The Evolution of Everything

A Bio-Myth for the 21st Century

By Soleira Green


Chapter Introduction - Getting Ready for the Adventure to Begin 1. The Evolution of Everything - The Adventure Begins 2. The Evolution of Time, Space, Form & Dimensionality 3. The Evolution of Consciousness 4. The Evolution of Intelligence 5. The Evolution of Genius 6. The Evolution of Being 7. The Evolution of Connection 8. The Evolution of Potential 9. The Evolution of Emotion 10. The Evolution of Communication and Language 11. The Evolution of Physicality, Well-Being and Aging 12. The Evolution of Reality 13. The Evolution of Magical Reality Creation 14. The Evolution of Power 15. The Evolution of Life Page 4 7 10 15 17 20 22 25 28 31 33 36 38 40 42 44


16. The Evolution of Death 17. The Evolution of Earth 18. The Godness Game -- A Bio-Myth for the 21 Century 19. Evolutionary Paradigm Chart Summary 20. About Soleira

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Here we are in the first decade of the 21st century and I have to say that there's never been an evolutionary era like this one. The floodgates of possibility have opened and the dawn of a new civilisation is unfurling. Everything is evolving ... time, space, form, being, reality, reality creation, magic, power, intelligence, humanity, connection and consciousness to name just a few. We’re dancing to a new vibrational tune here on this gorgeous planet Earth. We're the sparks of a new Life form, one that is intertwined and woven into the very fabric of our evolving planet and cosmos. In this book, we’re going on a conscious journey into our new becoming … for the more conscious we can be of what we're up to, the more powerful the transformation will be. This book is both a chronicle of what has already happened and where we might take it from here. In preparation for reading it, I’d like to point to a few things that can make the journey more gracious and powerful for you: 1. What you're about to read is NOT the truth, for truth too is evolving from the polarity of good / bad, right / wrong, black / white into many possibilities of dimensional perspective, leaving us with the knowing that all truths are true depending on where you see them from. What you'll read here is a story ... a bio-myth if you will ... a living, legendary adventure into the evolution of the human race as we become something spectacularly new in this first decade of the 21st century on planet Earth in this solar cosmos.


2. I ask you to be willing to let go of beliefs as you journey, because belief too is evolving into a constant, rich unfolding of the next new possibility. Surrender anything that could keep you from opening up to the newest new to discover your own rich knowing of what’s next for you and us. 3. Read this book with your fullest knowing intact. To do this, simply shift your focus from your head / brain / mind and allow your whole body to connect with the knowing fields that dance within you and around you. Think, listen, read and know with all of you. This way you'll know for sure what's right for you and for your own pathway as an evolutionary creator. 4. Once you’re connected with the fields of vaster intelligence and knowing, then reach out to connect with all of us, the new collective that is sourcing this new evolutionary creation into being. It's from this collective field that you'll discover the rich fabric of evolution in its finest array. 5. This isn’t written as a ‘how to’ manual. It’s more of a chronicling of where we’ve come to so far and where we can go from here. So if you find yourself feeling challenged by any of it, perhaps falling asleep while you’re reading it (a great way to absorb it all by the way) or confused by the language of it, just relax and tune in to see if it’s right for you to continue reading at that moment. If you find you do want to learn the ‘how to’ of it, just get in touch with me at We teach people how to operate in everyday life as evolutionary beings and in collective consciousness as evolutionary creators. 6. Don’t just read these steps. Actually take a moment to try them on energetically and see how you feel having done that. Allow yourself to expand into the greatest you, ready to discover what is very likely the greatest evolutionary adventure of all times.


7. That too is part of our conscious evolution … to have a great time while transforming the cosmos. It’s always best not to take things too seriously. And smile throughout it. the planet and ourselves into something spectacularly brand new! And with all that in play. Enjoy the adventure! Don’t let big concepts or new words confuse you. let the adventure begin! ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 6 . especially when you feel you don’t understand something. Simply dance in the vibrational opportunities they create.

present and future of all places exist right here in the now. wondrous being of magnificence and contribution. Every single being has a unique 7 . the past. it’s a living force that surrounds and fills us. It’s about living every minute of every day as a vast. partnered and worked with on many levels. that Life is a gracious and wondrous unfolding of opportunities to evolve ourselves always and finally that I am not the small human being I thought I was and none of us are the ordinary human beings we’ve always considered ourselves to be! • • • • • This book is about the evolution of everything. But I was wrong! My own journey began when I discovered …… • that energy is real and can be called. that possibilities are limitless and potential is always waiting a breath away to be made real.THE EVOLUTION OF EVERYTHING … THE ADVENTURE BEGINS Who are we really? Why are we here? These are questions that have plagued human beings for millennia. that time isn’t linear. aeons even! As I was growing into an evolutionary being there were times that I thought those questions might never be answered. that consciousness isn’t something way out there. separate from and distant to us.

I dove into alternative futures to see how we had gotten on with various big picture choices. that human beings had evolved sufficiently to be able to steward their 8 . The dance of this evolutionary era is to unfold that uniqueness and magnificence with grace and a new kind of transformative. we challenged the so called ‘powers that be’ (again always another level of ourselves) with the view that we were ready. evolutionary power. On the non-physical levels. as more and more humans grew into real life. I was trained by masters (my own vaster consciousness) in transformative time. like how androgyny and emotionless’ness had failed us in the end because both took away our passion for creation. willing to explore new territory and use our imperfections and mistakes as jewels of becoming. conscious. new. At one point. I opened up my mind and my newly awakening senses to a whole new experience of Life as an energetic being. It’s about being willing to always bring a fresh. I soared through past lives. evolutionary beings. and began to see with a great sense of awe how and why we are all weaving together in this evolutionary era. my own and others. I visited other galaxies and woke many a night with my head ringing with the song of stars. alivening. How did I find my way to becoming an evolutionist? It began by touching the world of energy. space and form. modern look at everything. I met with high councils (greater levels of ourselves) shaping the future of this world and gave them / us my input on how it was going and where to go from here. Far from it! It’s about being an adventurer. But don’t get me wrong … it’s not about becoming perfect or never making mistakes. I touched consciousness and discovered a world of wonder and wisdom beyond imagining.contribution to gift to this evolutionary time and every one of us is magnificent beyond measure. as if you’ve never encountered it before and are studying it and playing with it with the glee of creation. realising that there is much more here than meets our 3D eyes.

evolving the very nature of collective creatorship as it has never been evolved before. We begin to realise that every one of us has the capacity to be the whole of creation. The Earth became a sovereign planet with the understanding that human beings would be responsible for stewarding their own leaps into the next levels of the evolutionary game. To do this. we had to take the step to recognise and own that we are beings who know exactly where we’re going and why … with the abilities. ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 9 . individually and collectively. We begin to operate as evolutionists.own conscious evolution and that the greatest evolutionary leap would be for us to do it by ourselves. in wondrous and magical new ways! So let’s dive in then and take a look at the evolution of everything … how we’ve evolved things already and where we might take it from here. knowing and creativity to take us there with grace and ease. without outside help or interference.

frequencies and consciousnesses). FORM AND DIMENSIONALITY Evolution isn't just about the slow ticking of the evolutionary clock. gaining mastery with time as we learn to play with it as a malleable creation for evolutionary potential: • We’re able to expand as well as slow time more and more at will. in this world. a day. One of our first conscious acts as evolutionary beings was to evolve beyond third dimensional reality. • 10 .. wisdom. space and form) to omni-dimensional reality (made up of limitless possibilities.. space and form. a year and definitely mega leaps over a single decade. THE EVOLUTION OF TIME For the dimension of time. we are learning to live more and more in the powerful presence of NOW. We're in unprecedented evolutionary territory. a month. experience and learning that can be integrated graciously and fully into the present. We began this by evolving our relationship to each of the three dimensions … time. SPACE. Over the first few years of this new millennium. taking us step by step over millions of years to a slightly better way of being. shaping transformative skills that will take us far beyond where we've ever been before. In this time. we’re experiencing quantum evolution … the conscious ability to collectively create our own evolutionary leaps over a very short period of time .THE EVOLUTION OF TIME. We understand that the past is a wealthy storehouse of collective knowledge. we moved from 3D (third dimensional reality made up of time.

we’ve learned to: Hold space – using our own personal energy field to ensure that the energy of a group or place will move graciously into its desired outcome.• We’re moving beyond the concepts of karma and past lives. but in doing so. We’re beginning to realise that we create time and that we can evolve time in the most simplistic and amazing of ways. • • • Time no longer has us captured in its web. complete beings here now. rich and alive with potentiality. For some of us who’ve been engaged in past life work. THE EVOLUTION OF SPACE For the dimension of space. present and future in a linear stream) to an all-time-now construct in which past. but as full. We’re shifting from a man-made linear construct of time (past. you’re instantly evolving everyone who’s been touched by it in the millennia since. realising that these are simply aspects of us that we can integrate to become whole. We’ve evo-linked our evolutionary creations in the present to the million year future to flip these shifts back in their future evolved state to this ever-evolving now. Create space – calling the energy of creation into a space to ensure creativity and collaboration for delightful movement towards group potential and 11 . It’s no longer occurring like a myriad of structure and complexity that contains us. we’ve realised that not only can you alter and transform the past. As energetic beings. present and future are all occurring in the swirling moment of NOW. we began to see it not as empty and meaningless.

playing a key role in amping up this world’s vibrational frequency to take us into a whole new dimensionality of space and form. Many people are already beginning to stop going to doctors for medicine or to healers to be made well. We’ve called vibrant Life source energies present to transform the lower vibrational space of our man-made world. We brought this new space alive and gave it sentient presence so that we could live within it as collective. omni-dimensional beings. Solar flares and cosmic energies have also been flooding us. one in which we are the creators of and sources for our own physicality and well-being. THE EVOLUTION OF FORM For the dimension of form. we’ve been upgrading our vibrational frequency. We reached through what quantum physicists call the zero point field (the barrier between this world and other dimensions) to pull limitless energy. rejuvenating energies that can create a much longer and even eternal Life. potential and possibility through into this reality. alivening. We’re discovering that each of us has the capacity to source our own well-being and 12 . We’re discovering that as we think and believe something. We opened up the doorways between this world and the totality of Life everywhere. We have access to the alivening. transformative space in which evolutionary potential and transformative breakthroughs happen naturally and easily.Source space – partnering with vibrant Life source energies to empower a super-charged. altering and expanding the capacity of our DNA and cells to hold more and more high vibrational resonance with Life’s energetics. so it is! So we enrich our thoughts and beliefs about form and aging to a whole new vantage point. calling omni-dimensionality … all consciousnesses and planes of existence … into the fabric of the space around us and within us.

6 .that the physical body is a wondrous. living consciousness of a new us. 7 or any numbered dimensions that many of the spiritual traditions would indicate for this time. 13 . orienting us to galactic life. omni-dimensional. transformative field that responds to creational thought. The 7 dimension – the deep. eternal inner. space and form … we’re gaining new mastery over all three of these variations on dimensionality. potentials. wisdoms. The 5 dimension .our own higher aspects of self. possibilities and vibrational frequencies to bring them present and available in the here and now. super-charged. We’ve moved right through these dimensions by incorporating and integrating them as follows: • • The 4 dimension .a level of creativity and invention brought fully into play in a liberated collective consciousness. weaving in a sourceful purity of Life and connecting us with the very source of Life itself. This move to omni-dimensionality has given us the newfound creational tools of transformative perception (as we choose to perceive something. I believe that we’ve th th th th gone past the 4 . so it is) and reality creation (we think something now and it happens immediately). The 6 dimension – an added level of higher ‘beyond self’ consciousness. malleable template … a centre-point for new possibilities of being and a dwelling place for the magical. knowledge. th th th th • • To attain omni-dimensionality we simply integrated all of these and then opened up the doorways to all consciousnesses. 5 . This is because we’ve co-created a collective. OMNI-DIMENSIONALITY Time.

separated and blocked off from all that is magical and possible. Today we’re collectively living in an omnidimensional field of living consciousness that offers us st tremendous breakthroughs for evolutionary living in the 21 century.In the last century. ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 14 . we were trapped in a polarised version of 3D … individualised.

then you’ll have noticed a mega shift in these fields over the past decade. We used to have to meditate on mountains and in clear spaces. Our world was wrapped up in a ball of low vibrational energetics that often made the journey into higher consciousness challenging and time consuming. times. you might find that to be true. I would say there are zillions of consciousnesses for different races. The first step in our evolution of consciousness was bringing all consciousnesses present and available here and now in the space around us and within us. reach to it and whoosh. To access any of these consciousnesses now. cultures. expansive place. experiences. There are some people who believe that there is only one consciousness and I suppose if you go to the biggest.THE EVOLUTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS What is consciousness? For me. wisdom. consciousness is comprised of multiple fields of knowledge. Ten years ago we had to work really hard and go a long way out to touch consciousnesses other than our own. we simply intend it. But the joy in it all is to experience the diverse. all that has changed. This step was a conscious process of taking down the barrier between worlds and of reaching through what quantum physicists call the zero point field to pull through omnidimensionality. star systems and beyond. planets. beliefs. cosmoses. If you’re someone who travels the realms of consciousness. away from the chaotic energies of the world at large. To shape it all into one pot 15 . Today. wondrous and unique consciousnesses that are available for us all to experience now. it’s right there easily accessible to us. potential and possibilities. in order to be able to push through the barriers between this world and other dimensions and consciousness. all consciousness and limitless energy. knowing and more. inconceivable.

We’ve created a brand new.seems to me to defeat its brilliant purpose of gifting us innumerable ways of being with it all. etc. sources. we simply reach into. much more! This new field of consciousness is sentient. We’ve created a living presence of all the places. ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 16 . Today. warehouse or storage place for distinct ways of beings. so that it was aware of its diversity and at the time was the sum totality of its parts. we’ve given birth to and are in the process of discovering a brilliant relationship to a new kind of consciousness that contains living memory. In the past consciousness tended to occur like a memory imprint that would plant itself in the fabric of space. cosmicious adventure and much. implement and live into for an unprecedented evolutionary leap here on planet Earth. like a library. of how evolution can occur … a living reference and guidance system for us to design. knowledge and ability of all consciousness everywhere. But now in the 21 century. To accomplish this. connect with and become this new consciousness and whoosh there it is. The next step in the evolution of consciousness was to bring all these consciousnesses together while at the same time retaining their unique flavours and distinctions. living intelligence that is accessible by and available to us all. st learning. all the wisdom. collective. cultures. alive and aware. alivening possibilities. etc. times. Life spark. we brought the new field of consciousness sentiently alive. beliefs. transformative nature.

knowing and wisdom that is there to guide us in these new evolutionary times. hyper-speed knowing. The living consciousness is a sentient awareness of and a storehouse for all knowledge. etc. 17 . suffering. The communication tends to occur as streaming. from person to person as well as in generative collective consciousness. move energy and create breakthroughs in the higher frequencies of potentiality. seeing and sensing.) to a strong ability to distinguish potential. Connecting with this vaster intelligence offers us new and evolving abilities: Telepathy is energetic communication transmitted and received on a wide range of frequencies. translated or heard with your whole being as opposed to your ears and mind Innate sensing is the ability to sense what’s going on in. the energetic fields of potentiality. This is the evolution of empathy. moving from an ultra-sensitivity to the lower ranges of frequency (pain. learning and creating now … and perhaps our natural birthright was always to free think with the mega brain capacity of Life itself. You could call this the evolution of mind.THE EVOLUTION OF INTELLIGENCE This living consciousness is available to everyone and all it takes to access it is to move your energy and focus from the mind (brain / head) only to connect with your whole being to the living intelligence around and within us all. but to many people on the planet today. and what wants to happen through. this is a natural and every day way of thinking. in that we no longer have to think as isolated individuals with only the limited memory capacity of our brains. We can now free think in hyper-speed with the living intelligence of an evolving cosmos. This might sound impossible to some and daunting to others.

the use of conscious perception as a transformative tool and a strong and clear knowing of what’s right for us to do next by orienting to what Life wants now.Knowing is more than just the ability to download multiple levels of conscious understanding. Omni-dimensional broadband scanning is the ability to consciously scan multiple frequency ranges for omni-dimensional perspectives and big picture understanding. while knowing puts you completely in the zone of being the one who can turn things out. thinking minds to operate outside time constraints. into transformative interpretation and creative solutions. This is the evolution of intuition that tends to be more like a ’gut feel’ without a conscious understanding of the why and how of it. Intuition can leave you moving on trust or faith. 18 . access to a far greater range of understanding. Hyper-speed thinking is the ability of our conscious. lifting us beyond standard human awareness into transformative and evolutionary design. without thought. It’s like entering a zone of full consciousness in which you’re gifted seeing. we’re able to access streaming downloads of new data in very high speed and have the ability to translate that instantly. These abilities gift us with: • • • • free thinking beyond known thought. sensing and knowing in an enhanced fashion. In this state. you also have the conscious ability to perceive and operate in transformative ways. In this zone or state.

ADHD) and are bored witless with the slow speed of the current educational model. Many of these kids naturally operate in hyper-speed (look at the rise in Attention Deficit Hyper-Speed Disorder . ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 19 . communicating telepathically between classrooms and around the world. when in fact this is the evolution of us all? It’s time to open up the learning models to a whole new mode of intelligence and ability.What this offers for our learning environments in the years to come will be stunning to behold. sentient. How can we perceive ADD and ADHD as disorders and drug those we label with it. How can we test memory when anyone can access any time. They’re born telepathic and are taking this skill with them into the classrooms. many children today are already working with these new and evolving abilities. mega-mind capacity? How can we continue to orient teaching to the ‘norm’ when every child is uniquely amazing and operating at all different frequencies and speeds? In addition to a growing number of adults. any memory and any perspective and bring it consciously present? How can we orient our education systems to a mind only approach when we’ve already moved into collective. one that takes into account a new found relationship with our evolving. living intelligence.

And from what I’ve seen of these new kids on television and YouTube.THE EVOLUTION OF GENIUS One of the things that this new. You can sit them down at a computer or with a new electronic gizmo and they’ve got it sussed immediately. Others are painting and singing like they’ve done it forever. living intelligence is offering us is the evolution of genius. but with the increase in their numbers and visibility. It is showing up more obviously in children today because they’re being born as a natural part of this new field and they don’t have old habits or beliefs to break in regards to it. we just might have to start calling this new version of us the genius generation! Some of them can hear music and then play it like a pro instantly. Others have a similar facility with technology. and pull out genius potential easily and powerfully. 20 . Children born in the last 12 years (1995 to 2007) are showing up in greater and greater numbers with this new genius potential. The more they love what they do. We could call them child prodigies. I also mean creative genius … the capacity of everyone to reach into our new living consciousness. They have mega voices and mega talents along with an incredible passion for what they do. into Life’s thriving potential pool. I don’t mean only genius as defined by mind intelligence and measured by IQ. Genius is being evolved and redesigned from the perspective of every person having their own unique magnificence coupled with a zillion possibilities of creation. they delight in performing and are naturally great at it. The outcome of connecting our unique magnificence with Life’s streaming potential in a living field of collective consciousness is a new kind of genius that’s available to all. the more talented they are at it.

K. magnificent st genius. Every single person has magnificent contribution inside of them just waiting to be liberated. It’s what wants to be written.But I have to say that it’s not just children that this new genius is touching. What kind of a global society will we have in the 21 century when everyone is empowered to express their fullest genius contribution in a billion creative ways?!!! ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 21 . I can write a book in three weeks. etc. sung. Rowling’s Harry Potter series as another example. I don’t have to think about it or plan for it. creative. experience and desire to the partnership and the living consciousness brings the genius potential to us to be realised. From there the words just stream through me onto the page. This is the way new genius potential works. painted. you’ll find that the whole concept of the series came to her as a complete download on the train one day. Harry Potter wanted to be written and was waiting for a potential genius to bring it through. passionate flavour. I just dive into the energy of the potential of what wants to be written and some brilliant works pour on through. We bring our unique. If you take J. It just takes a conscious effort to move from ‘mind thinking’ to the streaming wonder of energetic knowing and transformative being. Yes it is coming from me … and it’s bigger than me somehow. Take me as an example … I love writing and all it takes for me to access an amazing flow of writing is to connect to the new living consciousness. evolutionary goals will be the liberation and celebration of every single person’s unique. We’re moving into a time when one of our collective. Adults have it available to them as well by connecting with the new living consciousness.

We are revolutionising ourselves right to the core and in a variety of wondrous ways. But once each of these new integrations is complete. integrating these new levels of consciousness within ourselves so that we can grow in incredible 22 . creatorship and godness. we’ve integrated: • • our own higher selves. genius beings. As a race of beings. st • • In the 21 century. in the long run. an amazing. including the possibility of headaches. we’re experiencing a constant state of evolutionary becoming. the deep eternal levels of pure being as well as levels of resonant sourceness. we’re evolving not only our connection to living intelligence. Over the past decade alone. evolutionary shift that we’re privileged to be a part of. we’re exploring collective evolution. into a vast vista of possibilities of being. creative. You’ll know if this has been happening to you if you’ve been sleeping longer at night and / or falling asleep during the day with some regularity. we tend to feel wonderfully alive and very connected in a brand new way. It is. but also ourselves as a new race of beings. there are times when it’s challenging for the physical body to keep up as we integrate new vibrational frequencies and DNA and cellular adaptation. From an individual perspective. both individually and collectively. You may also experience being a’buzz with energy sometimes. stepping beyond a solely individualistic view of Life. dizziness and nauseousness. omni-dimensional aspects of ourselves and other consciousnesses.THE EVOLUTION OF BEING In order to fulfil this vision of a global society of unique.

the ability and the freedom to invent ourselves as anything we choose to be Beyond self -. operating completely aligned with your truest sense of self Higher self -. where we’re truly learning to operate collectively as Life evolving the very nature and source of itself.a level of collective godness’ing.operating in an expanded capacity without any attention on self at all and powerfully focused on our collective becoming Mega being -. having integrated higher. abilities and possibilities beyond compare! Each one is a leap beyond the one before … and to think that we’re moving through all of these in a single decade. st the first of the 21 century! 23 . In the last decade we’ve been evolving through levels of being: Whole self – fully and vibrantly open. deeper and cosmicious aspects. with a strong sense of purpose related to the evolutionary game and with the transformative abilities to fulfil that role Life being -. rather than over lifetimes of step-by-step learning and slow growth. understanding. perspective in this level tends to occur more omni-cosmically Along with each of these new levels of being come amazing new perspectives.leaps over days.the greater aspects of yourself through time and space Creational being -.a vaster sense of being. weeks and months.

the strength.For me. we have the energy. indicative of a restful. When we expand into our full being today. we’re magnificent beings of incredible wisdom and knowledge who are birthing a brand new way of being for Life everywhere! ♦♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 24 . But now. enjoyable way of being. the word ‘being’ used to imply a passive state. the wisdom and the knowing to make magic with Life everywhere we go. We’re no longer small human beings trapped on a planet and set on a path towards destruction. we’re discovering new states of transformative being. creational being and more. Today. peaceful. the capacity. as we evolve the very nature of being.

this energetic connection is generally made higher chakras to higher chakras Creational being – diving into pure creational space with great passion and excitement to see what’s possible to invent together from here. when Life meets Life at this level. energetically you become the field of creation and dive in to play together Beyond self – a powerful ability to source evolutionary movement together in collective consciousness. the totality of Life living itself alive through physical and cosmicious expression in a new evolutionary way. energetically you move beyond the sense of your own being to become the living field of consciousness and potential moving itself into play Mega being – exploring an altogether new kind of collective beingness. with resulting shifts in collective orientation: Whole self – the ability to connect with others as whole being to whole being.THE EVOLUTION OF CONNECTION Along with these new states of being has come new abilities to connect. there’s an ecstatic. opening ourselves up to one another on a truer and deeper level Higher self – the ability to connect with one another as greater beings with higher purpose. any being able to step into the whole of it to operate for the mega benefit for us all Life being – where we discover ourselves as true creators of all that can be. one in which everything is available to everyone. generative spark that happens 25 .

connective field. Next take on uniquely being the totality of Life’s living consciousness and see what happens then. One of the most powerful aspects of our conscious evolution is our ability to super connect with others.These levels are challenging to distinguish and describe because it’s more about the energetic feel of the connection. Super connection is about owning that we are each a source creator within this newly formed consciousness field. magical. Become one with all things and see what happens energetically for you. the cosmos and Life. putting a great big smile on your face and calling exhilarating energy through you. we can tend to lose ourselves as well as our energetic momentum. learning to operate as conscious. Super connection occurs as an ecstatic relationship with everything. how are these two different and which one offers you and us the greatest evolutionary potential now? 26 . as many spiritual practices would have us pursue. Instead it’s about expressing our own UNIQUE contribution to the evolution of living consciousness. In becoming UNIQUELY the totality of Life’s living consciousness. transformative. moving them towards a fulfilling sense of contribution to the whole. oftentimes beyond what words can aptly describe. For you. In becoming ONE. But know that there is power in these differing states of connectivity and that they hold the keys to our evolutionary potential from here. just try it and see. If you’re not certain about this. we generate our own very special and magical contribution to the whole as well as liberate the movement forward for us all. collective creators for that field’s enrichment and growth. Super connection is less about reaching from you to something or someone else and more about uniquely becoming the totality of our alivening. the Earth. Most people report a sense of peace and stillness. We aren’t just becoming ONE with all consciousness and with everything. Most people report a greater sense of expansion and an exhilarating rush of energy.

We all need to step fully into this now and own our part in the evolutionary game. connection and abundance for all. We simply need to let go of our view of ourselves as small human beings and step into the wondrous becoming that is already underway. We can do this now. ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 27 . We’re more than just individual human beings living another ordinary life on planet Earth.I’ve worked with thousands of individuals around the world and I’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t have amazing gems of potential lying within them waiting to be gifted to us in this amazing time. We’re omni-dimensional beings ready to co-create a mega shift for all of Life everywhere. It’s here that the resulting kaleidoscopic creation (with every unique contribution being honoured and gifted) offers us a world beyond imagining and a love of Life that will fill us with incredible richness.

viewing ourselves as evolutionary beings on the greatest adventure of all times. we naturally orient away from a view of Life as a series of problems to perceive Life as never ending potential offering its transformative hands out to us. but as vibrant fuel for the creation of our passions and visions … emotion as potential rising … fear as the tip of leadership. • • • 28 . frustration as the indicator for a next leap. We become the source of Life’s potential coming alive and real in today’s world. We can reach into the depths of Life’s oceans of potential and call new possibilities present. Life no longer just happens willy-nilly to us. learning how to manage this in an energetically transformative way. etc. In order to accomplish this shift from problem to potential.THE EVOLUTION OF POTENTIAL As we learn to live as connected beings. We begin to see things in terms of the world as a whole and our evolving place in the cosmoses. discovering the magical skill of making the unmanifest real. We’re moving beyond small human beings with problems to solve to become evolutionary adventurers soaring the seas of potential! We’re discovering that we can stop orienting to ourselves psychologically and historically and are beginning to live completely present in the now. We see emotion not as something to be stuffed down or managed. we’ve had to make some significant shifts in how we operate: • We’re learning to see a far greater picture than an individualistic view can offer. anger as the tip of passion.

we’re discovering various levels of potential to play with and empower: Personal potential – the potential that you’re born with for you to be more of who you can be. generally this potential is personally focused and you do it for you Greater potential – the potential that’s available when we reach higher. People who are ultra connected with Life can’t be harmful to anyone or anything. From here. creativity and leaderful collaboration Evolutionary potential – Life’s vast oceans of potentiality waiting to be gifted to those who are ready to powerfully contribute to Life everywhere 29 . our world and Life … one that is connected. transformative. beyond our own personal desires and gains. world shifting projects with passion. We co-create new consciousness that has every single being awaken to a brand new sense of themselves. not with a downtrodden and suffering Earth that needs our healing. alivening. In the connection is an inherent respect for and honouring of the beauty in everything. Want to end wars? Empower a collective connection to Life. cocreative and exhilarating beyond compare. to make a difference for others World-changing potential – the potential that’s available for visionaries who delight in taking on big. • I believe that connection to Life is the answer to everything we seek. As we re-orient to potential from the place of connection.• We partner. but with a magnificent planetary being in all its glorious sentiency. we naturally orient to the unique evolutionary potential that each being or situation can offer us all.

we’re discovering that people don’t have to step through these levels one by one.For those of us who’ve been at work on the evolutionary path for some years now. Seeing them for who they really are creates the transformative space for them to immediately become Life’s wondrous potential now. Instead. we’re discovering an incredible transformative ability to awaken someone into their full evolutionary potential simply by witnessing who they really are within the field of living consciousness. ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 30 .

This did result in a greater sense of responsibility for our emotions. emotional processing and psychological perspective is getting in the way of evolutionary movement because it orients us to small human beings with problems to solve rather than amazing beings fuelled with energy for passion. In many cases. blocks and problems. 31 . vision.THE EVOLUTION OF EMOTION Since we’re orienting everything to potential rather than problem. Rather than suppressing them or blasting them everywhere. the energy kept coming back. Working with emotion as energy rather than problem or issue gives us much more powerful outcomes than emotional processing and clearing. we worked to find the childhood origin of the distress to hopefully resolve it once and for all. The western world turned itself towards psychology as a basis for growth throughout the last few decades of the 20th century. vitality and contribution. which in turn led to a movement into wholeness. This was good at the time as it allowed us to become more in touch with and responsible for our emotions. potential. Why? Because its potential hadn’t been received! Today. it left them processing the same things over and over again as issues. But for people who bought into the psychological perspective as the panacea for all. So we created a new view of emotion as the energy of potential rising: Fear as the tip of leadership – We’re afraid because something big is calling us. Emotion is energy in motion … e-motion. Processing emotion as problem and clearing or releasing it can actually remove the potential and the energy to fulfil it. it makes perfect sense to evolve our relationship to emotion as potential as well. Anger as the tip of passion – We’re passionately stirred up because we care so deeply about something.

so if you wake up one day and find yourself edgy. Try it on the next time you feel an emotion bubbling up. We’re re-orienting to a more collective. tune into it. drive and forward motion. angry. ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 32 . This creates a transformative shift of the energy into the power of this potential strumming through you. evolutionary way of being. Given our move to collective connection. So we’ve invented a brand new relationship with emotion that brings it into alignment with our conscious evolution. Once you’ve brought the energy of the potential through and placed it in front of you. Why? Because we can’t continue as a race being run by our rampant emotions. but neither can we become emotionless as we need the energy of our emotions for creativity. Once you’ve attuned yourself to a bigger view of it all. call it through us and get into relationship with it as our next level of potential and contribution. fearful or even joyful to the nth degree. then step into the energy of it and take it on in every cell of you. you can bring the energy of the potential through into consciousness as a contribution for all. Rather than suppressing. ready to do its work. The evolution of emotion is critical to our conscious evolution. frustrated. You’ll be amazed at the power of this simple re-orientation from small person with problems to solve to amazing being with potential to fulfil. we breathe it up. then all we need to do is get into relationship with the energy and bring it on through. clearing or releasing the energy. ask what it’s potential is and then consciously choose whether you want to take on that potential or not. Once you’ve chosen (assuming it’s a yes). consider that this might not be personal emotion you’re experiencing.Emotion is our smart body’s way of communicating to us that energy is moving … and since potential is energy. it just may be an evolutionary shift moving through and this is your smart body’s way of calling you into the game.

We tend to hear through the filters of our own history. Many energetically open people say that they prefer to do it without words as the power for them is in the energy. When we’re connected energetically. we can communicate with or without words. We pulse the communication from the whole of our being. we were shut off from true connection with one another in our individual energy fields. People who are vibrantly open and wonderfully connected are able to communicate via the energetic fields that pulse between them. emotional responses. We all know how challenging it can be to find the right words for what we really want to say … or even to understand ourselves what it is we’re trying to communicate! The good news is that today communication is evolving and occurs very differently for those who’ve stepped beyond the small. I believe this is because.THE EVOLUTION OF COMMUNICATION AND LANGUAGE One of the greatest problems our world faces is the inability to hear what others are really saying. upsets and conflicts are based on a misunderstanding of what is actually being communicated. But it’s not just listening that’s the problem. closed up self to discover wholeness and beyond. in the past century. but more about that shortly! One to one energetic communication occurs like a broadband stream of energy running between you and the person you’re communicating with. Most arguments. I’m passionate about the power of language and love to combine the words with the energy for additional oomph. etc. pre-set ideas. I call this telepathy or energetic communication. rather than from our minds. We dance in the field of living consciousness to facilitate our ability to 33 . For me.

Whole being to whole being communication – The essence of what you’re wanting to say comes from deep within you. Let me show you what I mean: Mind to mouth communication – Our brains tend to fuddle up what we’re trying to say with old thoughts and pre-conceptions of how this might be heard. fresh and fully present in the moment. The energy of it pulses up and through as a whole communication. What gets communicated is the very essence of what you’re wanting to say (your personal intention for the communication) as well as what really wants to be said (the true potential of the communication). richest communication to come through us to be delivered physically to those present as well as in consciousness for all. but on a feeling level as well. It tries to apply past concepts to present speech and as a result makes it near impossible to hear. genuine and authentic on every level. Communicating energetically with the whole of your being can only be true. not only on a word level. mouths and ears only is a challenging task. It translates across the frequency wave bands between you and is received in whole form in the energy with which it was sent. Being a voice for what wants to be spoken – At this level of communication. This is 34 . And that doesn’t even take into account the filters it’s being heard through by the ears and mind of the other(s). deepest.communicate deeply and richly. This enriches the communication wondrously and is probably the way communication was always meant to be. It’s received like a download and unfolded into the receiver’s whole being to be accurately understood. Trying to communicate with our minds. But communicating with the whole of your being through the living field is a delight to participate in. greatest. we’ve moved way beyond self in any form and are now available for the purest.

The speaker is building a resonant field with his/her words and energy. one of my passionate specialities. But when you speak what wants to be said from the power of its potential to move everything forward now. All too often. We’re bringing the power of transformative listening and speaking into our modern day world. people speak energyless. Having experienced the power of this many times. the energy of the words operates like a musical frequency range that uplifts the listeners and connects them with the potential of the breakthrough. blah’ without any meaning.‘collective to collective’ communication and the power of it is awesome to be a part of. ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 35 . whether you’re the speaker or the listener. Together they’re building a breakthrough movement that’s available for all. I now believe wholeheartedly that language is a magical tool that can transform Life all around us. It’s as if the energetic resonance of the words touches something deep within them. and is inviting the listeners to participate in generating and enhancing that field with their own energy and passionate feelings related to it. we might find it hard to hear what’s actually being said. That brings us nicely back to the power of language. In these cases. calling forth their own connection to the power of this new potential coming through. blah. evolving the power of communication to brand new heights using the collective fields. empty words that tend to sound like ‘blah.

Those of us already working in these fields are discovering the ability to source our physicality and well-being. through ourselves on a daily basis to keep ourselves energised and rejuvenated. the less it has that effect upon us and the more we’re able to source a complete sense of well-being. put to perfection anything out of whack and generally remain more youthful for a much longer. The integration of new vibrational frequencies can often occur like a low-grade illness. But the more we get used to operating in these new frequency levels. Believing that aging is in our own charge. leaving us fatigued and / or with the immune system somewhat reduced.THE EVOLUTION OF PHYSICALITY. we can use the Life source energy to regenerate our cells. WELL-BEING AND AGING Operating as vibrant. If we’re ill. We realise that we are energetic beings first and foremost and that it’s energy that sources our Life force. It means that if and when we do. We recognise that aging is simply a belief and the more we believe in it and buy into age-old adages around it. It doesn’t mean we don’t get ill sometimes. we have a completely different relationship to it. which upgrades the immune system and leaves us feeling vibrantly alive and well. it’s because our smart bodies are trying to communicate something to us OR it’s because we’re going through an evolutionary shift or upgrade. whole beings connected with the source power of Life moves us into a whole new domain related to our physical bodies. the more the body responds to the message commands and tones down. from the deep eternal inner. upgrade our immune system. well-being and aging. We consciously run the Life source energies. if not immeasurable 36 .

We are moving beyond healing into a space where we can be with the perfection of every cell and call it into its most perfected state (even better than it was previously) in the now moment. Santari. Healing generally implies the ability to fix something that is wrong. My husband. We are fast approaching the day when we will be able to choose how we look. For example. not only from my conscious awareness. evolutionary husband! We are working with the cells of the body in a new way that takes the process of healing to a whole new level. We are already well on the way to this now … and there is a lot more yet to come! ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 37 . I have the ability to go inside my cells and direct the flow of energy and intention such that I can actually watch the skin beginning to remake itself in a matter of minutes. how well we feel. He worked with it once and it was completely gone. we are beginning to master the world of physicality and all that it entails. is at work on sourcing physicality in such a way that immortality is available to us … and I believe that if anyone can do this. Santari has the ability to take something that’s out of whack and put it into full alignment with its newest perfected state.amount of time. how long we live and how we partner with our very smart and wonderful bodies to create a being of extraordinary possibilities. to put it back to the way it was as best we can. In our conscious evolution. it’s my amazing. but from my physical experience as well. I had a problem three years ago where the knee joint had a small sliver of bone that was piercing me occasionally. For example with cuts.

THE EVOLUTION OF REALITY What will our world look like when we’re completely attuned to working with the energy of potential. people are seeking for answers to the bigger questions of Life. They’re looking to touch the mysterious and the mystical to try to better understand how they fit into it all. space. these evolutionary breakthroughs offer us the delightful. limited in possibility and psychologically focused on problems and conflict. the true power of communication and the ability to rejuvenate ourselves wondrously? For those of us already working in this way. form) in Western culture is individually oriented. The focus here tends to be on love. but oftentimes missing that sense of power and movement that evolution requires. How have we evolved reality in the last ten years? I see it in terms of paradigm shifts: 3D reality – 3 dimensional reality (time. abundant. Here people invent new businesses. collaborative experience of co-creating collective reality for us all. peace and compassion as well as the greater quest. new products and services. new rd 38 . They’re ‘touching the hem of the garment’ so to speak. Nothing is done automatically because it’s always been that way. Spiritual reality – In this paradigm. Vibrational frequency is higher and softer. Creational reality – This is the paradigm where new visionaries play. Vibrational frequency tends to be low and dense with people generally more concerned with money and material success. meaning that they don’t yet see themselves as powerful and are looking to find the source of a greater power outside themselves. Everything in this reality is open for creation. which is lovely. mind focused. We’ve already moved beyond ‘I create my own reality’ to collectively creating vibrant. the clarity of emotion. sourceful reality for all.

new everything! The vibrational frequency is exciting. We discover the wondrous power of working transformatively in the fields of consciousness. We are discovering the true power of Life in its fullest. There’s a buzz going on at this level of reality and it’s so exciting to operate in this way. We’re able to make amazing shifts and bring huge potentials through into reality with greater and greater ease. evolutionary reality -. We call it the godness game and are just in the process of unfolding the delights in this vibrational reality. Here people become leaderful and visionary. We know that we are here in the most incredible time with the possibility of shifting everything everywhere into brand new levels of being! We become evolutionists and revel in the dance of all that’s possible next and now! The vibrational frequency at this level of reality is exhilarating and oftentimes ecstatic with pulsing energy rolling through us for the next conscious. new relationships.This is where we step beyond individuality and begin to truly work as a collective. We’re no longer touching the hem of the garment. vision. With this understanding. passion and creation in everything we do. We work easily and naturally in collaboration with resonant others and connect with potential. not just an exercise in getting something to turn out. we are learning to master the art of magical reality creation for all. the more exhilarated the state and the richer the potential. evolutionary shifts. ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 39 . We see with fresh eyes the far greater picture and game. Constant creation and change become a way of Life. dynamic and vibrant. We’re already at work this year (2007) on the next level of reality beyond this one. Transformative. The key to evolving realities is vibrational frequency … the higher the frequency.ways of living.

40 . Sourcing magical reality creation – this form of creation can only be done in and for collective energetics. creational energy. We literally attract or call to us that which is ours to desire and make real. we’ve moved through: Manifestation – using our own personal energy and techniques like affirmations (repeating the intention over and over again) to take an idea. We operate deeply connected with Life.THE EVOLUTION OF MAGICAL REALITY CREATION We are learning to work collectively in a greater game with limitless possibilities. generally for learning and growth purposes. and taking responsibility for that in a more adult way. The universe will provide – here we discover a greater force at play and learn to trust in its synchronicity and synergy to make magic happen for us. dream or vision and make it real for ourselves. We step beyond individual reality creation (‘I create my own reality’) into a wondrous new ability to collectively source magical reality creation for all. pure creational energy and abundant potential. It requires a partnership with our new living consciousness that’s made up of Life source energy and transformative. The law of attraction – here we begin to claim back our power of creation by connecting with greater purpose and potential and using our emotional energy to call these into reality. Individual reality creation – discovering that each of us can create our own reality. working for a vast sense of purpose and vision. This relationship is wonderful and requires a complete trust of surrendering to a greater force or consciousness. In the past decade alone.

one that sources from the very essence of Life and works for brilliant possibilities for all. so that if anyone tries to use this energy for something not empowering to Life. Built into this new magical power and ability is our super connection with Life. Without that. one cannot use this field for conscious creation … it’s an inbuilt check and balance for the wondrous use of magical. Here we become the totality of consciousness as a collective mind and learn the art of field generation or consciousness creation. we discover a new kind of magic. We discover Life in the zest lanes living as the powerfully sentient. In these last few levels. exhilarating relationship with the whole of Life. leads us into a wondrous look at the evolution of power! ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 41 .It’s about partnering the energy of what Life wants next and now in order to create a magical reality for all. We consciously designed a secret doorway into magical reality creation and that doorway is accessed through a brilliant. alivening and always evolving fields of consciousness. And that. the energy withdraws and the person is left without access to the field in which the magical creation occurs. of course. creational Life power. Quantum super-flux field generator – This is the very latest creation in the newest collective levels of being. ecstatic.

But we’ve been at work on evolving power in the past decade. ultra-creative state where new ideas pop through with great frequency and passion. vibrational reality to bring the magic of Life alive. It leaves the user in an amazing. It feels more like sparkles coming off your fingertips and toes as you dance with the possibilities on offer with this delicious. This power feels more substantive and requires that you become the collective field in order to power the movement of potential through for others and all. It’s like riding a wave that’s powering on through. 42 . dynamic. synchronicity and sparkle. This power is about being able to source leaps of being from one level of ourselves to another using the energy of our collective. requiring a great delight in Life to sparkle it into play. This power accesses the energy of creation from deep within to fuel its movement. using the energy of vibrant. amazing. delightful power. so that today anyone who’s open. Most people who experience creational power find it hard to sleep at night because they have so much energy and so many ideas they want to move on. Magical power – the ability to make magical things happen with great delight. Transformative power – the ability to take anything from where it is instantly into much more of what it can be. connected and willing to work for the greater potential of us all can experience at least 5 new levels of delightful. new ways. There is an other-worldliness to this power. power has become a negative word associated with wielding power over others. It’s about synergy.THE EVOLUTION OF POWER In the past century. wondrous power: Creational power – the ability to create ourselves as anything we want to be and to create the reality around us in vibrant. living consciousness field for amperage and leverage.

If you try that. We’re at work all the time on the next levels of evolving power as we learn to expand our energies further and deeper and as we touch rich. Instead become the possibility of everything moving into its brilliant ALL’ness and discover a profoundly wondrous power of seeing. You partner with Life to evolve Life itself and you dance the dance of brilliance into motion. This is the energy that makes the grass grow and the birds sing. It puts the rainbows in the sky and lights up the night skies with sparkling stars that take our breath away. This isn’t about becoming one with everything. the cosmoses. You can call this energy through you and gift it to Life everywhere in all its forms. new levels of our collective being and of the very fabric of Life itself on its evolutionary path. the stars. you’ll find there’s very little movement in that state. the force of everything in motion in the biggest and most wondrous way. knowing and being much more than we’ve ever been before! Life source power – the ability to reach into the deep eternal inner to touch the very source of Life itself. ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 43 .The power of ALL – the ability to become ALL … the Earth.

But I’m talking about a relationship beyond even that. ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 44 . We must partner the evolution of our race with the evolution of source. Life is always available to us and we can choose how much of that tap we want turned on or off at any point in time for our own personal life force. Nature can produce an ambience of virulent. a potentiality of brilliance beyond imagining. we create the dance that illuminates everything into more and more of its amazing potentiality. I’m talking about a symbiotic partnership with all of us and Life in its fullest to fulfil something outside our current ken of understanding. vibrant Life that surmounts the senses and leaves one in awe of its glorious beauty.THE EVOLUTION OF LIFE When I write about Life with a capital L. aliven and evolve everything. It waits for us to draw it into our versions of living reality. the generative space of creative sparking. it’s because I hold Life as a sentient potentiality waiting for us to partner it into conscious mega creation. Life is always wanting to become more than it already is. require now. the core of our rich connection to everything. enlighten. to brighten. Together in partnership with Life. Any known design of collective consciousness is insufficient to the evolutionary cause to create what we. and Life. For me. creator and Life itself. and certainly left on her own. the wondrous force that brightens the stars and alivens the worlds across all the cosmoses. Life is … • • • • • the very source of our being. Life is always available as Nature.

So fifteen years ago if people didn’t know how to perceive life after death. most of the people I connected with there were either lost and confused or had moved on rapidly without any further sign (most likely having moved into a healing stasis and / or life review to complete this lifetime). At that time. with people able to move more readily and naturally ‘through the tunnel to the light’ to be met by loved ones who’d already passed over.THE EVOLUTION OF DEATH No exploration of the evolution of everything would be complete without looking into the evolution of Life and death. it was more likely that they would experience confusion and loss in their transition from one state to another. For the past fifteen years. but then I realised that it made perfect sense. The speed of it surprised me at first. After all. I found their transitions to be easing. Every one of these beings had been in life with an amazing person of 45 . but they seemed to have minimal ability to interact in helpful ways with them. I would reach out to touch someone’s loved one who’d just transitioned and whoosh. Ten years ago. It’s easy … you simply attune yourself to that frequency and connect. During that period. Another shift happened three to four years ago (2003-2004). as more and more of us have connected with the ‘spirit life’ of the other side. I postulated that this shift was because of our own growing understanding of life after death. I sensed that they could see what was happening with their families here. our evolving beliefs have altered the consciousness of death such that people who pass over can move more naturally into their fullest potential there. I’ve been easily able to connect with people who’ve transitioned to the other side. what we believe creates our reality. But in the last decade. there they’d be in full magnificent form assisting their families and loved ones in taking their next steps for the evolution of Life. Fifteen years ago.

consciousness who had assisted them in their transition. the magic happened. I realised that all of these beings who had more recently chosen to go over were creating a new energetic field for us to grow into. They were lending the power of their magnificence to our collective evolutionary leap for this planet. asking for forgiveness. opening up a doorway for us all to experience the next level of ourselves in collective godness. In other words. which the daughter then gave. Wow! These are stunning transitions to behold! I am now absolutely convinced that there is no such thing as death and that we are sourcing a world that embraces this as a full living reality. The minute this happened the mother’s energy changed from a denser.’ Just a month ago. In fact. We exist eternally in whatever forms we choose. full being prior to going over and zing. consciousness is never lost and Life is always available to us for our and its next becoming! ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 46 . they had been seen and worked with as their true. more oppressive energy to a swirling funnel of light. I saw this on an even greater level. They achieved in their lifetime the recognition of their full being and were free to gift us their contribution from ‘the other side. One month ago I worked with a woman whose mother was trying to get a message to her. I reminded him that she was this hugely magnificent being and that she wasn’t gone from him at all. transformative relationship with her for the greater work that he’d been about for over a decade now. Energy never dies. A friend of mine’s daughter had been killed in a motorcycle accident and he was bereft. He saw that and responded immediately saying he knew that to be true in his sensing of her. it was more likely that if he could step beyond grief. As I worked with her. he’d discover a brand new. amazing.

The living consciousness that I wrote of earlier is in fact centred in and through the living presence of a new Earth that is much. It’s holding an amazing potential for us all and it delights in partnering with us as a new race of beings to take the planet. the Earth is about to become a star. being abused by the technology and indifference of man. humanity and sourceness / godness / creatorship to brand new levels of mega play. creator. left in March 1996. amazing being Earth that we are privileged to live on! The Earth is an enormous being that is playing a HUMUNGOUS role in our evolutionary shift right now. In my story. How dare we think in such a small way about this glorious. solar systems and Life everywhere. as it had always been. This being doesn’t need our pity or compassion at all.THE EVOLUTION OF EARTH There are many people today who view the Earth as a poor. stars. I don’t see it that way at all. I mean that it’s taking its sentiency to new heights and. downtrodden planet. a new light of possibility for planets. The Earth as I know this being today is magnificent and powerful beyond measure. much more than a planet. then there’s no better being or place than Earth for that to be played out on now. along with all of us as a new collective race of 47 . A new Earth being awakened from the deep eternal core of the Earth and has grown over the past decade into an amazing. as its sojourn was complete and the next level of Earth … and humanity … was ready to be born. god is looking to evolving him/her/itself. the spirit of the Earth. If source. cosmicious. I don’t mean that it’s going to explode into light. source-full being that is the very centre of the evolutionary movement for this game. In my bio-mythical story. The Earth is the being through which all the new possibilities are streaming.

beings with magical abilities and transformative power. we’ll create a possibility of being that has never been before. Already the Hubble telescope is giving us a deep. we’re beginning to see how the Earth can contribute to a vast vista of cosmic array. ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 48 . alivening. I can only hope that it will be in my lifetime and I’m at work on this as a new and enhanced level of collective working. Instead of perceiving dark and empty outer space. We grow to accept our place in a brand new era as visionaries whose boundaries are unlimited in any way. We’re entering a cosmicious era and instead of seeing ourselves as living on a tiny rock. living and being. I believe that someday we will have the collective capacity to partner with our cosmicious planet to move it out of orbit. rich appreciation of Life out there amongst the stars. In my biggest and wildest vision of us and the Earth. third planet from our sun. we begin to see the glorious movement of other forces upon the cosmoses. and traverse the starry skies. transformative and miraculous power of Life. I believe that all things are possible when we can collectively connect with the magical. in a sustainable environment.

Consciousness can be both alive and non-living. I expect that everyone’s view of it will be different based on our unique experiences of it all. There are those who wield great powers of creation in cosmoses throughout the multiverses and there are those who wait in the wings to support our journey into quantum evolution now! In every case. their learning and knowing.. Is the universe an ordered creation of an allseeing being or is it the mindless chaos of a big bang and its ensuing disorder? The answer is simple and complex at the same time.THE GODNESS GAME A BIO-MYTH FOR THE 21ST CENTURY For aeons human beings have been in the question of god. there is a part of it that lies dormant in the fields of wonder that we call Life … dormant in wait for a living presence to call it into being. space and form. I grow into that level of an ever new me. just as there are zillions of us. although I’m quite willing to concede it both logical and possible. I have not touched. sources and creators. I believe there are zillions of them.. And yet. creator. So why do I doubt this? It’s because of my evolving relationship to consciousness and to Life. There are those who sourced this universe and those who seeded human beings upon the world. source. an over-riding consciousness that controls it all and I have my doubts that such a consciousness exists . it thrives beyond the concepts of time. As I’ve journeyed in consciousness. at this point in time. I’ve experienced vast beings who would fit our understanding of gods. Here is my take on it at the present moment of my own evolution. to 49 . their understanding. as I touch their consciousness. It morphs itself with every new being it comes into contact with.

We are already well underway in this the new godness game. liberated time to discover our ability to be timerich. timefree. super-charged space and • • • • • 50 . integrated the aspects of ourselves from all of time to become wholly present. in the here and now. I believe that we are that living presence … that our job here on planet Earth is to partner with and thereby morph the living consciousness of Life itself into a brand new possibility of god. creator being. reached into the deep eternal inner to call forth the Life source energies that bring transformative vitality to Life everywhere. timeless and more. source. to create the evolutionary movement that is inherent within every micro bit of its being.take it to the next levels of itself. moved ourselves from three dimensional polarity to omnidimensional reality creation. discovered our ability to source alivening. I suggest that the whole of godness may be taking a leap into its own next possibilities of being and we get to be magnificent mega players in that game. we have • unlocked the doorways between the worlds and called the magic back into being. all of ourselves. we’ve taken conscious evolution to a whole new level with the contributions of many and with a creative inventiveness that a liberated collective can express. as we’ve already seen from the evolutionary overviews in this writing! In the past decade. During this decade.

with conscious understanding. godness. mega being. or three. But in my books. now there’s a bio-myth for the 21 century! I know that some will think ‘What! Human beings evolving the source of sourceness! That’s ridiculous. creatorship and Life. I have experienced this becoming myself many times. what’s possible when sources. the planet and the surrounding cosmos) into a brand new level of sentient. We are sourcing an ever-emerging adventure into the legendary creation of our own magnificent becoming. We’re too tiny. we have to drop all beliefs we’ve ever had about any of this. And we are willing … and I mean willing in large numbers of people here on planet Earth to make this happen now. st Whew. Yes. they might be right.• begun a journey to source the physical world (our own bodies. Here we turn our imaginations on full force and enter a fantastical world to discover. or two. And you know what? All it takes is for one person. We have to stop seeing ourselves as tiny human beings and realise the totality of beingness that we have already become and have yet to grow into. energies. I have witnessed beings of diverse consciousnesses. everything rushes to our aid to make it so. gods and creators everywhere contribute symbiotically to the evolution of sourceness. I am already not the being I was born as and not yet the full being that I am yet to become. too impotent to be able to accomplish a job as massive as this one!’ Well. 51 . conscious. I happen to believe it is possible AND that we will get it done in no time at all. or more to believe in something and whoosh. potentialities and sources come together here in human form for something spectacularly brand new.

Egyptian gods … well I rest my case. The Christian God … a father figure of questionable behaviour and priorities in my books. I believe that Life begs it of us. Mayan and more … I can’t say too much as I haven’t studied these in depth. from all sense of what has been before and consider this the most amazing of all times. miraculous creation of that which has never been before … EVER! 52 . manipulated by man throughout time and not particularly oriented to the vibrant.We are not just another bunch of human beings living another round of ordinary lives. dynamic. I have never seen collective godness. I’m sure it must. to liberate from the past. We are creating a new kind of collective godness. We are made up of beings from all over the cosmoses (deep inner and vast outer) who have found their way here to live a journey of mythical proportion. godness and creatorship and become a liberator of our own beliefs around it all. Their myths and writings are made up of stories from the past. but the collective. In all my journeying in consciousness. ultra-creative. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. This journey offers us not just hope and faith for a better future. but I do have a deep sense that none of them fulfil for me that which I’m st seeking now in the 21 century. • • As to others … Muslim. symbiotic. Buddhist. I believe we must all now seek our own experience of sourceness. magical world that I want to see created for us here and now. But if you look at the mythology of our human past: • Greek gods … all individual and warring away with one another. Tibetan.

If we can step into that liberation of belief. cosmicious way.. then who knows where we can go together from here.. I can’t imagine anything more exciting than this to be living for in this wondrous time -. that mega field of potentiality. In that regard. We are re-inventing ourselves as a new race of symbiotic beings who know how to partner with and source Life in a magnificent. and we’re willing to evolve into that now. that dance of partnership.the very beginning of the st 21 century on our mega-Earth in this evolving cosmos! ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 53 . for ALL that has ever wanted to be . AND • We are currently the centre-point of existence for potentiality. I hold two things to be true: • Everything is possible now if people really hold for it all to be real … and we are doing that in ever growing numbers.

alivening Being Potential Emotion Communication Words Connection Disconnected Reality Creation Stuff happens Power Power over 54 . time rich Creating & sourcing space You are your own creation Omni-dimensionality Living presence Alive & sentient Vast living intelligence Whole being connection Intelligence Genius Mind IQ Creative potentialisation A few born with it Everyone has access to it Human being Individual Personal for you Problem focus Mega Life being Collective Evolutionary for Life Potential as energy rising Energetic streaming Ultra-connected We create reality Transformative.EVOLUTIONARY PARADIGM CHART 3D Time Space Form Dimensionality Consciousness Linear Empty It is how it is 3 dimensions Way out there Memory imprint Brain / mind Head only EVOLUTIONARY Timeless.

EVOLUTIONARY PARADIGM CHART 3D Life Death Nature. life force The end Loss & grief Abused by man A planet EVOLUTIONARY Evolving sourceness New beginnings Eternal A magnificent mega being The source of new source Earth Evolution Naturally happens Collective & conscious Takes millennia We’re creating it now ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 55 .

evolutionarycourses. I’m the author of three books: ‘The New Visionaries … Evolutionary Leadership for a Vibrant World’ ‘The Alchemical Coach … Coaching Passion. Potential and Power’ and my latest ‘The Evolution of Everything st … A Bio-Myth for the 21 Century’ To find out more about our work. or email me at soleira@newvisionaries. Soleira 56 .net I just want to say a huge thank you for reading this book and for taking on our conscious evolution in whatever way is yours to do. books and courses.ABOUT SOLEIRA I’m a global visionary. author. These are phenomenal times and it’s wonderful to share this world with you. trainer. visit www. coach and co-founder of The Evolutionary Network … a training ground for and an affiliation of visionaries committed to the evolution of our www.newvisionaries.