HENDRICK’S AND TONIC 1 ½ parts Hendrick’s Gin 3 parts tonic water Pour Hendrick’s Gin into long glass over ice cubes and fill with tonic water. Stir. Garnish with cucumber spears.

HENDRICK’S BUCK 2 parts Hendrick’s Gin Juice of ½ lemon ginger ale or ginger beer Pour Hendrick’s Gin and lemon juice into a short glass over ice cubes and fill with ginger ale. Stir. Garnish with a lemon wheel.

CHELSEA ROSE 1 ¼ part Hendrick’s Gin ½ part elderflower cordial 1 ¾ parts pressed apple juice fresh raspberries Brewed in a pot and served in teacups – ideal for surreptitious sipping! Created by the Legendary Douglas Ankrah of London LAB bar.

HOT GIN PUNCH 3 teacups Hendrick’s Gin 3 teacups Madeira wine 3 cloves a pinch grated nutmeg 1 large teaspoon cinnamon powder 1 teaspoon brown sugar 6 large lemon twists 1 small slice orange 3 big chunks fresh pineapple 4 large spoons honey lemon juice dash water Combine all of the ingredients in a small pot and simmer gently. Pour into a teapot and serve hot in teacups.
And last but utterly not least... Wilton’s has been incredibly kind in welcoming us for this cucumber feast. Please obey the golden rule when it comes to this building, the oldest music hall in the world, and treat it with the same amount of respect and love that you would show a Hendrick’s tipple held within your hand.”

Dinner will be light but succulent ce soir from our amazing friend at Goddard’s Pies. Goddard’s have been making Britain’s best pie and mash since 1890.You’d be hard pressed to find a more curiously complementary couple then a peculiar Hendrick’s & Tonic and a proper pie and mash.

Da n

H ill

i e r’S Feather & C

l aw

An exhibition of Dan Hillier’s latest work

FriDay the 11th of MarcH Wilton’s Music Hall, lonDon

435_WGHE_Program_mech.indd 1

3/9/11 5:13:54 PM

HenDriCK’S Gin has partnered with artist extraordinaire Dan hillier to showcase his latest works. This singular event will take place over one fleetingly marvellous night at the world’s oldest music hall, WilTOn’S, in east London. Using the trained eye, tuned ear and steady hand of a true artiste, Dan has carefully curated every excruciating detail of the soirée, including the evening’s live entertainment. enjoy! The main stage will see live performance from the Destroyers, Timothy Victor & the six offenders, Thomas Truax.

THOmAS TRUAx Thomas Truax invents his own instruments and plays his hypnotic, skewed music through them, boiling the brain and heart alike. Hear him manipulate the Hornicator, Sister Spinster and the Cadillac Backbeater among others and thrill hard to his intoxicating sounds.

with fifteen heads and twice as many legs, this raMbunctious group of musicians from Birmingham take time out from recording their second album to bring their rampant Balkanesque, gypsy punk pirate chaos to wilton’s for your exhilaratingly sweaty pleasure. Preen your feathers and limber up for a spine-tingling hoo-ha.

Balkan beats and rare eastern european treats gleaming with brass and fiddles and banging drums for your prancing pleasure. BROKEN HEARTS Having played all over the UK and through the finest quarters of new YorK, PAriS, and SINGING ADAmS MoSCow, the Broken Hearts Unexpected weirDneSS and big bring their twin delights to us lucky old dancey humdingers from the man few for a whole evening of music known as S. Adams, music by which that could swerve in any direction. to thrash about and wonder what it is you’re bloody doing. THE GOOD SHEPHEARD A wide and random selection of vinyl stolen from various unfortunates in the Shepheard’s unhealthy circles, played with vigour and stealth.

TImOTHy vICTOR and the SIx OffENDERS Mr.V. and his Six offenders mine the rich gulch between Variety and Music Hall to bring you sentimental songs of sex and offence. it’s a right old knees up with plenty of noisy old-time favourites and rousting numbers to give your vocal chords an outing and your shoes good reason to shuffle at double time.

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3/9/11 5:13:57 PM