SSS – Subscriber Service System
The aim of this module is to introduce learners to the Subscriber Service System This module is full of information, hits and tips that a staff member would need to do their job on a daily basis here at Altech Autopage Cellular This will impact our company and customer if the trainee learn and understand the systems it will better their performance in their team and in the center Let’s take a look at this SSS module.

On completion of this module, you should be able to (explain in broad terms what the outcome of this module is – Understanding alone is not enough, how can they apply the knowledge and skills). Before we start with the content of this module, let’s determine what you should be able to know and/or do on completion of this module.

The Specific Outcomes consist of knowledge, skills and attitudes you need to have mastered when you have completed this module.



The specific outcomes of this module are to: 1. EXAMPLE: Identify the Regulator and describe its core functions in relation to the other role players in the communications industry. 2. List at least three specific outcomes. 3. Always starts with a verb (a do word). 4. Specific outcomes should always form the basis of the Module checklist: Can you: Identify the Regulator and describe its core functions in relation to the other role players in the communications industry?

This module consists of seven (7) themes, namely: PAGE 1. Subscriber service system Subscriber info tab Account info Fax and email User info History Retention Ticklers Network Request Contract 2. Loading a Request 5-8 9 -10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 - 18 19 - 28 3-5




ALTECH AUTOPAGE CELLULAR SSS Enter in your username and password and press logging NB* do not give out your username and password to any other staff member -3- .

ALTECH AUTOPAGE CELLULAR SSS This is the SSS main screen. on the left is a list of operations that you can perform in the SSS system Capture Request: enter a clients Account Find Request: find a request that was loaded for the client Find Document: Look-up the subscriber agreement and ID of the client Refresh Activities: Clear screen Equipment Tracking: this get used for repairs -4- .

1 SUBSCRIBER INFO TAB -5- .ALTECH AUTOPAGE CELLULAR SSS Enter one of the following of the client: Cell number. Account number or ID number 1.

The “Don’t Spam Me” field will only be used when receiving such complaints. “SMS”. Pre-Approved 2nd line B.ALTECH AUTOPAGE CELLULAR SSS Here you will see the information of the client A. silver. “Email” and “Phone” to select from and the “Any Method” options is available if the customer wants all three options -6- . The “Market field” will give you info what the status the customer is 1. Gauteng / Region the client is staying in 3. you are then required to select the methods available under the “Don’t Spam Me” section” to ensure we don’t spam these customers again in future.e. There are three options available i. Platinum R1000+ / Brons. platinum etc… 4. Consumer / Individual / Corporate etc… 2.

Will give you personal information of the customer e. suspended or deactivated Active Pending Activation Pending Suspension Suspended Deactivated Active but pending Deactivation D.ALTECH AUTOPAGE CELLULAR SSS selected. home address.g. phone numbers. C. ID number -7- . The Robot will show if the line is active. These systems will also generate a tickler for future references with the agent’s name.

failed migration Here you give a description what you did to assist the customer and to help you fellow staff members if they speak to the customer again to see what you did to assist D.2 ACCOUNT INFO TAB -8- . Select what the query was about e. B. C. Select “write tickler” after you have completed all the boxes 1.g.g.ALTECH AUTOPAGE CELLULAR SSS One of the most important applications in the SSS and Customer service is the tickler or the notes that you make when interacting with a customer NB* when writing a tickler always be professional and refrain from SMS language A. migration What about the migration e.

Please find the abbreviations you could get on the Invoices and Payment screens Type of Invoice entry IN CM CO FC Invoice Credit Memo Cash on Account Adjustment -9- . Last Bill cycle on: This displays the date of the last bill cycle resulting in an invoice for the customer.ALTECH AUTOPAGE CELLULAR SSS Current Balance: Unbilled Amount: This displays the currently unbilled amount. NB.: This not real time This displays the amount of the credits or debits of the customer.

10 - .3 FAX / EMAIL FORM TAB .ALTECH AUTOPAGE CELLULAR SSS Payments of Payment entry CA CL CO WR CG RV TO TI FC DP DR CN PR Cash Entry Balance Advance Payment Cash on Account Write Off Cash to general ledger Bounce Transfer Out Transfer In Adjustment Deposit Deposit Refund Credit Note Payment Refund 1.

11 - .ALTECH AUTOPAGE CELLULAR SSS If a client looks to add services to his account or want to apply for a ADSL line you can send the forms from this screen to the clients email or fax line 1.4 USER INFO TAB .

5 HISTORY TAB .12 - .ALTECH AUTOPAGE CELLULAR SSS We all know that some of our subscribers have more that one contract with AAPC but they are not the users of the phone. with this screen you can update the users of the phone 1.

Request type shows that if it was a walk in or a phone in C. What the customer requested for F. Date and time that the request went thru 1. With who was the query logged by E.ALTECH AUTOPAGE CELLULAR SSS Here is a list of request that a subscriber has requested to be activated shows the time and dates and request numbers A. Customers MSISDN D.6 RETENTION TAB .13 - . Request / Reference number B.

7 TICKLER TAB .ALTECH AUTOPAGE CELLULAR SSS This tab shows you the upgrade / retention history of the customer 1.14 - .

here you can search for tickler that got made by other staff members and you can also see what the client usually phone in for A.15 - . Tickler list 1.ALTECH AUTOPAGE CELLULAR SSS Remember that we stated.8 NETWORK REQUEST TAB . that the one of the most important things to-do is a tickler. This is the search function for the Ticklers where you can search for the different notes that was made B.

1. Due Date: Action: The date the request will be valid.g.9 CONTRACT TAB . activation.ALTECH AUTOPAGE CELLULAR SSS Should require info on any network transaction that took place on the Customers account click on Network Request Please see below what every column means: Entered on: The date that the request was entered on the system. deactivation. e. Description of the request transaction to the switch. suspension.16 - .

Customer info – shows you information of the Customer B. phone calls. Contract info – shows when the contract was activated D. MSISDN info – shows info of the simcards and contracts that the customer had C. SMS and Data usage .17 - . Usage info – shows usage on the line e.ALTECH AUTOPAGE CELLULAR SSS This screen shows you the information of the contract A.g.

18 - . Monthly fee – shown your monthly subscription F. Value Added Services – shows you what VAS the customers has active on his line 2.ALTECH AUTOPAGE CELLULAR SSS E. LOAD A REQUEST .

19 - .ALTECH AUTOPAGE CELLULAR SSS Note that you have to be in the “Subscriber info” tab to load a request Select the “continue” button in the Subscriber info tab to load a request .

ALTECH AUTOPAGE CELLULAR SSS Here is a list of Services you can request for the client. if you are in doubt the question marks button is there to give you answers .20 - .

ALTECH AUTOPAGE CELLULAR SSS This client has requested that you activate a value added service.21 - . so tick in the block next to the value added service block. After ticking the box select the create task button .

22 - .ALTECH AUTOPAGE CELLULAR SSS Here the systems tells you that you are going to activate a service for the client. to proceed select the “edit” link .

this is your change to sell some VAS .ALTECH AUTOPAGE CELLULAR SSS Here the system will display a list of all the value added services that Altech Autopage Cellular offer.23 - .

24 - .ALTECH AUTOPAGE CELLULAR SSS After selecting a VAS for the customer an information block will pop-up and will give you info on the product and important info you must give the customer. Last step select the click on the “close” button .

25 - .ALTECH AUTOPAGE CELLULAR SSS After selecting the VAS for the customer you can proceed by clicking “next step” .

If everything looks in order you can select “next” .26 - .ALTECH AUTOPAGE CELLULAR SSS Here the system is telling you what value added service you are activating and how much service.

After entering his details you can select “submit” .27 - .ALTECH AUTOPAGE CELLULAR SSS Here you need to send a customer a VAS form or you can email it.

28 - .ALTECH AUTOPAGE CELLULAR SSS The request has been submitted and you can give the request or reference to the customer NB* remember that the client will receive the request number on a SMS NB* Did you know the request number has a meaning? A – Autopage 7 08 29 667 S – Supercall For the year 2007 For the month August For the Day 29th Number of request that have been submitted for the day P – Business Partner .

load a request The more you know about the industry and the respective systems.ALTECH AUTOPAGE CELLULAR SSS MODULE REVIEW In this module you have learnt how to use the SSS system to its fullest.29 - . the better you would be placed to interact and service the customers of Altech Autopage Cellular. .