faith.” The reason why those are so bad is because they’re putting a stumbling block into a lot of good people’s Faith. is in the middle. Some of these sins against Charity are: • Sloth. Presumption is when a person trusts he can be saved by his own efforts. jealousy of others • Scandal Sloth is a sin against Charity because it paralyzes the faculties of the soul.” or “putting a blockade in front of them. Hope.wrong to say. You always have to be careful never to let that happen.” that would be despair. because people say. I’m too bad. “My sin is too great to have forgiveness from God. In . “God could never save me. Those are what we call “Sins against Faith. or $10. you’re tripping them up in their walk to God. and Charity. Scandal is causing or leading another person into sin. and says. like one being too lazy to love God and love neighbor. without God’s help. That’s why the scandals in the Church were so terrible. I could never go to Confession. Scandal is a terrible thing if you give scandal to somebody. These are opposite extremes of the virtue of Hope. no matter what they do in the rest of their life. like all the virtues. but somebody can offer the small token of $5. we should be careful not to fall into the sin of presumption. thinking that the person will be saved. or even nothing. Somebody can come in to have a Mass said. Lastly. The way to overcome despair is thinking of the infinite mercy of God. because of all the scandals in the Church. thinking that it doesn’t matter what we do. let me just mention that the sins against Hope are presumption and despair. “We’re now going to sell Masses for $100 a Mass. The standard donation is $10. That’s the definition of presumption. or whatever. Hope. or even $1. I’m too bad.

In TV shows and movies. The use of God’s Name in vain is normally a venial sin.” The Acts of the Apostles says. when you hear the Name of Jesus.saying. Don’t get rid of your relationship with Christ. on Earth. it’s a venial sin. say the Our Father. is say a little prayer like. about holy things. Because there are sinful members of the Church. that you bow your head in respect. it still should not be done. St. without reverence. we need to throw out the bath water. Or. It’s not a mortal sin. This is something that is just so common. . or the holy Name of Jesus. who art in Heaven. and it’s terrible. We should always use God’s Name respectfully. The Lord says in John 16. I command you to walk. It’s a sin if you use God’s Name in vain. Hopefully people have a strong enough Faith to see through that. the Eucharist. loving conversation about God. The Catechism says. Obviously. There’s also what is called vulgarity. It says in Paul’s letter to the Philippians. The Second Commandment is “Thou shalt not take the Name of the Lord thy God in vain. because you say. or adoration.” it’s a terrible thing when those things happen. and under the Earth. because that should only be used in prayer.” In the Bible it says that people work miracles. we’re told by God always to speak with reverence about God. Peter said to the blind.” and ordinarily. unfortunately. “Blessed be the Name of God. He will give it to you. The Name of Jesus is the most powerful of all names. it doesn’t mean that they should “throw out the baby with the bath water. those in Heaven.” would be a good prayer. and faithful to fulfilling our vows. but it would be a breach of good manners. “If you ask the Father anything in My Name. If you do use it in vain. every knee should bend. “I’m not going back to that Church. We don’t want to use God’s Name lightly. but you can’t get rid of the Faith. or in vain. “in the Name of Christ.” By this Commandment.” Yes. and the deaf. “It is a sin to take God’s name in vain. hallowed be Thy Name” (may Your Name be held holy). and the lame. “Our Father. There’s a difference between saying God’s Name in vain and using some other kind of vulgarity. carelessly. “At the Name of Jesus. To use vulgar words is not a sin. “In the Name of Christ. What we should do if you hear God’s Name being used in vain. then say an Our Father right away to make up for it.” “Blessed be the Name of the Lord. to be truthful in taking oaths. and the sacraments just because of the sinfulness of some of the members of the Church. “There is no other Name under Heaven given to men by which we can be saved.” Taking God’s Name in vain means to use the Name of God. What is profanity? Profanity is the use of irreverent language.” For example. you hear God’s Name all the time.” It’s always been the custom.

A solemn oath is taken before an ecclesiastical or civil tribunal. A priest makes a vow to do the same thing. but such as curse Him shall perish. When a couple makes their wedding vows. place. A person who deliberately calls upon God to bear witness to a lie commits a very serious sin of perjury. When we think of swearing. Under this topic of the Second Commandment comes what we call oaths and vows. not to get married. For example. Always remember the holiness of God’s Name. We must be convinced what we say under oath is true. the Angels. and remain celibate. placing their hand on the Bible. Swearing is when a person. under pain of sin. a nun makes a vow to worship and love God. A vow is a deliberate promise made to God by which a person binds himself. For example. An oath is calling upon God to witness to the truth of what we say. The true definition of cursing is when a person tries to put a curse or calls down evil upon a person. Deliberate blasphemy against God would be a grave sin. There are simple oaths and solemn oaths. or through His saints or holy things.” There’s also what’s called the sin of blasphemy. Vows are made to God alone. or thing. calls upon God to witness their oath. that would be swearing. we must have a good reason for taking the oath. Under this topic also comes the vow. You’re deliberately telling a lie under oath. for example. either directly. A simple oath is between one man and another in ordinary conversation. like a court. a Christian should never curse. that would be making vows of poverty. movies.The definition of cursing is “calling down evil upon a person. Obviously. a very serious sin to commit perjury because you’re swearing under oath. We must not swear when we take the oath. obviously. place. Perjury is false swearing. Taking an oath is also called swearing. or thing.” What most people today refer to as cursing is actually profanity or vulgarity. It is a grave sin. chastity. to do something that is especially pleasing to God. or the saints. or mortal sin. “For such as bless Him shall inherit the land. You can make a vow in a Religious Order. and the workplace? . What’s necessary for making an oath lawful? First. Blasphemy is using abusive language against God. people making a solemn oath. it’s something that’s binding until death do they part. because they are a voluntary offering made to God. we think of somebody using profanity or vulgarity. Psalm 36 says. Vows are very pleasing to God. Blasphemy is using insulting language to express contempt for God. and obedience. Wedding vows are sacred. Isn’t it a shame that the holiest Name is the one that’s used the most in TV’s.

so you have to be careful. in the Acts of the Apostles. and Curly!” There’s nothing wrong with that. We have the command to keep holy the Lord’s Day. if you didn’t use God’s Name in vain. It doesn’t mean you should do it. it’s unbecoming of a Christian. the Jews continued to worship God on Saturday. “Jesus. and that should not be done. Is a venial sin? Probably.” How do we keep holy the Lord’s Day? Primarily by worshiping Him at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. and First Corinthians. like “Moe. or something like that. that obligation is lifted. that refer to Sunday as “the Day of the Lord. Is it a mortal sin? No. or even a lay person. if it’s a force of habit. The Sabbath means “Saturday. The Christians began to worship God on Sundays.” or “the Lord’s Day. There are passages in the Acts of the Apostles. but it would be something that we should move away from. It was on Sunday that He sent the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles. “Oh my gosh!” which is the euphemism of God. Let me just mention the Third Commandment. we just need to get out of the habit. One is that. That was the day the Jews kept holy. “To keep holy the Lord’s Day. or the Name of Jesus. cursing is putting a curse. It wouldn’t be a serious sin. or wishing evil upon a person. a priest. Again. usually a venial sin. I would just avoid using holy names and holy things. If it’s impossible for somebody to attend Mass. Mary. changed the Sabbath. The holy Name of God should always be respected. it could be a bad example to them. even in exasperation. because it’s bad manners. Some people say. In a strict sense. because Christ rose from the Dead on Sunday. like “Jesus. that wasn’t a sin. profanity or vulgarity would not be a sin. or there’s two feet of snow. Profanity or vulgarity is not a sin. Is it a sin if you are nailing something. you should pick other things. Somebody might say. from Saturday to Sunday. and you can’t get out. If your kids are around. then they’re excused. but it would be unbecoming of a Christian. It’s not a sin. Larry. when Christianity broke off of Judaism. Using God’s Name in vain would be a sin.” The early Church. or taking care of a . and you say whatever words you imagine? But. if they’re sick. If they’re sick. and you hit the ball into the water six times in a row. the Sabbath was a Saturday.” This is the command to worship God on Sundays. We should even lean away from using those expressions. because that’s usually when we do that.(A question). (A question). and Joseph!” It wouldn’t be good to use that. If you’re all by yourself playing golf on the golf course. and not even use lightly or carelessly. In the days of the Bible. Mary. A lot of people say. or the holy day. you can say all sorts of bad words if nobody else is around. They did that for a couple of reasons. or thing. and Joseph!” I’m sure you’ve heard that before. Chapter 16. to use vulgarity or profanity. as long as you don’t use God’s Name in vain. place. “Oh my God!”. and the hammer hits your thumb. or taking care of a sick child. Chapter 20. whereas.

I gave you 168 one dollar bills as a gift. instead. golf . the Sabbath was Saturday. such as unnecessary manual labor. The Holy Day actually starts the evening of the day before. We love other things more. “No. to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days. it’s all mine!” I could say. We have a serious obligation to attend Mass each and every Sunday and Holy Day. somebody who is very advanced in age. God only asks for one. as Catholic Christians. it would be a serious sin. In the Jewish history.” If you said. who cannot get out. and that’s not manual labor. baseball. “That means I don’t have to do my homework on Sunday. Again. That’s not unnecessary. which is about 0. A lot of kids will say. we’re really telling God that we don’t love Him above all things. “I need a dollar back. We should give God ten percent of our time. or taking care of a sick child. Keep that in mind. We’re committing idolatry by loving the football game. (A question). and it fills the three conditions of serious matter. let’s say. the next day always began with the sunset of the day before. so when we go to Mass on Saturday night. that actually fulfills our Sunday Mass attendance. if you’re sick. and I need to buy some bus tokens. I want it all for myself!” That’s how it is if a person doesn’t give God one hour a Sunday. What is forbidden on Sundays is unnecessary servile labor. soccer. with the Jews. or a mortal sin. I said. I’m not going to give you that one back. when the sun went down.whatever it might be. it’s all mine. If we can’t give God the one hour. If somebody misses Mass. or “the night before. ten percent of our money. Sunday should be a day or rest. Did you know that? It’s less than one percent of our time. again through their own deliberate choice. ballet. is not the case. God gives him 168 hours every week. Why can’t you give me one back?” You said. and He says. For example.” This is when the next day started. but as you were leaving. We should not do that on Sunday. It is a serious obligation for us. they’re excused. That’s a great question about Saturday night Mass. then you’re excused. so that counted for the next day. then. because it’s certainly serious matter. “Just give Me one back. For example. and ten percent of our talents. and that obligation is lifted. works of daily necessity are permitted on . and sufficient reflection? Those are the other two conditions that have to be there for it to be a serious sin. and sufficient reflection. The last thing you should remember is that Sundays should be a day of rest. It is a serious sin to deliberately miss Mass on Sundays or Holy Days. to deliberately miss Mass on Sundays or Holy Days. It’s called the vigil.06 percent of your time. it’s not even one percent of our time.sick child. What we should do is to avoid anything on Sunday that takes the joy out of Sunday. because it is only one hour out of 168 hours in a week. because I have to catch a bus. full consent of the will. “I gave you $168. but that started on Friday evening. A good analogy of the one hour out of the 168 is. Does the person have full consent of the will.” which of course.” If you can’t even give God one hour back. “No.

cook the meal. sweeping. rest. it was scrubbing. Yes. . Can you throw in a load of laundry on Sunday? Yes. it’s very easy to do. all the other things you need to do. That’s not really work. on the other days of the week. we as Christians. just throwing it into the laundry machine. This is a lot different. do the dishes. a day of joy. You should try to keep Sunday as a day of rest.Sunday. lost Sunday as a day of rest and enjoyment. is you want to avoid having Sunday just be like the rest of the week. which is what has happened. for us doing laundry these days isn’t that much work. and enjoys watering the flowers. a day of recreation. a day of enjoyment. The thing you want to avoid. Sunday should be a day of relaxation. and enjoyment. so that should be done on Saturdays or other days of the week. that’s not work. such as cooking. a day for reading. though. going to Mass. If somebody is out there digging up the entire back yard. Try to do your chores and your housework. See. I think. cleaning. Sunday is a fun day. have unfortunately. that might not be enjoyable. do you have to cook a meal? Of course. a family day. including Saturday. and then hanging. Don’t forget about that. Before. that can be performed on Sunday. If somebody enjoys going out to the garden. Anything that takes the joy out of Sunday should be moved to a different day. Those things are fine to do. buying and selling necessary food. and enjoying the family time.